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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Time flew by. After successfully putting a wave of interns into the Emergency Department, Doctor Shang finally got his hard-earned vacation once again.

The visit from the vampire did not cause any ripples. Under the influence of an unknown force, almost everyone had forgotten the events of that day, and the medical records were missing. Shang HaoJia had also checked the surveillance, but was told that the power had suddenly gone out that night and the videos had been lost accidentally.

Such skilled and meticulous means, this was obviously not the work of a novice.

The only thing was that none of this had anything to do with Doctor Shang. His memory had not been erased, the tissue taken that day was placed on the slide in front of him, and the hip pocket of his jeans still contained a business card that the vampire forced over.

Exquisite, dark, full of medieval gothic style, from any kind of perspective, the card was really cool – like the card given away in some dry noodles. Of course, it wasn’t the noodles that mattered, it was the thesis and the research!

Shang HaoJia put aside his overwhelming thoughts and refocused them to concentrate on the tissue section under the microscope.

What was surprising was that the vampire’s body tissue, which he had exchanged at the cost of his beauty, did not show any difference under the microscope than the human body. Except this vampire’s muscles, had looked and felt really good…

When he thought of the smooth muscle lines on Wei Long’s arm, Doctor Shang subconsciously poked the coverslip with tweezers, and for the first time, he lost his concentration during his research.

“What exactly is this you’ve sent to me for testing frog blood?” The door of the laboratory was suddenly pushed open, and a young man in a white suit came in through the door. He handed the slide in his hand to him. “There wasn’t even a blood cell. I thought the instrument was broken, and I purposely drew a tube of my own blood to do another test…”

“There are benefits to donating more blood on a regular basis. Statistics show that women’s blood production function is much stronger than that of men. You think our fellow women are losing blood for nothing every month?”

Shang HaoJia made a beckoning gesture with his finger, took the A4 paper in his hand and spread it on the table, and verified the data by comparing the numbers one by one, “MuXi, when I was in graduate school you were studying for a PhD. Now I have come to do my doctoral thesis, you are still studying for your PhD are you planning to live and learn like this?”

“We are to have independent research and development results. Yours is clinical, with less showing off with us who study testing here.” An MuXi glared at him, raised his leg and kicked his stool, “You have saved up two years of vacation. Is it so easy to get a few days off that you plan to chill in the laboratory?”

The two of them met when Shang HaoJia was a graduate student, then one went to the clinic, the other stayed in school, but were still in contact from time to time. Shang HaoJia did not have his own experimental funds, and could only rely on the materials and equipment of the experimental team under An MuXi, this time also incidentally gave Wei Long’s blood specimens to An MuXi.

The problem was not in the tissue cells, but that the vampire’s blood did exist in a special substance different from humans.

“What else? I had to make my parents fully aware of the wrongness of forcing me to switch from forensics to clinical back then.” Shang HaoJia justifiably clapped his hands and sharply organized the lab table into its place. The test report was waved at him, “But I’m going home, I’m going to catch the subway thanks, I’ll buy you a song later.”

“Okay, which KTV do you wish to close down? I’ll make sure to be at your beck and call.” An MuXi nodded and painfully responded, sending him out of the lab.

After changing out of his white coat, Shang HaoJia went straight to the subway station with a laboratory suitcase in his hand. However, when he got off the elevator, he suddenly stopped thoughtfully.

Behind him, there were two creeping black figures also hastily stopping their steps and just as hastily hiding in the corner. Shang HaoJia studied the station sign with his chin in his hand for a while before finally walking up to a ticket machine and placing the eye-catching silver suitcase at his feet.

“Doctor Shang, there are two people following behind you do you need my help?” A tall figure suddenly appeared beside him, and Shang HaoJia raised his head slightly to see He JiaLun’s sharp, masculine face.

“Mr. He what a coincidence, so you guys take the subway too?”

“It can’t be helped. Vampire’s have good physical qualities, but when we don’t change our bodies, we are no different from you humans. As for me, I have some problems that prevent me from transforming smoothly, so I can only use the subway as transportation.”

He JiaLun sighed helplessly, pulled out a bill from his wallet and skillfully stuffed it into the vending machine, “Enough about me Wei Long said for me to treat you at the same level as I treated him, do you need me to help you get rid of the tail behind you? “

“Thanks a lot. But no, I can handle myself.” Shang HaoJia smiled and shook his head, picking out the station on the screen, “They should see me carrying the case and think it contains something valuable since you have to survive in human society, you have to know the laws to survive in human society. If you make a move on them now, they are attempting to commit a crime, and in case you then accidentally injure them, it will be even worse to determine clearly.”

He JiaLun listened to the dizziness, impatiently interrupted his words, “What nonsense I do not understand. Anyway, use me to help you fight, but if you can fight, I will wait for you on the side.” 

Shang HaoJia could not help but lightly laugh, untraceably shake his head, and put a hand into his pocket, “No need for now, you just watch on the side.”

The werewolves were straightforward and irritable, many of them were keen on fighting alone, He JiaLun could naturally understand his reluctance to have others help him. Just looking at this ordinary human body, which could be called thin and weak compared to his, he could not help shaking his head, but still took the lead to stand behind him.

Shang HaoJia, as if he hadn’t noticed anything, took a bill out of his pocket, and just as he was stuffing it into the vending machine, a figure suddenly came out of the side. The man went straight for his suitcase, grabbed it and tried to flee. But his feet were suddenly tripped by something, the whole person instantly lost his center of gravity and fell heavily to the ground.

“See? This is called an attempted crime.” Shang HaoJia caught the case that nearly fell out of his hand, and then withdrew the right leg that had tripped the thief and grabbed his wrist. With only a twist and pull, along with the man’s screams, the man was firmly pressed to the ground.

The commotion here was really not small, so the scene was surrounded by people in an instant.

The man was in pain and cold sweat, could not help but suck in cold air, struggling to hold up half of his body, “This…this elder brother, be a man and spare me for now and let’s meet later. Everyone pays attention to keeping money secret. And for you to carry such an eye-catching box is too dangerous. I’ll help you let the word out. My brothers will guarantee that no one will touch your…”

“This contains epithelial tissue, and a few tubes of serum and plasma specimens. If you don’t want to publish a thesis, it’s useless to steal it.” Shang HaoJia patted his shoulder kindly, satisfied with the man’s increasingly bewildered look, released his grip, and stood up after clapping his hands.

The crowd of onlookers apparently also recognized this habitual thief, and once they saw that he actually let go of his hand, they quickly warned him, “Young man you be careful. This guy can be very sly, as soon as you take your eyes off him he runs away!”

However, Shang HaoJia just smiled and nodded, looked at the people in front who didn’t move, took his subway ticket and retrieved his change without hurry, “It does not matter, I dislocated his arm, unskilled hands generally aren’t fast. Above my head is the surveillance camera and can be directly checked as evidence. I am in a rush to go home, please one of you send him to the station duty room, I will not go with him.”

His parents were both first-line detectives, raised in that kind of family environment, Doctor Shang obviously had hidden skills. It was also because of this that he was named by the head of the hospital to be placed in the Emergency Department, which needed the most combat power, before he could choose his direction, and successfully guarded the peace and tranquility of the Emergency Department for two whole years.

Although he didn’t mind the bravery, according to the previous story development process, Shang HaoJia was really not interested in the follow-up investigation and recognition, it was better to go home as soon as possible to sleep instead. He handed the two youngsters to the person who had the courage to come forward, then picked up his suitcase, nodded towards He JiaLun, and rushed towards the security gate.

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May 16, 2021 8:31 pm

Okay! I was totally not expecting that! He is very independent and can take care of himself, love it! ❤️❤️

May 17, 2021 12:06 am

Very cool. Very attractive. Very alluring. A certain hemophobic vampire’s pulse rate would be rapidly increasing, if he had one 😁
Thank you for translating.

May 17, 2021 3:20 am

WOW that was sooooo cool. And yeah, if one is stupid enough to think a shiny package means expensive inside, they will surely end up like this! But dislocated arm… ouch.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 17, 2021 11:09 pm

Mighty Dr on the prowl🤣🤣🤣

June 6, 2021 7:03 am

Haha! Pretty face, serious take down skills. Having cops as parents gave the doctor some interesting skills. Plus, he stays calm through anything.

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