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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Emergency medicine is not the same as ordinary departments, it is a priority for acute and critical cases. We will handle it at our discretion without going through connections.”

Glancing at the pale face of the young man, Shang HaoJia’s complexion became heavy. One hand pushed away the red-haired young man’s card and walked quickly over to him, “How do you feel? Are you dizzy? Can you talk?”

“Doctor, I’m fine…” The young man answered in a low voice, glanced at his red-haired companion, propped up on the armrest and raised his head. “Doctor, I have something I want to ask you. Can we talk in private?”

Doctor Shang gradually figured out the rules for these non-human races, and basically determined that Wei Long should be behind him. So he nodded, “Come with me to the clinic. Let me take your blood pressure, and see if there is internal bleeding.”

The young man was hastily brought into the consultation room, and Shang HaoJia told him to sit in the outer area and wait for the time being. He took the blood pressure monitor and was about to take a blood pressure when the youth suddenly pressed his arm, “Doctor – can you keep a secret for me?”

“Keep what secret?” Seeing his reaction, Doctor Shang suddenly had a premonition in his heart, raised his eyebrows and looked at him, putting the straps aside.

The youth lowered his head and deliberated for a moment before he finally made up his mind and looked up to meet his gaze, “I heard that your Emergency Department had been in contact with werewolves, that’s why you chose this hospital on purpose – do you believe in the existence of werewolves?”

Shang HaoJia didn’t feel surprised as he had already guessed the reason. When he was about to reply, Vita suddenly jumped up, “No wonder you look so familiar to me! I know who you are, you are the vixen who stole the boyfriend from my brother!”

“Vixen…” After a cautious glance at the youth in front of him, Doctor Shang finally had a major doubt about his worldview on life for the first time, “Maybe I have some misunderstanding about the definition of this word – your foreign vixens, are they all so innocent and unpretentious?”

Perhaps because he was used to seeing all kinds of handsome or innocent non-human races, the youth in front of him couldn’t really be considered stunning. His face and eyes weren’t big; his gaze wasn’t really bright, on the contrary, Doctor Shang had thought he was wooden, since even his expression held a mysterious bland calmness. Doctor Shang, who grew up with traditional Chinese culture, found it hard to link such a young man with the vixen who specialized in bewitching young scholars.

“So you are the younger brother of that vampire con man, you too are in the same lineage as your brother and have come to lure innocent humans for rations?” The youth glanced indifferently at the teenage vampire, then looked at the human doctor on the side and nodded slightly, “I’m not a foreign vixen, I’m Chinese like you. My mother is a Tibetan fox, we were all born with this look – if you don’t mind, I need to transform to recover from my injuries. Can we talk more afterwards?”

“Fox? No wonder, I see.” Thinking of the strange shape of the fox as the mainstay of the expression pack 1, Shang HaoJia nodded in a daze, instantly understanding the reason why the other party had grown into this shape. Watching the youth in front of him turning back into a walking humanoid Tibetan fox, he couldn’t help but cough lightly twice before he could barely hold back the laughter in his eyes.

“You can actually hold back the laughter, our race, after seeing a face-to-face transformation, can squat on the ground together and laugh for ten minutes.” After changing back to his original form, the youth blinked and looked at him with just a few moments of amazement, but his expression was still calm. “I owe you a favor, in the future you can feel free to make a request to me. By the way, I have to remind you that you’d better stay away from that little liar, otherwise you’ll be used as food by him if you’re not careful.”

“You’re the liar, your whole family is a liar!” Being named twice, Vita finally couldn’t hold his temper and leapt up in annoyance. “Do you not dare to tell people that you are a vixen? Why should my brother be the only one who is a liar—”

“Our food is mainly rats and rabbits and small rodents, plus at most insects, feathers and berries. What about you guys?” The youth interrupted without haste, straightened his clothes, and looked at the teenager in front of him with good grace. “I can accompany him on the street during the day, eat hot pot with him, and take selfies with him. And what can your brother do with him, hold him and jump around on the roof of the house in the middle of the night?”


Doctor Shang couldn’t help but cough twice after being carried around on the roof in the middle of the night. He subconsciously touched his nose and tapped the table twice to show his presence: “Well, if nothing else, you should go out, and I should continue to take patients.”

“I know this request is unreasonable, but I still have to ask you to allow me to wait here for a little while. Hai DiLao is just an ordinary human, and if I go out now, he will definitely get suspicious.”

Nodding apologetically at him, the young man stood up and flipped out another business card and handed it to him, “My name is Jia DuoBao, taking the meaning of many fortunes and many treasures, and I currently have a company of my own. If you encounter any difficulties, you can come here to find me, and I will be happy to offer you something in return for today’s events.”

“Boss, don’t listen to him lie to you – fox spirits are the most cunning race, and there are few credible words that come out of their mouth!”

Although blocked from speaking, Vita, still gagging with a stomach full of anger, pulled Shang HaoJia’s arm and gave this vixen a wary glare: “He used these unseemly means to defeat my brother and steal my brother’s intended boyfriend!”

“No, the reason for your brother’s defeat is probably knocking on his windows in the middle of the night and writing bloody words on his mirror…”

Shaking his head in good conscience and sympathetically patting the much-battered teenage vampire, Doctor Shang looked to the side at Jia DuoBao, with just a few moments of cautious speculation in his eyes.

“Mr. Jia, let me ask one more question, did you have anything to do with the previous werewolf riot incident?”

“Technically speaking, there can be a relationship, but I am not the main messenger, just an informed wolf – if you want to know, I can expose myself and give up my wolf companions.”

The youth nodded once and for all, and without even asking him a follow-up question, he added seriously, “I’ll do anything as long as you can keep from revealing my identity to Hai DiLao.”

As if affected by this bewilderingly calm aura, or maybe his attitude was really too honest, Shang HaoJia somehow didn’t know how to respond. The door of the consultation room was suddenly pushed open gently.

“Old Shang, you’re really here?”

The colleague looked in from the outside and saw him inside, so he walked in with a smile on his face and rubbed his hands together: “Look how polite you are, your mouth says you won’t help, but your body is still very honest to come down and help…”

“Don’t talk nonsense here, do you know how crazy I am to make up my medical records – what do you want from me?”

Shang HaoJia shook his head in tears and laughed, and punched him in the face. A colleague nimbly dodged sideways, pointed to the door, giving a meaningful wink, “There is a young man with unfashionable hair, who told me to find you because he has something to say, and wanted to ask you to sneak out for a bit…”

“Oh no, he must be suspicious.”

Jia DuoBao’s tone changed slightly, and he hastily held the human doctor’s arm and shook his head at him, “Please, you must help me conceal it, I don’t want him to know my identity…”

“Okay – I’ll do my best.” Looking at his always super calm look even when he was in such a hurry, Doctor Shang felt that the world had taken on some magical realism style. After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded and rubbed the head of the young vampire, “Chasing a boyfriend or girlfriend is a fair fight. Don’t get angry. Go upstairs and give brother Wei a safety report.”

“Hmph, today I’ll listen to my boss first, but later I’ll go back and puncture your car tires!”

Pushed forward two steps, Vita still felt unconvinced, showing his teeth towards him viciously, before reluctantly walking out the door.

Shang HaoJia shook his head and laughed, nodded apologetically at him, and followed his colleague out of the clinic and towards the waiting area, “There aren’t many people today, and it doesn’t look like there are any critical cases, so you’re really not lying to me?”

“So we made up 500 or so medical records for two days in a row just to wait for you to come back and catch up on work, right – why don’t you give us a good Chinese colleague award?”

The colleague glanced at him with no good grace, sighed helplessly, and shook his head resentfully, “We are busy when you don’t come, and we can’t be busy until you come. Then you return and say we are not busy, we are busy when you’re not here, we are also very helpless ah…”

“Okay, okay, I’ll write you a charm later to hang it in the consultation room to ward off evil spirits.” Shang HaoJia, who was dizzy from this series of tongue twisters, laughed helplessly, and only after he replied, did he see the young man who stood out from the crowd.

“Doctor!” As soon as the youth saw him, he hurriedly greeted him quickly and pulled him to the corner without any warning. He looked around cautiously before pulling out a brilliantly colored tail feather from his sleeve.


“I know you may not believe this kind of thing, but I think you’re a good person, and can certainly understand me – this is a phoenix feather that can cure all diseases. Take this to save him, but don’t tell him that I gave it to you. He is an ordinary human, and I am afraid to scare him, so buddy, help me keep the secret? Later I’ll invite you to shabu-shabu, and you can eat whatever you want, okay?”


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