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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“That’s good – do you know how to use a computer?” Having gotten the guardian’s approval, Doctor Shang was completely free of the guilt of employing child labor. He nodded in satisfaction and turned straight to the teenager on the side.

When he heard that his new boss had something to tell him to do, Vita’s eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously, “I can use it! I’m very good at Connecting the Dots, and I can also play Landlord!”

“…That’s okay, it’s good you know how to type.”

Under the young master’s expectant gaze, Doctor Shang smiled helplessly and tilted his head slightly before picking up a pile of medical records and shoving them into his arms, “I’ll teach you how to log into the system, hurry up and enter it for me, or we won’t be able to leave work today.”

Convinced that his boss was going to teach him the secret of conquering the world, Vita hurriedly took the chart, ran to the other computer and sat down, then looked up excitedly. He asked another question, “If I learn this, can I become as good as you?” 

Wei Long was moving the last pile of medical records to Doctor Shang, who was focused on his work. He apparently had no time to think about this, and casually nodded in response, “Yes, anyway, this is how I somehow became a big devil… Come on, open the page first. Do as I say.”

With the recognition of the human big devil himself, Vita felt more power. He hastily sat up straight, nodded vigorously, listened to the speech with full attention, and seriously did as instructed step by step.

Grabbing three hands of free hard labor to help, his work efficiency was obviously more than double before. With the tacit cooperation of a team of two, they worked until afternoon and finally entered all the backlog of medical records before the inspection.

Looking up at the clock, Shang HaoJia was relieved to notice that the family bucket seemed to be missing a lot, and the Coke had been drunk out of a glass at some point.

After looking around for the culprit, he found two small dragons lying in a paper cup. Lazily wagging their tails, with bulging round bellies, burping one after another.

“You two – if you follow me in the past three days to learn bad things, I’ll take you back to your father to be spanked.” Looking at these two little dragons who were not a bit honest, Doctor Shang’s eyes had a helpless smile. He rubbed the two little ones’ tummies and put the medical records back on the trolley in separate piles, “Thanks for the hard work, thanks to your help – did anyone eat the KFC?”

“No, no, no, I’m a standard vampire, I can’t eat all this human food…” The elder hastily waved his hand, humbly took a step back, and reached out with his eyes, pulling back his own young master who was about to open his mouth. “Young master, have you forgotten? The master has said that the youngest is already indisputable enough, you must not eat indiscriminately outside – you have to discipline yourself according to the code of pure blood, to be well-tested! The new era of excellent vampires with high standards and strict requirements…”

“Honey, can I have a piece of spicy chicken wings?” Apparently not taking any pureblood code to heart in the slightest, Wei Long, who had helped his own doctor finish moving his medical records, held up a hand with a smirk, “Although I’m not feeling hungry, it does smell too tempting…”

“Is that why you went and bought a family bucket in this weather, slathered in sunscreen?” Doctor Shang rummaged through the bucket, handed him a piece of spicy chicken wing and gave him another serious pat on the arm, “Just this one – you can’t eat too many other things. Make sure you get your appetite for blood back as soon as possible, alright?”

“Dear, for this matter, I—”Once this matter was mentioned, the smile on the vampire’s face was mixed with a little helplessness. Shaking his head with a bitter smile, before he was about to explain, there was suddenly a few knocks on the door.

“It should be the inspection coming, hide!” Hearing the knocking sound, Doctor Shang immediately mobilized a full state of readiness, whispered a command, and quickly made them move.

Just before he reached the door, it was gently pushed open, “Xiao Shang, your department said you were on duty here – how’s it going?”

“I just finished entering the medical records, and I’m preparing to send them to the nurses’ station.” Glancing at the instantly empty office behind him, Shang HaoJia was relieved. Without a trace, he pushed the drawer with half of his suit exposed inward, re-drew the slightly bulky partition curtain, and stuffed the heavy empty paper cup into the trash can decisively.

The leader who came to check obviously didn’t see the mysteries that were hidden in this ordinary office. He patted his shoulder admiringly, pulled a chair and sat down casually, then took a friendly stance of family life, “You’re still working on your doctoral dissertation recently? Are you close to finishing?”

“Still writing it – you also know that we don’t have much time for research in emergency medicine, so we can only take one step at a time.” Shang HaoJia had almost forgotten that he had a doctoral dissertation to write, as he had been so busy these days. When he saw a glimpse of the shadows next to the bench, he quickly kicked the blood elder under the table into the shadows again, pulling over the medical record cart to block him.

“I recently found some direction, just have not yet reached a clear conclusion, and it is still under study…”

“Study well, and strive to get the paper out sooner. Whether the curse of our emergency medicine not being able to produce results can be broken, will all depend on whether you complete it.”

The leader wholeheartedly encouraged him, patted him hard on the shoulder, and smoothly put forward a long-intended plan. “Tell you what, I know that you are busy in the emergency department – you have to work harder during this period, in addition to the normal day shift and helper shifts, the night shift is not necessary for you. Put everything you have outside of work into research, can you put up a fight?”

“No wonder my bunch of colleagues look so resentful when they see me…” Finally understanding the previous cause, Shang HaoJia laughed helplessly, muttered in a low voice, then nodded and straightened up, “I know, I will try my best.”

Seeing that his attitude was quite correct, the leader also nodded gratefully and encouraged him a few more times before finally leaving the office.

Listening to the footsteps fading away, Shang HaoJia hurriedly and agilely locked the door. Hit the drawer and dragged out the teen vampire, yanked the blood elder from under the desk, and pulled the two baby dragons out of the trash, “No – where’s the other one?”

“Honey, I’m here.” An elegant light laugh suddenly came from the ceiling. Under the eyes of the crowd, the King of Purebloods did a difficult split pose and leapt lightly from the top of the cabinet, “If I understand correctly, what was just said, probably means that you have to adjust your working hours…”

Shang HaoJia nodded, held his jaw and sized him up for a while, and seriously asked a very important question, “That’s right, I shouldn’t be working late shifts for a few months – so have you adjusted your work schedule to accommodate the intention to sleep at night?”

Hearing his words, the vampire’s expression was suddenly slightly stunned, a faint bloodshot color suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he coughed lightly in an extremely unnatural way, “Honey – this kind of thing, we can perhaps discuss it carefully after we go home…”

“You’re such a big guy, what is there to be embarrassed about? Isn’t it just sleeping together?” The teenager gave a look, made a face and deftly sat on the table. “It’s already the twenty-first century, you old vampire, how come one of you is not more open-minded than the other? Just like my brother, and that vixen stealing his boyfriend, while he was actually following what that old-fashioned blood relationship guide said…”

“Where did the vixen come from? Wasn’t your brother fighting back and forth with a werewolf?” Doctor Shang looked slightly moved, keenly grasping the details in the teenager’s words. He exchanged a glance with his own vampire and asked a question in close pursuit.

“Then what can I say – like your family’s werewolf who is mixed with a husky, there has to be a separate name for it. Either a werewolf or a husky, can’t be called a werehusky, right?” Justifiably spreading his hands, Vita sat on the table and wiggled his legs, obviously very unconcerned about this issue.

The same look of understanding was seen in the eyes of his own vampire, and Doctor Shang nodded slightly. The vampire’s gaze was suddenly slightly fixed as he gently pressed the human doctor’s arm.

“Dear, can you go downstairs? I smell the scent of blood that does not belong to humans, very strong, coming from a wound…”

“The non-human race has finally learned to come to the hospital for emergency treatment as well?”

When he met his slightly serious gaze, Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows and looked serious, “I’m on my way. You guys stay in the office, don’t just go down—”

“I’ll also go! I am the boss’s fighter, I must follow!”

Seeing his boss leaving, Vita leapt off the desk and enthusiastically raised his hand to give his name, and Shang HaoJia was about to tell him to behave, when the vampire gently squeezed his shoulder, “Let Vita go with you – I can’t guard you closely. I still have some confidence in his fighting ability.”

“Then be careful yourself, don’t accidentally see blood again – if you faint here, it might cause a panic.” Not knowing what kind of creature he was going to face, Shang HaoJia gave little thought before he nodded, and again uneasily instructed. When he nodded his head, he patted the teenager on the back, opened the door and walked quickly towards the emergency room.

The doctor’s office was located at the top of the building. Seemingly sensing his gaze, he also happened to turn his head and look over.

The young man who was with him looked back and forth and confirmed his identity, so he hurriedly walked over quickly. “Are you a doctor? Can you help him first? The guy has vomited blood, and he still wants to register and wait in line, I’m dying of anxiety.”


The young man was dressed very strangely, half of his hair was fire red, the other half was dyed silver white, and a necklace of fish bones was hanging around his neck. When he walked up to him in a breeze, he shoved a business card into his hand. “My name is Hai DiLao and I have my own chain of stores in the neighborhood. Dude, do me a favor and come up to my place for dinner later…”


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A merman🤔🤔🤔

May 29, 2021 11:24 pm

As it is Dr. Shang, please finish your paper and open your own clinic. I’m sure you won’t be short of patients, as it seems the supernatural creatures also have some health problems.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Love the sound of his hair… one half red and the other silver white.
What issues will accompany them?…
Thank you for translating.

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I loved how the teenager called the vampire and Doc out for not being opened minded! So that’s what’s happened to Wayne Loki! Awww!

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Yes, finish your dissertation, you work in the emergency department and live in the supernatural emergency clinic. One job at a time would be better. 😉

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