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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In the spirit of patient responsibility and respect for the patient’s privacy, Doctor Shang nodded with mixed feelings, but finally didn’t say anything, “Okay. Can I ask one more question? How exactly did he get injured?”

“Well…” Hai Di Lao’s face showed some embarrassment, but then suddenly remembered that their identity had been exposed to the human in front of them, and no longer squirmed, but nodded openly. “Anyway, you already know what I am, so I will not hide it from you. We just went to the zoo, and then you know, it’s… birds love coming over the phoenixes. So when I went there,  suddenly there were twenty ostriches rushing towards me…”

“…” Shocked by this very convincing reason, Doctor Shang nodded subconsciously and suddenly felt inexplicable sympathy for the survival of the Phoenix clan, “Is your Hundred Birds of Prey a passive skill that can’t be turned off?”

“You know me – that’s what happened!” Hearing his question, Hai Di Lao nodded in surprise and grabbed his arm with hot tears. “You know what? I’m actually a mixed-blood phoenix, we Chinese phoenixes have this skill, foreign ones do not. Every time I go to my dad’s place for vacation, he always tells me not to seduce the flamingos and Canada geese outside…”

“So you ended up finding him?” Just listening, imagining the other party’s tortuous upbringing, Shang HaoJia, full of sympathy, nodded, and curiously asked a follow-up question.

The simple little phoenix nodded with a red face, not at all aware that the human doctor’s attitude was a little too laid back, as he was pinching the corner of his coat and lowering his head, his expression instantly squirming.

“I look like this so people think I’m some kind of delinquent, and unorthodox. Originally, another pervert chased me and I started to do everything to hide who I am. But I am scared to death – I want to find a calm and reliable partner. He seems particularly calm, although sometimes seems a little too calm…”

“I understand – I can probably relate to how you feel.” After all, it was also one of the races that stood at the top of the expression pack along with the advancing hen and the poodle version of a shiba inu, and remembering the look of the hidden vixen after its transformation, Doctor Shang coughed hastily twice to barely hide his laughter. “Well, let’s not talk about it – how is this thing going to work? Do you want to poke him directly in the head?”

“No, no, I have the instructions. You just need to use it, and whatever is left is yours.” Hai Di Lao hastily shook his head, pulled the instructions from his pocket, then pushed it into the doctor’s hand, “Buddy, you must help me keep my identity secret ah, I don’t want to scare him…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell him.” Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows in interest and took it back to the clinic. He dipped the feather in the alcohol and sprinkled it on Jia Dobao’s body a few times according to the instructions, and recited an incoherent incantation, “How is it? Do you feel anything special?”

“Feeling a little nervous… Doctor, you really won’t tell him my identity?” The half-blood Tibetan fox astringently answered a sentence, looked up enquiringly at the human doctor in front of him. His expression still looked calm and bland, but his tone was already as serious as a grave.

“…I don’t think love makes people blind.”

Feeling responsible to stay quiet for both sides, this suddenly emerged phoenix tail feather wasn’t suspected at all. Doctor Shang, who had felt like he was in a ditch, sighed helplessly, shook his head, and led the Tibetan fox spirit, who claimed to have been very nervous, out of the consultation room.

Seeing Jia DuoBao finally walk out, Hai Di Lao also hurriedly greeted him. After carefully looking up and down, seeing that he was no longer seriously injured, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay, okay, fortunately it’s nothing serious – you don’t have to be so reckless next time, you hear me?”

“Yes, I’ll pay attention next time.” Skillfully pulling his stunned partner into his arms, he patted his back soothingly twice. 

The vixen’s demeanor remained calm and steady, but Hai DiLao’s face suddenly turned red and he hurriedly pushed him away, “Okay, okay, no cuddling outside!”

“Okay, no more hugging.” Faced with his partner’s little temper, the fox spirit obviously had quite an inclusive nature. Nodding patiently, he turned to take the other’s hand and nodded toward the onlooking human doctor, “Doctor Shang, thank you.”

Immersed in deep thought about whether there was reproductive isolation between mammals and birds, suddenly hearing his name, Shang HaoJia jolted back to his senses and waved his hand with a smile, “It’s nothing to do with me, you two are fine.”

The two people were still immersed in their own wit and acting skills, each thanked the human doctor a thousand times, and unanimously invited him to Phoenix Hot Pot City for dinner. Before Shang HaoJia could think of a way to say thank you, Hai DiLao had unilaterally forced an agreement on the time, pulling Jia DuoBao out of the hospital.

Looking at the harmonious backs of the two leaving together, Doctor Shang played with the phoenix tail feather in his hand, subconsciously imagined a blood-sucking ball and the little phoenix together in a scene, and couldn’t help but shiver. Shaking his head with palpitations, he turned around and walked quickly back to his office.

“Honey – is it still going well?” There were obviously fewer people in the office than when they left. As soon as he entered, the vampire greeted him with concern, and thoughtfully moved a chair for him.

“Vita sensed that his family was looking for him, so he took the elder out of hiding for the time being and will meet us at the villa in the evening. The little ones were a little sleepy, so I made a cradle for them and lulled them to sleep.”

“Good job. My side went quite well, and I was forced to make a dinner date.” After taking a sip of the water he handed over, Shang HaoJia nodded and sat down at the table, pulling up the photos on his phone and handing them over, “This is the hybrid werewolf we saw today, it should be the John Doe we’ve been looking for – but how does it look, the fox genes are apparently a little more powerful…”

“…” Looking oddly at the humanoid Tibetan fox on the photo, the antique vampire, who was out of touch with the times, pondered for three seconds before laughing so hard that he squatted down holding the table, “No, dear, I’m sorry – but it’s as if this picture has a magical power, I can’t think at all…”

“This is the magic of expressions, turn around and I’ll show you a free soaring hen, and you’ll get used to the rhythm of the world.” Deeply empathetic, patting his vampire’s shoulder, Doctor Shang put his phone away, pulling him to his feet, and fished out the phoenix feather from his pocket, then placed it on the table. “According to the information we have so far, John Doe and Wayne Loki are trying to lure a phoenix called Hai DiLao, and then that little phoenix is going to treat us to dinner…”

“Yes – I probably heard your conversation, the two of them went to great lengths to conceal their identities from each other, it was a very touching scene.” The vampire couldn’t help but nod, and after glancing at the two small dragons who were huffing and puffing, he gathered his human’s shoulders with one hand. Leaning over, he quickly dropped a light kiss on his lips. “Love between a non-human race and a human is tough, and every time I think about it, I feel honored and grateful from the bottom of my heart. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to meet you, I don’t even know where I would be—”

“Mn, well, there’s no need to recite song lyrics – if you have time, you should be thinking about how to overcome your hemophobia.” With a sudden flush of blood on his face, Shang HaoJia coughed lightly and hastily interrupted him, getting up to straighten his clothes. “I’ll go back down later to help out, and I’ll leave work when I’m done with this batch of patients. Since they said they were going to invite us to dinner, why don’t we go up there? Or we can confirm up close if that John Doe is the one you’re looking for. I remember him mentioning that he could beat up a wolf…”

“Honey, I have to say – you’re really the best witch I’ve ever seen.” Hearing him mention the term ‘werewolf killing’, the vampire’s eyes took on a slight smile, nodded gently, and praised in a serious manner.

Although he had gradually gotten used to the other party’s occasional praise mode, Doctor Shang still subconsciously touched his nose and sighed helplessly, “Mn, wait for me here now, I should be back soon…”

Shang HaoJia was relieved and walked out of the office, fanning his cheeks with great force.

——The guy who didn’t remember, I can’t believe he attacked again without notice. Looks like it’s necessary to go back to a new phase of treatment… 


Perhaps because of the double luck of the dragon and the phoenix, there were not many patients today, and it was only slightly dark when the clinic was empty. After finishing the day’s work, Shang HaoJia changed out of his white clothes, put the two little dragons into his pocket, and led his vampire out of the hospital. Hai DiLao and Jia DuoBao had long been guarding the entrance, and as soon as they saw him come out, they waved toward them from afar.

“Doctor Shang, come on, come on – is this your boyfriend? Let’s go together. With more people eating, it’ll be more lively!” The little phoenix was simply enthusiastic, quick to go over and take his arm, and dragged the person to the car without saying a word. 

The fox was much more calm, shook hands with the vampire, eyes suspicious and on alert. “My blood tells me that you are not a werewolf…”

“Yes, I am a vampire, and I belong to the same race as those two brothers.” Meeting his gaze, Wei Long’s eyes then took on a faint smile, obviously still not completely free from the power of the expression pack, “Are we going to be enemies of each other on this occasion?”

“No, because I am also an unpopular existence. They say that my ability is an indiscriminate attack. No matter who it is, once they see me, they can’t fight at all.” Jii DuoBao shook his head, honestly responded, and looked at him again sincerely, with some earnestness suddenly showing in his eyes.


“Vampires are unable to hide themselves like we do, that human must have known your identity. Can you share your experience with me – how did you confess to him? How did you get along after confessing? Are you sleeping at his house or yours? Who is first and who is second when bathing? What do you do if the other person does not accept what you like to eat?”


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May 30, 2021 11:50 pm

I think I’ll need to re-read the chapters to actually understand who is pursuing who, and what is has to do with all the vampire-warewolf war, because for now the only confirmed couple is our good dr. Shang and his vampire darling, while the situation resembles a loose ball of yarn (for me). 😵

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 31, 2021 2:48 am

Shang HaoJia and Wei Long are becoming quite the go-to couple 😊
Thank you for the chapter.

June 3, 2021 12:52 pm

All those questions thrown at Wei Long about their relationship! Such an interesting read! I like this new couple lol

June 7, 2021 2:35 pm

Oh, god, now it’s how to romance a human advice swapping between a vampire and a mixed werewolf/fox. On the way to dinner with a phoenix. And our doctor is wondering if mammals and birds can breed. This story is great!

July 29, 2022 11:31 pm

“First I pretend to be dead.” – Wei Long.

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