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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Zhu-Zhu-Zhuge!” Wayne Loki shivered violently, finally realizing how much trouble he had made, and shrank his head back, “I-I know I’m wrong, forgive me, I’ll never dare to do it again…”

“Don’t worry, I’m not angry with you. At least you sang in tune, even though you had slurred speech and you can only sing one song. Perhaps you won’t believe me, but I now have a strong soft spot for anyone who can sing in the right key.” Smiling at this lovely new pureblood, Zhuge KaoYu pushed up his glasses and put one hand on his waist. He leaned down gracefully and extended a hand towards him. “All bloods need to go to the Special Agency for additional registration after ascending. Which family are you from? Would you like to go back with me to register as well?”

“Our Les family is a proud mob family. We don’t care about your tedious and useless procedures!” Seeing that the other party’s attitude was quite amiable, the bloodsucking young master, who had always been a vampire, became bolder and straightened up and grunted, “I haven’t been entered since I was a child, and my name is not on your file at all!”

Not expecting him to blacken his own family and admit it so quickly, the human doctor couldn’t help but rub his temples, and looked at him with a bit more heartfelt sympathy.

“So that’s how it is – then please allow me to make a new statement.” Zhuge Kao Yu nodded good-naturedly, his face still wearing a decent faint smile. With a casual tug at his waist, he took off a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed the young master of the yakuza, who was unaware of the high ground just a moment ago, in a solid manner, “Young brat of the Les family, would you like to go back with me to enter the information?”

“…” Not expecting the other party to have the ability to change his face like a book, the young master of the gang, who had never been fierce before in his life, blinked in fear and opened his mouth with difficulty, but he couldn’t say a word, as his eyes turned red with aggression.

“I can’t believe you’re crying… Are you really from a yakuza family?” Looking at his reaction, Zhuge Kao Yu rubbed the corner of his forehead, feeling a headache and half squatted in front of him. Putting the other end of the handcuffs on his own wrist, his tone gentled once again, “Look, I’ve cuffed myself too. Now we’re the same. Do you think it’s okay?”

“Yes!” The simple bloodsucking ball young master nodded vigorously in relief, huffed, and his face showed some smugness again. 

Zhuge Kao Yu nodded, patiently rubbed his head, then pulled the handcuffs and stood up, “All right, come back to the Special Agency with me. Just to register, and after that I will send you home.”

“Wait – I feel like I’ve been tricked!” Subconsciously following him to stand up, he had walked forward two steps when Wayne Loki finally reacted to the fact that he had been trapped. At once, he struggled desperately and turned his head back towards the unforgiving King of Purebloods and stretched out his hand, “Daddy! Dad, don’t you want me anymore? Dad! Love me once more Daddy…!”

“No, I don’t have a son like you.”

The vampire hunter was in a hurry to send him back, but it was okay to take care of him.

“For vampire and human service.” Skillfully replying in a standard form, Zhuge Kao Yu one-handedly pressed one hand on his arm, in a salute. Then he led the crying bloodsucking ball to turn around, and with quick steps, they disappeared into the night.

“I probably understand now why his father called and asked us to pay the ransom before he would take him back…”

The first time he stepped into the store, his eyes were fixed on the busy back kitchen.

The staff, who had just changed bosses, were working hard. The magpies were carrying ingredients back and forth, and the flamingos were holding flags and shouting cheers. There was also a row of hens working overtime laying eggs, apparently already on a hundred thousand fire service mode.

When he saw the two men return, the flamingo hastily put down the small flag in his hand, ran over quickly, snapped a stand and bowed deeply again. “Two bosses, young master Taotie has already emptied the store of ingredients. The hawk, falcon, and sea eagle teams have just split up to stock up, the pelicans and sea swallows have gone to buy seafood, and the hens are working hard to lay eggs to try to fill the gap and keep the table from breaking!”

The little Taotie’s fighting ability was obviously amazing. By the time the little guy finally had a rare full meal and snored in the crook of the vampire’s arm, it was nearly midnight.

Considering that there was indeed a bit too much stuff to be shipped back, the werewolf butler thoughtfully drove over to pick up the group and ran to the door with an umbrella, “Why is it only raining here? Did you make those two little ancestors cry again?”

“My loyal friend, you should never ask us this kind of question. Here is what I am curious about, you were responsible for guarding, how could you let Wayne Loki run out with the taotie and Bi An egg?” The vampire was quick to ask as his body glowed with a faint bloody light, bouncing the rain away, as he escorted his own human into the back seat. He then followed and sat down, looking out at the werewolf with a sarcastic face.

He JiaLun closed the car door for them, returned to the driver’s seat, and expertly put on the seat belt, “So I just – just Doctor Shang’s friend, the hybrid succubus called Eli, sent an Owl with an invitation, saying that it was some kind of prize for the first Comic-Con…”

“What invitation – is it something from the non-human world?” Shang HaoJia distractedly asked while soothingly touching the two little dragons who were twitching, and patiently slowed down his voice, “When you don’t bring your stomach medicine out tomorrow, brother will treat you two to something delicious, okay?”

“I want to eat beef, and I want baby vegetables, fish and tofu…” Xian Bao choked and nodded, not forgetting to take the opportunity to mention the conditions. 

Xian Bei on the side also wiped his tears with his tail and hugged his brother doctor’s sleeve and rubbed it, “I also want crispy pork – and crystal buns. Five of them…”

“Good, wait until tomorrow and I’ll tell you two to pick your own, and you can eat whatever you want.”

The little guys could not help but lightly laugh out loud. The human doctor patiently nodded, and warmly said as he wiped the two little dragons tears dry, “Good, do not cry. Uncle Ha, the road is slippery in the dark, while driving, don’t get into danger.”

“That, actually my surname is He…” the mixed-blood husky interjected without strength to emphasize his sentence. As he was waiting for the two little ones to fall sweetly to sleep and begin dreaming about hot pots. Then he rubbed his nose again, and couldn’t help sneezing.

“It’s an invitation to the Gallifreyan auction. According to my deduction, this Comic-Con cosplay competition is to search for humans interested in non-human races. The winner of the first prize will get a chance to observe the auction of non-human races up close. But that classmate of yours who is a mixed-race succubus, can only transfer the opportunity to a pure human, and since it’s not convenient to share it with the group of students, he sent the admission ticket to you.”

“Gallifreyan?” Doctor Shang nodded thoughtfully, took the invitation he handed over, and studied it with interest. The vampire thoughtfully turned on the overhead light for him, and looked at the werewolf butler in the front row with raised eyebrows. “My friend – that still doesn’t explain why you didn’t keep an eye on Wayne Loki and let him get away…”

“Ah, well, must you be so hot on the trail every time?” Sighing helplessly, He JiaLun shook his head in resignation and turned the car onto the main road, “I admit, I just looked at this invitation and got excited, so I went around the black market to see if there were any admission tickets or something for sale…”

Before the words were finished, he could not help but sneeze hard again and rubbed his nose vigorously, “The Taotie does not lose hair. Let me ask one more question, do you two have a dog out there?”

“No, we just had a meal with a Tibetan fox hybrid werewolf.”

Thinking of the departing fox, Wei Long’s eyes took on a faint smile again and shook his head helplessly, “I have to say, he was really very impactful when he transformed, and I can understand his reason for being banished from the family more than you, who at least did look very beautiful and imposing…”

“Anyway, I’ll take that as a compliment to my good looks.” The hybrid husky whistled triumphantly and flicked his tail twice, “I know that dude, his screen name is China Good Voice in the hybrid werewolf support group. I always thought his avatar was an emoji pack from the internet, but it turns out to be him in person? “

“In fact, I’m more suspicious that the online emojis are him in person.” Shang HaoJia closed the invitation, added with a light smile, and looked up curiously, “’Mixed-blood werewolf support group’ – is it so common for you werewolves to mix?”

“Right. In fact, originally, the werewolf clan followed the vampire example and advocated intermarriage between purebred werewolves. But the number of purebred werewolves was originally small, and then it was slowly discovered that the wolf cubs born in this way would have a lot of genetic diseases, and their strength was not as strong as that of the mixed-blood werewolves. However, because of the uncertainty of the mixed-blood race, there were many werewolves who were not strong enough to fight mixed-bloods and would be eliminated by the family and expelled to live on their own, just like me.” The mixed-blood husky nodded seriously, and his tail then sneaked up again, as he proudly raised his head and showed off.


“I recently had a good time with a half-breed corgi named Stargazer. He lives in Buckingham Palace, in England. I’m told he’s treated very well. He invited me to play with him sometime… He said his master would love me with my snowy white long legs!”


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May 31, 2021 2:26 pm

Ha, ha, ha. Love the Dr Who and UK royalty references!
Thank you for translating.

June 1, 2021 2:02 am

Little Taotie will eat them clean. And Wayne Loki could just shut up, but nooo..😅

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 3, 2021 1:54 pm

Love how the vampire is such a gentleman taking care of the doctor, by doing small things for him, turning on the light in the car so he could read the invitation. They Taotie will definitely clean them out food wise lol

June 7, 2021 3:03 pm

Of course the werewolf crossbreed in the Palace would be a corgi. It’s the Queen’s favorite. And the phoenix attracted flamingos and Canada geese in America which is also accurate. Props to the author for getting these right! So many authors don’t bother. Good chapter!

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