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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Hai Di Lao – this is not the time to talk about it, let’s go home and talk about this, okay?” This was the first time someone praised his looks, and the fox’s eyes could not help but show he was a little flattered. But still, because of the little phoenix’s too blunt wording, he blushed a little and his voice unconsciously lowered. 

“By the way, this kind of thing – in fact, I also have something to hide from you. I can also transform, but the place here is too small, I will probably not fit…” The little phoenix nodded happily and took hold of the little plum blossom paw of the fox, tiptoeing and lowering his voice, “When we get home, I’ll transform for you, okay?”

“Okay, let’s wait until we get home then.” Looking dotingly at the little phoenix in front of him, the Fox’s long, narrow eyes finally curved up a bit, and gently rubbed his head. “Can I change back now? If outsiders see me, they will think I’m wearing a hood and must help me take it off immediately…”

“I’m angry! Really angry!”

Looking at these two people who can actually be happy in this situation, Wayne Loki’s angry eyes were flushed red, crying and bouncing twice, then suddenly turned his anger toward the human doctor, “Aren’t you a doctor? Yet you can not give him a cure for his eyes! I just don’t believe it. This young master has such a suave image, but actually is not as good as a squinting fox?!”

“Please forgive me for not being able to do anything about it. In this case, I’d still prefer to eat hot pot on the side…” Doctor Shang shook his head, sighed lightly with tears and laughter, and shoved the bottomless pit in his arms into his vampire’s hand, “Send him back first, if he stays here–“

“Fire, fondue!” Before he finished his words, the little Taotie suddenly hugged the vampire’s arm, rubbing gently between his arms, blinking pleadingly with round eyes, “Hot pot…”

The king of purebloods thought he was so cute that his eyes turned red instantly. Doctor Shang suddenly felt this was bad. He didn’t think these would be the first words the little guy learned, and clutched his vampire’s wrist, “Hold on, you’re his father, you have to have principles to-“

“Oh my god, it’s so cute! Can I touch it?” Little Phoenix obviously had a strong interest in all kinds of mammals with fur. After just witnessing the revealing of the fox form, with just a glance of the blinking eyes of the little kitten, he gave a happy cry, instantly forgot the fear of Taotie, and eagerly pounced over.

The little kitten tilted his head up and sniffed, smelled his delicious hot pot smell, and pounced paws towards him twice, while its voice also cheerfully cried, “Hot pot!”

“I’m not called Hot pot, I’m called Hai Di Lao, and Hai Di Lao is the king of hot pots! If you let me touch you, I’ll treat you to it, okay?” 1 Proudly showing off his identity, the little phoenix blearily stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the cat, but arms was pressed back by the human doctor who seriously shook his head.

“You know nothing about the power of Taotie. You can not ask him to open his mouth. If he opens his mouth, this store of yours will be eaten empty in the blink of an eye.”

Hearing the meaning of the human father, the little Taotie’s eyes, which were still shining, instantly dimmed. The aggrieved baby dropped his ears, tearfully lying on the vampire’s palm, “Hot pot…”

“Ahhh no – don’t do that, I can’t help it!” The little Phoenix struggled to hold his head, shook his head with difficulty, and instantly fell into the dilemma of whether to earn money to eat or to touch a cat.

In the anxious situation, the pure-blood king who had been silent for a long time finally raised his head. With a slight flash of red in his eyes, he looked inquiringly at the human doctor beside him, “Honey, can I use a treasure in exchange for this hot pot restaurant?”

“That kind of talk is simply too much! I am a noble phoenix who is not motivated by profit. Our clan has never treated money like dirt… Is the treasure big? What’s in it? Are there any valuable things?” Not waiting for the human to speak, the little phoenix righteously interrupted his words. Then with one big step, suddenly grabbed the vampire’s arm, both pupils then turned into the outer round and inner square copper coin shape.

“Actually, I have another branch that sells nirvana pin skewers, which can also be packaged together and cashed to you! These sales clerks are all yours. Here, you take this, so you don’t have to pay their salaries…”

The plot development caught everyone off guard, not waiting for the human doctor who was used to taking his sweet time to think things through. The two sides had happily reached an agreement.

The little phoenix reached behind himself, then pulled out another tail feather and stuffed it into the vampire’s hand, and grabbed the ruby key the vampire handed over. Likely afraid he would regret it, he reached a hand out and picked up the still unresponsive Tibetan fox, shouting long live the treasure, and without looking back darted out of the hot pot restaurant.

With a clear phoenix sound, the half-fire-red-half-silver-white phoenix rose up in the air. The most beautiful body in the night sky stretched and soared, leaving a trail of pieces of ice crystals and fire awning, intersecting into a dazzling bright light, and then cutting through the quiet night sky.

Putting aside the consternation over the too casual dealings of the non-human race, the human doctor tilted his head and watched the phoenix which was proudly soaring through the night sky and couldn’t help but sigh heartily in admiration, “The phoenix is really quite beautiful.” 

“Yes, that is true. The phoenix is indeed a noble and graceful creature which also possesses extreme magical power. It is also because of this that many magicians spend their lives chasing a wand made of phoenix tail feathers. Such a tail feather can even buy another treasure at the auction…” The vampire with extraordinary eyesight also looked towards the sky, thoughtfully not mentioning the fact that the phoenix’s tail had almost been gleaned bald. With a gentle echo, he leaned down slightly towards him with an apology. “Dear, I hope you’re not offended by my reckless behavior just now. Its fleshy pad pressed against my hand, and I just couldn’t resist its request…”

“Next time don’t spoil it so much. The more a child is spoiled, the less they can do for themselves in the future.” Shang HaoJia did not intend to say anything more, so he shook his head and smiled, as they walked back to the store together.

“Did you look carefully, whether it was Jia Duo Bao who injured your brother? I feel that he is not very aggressive, and there were parts left out in the statement…”

“Obviously it wasn’t him. His claw marks were plum-shaped and the claw tips weren’t very sharp, so there is hardly any advantage in hunting. If I’m not wrong, he should be the same as JiaLun, an existence that was expelled from the family as the product of a failed hybrid.” When it came to business, the vampire’s gaze was serious, and he shook his head gravely. “According to his conversation with Wayne Loki, the two of them must have met before. It’s likely that the two families were originally blood relations. He was probably only the nominal young master of another werewolf family, but had actually left that family…”

“By the way – where is Wayne Loki?” Now suddenly remembering that they seemed to be missing a person, Shang HaoJia subconsciously stood still, and looked around, but didn’t see the blood-sucking ball figure, “Where did he go? Did something wrong happen?”

“Please don’t worry. He just went out to get drunk because he lost his love. I thought maybe he needed to calm down alone, so I didn’t stop him.” Wei Long shook his head with a light smile as he explained in a warm voice. 

Suddenly, he turned around as if he was aware of something and peered through the dark at a figure walking in the distance.

Looking at the visitor, the pure-blood king still had a calm smile in his eyes, but his tone had lowered slightly, “Look – this has been sent back, hasn’t it?”

Hearing the gravity in his tone, Shang HaoJia’s heart rose in alarm. Subconsciously, he raised his head and looked at the figure that was drawing closer and closer.

Wayne Loki was already drunk and was being carried back like a sack. The person wore glasses and a straightforward suit. He was slightly similar to Daoist Yan who lived in the villa, only he was more refined and elegant. He made carrying a vampire look very easy, his face was not red nor was he out of breath, and the pace was also still quite steady.

“Excuse me. Is he a friend of yours?” Standing in front of the two, the man’s gaze lingered on Wei Long for a moment. He pushed his glasses up thoughtfully, and then set the vampire laying over his shoulder down. “This little cutie who lost all his teeth was drinking in my store. He sang ‘Single Love Song’ again and again, adamantly refused requests for a different song, and caused general discontent among the diners. I thought I should send him back to his kin and followed his scent to his place. By the way, you’re well dressed and look much smoother than your kind.”

“Dad, Dad, help me, I don’t want to be arrested…” It wasn’t until Wayne Loki was put down that Shang HaoJia realized that he wasn’t drunk, but was too scared to move at all. As soon as he landed on all fours, he hid behind the two men and peeked his head out, warily watching the barman in front of him.

“So you are his father from his clan? I was wondering why there was suddenly another pureblood in the blood race. It seems that you are the famous King of Purebloods.” A trace of surprise flashed in the visitor’s eyes, then he took a step forward and offered his hand with a light smile, “I’ve heard a lot about you. I grew up listening to your legends, Your Highness Wei Long.”

When he met his gaze, a faint hint of blood diffused through Wei Long’s eyes, and his sharp teeth appeared. Shaking his hand, his lips curved into a cold smile, “Your power is very strong. It seems that you should be at least the direct heir of the four great families. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

“I’m ashamed to say… As you know, our clan exerts its power through chanting. Due to some problems with the cooperation between me and an elven gentleman during the last examination of the Special Agency, I failed the chanting and was knocked down in rank from A to C. I was also punished by the family with a year-long confinement until the next examination.” The visitor took off his glasses and gently wiped the lenses, smiled mockingly, sighed helplessly, and stood up straight again. Holding his right hand in the crook of his left arm, he courteously bowed slightly towards him. “Now that the next examination is imminent, I have had the misfortune to draw that elf gentleman again. I am considering whether I should withdraw from the examination and give up this identity… But at least for now, please allow me to still introduce myself as I am – I am a vampire hunter. The third in line heir to the Zhuge family, Zhuge Kao Yu, please enlighten me.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Haidilao (aka Hai Di Lao), hot pot restaurant chain founded in Sichuan in 1994


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Ummmm… excuse me?!!!
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Finally a normal human appeared but he is a vampire hunter🙈🙈🙈

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