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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“It may be difficult. Your long distance friend’s owner prefers short-legged dogs rather than a long-legged horse. It’s probably too late to saw off your legs. You can try to see if you can develop in the direction of a horse.” Looking at the werewolf butler who was full of the idea of going abroad for vacation, the learned Doctor Shang patted him on the shoulder and cruelly crushed the mixed-blood husky’s dream of living there.

“Really?! What kind of weird aesthetics is this? What’s so great about short legs?!” He JiaLun sat up straight in disbelief as the dream that had been so easily born was completely shattered. He JiaLun sat up straight in disbelief, about to ask a question anxiously, when suddenly there was a muffled sound and the whole car seemed to shake with it.

“Oh no! But I didn’t hit anything…” The werewolf butler’s face changed slightly, and he no longer cared less about the length of his legs. He opened the door and jumped out of the car, and searched around carefully, but found nothing. “That’s strange. Could it be that some ghost just figured out how to materialize and let me bump it back?”

Vaguely feeling that something was not right, Shang HaoJia looked out and saw the unattended basket on the passenger side and suddenly his heart sank, “No! Close the door quickly!

Before the words could fall, a dark shadow suddenly came in from under the car, grabbed the basket in one mouth and leapt out through the window.

The vampire’s reaction was not slow at all, almost at the same moment, he opened the door and began to chase after it. He took quick steps forward when suddenly there was a flash of blood in his eyes and he rolled away to the side. The place where he had been standing suddenly exploded with a blindingly bright light.

“Holy light bomb…” Wei Long stood up from the ground, hit with a sudden burning pain, and his eyes’ color turned to pure blood.

“What – As order-keepers, you hunters are actually involved in this kind of robbery?”

“What a joke! How could those pedantic Blood Hunter families agree to such a thing? If I can steal your eggs, I can steal the Holy Light Bullets just as well. That bar owner only knows how to listen to the songs, but I got this thing with a little trickery.” From the shadows came a mocking voice. A werewolf paced over with a square step behind his back and smugly looked at the blood king in front of him, “Aren’t you very powerful? How dare you say you want to avenge your brother. Come on, come and bite me if you dare!”

“Second son, you can’t answer like that next time. You should have said that this holy light bullet was given to you by the hunter. Only then can you re-start the strife between the blood hunting clan and the blood clan, and give the new king a reputation of messing up…” The old werewolf beside him hastened to speak, earnestly imparting the valuable experience accumulated from generation to generation, “This is a very important point of knowledge. To become an excellent heir of the Zhen family, you must remember and skillfully use it to–“

“I won’t! I stole something with my own ability! Why should I say it was given to me?!” snarled the werewolf called Second Prince. He stubbornly raised his head and grunted defiantly, obviously not listening to the old werewolf’s teachings. His body suddenly drew up, and his silver-white smooth wolf fur instantly covered his body, then he waved his hand towards the mixed-blood husky who had just figured out the situation.

“You, that werewolf over there, for the sake of our kind, I will not give you a hard time. Hurry up and take that obstructive human away. I, Zhen Xi, will single out this legendary pure-blood king today!”

Lowering his voice, the vampire leaned over and urged the human doctor, “Honey, you go home with JiaLun first and wait for me, if that’s okay? He is one of the most powerful opponents I’ve ever seen, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to protect you…” He could feel the unusually strong power of the other party, and the vampire’s eyes revealed a bit of caution.

“There is no hurry. With the current situation, I think we can still try to outsmart him.” The human doctor’s eyes were thoughtful once he saw the other person’s appearance after transformation and heard his name. Obeying the vampire’s persuasion to get out of the car, he looked at the werewolf in front of him with interest.

“Hello. Allow me to confirm first, are you a werewolf and pomeranian hybrid?”

“What a stupid human! Can a pomeranian have such long legs?! My mother’s clan is the noble and elegant Arctic fox, also known as the snow fox or white fox, mainly found in Siberia and the tundra areas of North America – that’s the knowledge point! Write it down for me!” Zhen Xi tilted his head proudly, as he recited a long list, pulling out a small blackboard from nowhere and knocking it twice as hard as he could. 

“I know of it. It’s the kind of white fox that hits the ground with its head. I have seen your predation motion picture. I’ve always felt sincere admiration for your family’s ability to jump face first into the ground while still maintaining the fox face.” As a science student, Doctor Shang mercilessly ignored the geographic point underlined by the snow fox teacher. With a casual nod and a glance around, he pulled his vampire to stand on the stone-paved boulevard.

“Good. Now listen to me. You just stand here and don’t move. Don’t do anything, just duck when he comes over.” Seeing his human’s certainty, the vampire raised his eyebrows slightly with some surprise, but still nodded obediently and looked at the half-blood snow fox whose face suddenly changed. Then the doctor said to the fox, “Since you are the one who proposed the fight, it is me who decides how to fight. Now you can attack me.”

“… I, I’m not going to fall for your trick. You guys are just too cunning!”

This road was paved not with cobblestones, but asphalt mixed with all kinds of small gravel pieces. The hybrid snow fox, who could only jump down, took one look at the jagged little stones and couldn’t help but feel a headache, and shivered subconsciously. He took a step back with hackles raised.

Although he had to temporarily yield, the goal was to make things happen and the second son of the Zhen family was obviously not willing to just admit defeat. Glancing in all directions, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he snatched the basket from the hands of the attendant, then proudly clutched a hand in front of his chest.

“I don’t dare to go up and hit you, but you don’t dare to come up and bite me or I’ll smash this what’s-his-name dragon egg in front of you, and see if the dragons find trouble with you!”


Shang HaoJia rubbed the corner of his forehead, then looked sympathetically at the second youngest of the Zhen family who was still gloating. He looked inquiringly at He JiaLun who was walking around anxiously, “Let me ask one more question. After you wolves are born, is it that you can only choose between combat power and intelligence?”

“What kind of talk is that? Is my combat power that weak?!” Feeling as if he had also been questioned, the mixed-blood husky discontentedly took off his outer coat, and then revealed robust muscle. His body shape defiantly began to shift, but just before he took the shape of a wolf, he could not stop sneezing, one sneeze after another and had to change back immediately.

“I thought it was bad enough that wolves like my big brother were forbidden to transform into wolves, but it turns out that there are really wolves who can’t transform into wolves. It’s a disgrace to the werewolf clan, is that why your tail grew out?” Seeing that He JiaLun had actually been messed up by his transformation, Zhen Xi’s fighting spirit burned up again, sneering in disbelief and twitching his ears towards him again in a showy manner.

Faced with this mockery, He JiaLun’s eyes burned with anger, and he was about to stride over, when the human doctor’s quick hand pulled him to a stop, “Calm down, your human state’s physical quality is good, but would be impossible to take him on. Let him take the basket, there is more in it than the Bi An egg. There is also a small Taotie…”

“You think I can’t hear you if you keep your voice so low? I tell you, the snow fox’s hearing is particularly acute, this is the second knowledge point!” Zhen Xi proudly raised the corners of his mouth, rummaging inside the basket, and grabbed a sleepy-eyed kitten, “This thing is a Taotie? This size is also too shabby. But even though it’s small, it’s still a few taels of meat. Count yourself lucky, you actually have the honor to be my Zhen Xi’s extra meal …”

“Extra meal!” As soon as he heard these two words, the little one’s gaze instantly lit up. Easily breaking free from his control, he grabbed his arm and crawled upwards unrelentingly, “Zhen Xi – ice cream! Vanilla! Extra meal!”

The little one could say more and more phrases under the stimulation of food. Doctor Shang rubbed his temple and, for a moment, actually was happy his family had a cat like this, “Yes, snow fox brother has ice cream, hidden on his body, find it and it is yours.”

“Ice cream!!!” Under the strong temptation of additional meals, the little Taotie’s interest was also quickly mobilized, and began to pick at the silver-white wolf’s hair to find food. He was small and agile, so Zhen Xi could not grab him. He only felt a swift wind, before the basket was grabbed by the vampire who took advantage of the interruption.

“You guys… you guys are simply too deceitful!”

The Bi An egg had been snatched back. Zhen Xi was so angry that he could not stop shivering, and suddenly leapt to the roof of the car. He was topped with a small orange cat on his head, and began to howl mournfully like a wolf.

Hearing that wolf howl, He JiaLun’s face suddenly changed slightly and lowered his voice and explained quickly to Wei Long. “Oh no! This is a signal for the werewolves to summon their companions. Their target should be you. Hurry back with Doctor Shang first, I’ll stay to delay them for a while. We are at least one of a kind, so they won’t give me too much trouble.” 


The werewolves’ group attack had always been a killer for other races. The vampire’s gaze could not help but sink slightly. He exchanged a glance with his own human, and was contemplating how to get out, when a familiar voice suddenly came from beneath his feet, “Five thunder fierce general, train general, Teng Tian pour earth, drive thunder running clouds. The team battles ten million, the leader of the divine army, open the flag urgent call, no audit stop. Urgent as the law – get out of the way, you step on the manhole cover it!” 1



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Translator Notes:

  1. It’s an exorcism spell to dispel evil XD But it’s basically telling idk who standing on the manhole to F off. Hahaha


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Brilliant (T/Ns) 😁
Thank you for the chapter.

June 1, 2021 2:23 am

It seems that, depending on the mixed in species, warewolf-hybrids may not be all that intelligent, sure they are strong but intelligent… well. But hey, they finally know the actually bad guy.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 7, 2021 3:14 pm

beware posturing, evil villians, it betrays the fact you only possess two functioning brain cells. Pretty sure that’s our tone deaf elf under the manhole cover.

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