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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“No, no, my arm was crushed into three pieces, and my ribs are broken, and my body is almost broken into pieces…” The named little raccoon waved his hands and took a few steps back, then turned to another werewolf with curly hair, “Kang Shifu, you were at the top just now, why don’t you go and save the second son?!”

“No, no no, it’s more appropriate for Kimmy Long to do this kind of thing. They can cook longer and have more fighting power…” The wolves suddenly resounded with a clutter of concessions. The dry noodle group and the noodle group quickly split into two camps, no one dared to challenge these two gods, fearing that if they went up, they would also end up in the hands of others like this.

Looking at this group of useless men, the snow fox was so angry that his hackles rose, but  he was restrained from moving by the back of his neck, so he could only look at the side of the human who looked the best bully.

“Since you don’t dare to come up here, why don’t you grab that human as a hostage and exchange him for me? Are you all going to die of stupidity?”

Hearing his words, Wei Long’s gaze tightened. Just as he was about to leap forward to protect his human doctor, a roar suddenly erupted from the wolves, and along with the tantalizing aroma that spread out, the wolves fell to the ground again with a wail.

“I told you that the human is a big devil, you still do not believe – run ah!

Who knows which werewolf howled at the top of his voice, but the scared wolves staggered up one by one, stumbled and fled in all directions, and in the blink of an eye, they faded into the night.

“Pixian Douban Cannon… Zhuge?” Smelling the special aroma in the air, Yan Maifan raised his eyebrows and looked towards the street corner, and indeed he saw the vampire hunter who had just brought back the blood-sucking ball.

“I just came back to find some lost things, but there are actually so many people, it’s really a shame.” Seeing so many colleagues at once, Zhuge Kao Yu’s eyes also brought a few moments of surprise. Handing the gun barrel on his shoulder to Wayne Loki who was obediently following behind him, he walked quickly towards the crowd, “Yan-zi, what are you doing here?”

“Well…” Although receiving the salary of an undercover agent, in fact, not a day of serious lurking Heavenly Master Yan deliberated for a moment, his gaze then pointedly looked at the corner where the mushroom-planting elf sat, “Probably falling in love, and you?”

“How to say it – I probably also came to fall in love.” Looking behind him at the honest little pure blood, Zhuge Kao Yu then helplessly smiled, waving towards him gently, “Come and meet, this is my colleague—”

“I don’t need to know! I know every single one of these bastards, and every single one of them has bullied me!” As soon as he saw this circle of acquaintances, the newly tamed bloodsucking ball instantly exploded. Angrily jumping in place, while pressing his dentures, while excitedly complaining about this group of sinful and decent forces, “I see them and I get angry, super angry! That one over there carrying the white dog, you don’t have to look at me, I don’t have you as a father!”

“That can’t be helped, you were black before, the rights of the non-human race are not enjoyed. Even if they bully you, you can only grit your teeth and suffer.”

Comfortingly patting his back, Zhuge Kao Yu’s words were not finished when he was interrupted by the sharp voice of the snow fox who was so angry that it broke, “You’re the white dog, I’m a snow fox, snow fox! I’m also called the Arctic Fox—”

“Arctic fox or white fox, mainly found in Siberia and the tundra of North America. You better memorize it too, or he’ll keep repeating this knowledge.” The human doctor interrupted abruptly, taking the fox and tossing it to the sour elf hanging behind him. Pulling up the side of the vampire’s arm that was always hanging at his side, he gently moved it twice, “Does it hurt, can you still move it?”

“Honey, please believe in my recovery ability as a blood – the broken bones have recovered, I just need you to help me reset it with a few more techniques.”

“I’m sorry for worrying you, I’ll be more careful next time.”

“You can’t take X-rays anyway, you can only trust yourself.”

With no way to judge the patient’s condition according to his face, and no use for instrumentation, Doctor Shang sighed lightly with a headache, but could only nod in compromise, felt the misalignment of his elbow joint twice, and with experience, he quickly reset his arm. “Try it, it should be fine. Your recovery ability is very strong. Don’t move around, and be careful or it will grow crooked and I’ll have to break and reset it again…”

“You two are so in love, if all humans and vampires could get along like this, our work would be much smoother.” Looking at the tacit interaction of these two, Zhuge Kao Yu on the side heartily praised a sentence, and curiously looked at the sour milk elf on the side, “I was just about to go to your rehearsal – why are you dressed like this, and what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here – what can I be doing here? Already frustrated because of the failure of my first real battle, and found that these guys are actually not doing their job!” The sour milk elf, who didn’t realize that the number of people on the field was even, instantly broke down and stormed out, picking up the snow fox and waving it twice. “You are all here to fall in love, of course I am here to work!”

His sluggish best friend obviously didn’t have the self-awareness of being chased. Doctor Shang, who had read a lot of people, rubbed his jaw and still chose not to make a point to nod towards a few people, “A few of you are from the Special Agency, so if you have nothing to do, we’ll go back first. This fox is also left to you guys to deal with—”

“Please wait, in fact, I came here not only to talk about love, but also specifically to come to apologize.” Zhuge Kao Yu suddenly interrupted him, stepped forward and bowed apologetically towards Wei Long, “Due to my momentary negligence, the holy light bomb was stolen. Just now, I detected the Holy Light Bomb exploding here, that’s why I rushed here immediately, there are no other bloods here, so I think the thief must have used him on Your Excellency’s body…”

“It doesn’t matter, it was just shaken for a bit, nothing major.” Originally wanting to conceal this matter, he didn’t expect this vampire hunter to actually say so outright. The vampire’s back was suddenly cold, and didn’t dare to look at his own doctor’s expression, only casually waved his hand, turned around to get into the car, but was persistently pulled by the arm.

“The Holy Light Bomb is the standard weapon of blood hunters, the more lethal to the bloodline the more pure the bloodline is, and the recovery is also very long – please at least allow me to make some compensation to you, otherwise my conscience will definitely hurt.”

“…” Since he couldn’t conceal it any longer, the vampire heartily glanced at its own human, looking at the other party’s overly calm look, his heart became more and more apprehensive, almost being frightened to another heartbeat, “Dear, in fact—”

“Don’t say a word – if it has the effect of burns, is ointment that treats burns and scars is of any use?” Once the family vampire stuffed into the car, Doctor Shang had obviously entered the work state, seriously looking at the vampire hunter in front of him, “Can you be specific about the Holy Light Bomb? I need some more information before I can determine the treatment plan.”

“Good – the main ingredients of the Holy Light Bomb are compressed sunlight and atomized holy water, both of which will cause a burning effect. But holy water is a mysterious liquid that has natural restraint for the Bloods, and so far there is no good treatment, only relying on the Bloods’ own power to dispel and recover.” Shocked by the human doctor’s professional attitude, the vampire hunter subconsciously nodded, glanced at the vampire who desperately shook his head and waved his hand at him, or subconsciously said the last sentence, “That is to say, you have to find a way to feed him…”

“This matter has been bothering me for a long time – can I borrow your handcuffs for one night?” The human doctor rubbed his forehead with a headache at the thought of the daunting task of feeding his own vampire. When he suddenly looked at the handcuffs pinned to the other party’s waist, a thought came to mind, as he tentatively asked the question.

“Naturally, if you are willing to accept it, I am willing to give it to you directly as one of the apology gifts.” Zhuge Kao Yu painfully answered, then uncuffed and handed over, looking at the snow fox carried in the hands of the side elf, his eyes suddenly lighting up, “Right, snow foxes grow in the Arctic, their cold air is also very effective against this kind of burn. Take it back with you, it should be able to suppress the damage of the Holy Light Bomb.”

“As long as I don’t undo the charm, there is no way for him to change back. I’ll send MuXi back first, you guys go home first, and I’ll be back for you soon.” Rubbing the sour milk elf’s head soothingly, Yan Maifan handed the snow fox over and nodded towards Zhuge Kao Yu again, patting him encouragingly on the back. “As one of your next examiners, let me tell you the good news first – MuXi’s Speech Spirit is progressing quickly. If this experiment is successful, he’ll be able to sing rap backing vocals for you when you’re in charge of singing in the next test.”

“Good – many thanks, and I sincerely wish you success…” Not yet reacting to the huge amount of information in the other party’s words, Zhuge Kao Yu subconsciously nodded, pondered for a long time, and then his expression suddenly gloomed, holding his jaw in contemplation.

“What’s on your mind, is there anything else that needs my attention?” Seeing the other party’s serious face, Doctor Shang’s heart grew a little uneasy again. Worried that there was something else wrong with the Holy Light Bomb, he patted his shoulder and whispered a question.


“No – His Highness Wei Long’s power is very strong, a Holy Light Bomb is not going to cause serious problems.” Zhuge Kao Yu shook his head, his eyes still a distressed thought, half a moment before he raised his head again and looked at the human doctor enquiringly, “So… For the next test, should I choose a song by Phoenix Legend?”


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June 7, 2021 3:27 pm

Uh oh. Hubby’s in trouble. He fibbed to the doctor about how much damage the light bomb did. And they are going to use the second prince of the werewolves as an ice pack. While the elf learns to rap backup vocals for the vampire hunter. I love these combos….

June 8, 2021 4:37 am

I’m looking forward to seeing the handcuffs used. 😏

Jeannette Woodrum
Jeannette Woodrum
October 20, 2022 8:32 am

This is just too funny. I’m so glad I picked up this novel. Thank you for the chapter and your excellent translation.

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