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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The vampire raised his eyebrows, took a step back, and thoughtfully pulled up the drain cover, “Apostle, is this your new mode of travel after the Queen’s carriage?”

“Forget it, I was going to come here by earth transport, but I didn’t know the way until I went down there… I didn’t know that the map for earth transport only marked the sewers…” The gray-headed elf leapt out from the well, and with a faint white light around him, he bounced off all the mud and water. He also took out a small mirror, meticulously straightened out his clothes and hair, and then finally nodded in satisfaction. “We received an alert that a large number of werewolves were gathering here, and when I saw that you two were here, so I volunteered to come over – you’ll all be out of the way later, so I must have a practice session today!”

“Are you really converted to the Dao?” Looking at the Taoist robes, Shang HaoJia curiously circled around him and took his hem and shook it, “It looks good, and it would look even better if it had a whisk.”

“Isn’t that right? I think so too!” With his best friend’s comment, An MuXi nodded vigorously in sympathy, and sighed lightly in disappointment. “Unfortunately, my master said that you have to pass the Daoist Level 3 test to be issued the whisk. I have to be proficient and use at least four incantations, and also make sure that the next time I take the test, I must not blow up the judges of the assessment…”

“…It seems like you’ve really improved, so I’ll leave it to you this time.” Doctor Shang nodded decisively and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t be too brave, if you can’t beat them, call for help – don’t sing, remember?”

“Who cares about singing! Singing is not my dream anymore – anyway, you guys just watch me on the sidelines!” The elven Taoist priest waved his hand with great vigor, took out a yellow paper talisman written in vermilion from his pocket, held it between his two fingers in a decent manner, and took two steps forward with a quadrilateral step, “Ai – demon, quickly retreat!”

“You are the demon, I am a hybrid Arctic fox from Siberia – knowledge points! Memorize it well for me!!!” Zhen Xi was doing impassioned pre-battle mobilization with the wolves, heard his words and turned around violently. On his head, the little Taotie was chewing on his ears, and Zhen Xi waved his paws twice with great vigor, “Forget about the others first, you all go together and arrest this muddy water for me!”

The wolves howled to the sky, and they all pounced towards the elf who was standing still.

The elves have always been only long-range magic chanting attacks, close range physical defense was considered extinct. Wei Long worriedly stepped forward, hesitant to go up to help, but the human next to him raised a hand to stop him and looked towards the street not far away before winking at him.

He subconsciously followed the direction of the other and saw Yan Maifan’s figure quickly disappear into the darkness.

The vampire’s eyes were slightly surprised, and he couldn’t help but shake his head lightly and laugh, “It seems that Mr. Yan really thinks highly of his disciple…”

“It shouldn’t just be as simple as valuing – MuXi’s hem on that daoist dress is embroidered with a flying swallow carrying wood. I always feel that Mr. Yan may not be simple to MuXi, it depends on when MuXi can feel it.” Seeing through everything, Doctor Shang smiled, and turned his gaze back to the battle in front of him, “If I’m right, Mr. Yan will give MuXi at least three means to save his life, even if these three are used up, there is still the master who’s sitting behind. We just need to keep an eye for some time, in case of any sudden situation and then go up to give a hand on the line.”

The human doctor’s deduction was obviously quite accurate. One by one, the werewolves have piled up into a small mountain, the elf who was still standing in the same place had long been missing.

The werewolf who was pinned down at the bottom was already breathing less, weakly stomping his legs and slapping the ground hard, “Come on, get up – I’m a small raccoon hybrid, you’ll crush me like this!”

Hearing the cry for help from their companions below, the wolves hurriedly scattered their hands and feet. But it was still inevitable that they stepped on someone’s tail and bit someone’s ear, and the scene was a busy and chaotic mess.

In the midst of the chaos, a detonation charm floating wobbly over. A peculiar incantation rang out from nowhere, and only a boom was heard, and the wolves were blown to screams and fell to the ground horizontally and vertically.

In all the time of rampaging around with their own wolf clan, they had never encountered such a weird opponent. Zhen Xi was also startled by the situation in front of him, instinctively looked around, and shouted angrily from the outside, “What kind of skill is pretending to be a god? If you have the guts to fight me one-on-one – I dare you to come out!”

“I also draw you a knowledge point, this is not called pretending to be a god, it should be called as a golden cicada, the sound of the west.” An MuXi sat on a tree, leisurely wiggling his legs, and glanced at the Zhen family’s second son in disbelief, “You’re the one who brought people to a group fight, and you’re the one who gave me the balls to fight alone – wasn’t it you or me who just called people together?”

“Less, less nonsense!” Zhen Xi’s eyes flooded with shame, a grip off the little kitten biting his ears, shoved into the arms of the old werewolf beside him, “Hurry up and buy it an ice cream, send it away! Don’t let it pester me!”

“Second young master, this is a Taotie, a box of ice cream is not enough for it to eat—”

The old werewolf hurriedly held the little ancestor in his arms steady, and his face showed some difficulty. But only had time to say half, when the second son impatiently interrupted, and was also stuffed with a credit card. “Okay, okay, take my card. It eats how much? Don’t let me see it again – I don’t believe it, how much can a little cat eat?”

Seeing that the second son of the family was on the verge of a rampage, the old werewolf had no choice but to reply repeatedly, not daring to say anything more, and left the battlefield with the dazed little kitten in his arms.

After sympathetically seeing the old werewolf leave, Doctor Shang patted He JiaLun, who was choking on the world of wolf hair and sneezing, and lowered his voice slightly, “Go follow him and watch more or less. The little guy just finished eating hot pot. If he eats too much ice cream, he will easily have stomach cramps.”

“Okay – then I’m going.”

Long ago, he had been endlessly sneezing and was near collapse, only because he was unwilling to desert the battle to stay in the rear. The mixed-blood husky nodded as if he had been pardoned, and turned around prettily, lightly following the old werewolf’s trembling steps.

The second son of the Zhen family, who finally got rid of the burden on top of his head and did not realize what he had done, laughed and rose up with great pleasure. The person was completely free from the limitations of the person, turned into a large snow fox, and jumped towards the eccentric Daoist ruthlessly.

In the end, the elf had never been trained in close combat, An MuXi, in the moment he jumped straight down towards him, was scared to death, and instinctively wanted to call for help, but found that his dry throat couldn’t make a sound. The strong power fluctuations swept him without mercy, before the other side got close, the harsh wind had torn his daoist robe into pieces.

A figure suddenly flashed overhead, and the vampire stepped in just in time to block the hybrid snow fox’s blow for him, letting the snow fox hit his arm hard, and kicking the stunned elf out of the tree with one foot.

It was all in a matter of seconds, and An MuXi was kicked out of the tree before he had time to react. He was about to hit the ground face down, but suddenly he was slapped from behind, and his body suddenly floated lightly and landed in a wobbly manner.

“Master Yan… Master Yan!” 

Subconsciously reacting to who helped him, An MuXi hurriedly turned around and was slapped with a talisman on top of his head, “Watch carefully, you owe him a big favor this time.”

The overpowering impulse directly broke the branch, but the vampire didn’t show any tension. The snow fox’s fluffy white fur was tugged with one hand, and he calmly rolled over and rode on its back securely, “Celestial Master, do me a favor.”

“Well said.” Yan Maipan recited a low incantation, and an extra piece of paper appeared in his hand out of nowhere, and shot towards the snow fox’s forehead. Before the snow fox could react, his body suddenly shrunk, and finally became only half a meter long. Wei Long pinched the back of his neck and carried him firmly in his hand.

When they found that the Second Prince had been caught, the leaderless pack of wolves instantly panicked. They looked at each other and backed away from each other, and none of them dared to pounce on them immediately.

“You cowards – why don’t you come up and save me! Go back for me and write 10,000 words of inspection, handwritten, not allowed to go on the Internet and copy a ready-made material!”

The soft spot at the back of his neck was pinched by the other, so Zhen Xi only felt that his body was too limp to move. His body was turned smaller by the weird charm, and there was more panic in his eyes, and he growled towards his men.

The strength of the opponents didn’t look weak, especially the vampire, who could actually resist the death leap of his own second son with one hand. Naturally no wolves dared to go forward easily, all just cautiously watched the situation. The wolves in the crowd resounded with mixed whispers, glared at by the shrunken version of the snow fox, the leader of a werewolf with the same snow-white fur waved his hands in a hurry. They took an inexorable step backward and pushed the previously pinned down hybrid raccoon out of the way.


“Se-second son – I’m a Samoyed hybrid, so although I look quite similar to you, I really have no fighting ability ah… Gan Cui Mian, now it’s all up to you!”


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June 2, 2021 12:20 am

Warewolves may be really powerful against humans and weaker species, but against other rases and master level opponents… even if they pile up it’s no use.

I hope little Wei Jia (Taotie) won’t get a stomach ache.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 7, 2021 3:21 pm

Future note for the family. Don’t mention food in front of the taotie at home. Mention it only when he’s being held by an enemy. Bankruptcy by endless stomach. The newest attack method. 😉

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