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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“You can choose, but I guess MuXi may not sing – after all, the lyrics of Phoenix Legend are too few anyway.”

Although he didn’t understand what the other side’s test was, Doctor Shang couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of several rows of werewolves dancing in unison, and shook his head sincerely. “Based on what MuXi is practicing now, I think he will be inclined to the ancient style or Chinese style, you can discuss it with him again.”

“Thank you for your advice, I’ll discuss it with him again. It’s too late today, I’ll find time to meet you to talk about the compensation.”

Zhuge Kao Yu’s eyes lit up, nodded at him in thanks, and took two steps back: “Your car doesn’t seem to have a driver, do you need a ride?”

“No… there should be…”

Doctor Shang slapped his forehead and was about to call the werewolf butler to check on the situation when the vampire took his arm, “Don’t worry, dear – their scent is getting closer and closer. They’re on their way, so they’ll probably be back soon.”

Looking at the vampire, who was even more attentive than usual, Doctor Shang, who was used to dealing with disobedient patients, knew what was going on in his head. He sighed helplessly and sat down in the back seat, “Where did you get hurt, how is it?

“This…” The smile in Wei Long’s eyes froze, his gaze unconsciously drifted aside, and he coughed lightly, “May I be allowed to wait until I get home before I confess this to you? Honey, in fact, I have no intention of hiding it from you, but it’s a little difficult to talk about it outside…”

“Ah – you don’t have to say it, I probably already understand.” The human doctor instantly understood his plight when he looked at his own vampire’s bizarre sitting posture, which was almost like a horse stance. He decisively cut off his words, looked around, then put the Bi An eggs into his pocket, and handed him the basket, “Sit on this first, I’ll go see how much the little one has eaten.”

The two little dragons had long been angry over the arrogant attitude of the white-haired fox, but Brother Doctor hadn’t allowed them to add to the chaos. Now there was finally a chance to get angry. They looked at each other and decided. Responsible for being cute, Xian Bei came to the brother vampire, petulantly rubbed against him, “Brother Vampire, can you lend us the belt?”

“Belt – this?”

The blood kin had always been extremely conscious of their own image, as the king of pure blood, Wei Long naturally wouldn’t accept that he was actually sitting on a basket. The two youngsters were still in a steady stance, his eyes turned to the two youngsters, before he hesitantly unbuckled his belt and handed it over, “What are you planning to do… What did Brother Doctor teach you?”

“Brother Doctor has taught us a lot of things!” Xian Bao proudly straightened up and replied, and with his brother, he grabbed both ends of the belt and dazzlingly went back and forth around the snow fox a few times before tying it up with a snap and fastening the belt buckle. Xian Bei withdrew a piece of cotton from the basket and waited for his brother to pry open the snow fox’s mouth with his tail, then stuffed it with precision.

“Wooooo-ooooo!” The snow fox that has resigned itself to its fate simply didn’t expect there to be such a play, shaking its head in horror, looking questioningly at the vampire on the side, with eyes full of grief and anger questioning, “Woo, woo – woo?!”

“I don’t know. You’d better fend for yourself, I’m more worried about my own fate right now…”

Ruthlessly rejecting the snow fox’s desperate plea for help, the vampire looked warily at his human, suddenly remembering that the baked fish surnamed Zhuge also seemed to have given him a pair of handcuffs, and his pupils added a touch of worried blood.

“Second son, second son!” Outside the car suddenly came the voice of the old werewolf. The snow fox’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly struggled desperately to get up, just to be hit hard twice by the two little dragons successively with their tails. After a painful wail, tears welling up in his eyes as he was puffing through his nose.

“Second son, now the contrast of strength is very serious, you must follow the example of Gou Jian lying in wait, and must not act rashly. First pretend to cooperate to confuse them and ease their suspicion of you, then wait for an opportunity to escape. I will meet you outside then.” While taking out the cotton stuffed in his mouth, the old werewolf rambled on teaching him the valuable experience handed down from his clan, and sighed helplessly. “Next time you can not be so impulsive, be arrested and even dared to invite a Taotie for dinner. An adult mouth can swallow a country’s holy beast ah, you are not afraid that it will eat our family?”

“Wait – you said a Taotie?! How could I not distinguish a Taotie?” The snow fox leapt up in horror, although bound by the movement of the belt, but he could still jump to his feet with difficulty: “Oh no, I have the nine sons of the dragon back mixed up, this also crossed the point to… How much did you spend? Is that card still there?!”

“More than eight million…” Stunned by his reaction, the old werewolf subconsciously paused for a moment and stepped back before carefully quoting a number.

“Eight… forget it, luckily we didn’t use up all the money, big deal, we’ll turn around and skulk around the Elf One’s Forest of Treasures…” Although far more than expected, after all, it was still within the acceptable range. The snow fox was only slightly relieved, before falling back into the back seat, the old werewolf was careful to add the second half of the sentence.

“—of the outstanding amount, we will end up with a total repayment of about nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand if we pay out in installments.”

“…What did you guys go for, holy grade gold supreme ice cream?! I shipped a block of ice back from the North Pole and it didn’t cost that much!!!”

The amount of the overdraft was so horrible that he was unable to speak for a long time. Zhen Xi froze like a wooden fox for a long time, before jumping up and waving his tail in anger. He looked aggressively at the mixed-blooded husky who obviously had nothing to do with this matter. 

“Why are you looking at me? I just thought I’d give the kids something nice to eat since they’re being treated – besides, how many cold drink stores are open at this time of day?”

He JiaLun shrank sheepishly as the crowd stared at him, and stood up straight again defiantly, and took the little guy off his tail.

“You are right, this ice is shipped from the North Pole – as you know, we huskies are sled dogs and have more ways of doing this. This is my cousin’s store, called Haagen-Dazs, the taste is particularly good, just a little bit more expensive, plus the child’s appetite is also really a little big…”

“Is that a little expensive?! Did it eat more than a single scoop?! I know you can’t just buy him a single scoop! I’ve never had any of their ice cream cakes – why should you give him Haagen-Dazs when your last name is Ha? Isn’t ZhenXi ice cream also quite delicious???!!!”

Already overwhelmed by the 9.99 million owed, Zhen Xi’s hair exploded and he questioned the half-breed husky whose conscience had been taken away from him, “Do you know that if my father knew I had spent so much money, he would beat me bald?! Definitely!”

“Daddy!” Finally learning the first word not related to food, little Taotie excitedly pounced up, long jumped into the arms of the human doctor, and intimately rubbed against his jaw, “Daddy! Daddy, daddy!”

“Why did you eat so much, are you not afraid of getting a tummy ache?” Doctor Shang gently rubbed the little one’s belly, and actually felt that the little one’s belly was still not full, so there were a few more hidden worries in his heart.

——The way this little guy eats, as long as there was a meal that didn’t rub off on others, he was afraid to be eaten bankrupt… 

The little kitten obviously enjoyed his dad’s fur rubbing, turning over his belly and purring twice, and rubbing his wrist affectionately. Two small paws wrapped around his arm, petulantly forbidding him to move his hand away.

The two little dragons looked red in the eyes, and also came over to Brother Boctor to rub his head, proudly hand dancing with the Brother Doctor to show off their work.

The family was happily together, while the second son of the Yan family was so angry about his recent huge bloodletting that he shivered in anger. He tore the belt off in spite of everything and lunged at the humans with a fury, “You gloating guys – I’m going to fight you!”

“Second son don’t – you’re just the right size to be swallowed by him in one bite. If we hadn’t stopped it so quickly at that time, the shopkeeper who carried the ice cream would have been eaten by him together!” The old werewolf rushed forward to hug him, shook his head with tears in his eyes, racked his two small paws, and put the snow fox, who was so angry that he exploded, back on his seat, “Second son, you should not go back to the family side for the time being. I will hide it from the master for you for a while, and you should at least eat back the money for the meals these days…”


“I’m afraid it’s difficult – this belt was sold to me by His Excellency the Apostle, and it cost me twenty thousand blood crystals. According to the current situation, you may need to compensate for it as well.” Picking up the belt that had been bitten off into three or four pieces, the King of Pureblood sighed regretfully and threw it out of the window without cherishing it. “Maybe you guys don’t quite understand the exchange rate between blood crystals and RMB, one blood crystal can be exchanged for one hundred RMB, you can make compensation at your discretion, I won’t count it too strictly.”


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June 2, 2021 12:54 am

This once proud and fierce snow fox-warewolf second prince is now crushed under a huge debt because of his unwise decision to feed the Taotie and rip one very expensive belt. And now he will probably serve as a portable burn cooler. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 If he knew he’ll end up like this, I bet he wouldn’t attack them.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 7, 2021 3:35 pm

Pile on the debt, pile on the debt. Who cares about beating someone to a pulp? Bruises go away, debt follows you through the grave…..

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Thank you for the chapter.
So the belt is the garnish on the icecream. Nice lesson there snow fox boyo!

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