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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“11.9 million…” After three times of calculations, the snow fox finally had to accept the horrible reality and fell down with tears in his eyes, “No, I can’t afford to pay, you can sell me.”

“No way! The best quality huskies are only a hundred thousand dollars. You are actually worth so much money?” The hybrid husky had never seen the other person transformed into a snow fox before, and curiously poked his stomach. He could not help but add a follow-up statement.

“Not worth it. But I can sell it and then run back. Maybe after a few hundred or a few thousand more times it will be worth it.”

Obviously not the first time doing this kind of thing, Zhen Xi endured being poked by him but could not help stir two hind legs. He lazily replied, and desolately nestled into a small snowball with a belt, “I’m not going home. Take your brother’s revenge any way you want. Even if you sell me to the zoo, let a group of human bears pull my hair, pull my ears, carry my tail back and forth, it does not matter …”

“I think we can consider it. Honey, what do you think?” What he didn’t expect was that the vampire would actually nod thoughtfully and look at the human doctor inquiringly, “Or we could give it to the zoo for free. After all, in order to complete the wig, the park suffered some unnecessary losses…”

“Yes. We’ll discuss it at home, and if it’s feasible, we’ll send him there when we’re done treating your injuries.” Doctor Shang nodded and got into the back seat. After saying goodbye to Zhuge Kaoyu, He JiaLun started the car and rushed back to the villa.

The vampire was caught by his pants by his doctor once he returned to the villa. The king of purebloods, who felt that things were not good, shivered and looked warily at the human doctor who was sharpening his knife in front of him, “Dear…”

“What are you dawdling about? Why don’t you take your pants off?” Shang HaoJia opened the first aid kit, rummaged through it and pulled out a bottle of alcohol cotton balls, pinched the tweezers and knocked on the edge of the table, “Hurry up, jeans are the most abrasive against a burn. Don’t you feel the pain?”

Although the vampire was very much hoping to share a bed with the other, taking off his pants in such a situation was obviously not what he expected. The pure-blood king shrank back into the bed with embarrassment and opened his mouth with difficulty to try to get past this hurdle, “Honey, I actually–“

“Strip.” Accustomed to seeing patients who squirm and won’t take off their pants, Doctor Shang’s sympathy in such matters had long been consumed, so he folded his arms and raised his eyebrows, giving a clear and concise order.

“… Yes. But I was actually going to say-” The last struggle of the pure-blood king was also forced to suspend when he saw the handcuffs that suddenly appeared in the doctor’s hand, and stopped his words, resigning himself to being sharply stripped clean by the human doctor.


Outside the door, two small dragons had developed the habit of eavesdropping at the crack. They were listening carefully to the movement inside with their ears pricked, when they suddenly saw the tall figure of the werewolf butler tiptoeing over, “Brother Ha!”

“Shh–” He hastily gestured to the two little ones, having long ago given up correcting his surname, the hybrid werewolf lay at the entrance of the stairs waiting for the two little ones to glide over, before winking towards the room, “What are they both doing? What did you both hear?”

“I heard Brother Doctor ask Brother Vampire to take off his pants!” Xian Bao positively scampered upwards and wagged his tail twice in excitement, “Daddy sometimes makes Daddy take off his pants too, and I heard Daddy say that’s how we got out. Are they going to have little babies?!”

“No, while Brother Doctor wants Brother Vampire to take off his pants, Brother Vampire doesn’t want to.” Xian Bei shook his head, and seriously corrected the omission in the words of his brother. Then his tail tangled into a small heart shape, and even the dragon body became shy and blushed a light pink, “But Brother Doctor is so powerful. I saw through the doorway, Brother Doctor directly tore off Brother Vampire’s pants… “

“…” Although he wanted to gossip, he did not expect such explosive content. The werewolf housekeeper, who knew that knowing too much would never end well, was so scared that his hair stood on end, and without hesitation he stuffed the two little ones into his apron, turned his head and ran downstairs. “Remember, when you encounter this kind of situation in the future, don’t ever listen to it again. Vampires want to save face the most. Even if you two are still just children, he may not be kind… okay?”

“Dog Brother is lying again! Brother Vampire loves Brother Doctor so much that he won’t hurt us!” Obviously not believing in the werewolf’s words, Xian Bei, who had always been meek and shy, snapped first this time, and his face immediately sank.

Xian Bao also nodded vigorously, and echoed loudly with a scowl, “Liar!

“What are you guys doing borrowing a belt from him? No, why would he actually lend you guys a belt?” He really did not know where his focus should be. Feeling that the antique vampire’s persona had completely run wildly down the road to collapse, the werewolf shook his head in a muddled manner, finally giving up the struggle once more and sighing heartily. “Well, you guys are right – even if it’s the three of us gossiping, he’s probably only going to silence me…”

The two little dragons obviously couldn’t yet understand the werewolf butler’s difficulty of survival, and after a while of muttering and discussing together, they spat their tongues together towards their husky brother who had waddled away. And then secretly flew back, leaned on the doorway carefully and continued to eavesdrop.


As the standard weapon of vampire hunters, the effect of holy light bullets was obviously not to be underestimated. Fortunately, Wei Long’s usual western pants had just been replaced with thick jeans, and the effect of burns was a lot lighter, but from his buttocks to his thighs, he was left with burns.

Although he didn’t know how much of an effect it would have, Doctor Shang carefully disinfected him and meticulously smoothed the ointment over the burns before finally straightening up and pulling out a pair of his own slacks from the closet and tossing them to him.

“I guess you don’t have such a thing as pajamas so wear these for now. They are pure cotton, even if it touches the wound, it won’t hurt too much.”

The ointment was cool and the human hand was warm. The King of Purebloods, who was extremely insensitive to temperature, felt some chagrin, while recalling the touch of that hand meticulously smearing the ointment behind him.

The pants were put on obediently and he couldn’t help but sigh lightly with regret.

When he heard his sigh, Shang HaoJia’s hands gathering things suddenly stopped. He finally could not hide his worry. He frowned and quickly went over, “How do you feel? Is the pain very strong?”

“Dear, please you do not need to worry about me, I really do not matter.” Realizing that his dutiful doctor had obviously thought of something else, Vampire shook his head and smiled at him, “I feel fine now. Maybe – better than most of the time…”

“Come on, even if you’re afraid of me worrying again, there’s no such upside-down method.”

Shang HaoJia laughed helplessly and looked at the vampire who moved with difficulty to sit up on his knees, and could not help but sigh lightly. He couldn’t bear to leave him behind so he took the first step forward. The patient, who was so worried, was taken into his arms.


Suddenly, he was given a loving hug, and the pure-blood king’s eyes instantly flushed a faint pink. The vampire sat up straight, speculating on the psychology of his human, as he held his breath and planned to hug him back gracefully, while planning out in his mind the process of falling on the bed and starting a natural French kiss without any pretense. But just before raising his arm, he was pressed on the head by his own human, “Don’t dawdle, drink quickly.”


The French kiss that he had been thinking about shattered into foam. The vampire blinked aggressively, hesitantly gathered his courage and tried to talk about the conditions again, “Honey, actually-“

“You can’t be capricious now. Do as you’re told.” The tone of voice was one used to coax a child, as Doctor Shang gently patted his not at all cooperative vampire, and coaxed, “You have not been injured before. I won’t force you if you don’t want to drink. This time you have broken your arm, and suffered such a serious injury. The consumption of strength must be great. You do not intend to go to your relics now, right?”

“Of course not, any longer until after you retire, I will consider leaving here.” Hearing the inquiry of his own human, the vampire hurriedly shook his head categorically to confess his heart, only to find that he had obviously fallen into the doctor’s trap, and couldn’t help but droop his shoulders in defeat. “Honey, your trap is getting more and more…”

“I have quite a few more sets. Do you want to be handcuffed?” Amiably patting his vampire’s shoulder, the human doctor stood up straight, his face then turned professional and he gave a cordial smile.

Although he knew that bellyaching was a very ungentlemanly act, the pure-blood king who had received an elite education since childhood still couldn’t help but sigh, as he mentally cursed the damn vampire hunter and shook his head, “Honey, you have to go to work tomorrow. We might as well get some sleep first…”

“If that reason can be used as an excuse for you not to eat, you can keep using it until I retire.”


When he looked at the vampire who was full of resistance and aggression every time they talked about blood sucking, Doctor Shang, who had almost no holidays, couldn’t help but laugh lightly. He helplessly shook his head, took the other party back into his arms, and soothingly patted his back. “How about you take a bite – just one bite to try, and I’ll promise you a request, anything, okay?”


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June 2, 2021 10:31 pm

Dr. Shang sure is patient but his vampire should be nick-named Mr. Stubborn. I guess small steps, start with a bite.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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A French kiss at the very least 😉😁
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These little dragons are going to get such an education….I wonder what their parents will say? 😀 😀 😀

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