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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Shut up and don’t make any noise!” The evil atmosphere that had been created by the bloodsucking ball’s shouting was diluted, the dark wizard slapped the table and yelled, satisfied to see him shut his mouth in resignation, before turning to the female vampire, “Your mission has been accomplished, take the person you want and go, don’t interfere with my performance—”

“What gives you the illusion that you can order me around, that wand of the originator in your hand that’s hundreds of years younger than me?” Dev’s pretty face took on a haughty tone, a slight chill in her voice, and a threatening bloodshot glint in her eyes. “I haven’t given up on the idea of bringing Wei Long back yet. Killing this human won’t do me any harm, so I won’t stop you – but if you don’t get it right again, I wouldn’t mind tasting the Dark Magician’s blood like coffee or cola, you understand?”

A 2,000-year-old pure-blood vampire was obviously not that easy to deal with, Lang WeiXian glared hard at her, and had to grit his teeth and endure. The auction house suddenly swayed violently, and twelve black cages slowly rose to the surface.

The cages were actually filled with different inhuman races. Not only the missing golden dragon was inside, but also the little phoenix and the mixed fox who were supposed to go treasure hunting, all lying motionless, not knowing whether they were unconscious or had lost their lives.

“Daddy!” Xian Bei’s crying voice suddenly rang out, trying to save his father, but Wayne Loki was quick to retrieve him, nudging the little dragon’s head twice. 

“My stupid little uncle, are you going to die – that guy is as powerful as Dev’s stepmother! Don’t think he’ll show you any mercy just because you’re both from Wang Wang…”

“Wang Wang!” At the sound of the familiar name, the little kitten, who was still lying on the head of the yogurt elf, suddenly stood up excitedly, “Snowcake! Little crispy! Drink grandma!”

“No, no, you calm down, he can’t eat—” Wayne Loki, who was physically and mentally exhausted, was holding down his two brothers who were struggling, while reaching for his cheaper brother who was eating out of sight. But he forgot that he was still on the vampire hunter’s body, both hands let go at the same time, his body lost balance and fell to the ground upside down.

The two dragons also took the opportunity to break free from his grip and pounced towards the evil Lang WeiXian.

Wayne Loki closed his eyes in despair, and before he could fall to the ground, he was grabbed by the collar with a strong arm.

“What did you just say, can you say it again?”

“I—” The gangster with a backbone naturally refused to admit that he had sold himself out so defiantly because he sensed something odd about this vampire hunter and intuited that he had a way to force back that terrible woman. Meet that pair of eyes that examined him and stubbornly stiffened his neck.

“I like you, are you willing or not?!”

“Of course I’m willing…”

The vampire hunter’s eyes flashed a little smile, put the bloodsucking ball that had actually shivered on the ground, one hand slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

“You… you what are you doing!” Horrified at the rogue vampire hunter who actually began to undress him in public, Wayne Loki suddenly felt a strong sense of unease and finally realized that he seemed to have taken a leap into the tiger’s den in order to jump out of the wolf pit. Rolling backwards and moving away, he looked helplessly at Wei Long and Dev, who were still facing each other, and for a moment actually didn’t know which way he should go in order to die a slightly less spectacular death.

“Good boy, don’t make trouble. When we go back, I’ll play with you again.” Zhuge Kao Yu rubbed his head, met Dev’s suddenly wary gaze, and completely untied his shirt, revealing the bloody mandala mark on his left chest, “You heard him, he said he was mine – are you going to waste any more time here?”

“The boy from the Zhuge family…” A little reluctance flashed in Dev’s eyes, but it still quickly turned into helplessness. Lightly spit, compromising a step back, raised an eyebrow to look at the bewildered Wayne Loki.

“You better be careful, their clan is cursed by the ancestors of their blood. That mandala can make them in turn suck the blood of our blood race, and deprive and possess the power of the sucked – you actually found such a boyfriend, I sincerely wish you a happy life in the future.”

“What the hell kind of curse is this – did our ancestors drink some fake blood in the first place?!” Hearing how this horrible ability was related to curses, the gangster leapt up in righteous indignation, but before he could finish expressing his protest, he was dragged behind by Zhuge Kao Yu by the collar.

“In addition to him, I also owe Mr. Wei a favor that needs to be repaid – considering that he is considered my father-in-law in a sense, you’d better give up your delusions about him as well, can you do it?”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m not going to sleep with a male vampire who wants to kill me, especially if that male vampire’s power has suddenly grown quite a bit for some reason.” Dev shrugged again and inclined her head in disbelief. Taking two steps backwards, her body melted into a dark mist.

“That little one called Lemon Tea, you better grow up fast – I’ll come back for you when you reach adulthood and help you complete the Pure Blood Purification…” The latter words dissipated together with the black fog, and Wei Long finally broke free from that one sealing net that specifically restrains the Purebloods. He couldn’t thank Zhuge Kao Yu and shot towards his human like a string.

After finally succeeding in overcoming the feeding barrier, the King of Pureblood’s power finally returned to its proper peak level. Blood light and the black fog ruthlessly collided together, the whole venue was followed by two shocks, the doors and windows of the seal could not withstand such violent power fluctuations exploded, and the wind rolled in with a rainstorm.

The non-human races trapped in the venue finally found an opportunity to escape regardless of everything, leaving behind countless money and treasures along the way, and no one cared to stop and pick them up.

Not expecting this pure-blood vampire’s power to be so powerful, Lang WeiXian’s body couldn’t help but sway and fall to the ground, but his gaze was full of excitement, “Your blood crystal quality must be very good – counting this human, I have already gathered I’ve got twelve races and only one vampire left. If I can use you to sacrifice, I can definitely summon a stronger demon…”

“If I give you the blood crystal, are you willing to release him?” That layer of black protective shield has been densely covered with cracks, but it still hasn’t been broken. The King of Pureblood, who had almost exhausted all his strength in one blow, knelt down on one knee, his blood eyes staring at the human doctor, who was dead or alive, with a quiet tone, as if he had proposed a perfectly ordinary deal.

“Oh no, he’s not like you guys, he’s not for sale.” Lang WeiXian picked up an evil smile, tightened his strangled human arm again, and touched his cheek provocatively: “Although I’m sorry too, demons are a very picky race, they only feed on human souls. Summoning people out, I always have to treat them to a meal…”

“Buy a meal – a meal!” Hearing the favorite word, the little gourmand, who wasn’t affected at all by the stagnant atmosphere in the field, let out a cheer. Convinced that the black magician must have something delicious on him, he stepped on the air and lunged towards him excitedly.

“Wei XiaoShi, come back!” The vampire, who had exhausted his strength, couldn’t move for the moment and shouted anxiously, but the little kitten had snapped into the cracked shield. Dazedly raised his claws to rub his head, he didn’t have time to stand up, and the two small dragons also were too late to break it, colliding one after the other.

Like a camel being crushed with the last straw. The shield swayed helplessly, finally completely unable to support itself, and was completely crushed into pieces by the three little guys by mistake.

Lang WeiXian took two steps back in shock, but the mask on his face shattered at the same time, revealing a handsome face with a sinister look.

“I remember now – it’s you!” Seeing that face, An MuXi’s memory suddenly revived, he couldn’t help but leap up and point at him and speak loudly, “He’s a liar, he’s not even called such a foreign name! His real name is Zhou HeiYa, 1a traitor who escaped from Laoshan Magic Academy—”

“Shut the hell up, bastard runaway elf brat!” Lang WeiXian’s face instantly darkened, and the wand in his hand suddenly burst out with a dense deadly aura, stabbing straight towards An MuXi.

Yan MaiFan sighed helplessly, put the elf who was causing trouble everywhere behind him, and fished out a talisman paper towards the black qi, and slapped the incoming death qi away, “So it’s you, the dark magician who invaded the headquarters of the Special Agency and was repelled by MuXi…”

“Bullshit, he wants to repel me even with that little power – if you were singing with him, you’d be off key too!” Forced to remember the tragic past, Lang WeiXian’s face darkened again, his hand holding onto the human’s hand tightened some more. The little kitten jumped onto his shoulder and scratched off the tightly covered wizard’s robe with his paws, “Black Duck! Duck neck! Duck gizzards! Bean shoots! Spicy lotus root slices!” 2

“Shut up – don’t call me that again!” Lang WeiXian jumped up and down, waving his arms, but he couldn’t catch the tiny kitten. The vampire’s eyes lit up when he saw his negligence, and he was about to take the opportunity to save his human, but he was gently pressed by Yan Maifan’s shoulder.

“Don’t be impulsive, he has sacrificed himself to the demon. You and the demon belong to the same dark race, and there is no human blood as a buffer, once you get close, you will be affected by the demon to go berserk.”

“But—” The vampire’s eyes flashed with a trace of anxiety as he looked at the human doctor who was still being controlled, and subconsciously wanted to retort, but the stalemate suddenly changed again.

In the void beside Shang HaoJia, suddenly there was a slight cracking sound.

“Brother!” Little Taotie’s eyes lit up, quickly leaving behind the dark magician who couldn’t figure out exactly what the snack was. He jumped down, peeled off the cloak of invisibility wrapped around the incubator, probing his claws to fish out the Bai An egg.

As the egg body continued to shake, the sound of breaking was more and more obvious. After a few breaths of work, there was a crunching sound, and a small tiger head with a small piece of eggshell, peaking the edge of the egg, shakily stood up.

“Brother, delicious!” The little kitten slapped a paw on the little tiger’s head and waved a paw towards Lang WeiXian with great bravado, generously sharing his harvest with his brother.

The little tiger blinked ignorantly, fluttered twice and leapt out of the eggshell, spreading its two wings wetly behind it. Fluttering vigorously and flapping several times, he rose up in the air and jumped after his brother onto the shoulder of the supposedly delicious wizard, biting him on the side of his neck.

“Little bastard, get out of the way!” Not expecting these two little guys to be so difficult, Lang WeiXian eyes black narrowed. He was about to kill without thinking, but his movements suddenly stalled and his expression took on a bit of panic, “What’s going on, my power—”

His words had not yet fallen, and the silent human doctor suddenly moved.

Under the eyes of the entire non-human race, Doctor Shang pulled at his arm that was being held, grabbed the two little ones into his arms. He tripped on his feet and took his shoulders with one hand, and suddenly launched himself sideways, and dropped the dark magician, who was too late to react, to the ground.


The human doctor took the opportunity to get up, and one knee was placed against his chest. The sharp scalpel in his hand was placed against his neck, and he patted the little tiger’s head encouragingly, “So smart, you learned carotid injection so quickly…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. The character used here is the same one for duck, which can also be used to call someone a male prostitute.
  2. Little taotie heard duck not ya. The dark magician’s name sounds like “duck”.


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