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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Honey, I’m still very curious…”

Until they entered the auction house and settled down in the prepared box, the vampire still couldn’t help but glance at the basket carried by his human, hoping for a kitten to pop out of it.

“What exactly did you choose to christen our baby – can’t you really reveal it in advance?”

According to the information provided by Yan Maifan, oviparous animals could obtain power as long as they were soaked in a special potion before breaking their shells. After consulting with the Dragon Clan’s customer service and verifying the accuracy of this information, the two of them began to ponder over the content of the baptism with great anxiety.

An MuXi sent a big bucket of yogurt, saying that it would make the baby’s skin white and shiny, and Shang HaoJia gave it to Taotie as a snack. Wayne Loki and Jia DuoBao, who was said to be in the rainforest, sent two big buckets of herbal tea, both insisting that theirs was more authentic and could clear the heat and detoxify the baby born in the summer, therefore strengthening the spleen and appetite.

When Doctor Shang saw the word ‘appetite’, he decided to send the two buckets of herbal tea to the excited dragon husband, which made Wayne Loki unhappy for a while.

With two previous experiences, the vampire had to emphasize on the invitation that he would not accept any more food, and Zhuge Kao Yu had to regretfully take back the spicy pot base he brought. Yan Maifan was the only one who still kept his wits about him, and sent a bottle of potion that supposedly boosted speed, but he accidentally forgot to seal it, and was pulled and drank by the little Taotie who ate what he saw, not knowing what effect it would have in the end.

After recognizing the unreliability of the non-human race, Doctor Shang finally decided to stand on his own feet and called Eli, who was obsessed with the experiment and couldn’t get away. He told the vampire to fetch a bucket of transparent reagents and put the Bi An egg, which was already covered with patterns, into it and carried it to the auction venue.

“Don’t worry, we’ll know when it hatches.”

The little Taotie came too soon, and they weren’t yet ready or mentally prepared to suddenly become fathers, and didn’t have time to do any preparation for the little one. This time Doctor Shang decided to strictly follow the process of shell-breaking guide, patiently holding the incubator in his arms, eyes showing a mysterious smile.

“I have good news for you – I checked the information, and Bi An have the form of tigers. You will probably soon experience the pleasure of petting a big cat.”

“Really?!” The vampire’s eyes quickly turned into two red hearts, and he let out a low cry of surprise, grabbing the auction description and quickly flipping through it.

“I’ll see what I can get for our baby – there’s a luminous pearl, and a self-recovering wool ball from the War Sheep clan. I’ve heard that felines are fond of balls, so I can bid on it later. There is also a mermaid here, kind of like a fish, but he may eat it… Would a tiger like to catch a fish?”

“Mn, well, in fact, you just need to find a paper box for one of them, basically you have their daily entertainment.” The human doctor shook his head and laughed when he saw the vampire’s uncontrollable excitement, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Remember, you don’t have to buy litter – otherwise you’ll just see them rolling around in the box!”

The auction was proceeding in an orderly manner, the non-human race auction lots had distinctive non-human characteristics – seafood race special land respirator, blood race and ghost race common sunscreen spray, the holy chicken had a special supply of fake eggs. There were actually several ant colonies that purchased a tree, said it was an attraction, and also didn’t know what effect it would have.

As for the wealthy elves, this was obviously not An MuXi’s first time at this kind of auction. He  ticked the box of the stuff he wanted and Yan Maifan was responsible for getting them while he was pillowed in his lap comfortably and dozed off.

Compared to the lethargic elf, the nocturnal vampires were obviously much better. The two young masters of the gang were absorbed in observing the winds of the auction, whispering and discussing each lot, planning the target of the robbery afterwards, just as if they had forgotten that there was a vampire hunter sitting on the side.

“It doesn’t seem right…” After looking around the box, the human doctor frowned slightly and gently touched the horns of the two young dragons: “Xian Bao, Xian Bei, where is your father?”

Xian Bao was still looking at the stage with full attention, and didn’t want to move from the booth. Xian Bei hurriedly looked around, eyes filled with panic, and climbed on top of his brother’s dragon body, “Where is daddy – daddy is gone, daddy is also gone! “

“Don’t panic, we and daddy are the same race, we can sense where daddy is.” Xian Bao patted his brother’s head soothingly with his tail and closed his eyes for a while, but suddenly opened his eyes and panicked, “No – how can I not sense them, does daddy not want us anymore? “

The thought that their daddy might not want them made the eyes of the two little dragons instantly tear up, hugging together and crying out loud. Two, faintly muffled thunder booms came from the sky, and the originally open windows automatically closed one after another, the rain pouring down like a basin.

“Dear – there may indeed be a problem with this auction, and the exits are all blocked.” The vampire’s expression sank as he listened to the outside movement, and lowered his voice to explain to his human. 

Shang HaoJia nodded slightly, handed the two little dragons crying and hiccuping to Wayne Loki to coax them, and dragged the sleeping elf out of the dreamland, “Don’t sleep yet, sense if you can still contact your Special Agency, it is likely that something has happened.”

The sleepy-eyed elf blinked and held his ears open for a while to receive the signal, before suddenly sitting up straight with wide eyes, and his original sleepiness instantly dissipated, “Weird – what’s going on?

Shang HaoJia didn’t immediately respond, only frowned and shook his head slightly, looking thoughtfully at the booth below.

The lots on the list have been auctioned off, and the snow fox that cosplayed a nine-tailed fox had fetched an unbelievably high price, but the auction was clearly not about to break up.

The various races in the field were keenly aware of the difference, the sound of commotion was getting louder and louder. A few grumpy races even intended to go straight out, but all of them are bounced back by the powerful boundary.

“Friends, the auction is not yet over – the main event of the day has just begun, so why rush to leave?” A rather magnetic voice seemed to ring in everyone’s ears, and a black mist instantly swept through the entire auction hall, turning all the decorations as black as ink.

“Strange, why do I feel that I have heard this voice somewhere before…” An MuXi frowned and knocked his head, meditating on where exactly he had heard such a rather distinctive voice. Before he had time to remember, the black fog had dissipated and a man in a wizard’s robe appeared silently on the stand.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to meet you, dear friends – I am Lang WeiXian, a small dark wizard, and I will now take over the hosting of this auction, I hope it will be to your satisfaction.” His face was covered with a pure black mask, revealing only his eyes and the lower half of his face, the corners of his lips picked up a smile full of evil, “Allow me to announce the following, the last item of this auction – is yourselves.”

The human doctor suddenly had some inexplicable caution in his heart, subconsciously took a step backward and was about to hand the incubator to his vampire when the magician who called himself Lang WeiXian suddenly looked over towards him.

In the moment of being stared at by those eyes, Shang HaoJia suddenly felt like a big hand choked his throat, breathing instantly became an extremely luxurious wish. All the sounds around him suddenly became extremely distant, and his afterimage seemed to see the vampire lunging over with a pale face, but before he could hold the other party’s hand, he was wrapped up in the black mist without mercy.

The pure-blood king’s eyes instantly turned a blood-red color that was ready to devour people, and he lightly leaped out of the box. A familiar coolness suddenly rose up behind him, and before he could react, he was instantly caught in a large net and hung up high.

“Dev – let go of me, that’s my lover!” The vampire’s fangs were untraceably sharper, and a black mist was faintly spreading through the crimson eyes. The black was so pure that it was intimidating, as if it would be swallowed up if one wasn’t careful – a sign of pure-blood vampire’s rage, and when the black had completely swallowed up the original blood red, the pure-bloods would go berserk, tearing everything in sight.

“Mn, you’re still as unlovable as ever. God knows you ran away from us and actually did it to find a man.” Out of the darkness came a slender woman. She had the appearance of being only in her early twenties, but those eyes were already very vicissitudes, calling the whole person more than a little bit of strange charm.

The pale skin and bloodshot eyes revealed the fact that she was also a vampire – Wayne Loki suddenly shuddered uncontrollably. The instinctive fear in his bloodline made him anticipate what was going to happen next almost instantly, and with a swoosh he hid behind Zhuge Kao Yu, tightly pulling at the hem of his coat, saying nothing and refusing to poke his head out.

“The Purebloods have been proud kings for generations. I really can’t imagine that you would ally yourselves with such a stinker that can only hide in the darkness.”

Forced to miss the best time to rescue, watching his human fall into the hands of that dark magician, Wei Long’s eyes darkened, his voice was already a bone chilling, “When this is over, I will have a duel to the death with you, no matter what, you must pay the price for what you did today…”

“We have no alliance, I just want to see how important that human is to you.”

The first time she had seen this good-tempered little pureblood in such a state of rage. Dev, who was already more than two thousand years old, raised her eyebrows and shrugged innocently like a modern person, “I actually originally wanted to kill him to make you return to the prodigal son, but now it seems that I have suddenly found a better option…”

“Dad – dad do you really put up with it dad! I prefer to let her be my stepmother, dad!”


When she swept her gaze over, Wayne Loki felt his back go cold, and gave a miserable cry for help. Seeing Wei Long unmoved, his voice was also slightly numb, shrinking his neck and taking two steps back, he suddenly and aggressively pounced on Zhuge Kao Yu. Hands and feet hung on his body, crossed his heart in the other side of the face two mouths, stubbornly looked back at the terrible female pureblood, “I’m not going to go with you – I have someone I like!”


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