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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Damn it…” Lang WeiXian was pinned to the ground, unable to move after just a few movements, and his ears were buzzing. Breathing heavily, he looked at the calm human doctor, “What kind of magic did you do to me…?”

“No magic, it’s science. Lidocaine can produce systemic and central neurotoxicity when mistakenly introduced into the bloodstream. I didn’t know if it would work on demons, but there was a high likelihood that it would work on you.” Shang HaoJia relaxed his restraint a little after confirming that he had no more energy left to toss around any more plots. He was about to take off his belt and tie him up when Yan MaiFan arrived at his side and handed over a rope with a strange texture.

“I borrowed the dragon tendon from the Third Prince. Use this. If you untie your belt again, your vampire may not be able to take it anymore.”

As the power of Lang WeiXian receded, the cages disappeared into black gas, and the various races imprisoned inside finally woke up one by one.

The dragon family was busy with local rainfall, and apparently had no time to pay attention to what was happening on this side. Shang HaoJia quickly tied up the person, handed him to Yan MaiFan, and then jumped down from the high platform. He worriedly pulled at his vampire, “What can I do? Why are you anxious? Did you hit your back just now? You…”

The human doctor was pressed into the arms of the vampire while he was struggling for words.

The strong force from those arms almost crushed all the bones of the human body, and Doctor Shang, who had survived without a scrape in the hands of the villainous boss, was almost strangled to the point of losing his breath.

“My dear…” The vampire’s voice choked for the first time. While embracing him in his arms, they shook with a fierce tremor that couldn’t be contained, and his voice was uncontrollably raspy, “I have never hated my own incompetence as much as I did today. Watching you in danger, not able to help–“

“Darling, if you don’t let go, I may be in danger again…” Doctor Shang waved his arm twice, before feeling the other withdraw his strength instantly. Then he tentatively held him, with a helpless smile in his eyes. Gently patting the other party’s shoulder, he smilingly met the pair of bloodshot eyes filled with self-reproach and guilt.

“I am capable of defending myself. Next time be more careful. Don’t risk handing over the blood crystal. Obviously you put in the most effort. If you hadn’t consumed most of his power, would those little guys have been able to restrain him?”

When he thought of the other party’s tone of voice when talking about exchanging the blood crystal for himself, the human doctor’s chest was vaguely flushed with some sour and soft feelings. He pushed away the emotions in his chest and decided to wait until they got back to discuss the day’s events with his vampire. “Besides, if it wasn’t for your trip, that little dose of lidocaine wouldn’t have worked so well…”

“Little – what?”

He had been able to deduce the meaning of the stomach ache tablets from the meaning of the name, but this time the name apparently completely put the vampire in a daze. He blinked helplessly, and finally completely gave up trying to guess.

“Lidocaine is Bai An’s medicine. I knew it had a side effect, lidocaine is a local anesthetic that has been reported to produce respiratory depression in a few cases, such as our dark magician friend…” Doctor Shang seriously answered his vampire’s question, took the little tiger who came up to him for praise into his arms, and rubbed the little guy’s head with a smile, “I took the local anesthetic for his baptism, and soaked that pendant you gave me in it to increase the accuracy of his neck bite. Now it seems that the effect is apparently not bad.”

The little Bai An was obviously not as petulant as his brother, proudly raising his chest and head, motionlessly allowing his father to touch his head, as the tip of his tail gently swayed but obviously revealed an extremely happy mood.

The human doctor’s eyes curved as he smiled when he looked at the vampire who was still deep in self-condemnation, and shoved the little tiger he was holding into his arms. “It’s not the same as Wei XiaoShi 1 , it’s familiar with the scent of the pendant in the eggshell, it won’t be rusty with you, aren’t you always looking forward to petting a big cat?”

The fluffy little tiger cub was obviously not enough to calm the vampire’s self-blame for not being able to protect his human. The tiger cub was so torn up that the tip of his tail curled up. Finally, he resigned himself to rolling on the ground with his wings, revealing his soft belly and calling out softly towards his father.

“…” The vampire was hit so hard by the cuteness that he sprayed blood on the spot. The vampire covered his chest with one hand and finally couldn’t hold back any longer and buried his face directly into the soft flesh of the little tiger.

After the big boss was subdued, the situation soon got back on the right track.

The dragon family finally stopped their tears in time before flooding the auction hall, the phoenix and fire dragon resigned themselves to go out and dry the rainwater, and the wolves automatically and consciously joined together to clean up the broken up venue. Only Mr. Mixed Fox was left alone, crouching beside the unconscious Lang WeiXian, dutifully guarding the suspect so that he would not suddenly jump up and escape.

Distracted by watching the Special Agency arrive to process the scene, they did not notice the little kitten suddenly burst out, mouth clinging to a large cloth bag, and cheerfully jump into the arms of his human father.

“Where did you go? What is this?” asked the doctor as he raised his hand to catch the small kitten, who had also achieved great success. Looking at the bag almost as big as two of himself, the unperturbed Doctor Shang’s tone finally held some genuine astonishment. He didn’t know whether to marvel at the little guy’s terrifying strength, or the equally terrifying bite force.

Little Taotie proudly shook his head, squatted on the palm of his father’s hand, and with a bold wave of claws, declared, “Meal money, raise brother!”

“…” Doctor Shang rubbed the little kitten’s head with mixed feelings, let it pounce on his shoulder to rub around and pamper him, then opened the cloth bag. He was nearly blinded by the treasures inside.

An MuXi, intending to come over to console his old friend, saw the situation and curiously came over, and could not help but whisper, “My goodness – I thought the floor was too clean. It grabbed everything..” 

The human doctor, who was also deeply shocked, nodded and removed the little kitten that was grabbing his collar and swinging with it, then set it on his vampire’s head, “Your Special Agency people are here. Don’t these things need to be handed in?”

“No, the principles of non-human races are different from humans. They follow the law of the jungle. As long as the treasure is left behind by another party, the ownership will directly change hands. To put it bluntly, you pick it up and it is yours. That female vampire also did not pester you? Your vampire was picked up by you, so he is yours. Unless you die, his ownership will not change.” An MuXi carefully dusted off his clothes as he casually responded. Glancing again at the vampire, who was addicted to petting his cat and couldn’t help himself, shook his head with a light smile and patted his old friend’s shoulder.

“I watched clearly from the side. When you were captured, he nearly went completely berserk. Their berserk state is very burdensome to their body, similar to human over-exercise. Seeing as he’s not reacting yet, it’s best to feed him a few mouthfuls of blood when you get back home, lest he be sore everywhere on his body tomorrow and have to sprint down a flight of stairs.”

“After feeding, then all the pain is likely to be mine…” Remembering the last feeding that could only be described as a chaotic situation, the human doctor could not help but have palpitations. The elf looked over suspiciously and with austere righteousness. The doctor shook his head, “I did not say anything. Are you and Mr. Yan together now?”

“No, Master is the undercover group responsible for monitoring S-rank inhuman creatures. How can we go out so openly? What if you are exposed?” The sluggish sour milk elf shrugged justifiably, and then seeing that there was nothing wrong with the doctor, he patted his arm and ran towards Zhuge Kao Yu who was doing something in the corner.

“Baked fish, do you want to come with me later? We can both rehearse at the same time? I think the “Inari” song is very good, but we can also try “Double Cut” and “Chapter 7 of the Night”.”

“He really doesn’t feel anything… Don’t you have any more hints for him?” Looking at An MuXi who was running away happily, Doctor Shang couldn’t help but sigh worriedly and look at Yan Maifan who was standing next to him and asked the nosy question.

“He cut papaya for me to eat that day, and I gave him a jade pendant, which he happily accepted, but didn’t react otherwise.”

Looking at the elf’s heartless back, Daoist Yan shook his head helplessly, but then after a moment, determination shone in his eyes, “But I won’t give up – a drop of water penetrates a stone. I believe that as long as I am persistent enough, he will be impressed by me.”

“…” Shocked speechless by the other party’s original way of confession, Doctor Shang patted his shoulder sympathetically and shook his head sincerely. “Promise me, forget about using poetry this time. Next time you can push back the dynasty a little and take some more straightforward moves. Otherwise, with MuXi’s IQ and knowledge base, he won’t be able to understand what you are expressing to him with such an obscure and profound meaning of ‘throw me a papaya and return it to Qiong Ju, the bandits will also be rewarded and will always think it is good’.”

“Is it really still too subtle?” Yan Maifan pushed his glasses. The usually bland look became a few degrees more bitter, then extremely lightly sighed, “This is written on the ‘Tao Te Ching Guide to Love’. There are some more difficult to achieve, such as ‘the so-called Iman, just like in the middle of the water’, ‘why when cutting the candle at the west window together, but talk about the night rain in Bashan’ I have not yet had the time to implement …”

“I think – these love guides of yours are basically guidance on how to inject your life and then end your racial heritage.” Thinking about the many acts of the same not-so-reliable vampire, Doctor Shang finally could not help but shake his head and truly feel a measure of emotion. He wanted to suggest that the other party should be more direct. Zhuge Kao Yu carried the crying sour milk elf back with a big stride, directly into the arms of Yan Maifan, then immediately turned away.

“Keep an eye on your house elf. And by the way, explain to him – I’m going to have some power exchanges with that little pureblood today, as well as in-depth discussions about certain special poses. I have no time to rehearse any singing with him, but I’ll schedule another time with him tomorrow.”

“Master…” The aggrieved yogurt elf cried and shrank into Yan Mai-fan’s arms, wiping his tears with grievance, “He, he doesn’t want to rehearse with me. Does he dislike that I can’t sing well and can’t rap well?”

“…” Not encouraging this disciple as he usually would, Yan Maifan silently looked at the elf who was rubbing his tears on his neck, his gaze moved down his hair-tipped ears to his perfectly shaped nose, pursed lips, and delicate collarbone, revealed by the slightly disordered lapel because he had been carried back…

“Master, Master?” Sensing that the atmosphere seemed a bit off, the yogurt elf called out in a small voice, tilted his head obediently, and looked blankly into his master’s dark, sunken eyes filled with hidden meaning.

“Doctor Shang, thank you very much. I think I understand your suggestion. Excuse me for today. There will be a great reward in the coming day.” Yan Maifan suddenly bowed towards Shang HaoJia, and with a sincere voice of thanks, he held the bewildered elf ball securely in his arms and struck off in the other direction.

“Is today some kind of special day…” Doctor Shang touched his nose in bewilderment, turned to the vampire who had been dragged out of his depression by the two little ones, and extended his hand towards him, “Nothing more for us. Going home?”

“Home, dear – but I asked Mr. Sheng Kebikek to impose air control. We may just have to go back together in JiaLun’s car.” The vampire nodded with a smile, took him into his arms for a deep kiss, and sighed lightly with regret. “You just obtained the invisibility cloak, I had planned to take you for a good bounce and enjoy the night view of the city…”

“It’s okay, there’s still plenty of opportunities later. But why would you want him to implement air control? Are you afraid of something coming from the sky?”

It was easy to give up many principles after a robbery, the human doctor did not refuse this time to embrace the kiss, then took the little kittens in his arms, and the vampire moved to go outside.

“Nothing important. Just before I had sensed something, so I asked for a rainy day to make some preparations, now it seems to be of some use… No matter what, as long as you can be safe, nothing matters.”

The vampire shook his head with a smile as he met the doctor’s curious gaze and took the person into his arms again. Then with one hand picked up the large bag of treasures, easily thrown over the shoulder to carry, and together went out the door.

Just after the rain, the night breeze still carried the damp and fresh earthy smell. Behind them was still hot and busy, the little phoenix and fire dragon were dutifully drying the rain. They enthusiastically waved their wings at the two, the roadside fluttered and two neat rows of fire lit up everything, thoughtfully lighting up the way home.

“Honey, do we have a chance to share a bed today?”

“MuXi said you need a couple of sips of blood, so just behave and eat – but no messing around! I have to work tomorrow, I don’t have the energy to mess around with you…”

“Yes, my dear, I will fully respect your opinion…”

As the car sped down the flat road, a demon, perfectly hidden in the night, applied the emergency brakes for the umpteenth time in the darkening canopy. Desperately fluttering its wings to avoid the sudden pop-up of the no-traffic order, the angry roar resounded through the sky once again, “Where is the promised meal? How come you didn’t say something earlier about today’s restriction!!!”


The author has something to say.


With the defeat of the big devil, snacks are also pairs of happy life together, the main part of the novel is finished o(*////▽////*)q 


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Translator Notes:

  1. Stomach Medicine, the Taotie.


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