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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 10

“Jun, I know I am only older than you by ten years but to someone of your age that is significant.” Kichirou decided that he would go into teacher mode to try to get away from Jun as fast as he could.

“Someone of my age?” Jun asked slightly appalled. “What are you saying?”

“You are still naive.” Jun grinned at Kichirou and watched as his eyes flickered down over his body.

“In which ways am I naïve?” Jun demanded, Kichirou’s eyes watching every nuance on his face. Kichirou grimaced, Jun knew he had caught him in an question he didn’t want to answer. Well, he wasn’t getting out of it. “Ki-Chan?” Jun asked sweetly, grinning when Kichirou ran a hand through his hair. He scowled at Jun.

“You don’t know how it is to live in the real world.” Jun smiled, knowing Kichirou thought he had dodged an argument. Well, talking to Kichirou was like arguing with a rock…only if he could get it to talk.

Real world? And what does that mean?”

“If you can’t figure that out then that means you should go back to class.” Jun slammed his hand against the wall behind Kichirou.

“Answer me, Kichirou.” Jun’s amethyst eyes sparkled in the sun, his earring glinting in the light. Kichirou sighed, getting rid of Jun was a lot harder than he thought.

“I have nothing to say to you, move. I need to get back to the classroom.” Kichirou began to move away from Jun, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips stuck in a grimace. Before he got very far, Jun reached out and grabbed Kichirou by the collar of his shirt. He was going to pull Kichirou to him, but at the feeling of thick leather beneath his fingertips, he halted, startled.

“What the hell is this?” Jun growled, pulling down Kichirou’s collar until he could see beneath it. Plain as day, there sat the omega collar, obviously an armor against Jun. Jun growled. “Are you really that frightened of me that you would wear a collar?”

Kichirou couldn’t look Jun in his eyes, he just lightly peeled Jun’s hand off off him and began to pick up all of the files he had dropped earlier. Jun couldn’t move from where he stood, he was too shocked to move. He stood there watching Kichirou move away from him, a light fragrance the only trail he left.

Kichirou had the feeling that someone watching him, staring at him. It tinged, like someone had reached across space and gently flicked the fine hairs at the nape of his neck. It’s like he had stepped on a grave and a ghost has come to haunt him. It was not a feeling he liked. That feeling sent shivers down his spine. Without turning, Kichirou knew that it was Jun staring at him as he taught the class, but he didn’t turn around. It had been two days and yet, surprisingly, Jun had not come anywhere near Kichirou. It was almost terrifying though, to feel like a mouse trapped by a giant tiger.

As soon as the bell rang for the class to end, Kichirou ran as fast as he could to the teachers prep room. In that room, was Natsuki-sensei, staring at his computer, typing away. Kichirou sighed in relief that there was no one else in the room. But on the other hand, he was still weary of Natsuki-sensei every since his heat randomly appeared that time. Sighing again, Kichirou sat down, and quietly began to work on his projects. Soon, without even realizing it, the bell for the day’s end rang, startling Kichirou so much he dropped his pen.

When he glanced up, Natsuki-sensei was still beside him. THe two of the glanced at each other and to Kichirou’s surprise, Natsuki-sensei said, “Would you like to go out for a round of drinks, Tanaka-sensei?”

“You want to go with me?”

“Yes, would you like to?”

After thinking for a second, Kichirou agreed. He needed to somehow get the thought of Jun out of his head and what better way to do that than alcohol. After the two packed up, made sure all their students were off the property, the both of them walked to a ramen bar.

Inside the restaurant, it was lively and loud. The two found two seats in the farthest corner of the room and ordered their food. While waiting, the two talked about nonchalant things such as certain students progress in certain areas.

It was nice, Kichirou thought, to get out every once in awhile.

The evening passed, just like that, with Kichirou being in Natsuki’s company. The two of them actually got along quite well. However, even Kichirou wouldn’t know of the dark thoughts that Natsuki was thinking about omegas. After they finished their food, and were sipping on a good sake, Natsuki brought up a topic he had completely forgotten about due to Jun.

“What is your class going to be doing for the school festival?” Natsuki asked. It slightly stunned Kichirou and he stared at the beta on the other side of him, his sake cup lifted halfway to his mouth.

“I actually do not know, it was decided before I was transferred to the class.”

“Ah, well, if that’s the case then it must have already been decided by the student council. So that is fine.” Natsuki refilled his cup and sipped the sake inside. “My class seems to be doing a takoyaki bar. And, to be honest, I am slightly worried, because i don’t think any of my students can cook.”

Kichirou laughed out loud, the drink running through his system and making his head light. “I don’t think you should talk about your students like that. They would cry.”

“I’m always hard on them, that’s why I don’t have any trouble makers. You, on the other hand, have a handful with that first year, Arimori.”

Kichirou sighed at the thought of Jun, “I don’t know what to do with him.”

“You can’t really DO anything. He’s already set in his ways. I’ve heard rumors from other student about him from when he was in middle school.” Kichirou’s ears perked up and he looked at Natsuki with wide eyes.

“What kind of rumors?”

“Well, it seems like his father abandoned him at a young age and he actually doesn’t know where his mother is. So he lives with his stepmother and half sister.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“I also heard that the stepmother is trying to find another way to get Arimori out of her house. She’s afraid of Arimori’s alpha status. One of my students has apparently seen Arimori’s step mother with another man.”

Does he know about this? Kichirou thought, his heart hurting for Jun. How could Jun not know of this? It slightly explained why he had been out at the Cupid the other night. Who would want to go home where you weren’t wanted?

“Do you have any siblings, Kichirou-sensei?” Natsuki asked, not really caring for an answer. His plan was already coming together and he watched through slanted eyes as Kichirou drank an entire cup of sake. Kichirou was obviously drunk, his face flushed red and his eyes half closed, as if he could fall asleep at any moment. Natsuki wanted to break both Kichirou and Jun’s hearts. He had noticed the looks Jun had given Kichirou and he knew if he made Kichirou his, Jun would be jealous. If he made Kichirou fall in love with him and then broke his heart, that would also mean breaking Jun’s heart. Natsuki smiled at the thought. All he had to do was make Kichirou fall in love with him. That, he thought, should be easy.

“I don’t,” Kichirou muttered into the crook of his elbow, a lot more sleepy after drinking than he thought he would be. “Just me and grandpa now.” Kichirou sighed, it was so lonely and even Natsuki felt a twinge in his chest.

Figuring that it would be good to get out of the bar before a bigger crowd came in, Natsuki went over paid the bill and when he came back, Kichirou had almost fallen out of his chair, his eyes closed.

“Come on Sensei, let’s get you home.”

Two weeks later, the pair’s relationship was better than ever and Kichirou even thought of Natsuki as a really good friend. It was the day of the school festival and all of the students were running around, putting on the last touches before they opened to the public.

Near Kichirou’s classroom blue and green balloons decorated the halls, and every person seemed to be wearing a green shirt that was too big for them. Almost everyone was standing in a line getting keys and shirts, but others are in their classroom unpacking. Only about fifteen people are sitting in the hall, two girls are sitting next to each other one bitching about someone yet to come and the other sitting calmly waiting for everyone to arrive. The festival doesn’t open to the public for another sixteen minutes but everyone seems anxious as more people begin to arrive. Three people are leaning against the chalkboard, and are listening to music, a guy in the middle and two girls, one on each side.

Their theme for the cultural festival seems to have been as a small scale cafe. They only had tea and melon pan on the menu though. Apparently, only one of the people cook bake and she had spent the entire day before making bread for the day.

The bells in the school rang, indicating that they were now open to the pubic, and every student tensed.

Suddenly a horde of middle schoolers arrived talking about the alphas within the school and partying. They were talking sex like they knew what it all really means to be with someone. A girl sighs and looks at her friend, they share a grin and shake their heads. They remember what it was like to be in middle school. To think you knew everything, to think the world would stop if you asked it. But the real world wasn’t like that.

Off in the corner, Kichirou stood with a green armband over his suit jacket. He hadn’t been feeling very well this morning. His head was heavy and his feet felt like they were full of lead. His cheeks were flushed from a slight fever. He closed his eyes, leaning against the back wall, listening to his students take care of their small business they had created. Kichirou could hear gaggles of students fawning over Jun, but, over the last two weeks, Jun had indeed not even spoken to Kichirou. To Kichirou, it was like Jun had given up, but every once in awhile, when he wasn’t looking, Jun would gaze over at Kichirou with an almost feral look in his eyes.

Kichirou opened his eyes and found Jun, standing with the light behind him. The light hit his hair, making it seem to sparkle just like gold. Kichirou sighed within his heart, knowing that the young man was like a beast when their heats were in sync. He couldn’t think of that though. Slowly, Kichirou began to make his way out of the room, a group of teens walked in through the door, bumping Kichirou on their way in. The feeling of someone touching Kichirou set him off. It was only a matter of seconds, but his knees grew weak and his pulse quickened.

“No,” Kichirou muttered, feeling his entire body heat up as though he had taken an aphrodisiac.

Kichirou’s heat came on fast, he felt his blood boiling, his senses dimming. He glanced at the students and tried to make his way out of the classroom. However, large hands wrapped around him and pulled him close. Just by the smell, Kichirou knew it was Jun. Before anyone else had noticed, Jun swept Kichirou away from the classroom and into a unoccupied chemistry lab room no where near others.

“Ki, what do you want me to do?” Jun’s own heat was flaring, his blood felt like it was boiling in his veins. The smell alone wafting off of Kichirou was enough to make his mind go numb. Breathing in deeply, Jun tried to force his thoughts away. Kichirou’s small hands gripped with all of their strength on to Jun’s sleeve.

Looking at the top of Kichirou’s head had a feeling of possessiveness strike Jun’s heart. Kichirou muttered words into Jun’s shirt, but Jun didn’t catch them, his head having traveled south.

“What was that?” Jun gritted out, his teeth clenched and his mind in chaos.

“There’s….my medicine…back pocket…”Kichirou panted out, his entire body shaking. Jun reached around, his hand going inside of Kichirou’s pocket, the feeling of that firm, pert ass in his hands had Jun growling. Beneath his palm, Jun could feel Kichirou twitching. What would have happened had he not noticed Kichirou trying to leave the classroom? Would he have been attacked by the entire room?

Jun knew how intoxicating an omega’s smell was. Even at this moment, he could almost not resist ripping off all of Kichirou’s clothes and tying his hands up with his own tie. He tried to keep calm though, bringing the small syringe out of Kichirou’s back pocket, and stabbing his upper thigh with the suppressant. Almost immediately, Jun could tell Kichirou’s pheromones were going back into his body, mixing into his own scent to make that smell that was uniquely Kichirou’s.

Kichirou gripped at Jun’s shirt, he could feel the medicine taking effect, however, it would do nothing for the heat that had already entered his bloodstream. He needed to get home and stay away from all of the alphas here at the school. Jun could still smell the intoxicating scent of Kichirou’s heat, and he couldn’t stop himself as his hands gripped Kichirou’s ass within his palm.

It had been two weeks since he had touched Kichirou. It had also been two week since Jun had made the vow to himself to never have sex with anyone other than Kichirou. He had broken all ties with all of his sex friends. Kichirou would not know of this though, because they had not even said hello to each other this entire time. Jun knew that his own heat was flaring. He could feel all of his rationality evaporating. This was not like the time the two had last had sex. The feeling of this heat far surpassed the last time.

Both Kichirou and Jun had no control of themselves, their pants were on the floor before either realized it, and Jun’s fingers were in Kichirou without any warning. Kichirou shuddered, his body losing any strength it had. His knees hit the floor, his eyes were tightly closed, his panting heavily as Jun’s fingers plundered and stroked. Jun growled low in his throat.

Kichirou bucked his hips against Jun’s hand, he wanted something further inside, he needed the feeling of Jun inside of him. Whimpering, Kichirou took Jun’s face in his hands.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Please, please put it in me.” He whimpered, all rationality gone. However, Jun still had a shred left. He sat on the floor, his legs spread wide as he brought Kichirou close to him. Using one hand to stroke and plunder Kichirou’s back side, his other wrapped around his own cock, gathering Kichirou’s beside his. He stroked both of their cocks together, slowly at first. Kichirou bucked and cried, it wasn’t enough. He wanted more.

“Jun,” Kichirou cried, tears of frustration streaming down his face. He needed it. He needed it now. Seeing this look of desperation on Kichirou’s face, Jun stood up and lifted Kichirou off of the floor, sitting him on the cold lab counter. Kichirou shuddered, his eyes unclear. Jun scooted Kichirou until he could get his hand beneath him and continued prodding Kichirou until he found that little nub that made Kichirou cry out.

“More,” he cried, tears streaming down his face, his cock hard and dripping.

Jun smiled and moved his fingers once more over that little nub. As Kichirou bucked, Jun squatted down and took Kichirou hard member into his mouth. The taste of the semen Kichirou leaked was salty but also a tad sweet. Jun groaned. The taste was like Kichirou smelled. As if it was made just for him.

Using all of the methods he liked, along with prodding the nub in Kichirou’s backside, Jun moved in sync until Kichirou’s hands wrapped in Jun’s hair, trying to pull him away. Jun was not having any of this, though, and shoved Kichirou’s cock inside his mouth further.

An almost anguished cry came out of Kichirou’s lips and he came into Jun’s mouth. His sanity slowly returned, and Kichirou looked at Jun’s lips, his own cum dripping down his own member.

“Sorry,” Kichirou whispered apologetically, “I came in your mouth.”

“It’s okay.” Jun whispered, he reached down and picked up his pants, pulling them up. The satisfied look on Kichirou’s face was enough for him, and he shoved his own cock to the side, zipping up his pants all the way. Just as his pants were zipped, the door to the chemistry room opened. Both Jun and Kichirou froze, their eyes adjusting to the light and looking at who stood there.

“Natsuki sensei?” Kichirou whispered, horrified.

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