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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 8

Moans and the sound of the couch springs creaking echoed throughout the room. Kichirou was astride Jun, their breaths mingling as Jun thrust in deeply. Jun’s hands enveloped Kichirou’s ass. His hands splaying wide, making it easier for his cock to enter with each thrust.

Kichirou had one hand on his neck, and the other gripped Jun’s shoulder, holding himself in place. Each thrust caused Kichirou to arch his back, trying, unconsciously, to push the cock deeper into his omega womb.

Moans continued to bounce off the walls with each thrust of Jun’s hard cock. Each thrust hit his sweet spot, causing him to shudder in ecstasy, cum dripping off of his cock, ready to explode.

“Already?” Jun murmured into his ear. His breath hot on Kichirou’s neck.

“I’m not…ngh…use to this…ngh…” Kichirou stuttered between each thrust.

“Mmm,” Jun agreed, loving that he was indeed the first to wander this territory. “I’ll get you use to it.” Jun whispered into Kichirou’s ear. Jun ran his fingers through Kichirou’s soft hair, stroking gently along his cheek.

Jun thrust deeply, hitting Kichirou’s sweet spot every single time. Each hit made Kichirou groan and spasm.

“Jun…” He whimpered, begging in that one word for him to stop the building sensations within the pit of his stomach.

Jun ignored the whimper because he knew that even though they were fated, that Kichirou was stubborn and there might not be a chance like this again in the near future. He slid his cock further inside Kichirou’s ass, pounding with each thrust. His waist danced a dance as old as time as Kichirou’s hole tightened and clenched around Jun.

“Ki-chan…” Jun moaned. “You’re so tight… ngh…” Kichirou moaned his entire body shuddering and shaking like a tree in a storm.

“Jun. Jun. Jun.” His name came from his mouth like a mantra, stirring up Jun even more. Unable to help himself, he thrust repeatedly inside Kichirou. Kichirou’s cum dropped profusely onto Jun’s stomach. Each drop was warm and spurred Jun on, he began to thrust harder.

“Ngh…” Thrust. “stop…” Creak. “ngh…” Thrust. “Jun…” Whimper. “ngh…” Thrust. “It….it…” Creak. “Feels…” Thrust. “ngh… weird…” The moans and pants became so loud that Jun sealed Kichirou’s lips with his, halting the echoes from spreading further. Their lips tangled, their breaths mingled and their bodies fused.

To Jun, this was the most mind numbing session of sex that he had ever had. It was truly as if Kichirou had been made just for him. He felt it in his bones that Kichirou was, indeed, only his. This thought began to run rampant through his mind, and his instincts washed away any reasoning that he once had.

Tearing his lips from Kichirou’s, his cock pulsating and thrusting in deeper, Jun bit down where he would be able to mark Kichirou as his forever.

However, Kichirou still had his hand there, and the only thing Jun bit down on was the back of Kichirou’s hand. Blood seeped from the broken skin. The shock of the bite had Kichirou jolting, half in pain half in pleasure.

As he screamed out, he felt himself coming, his semen splurtting out all over Jun’s chest. At the same time, he felt, deep within himself, the feeling of warmth coating every inch of his womb. In that moment, a shred of sanity came back, and before he passed out, Kichirou thought, he never put on a condom.


Jun sat, exhausted on the couch in the Cupid’s haven, he was unable to pull out due to the alphas impregnating mechanism that made the base of an Alpha’s penis expand. This expansion lodges the penis into the other party, usually ensuring pregnancy. Another factor of this was that after the base expanded, the alpha would not be able to stop coming for an entire thirty minutes from the initial first orgasm. There were, however, pills that the other party could take to make sure that they would not get pregnant. Pills like this were like those from the world of the past that were called Plan B.

With Kichirou’s body weight on top of him, his cock still twitching unceasingly within, Jun felt at peace. It was soothing to have anothers weight on him, the feeling of calm that came with it was likely to put him to sleep. Noticing that Kichirou was breathing heavily, but completely out, Jun reached up his hand tiredly and stroked Kichirou’s sweaty hair from his face. Asleep, Kichirou looked at peace, he did not have his normal gloomy expression, it was calm and at peace. Jun smiled to himself, his purple eyes sparkling, his fingers still running casually through Kichirou’s blue black hair.

An array of feelings ran through him, confusion, happiness, jealousy, anger, possessiveness. He was unsure of what to do when facing the situation that was Kichirou. How was he to deal with these feelings? In his gut, he knew for a fact that Kichirou was his and would be his forever, but, that wasn’t until he placed the bonding mark on Kichirou’s neck.

By biting the back of Kichirou’s nape during a session of intercourse, the stimulation of the bite and the sex would create a bond between the pair. This bond would make them mated for life, unable to leave each other. Kichirou’s heats would be shortened, especially if he were to have sex with Jun during his heats. However, like that of animals, these heats were the optimal time for the omega to get pregnant. This was usually the time that the omegas hid from the world, afraid of bearing a child that they did not want. Unlike a normal alpha, when an alpha omega pair is fated to be together, it does not matter if the omega is in heat, or if the alpha is in his corresponding heat from smelling the omega’s pheromones, the omega can get pregnant at any time.

The thought of having Kichirou bear his child sent more emotions into the whirlpool inside his heart. He realized that that was what his instincts wanted the most, to bite Kichirou, make him his and bear many children together. Rationally, Jun realized that this instinct was not a good decision for someone who was only sixteen. Kichirou was almost ten years older than him, but that feeling of needing to be his was blatant.

Jun’s fingers tightened in Kichirou’s hair. This action made Kichirou stir, his body pressing deeper into Jun’s, his bottom lodging Jun’s still twitching cock closer to his womb. Jun resisted a groan, he could feel his balls clenching, splurting more of his semen deep inside Kichirou. Jun had never had his base expand before inside any of his partners, this feeling was new to him. It also scared him. Would he be able to do anything if Kichirou did get pregnant? Would he be able to help raise a child? Stopping those thoughts immediately, Jun sighed. They really needed Kichirou to get some Plan B medication from his doctors, otherwise, the consequences at Jun’s age would be severe.

The thought of having his only family pulled at Jun’s heart strings. What would it be like to actually go to a home where you were wanted? To come home to someone who loved every part of you? To be able to eat dinner and breakfast and talk about anything and everything? To just be able to get a smile when announcing you were home? Jun grimaced, and began to position Kichirou so that his back was on the sofa and Jun was above him.

Unconsciously, Kichirou clutched Jun to him, wrapping one of his legs around him, his arms intertwined behind Jun’s neck. Jun breathed out a sigh, and wrapped his own arms around Kichirou, one hand at Kichirou;s neck, fingers raking through his hair, and the other placed just below Kichirou’s waist. Using the hand at the waist, Jun pushed himself further into Kichirou, the action had a moan coming from the still unconscious omega.

Feeling that his base was going to deflate soon, Jun thrust several times into Kichirou’s still engulfed entrance. Each thrust his Kichirou deep within, a shudder and moan coming from each one. Feeling his heart beating faster, his groin growing heavy. Jun bit his lip. His entire body was flushed, the little moans coming from Kichirou igniting the fire within him he thought had been cooled. Jun’s whole body tingled, and unconsciously, his hips continuously thrust into Kichirou, slow and even, without ever completely coming out.

Rocking back and forth, the motion steady, Jun buried his face into Kichirou’s clavicle. His pants were low at first, until, suddenly, around his cock, Kichirou’s insides gripped tightly, eliciting a strangled groan from Jun’s lips. Pulling slightly away, Jun looked down at Kichirou.

His eyes were open, those bright blue orbs glazed with passion, cheeks flushed red and his mouth slightly open. He moaned once, his insides squeezing Jun harder. Jun growled, his lust skyrocketing. Kichirou’s flower like pheromones hit Jun again. He breathed in deeply and then out slowly.

Unable to resist any longer, Jun maneuvered Kichirou so that his back was fully on the sofa, his legs spread wide and lifted by Jun’s hands. Jun growled once before he began to pound fiercely into Kichirou. Kichirou moaned, his head tossing and turning on the couch beneath him, his insides squeezing with each thrust. The room was once again filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin, the indecent sound of a cock thrusting in and out of a wet hole. Slap. Squelch. Slap. Slap. Squelch.

Jun panted into Kichirou’s neck, his hips undulating quicker with every thrust, his cock squeeze inside Kichirou. Every moan made Jun move faster. Each time he thrust in, he could feel the proud length of Kichirou’s cock on his stomach and the feel of his balls against his dick. Pulling his hand off of Kichirou’s knee, Jun reached down and grabbed Kichirou’s hard cock within his palm.

Synchronizing each thrust with his hand, soon Kichirou was a puddle beneath him. The hand job on top of the relentless thrusts made Kichirou lose all reason. Every thrust in was accompanied by and long stroke down his cock. Soon, beads of sweat covered both of the two men, their pants intermingled, their moans echoing. Jun thrust in deep, squeezing Kichirou’s cock. Beneath him, Kichirou’s legs tightened, pushing him even deeper in, his cum drenching both of them once again.

Kichirou whimpered beneath him, his cock still hard, his eyes still bright. All reasoning was lost.

“Again?” Was the only word that escaped his lips.

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“Again?” Omggg these two are on fire!! 🔥🔥 I can literally feel the heat, lust, and tension while reading!

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Wow!!! I was glued to my seat! Excellent scene!! the ending “again”!!! Thank you!

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Well, Kichirou’s gone from 0 to 60! Or is that 0 to 16.

July 31, 2022 2:31 pm

WOW!!! Those two really have a sense of belonging to each other physically. I hope that emotionally they feel a bond in line with their physical emotions. Thank you for the chapter.

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