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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 9

Unknowingly, Jun and Kichirou had an unfathomable amount of rounds in that small office room. Before the two of them had tired out, Kichirou had stripped both of them of all of their clothing. Flesh on flesh, they mingled on the floor, on the couch, against the wall. Both of them were lost in themselves. Neither of them knew what time it was when they finally collapsed into a heap on the floor. Kichirou was drenched with both semen and sweat, his eyes heavy lidded and his limbs limp. Jun was covered in sweat but less semen. His blonde hair was hanging weakly in his eyes.

Jun had never gone that many rounds before, and since Kichirou had been a virgin before this, he was completely weak to the pleasure Jun offered. It did not make it any easier that the two of them were in a state of heat that went against their cycles. Soon, Kichirou was curled into a ball on the floor, his head resting on Jun’s thigh. Jun was stretched out, his back against the wall, his hand tangled within Kichirou’s hair.

Jun had just closed his eyes, his breathing finally normal, when there came a soft knock to the office door. Opening his eyes slowly, Jun carefully moved Kichirou off of his thigh, and put on a pair of pants, the sticky residue of semen making it rather hard to pull them up quickly. Unlocking the door, Jun quietly opened it. Outside the door was the man that Jun had seen Kichirou with earlier. Now that Jun was more sane, and less under control of the heat, he noticed that this man did indeed look a lot like Kichirou. The man though, had a huge smile on his face, unlike any expression that he had ever seen on Kichirou’s face.

“Is he out?” The man on the other side of the door asked quietly, peeking around Jun’s shoulder to look into the small room. Sudden jealousy welled up, and Jun blocked the man from looking into the room.

“Yeah, he’s out. I’m sorry for having taken so long with our….discussion…in your office.”

Grinning, Rei patted the still shirtless Jun on the shoulder. “It’s ok, young man, ties are created whether you know it or not.”

Confused, Jun just looked at Rei, unable to form a response to the weird sentence. He just nodded. Thinking that it was still the middle of the week, Jun’s eyes glanced back over to the probe Kichirou.

“I should get him home.” Jun muttered under his breath. Rei, who had yet to leave, grinned wider and passed over a neatly folded set of clothes, and a piece of paper with an address on the top.

“Take care of him, please,” was the last thing Rei said before he jaunted back toward the other side of the bar.

Jun looked at the clothes then back at Kichirou who was curled into a ball, his chest rising and falling with each breath. Smiling, Jun closed the door and moved back over to Kichirou.


Kichirou yawned, his jaw cracking from the force of it. He rubbed his eyes, and blinked several times. Fumbling around until he found his glasses, Kichirou moved to run a hand through his hair, halting completely at what he saw. On the back of his hand was a large bruise with teeth marks clearly edged around the entire mark. Kichirou blinked several times, as if trying to remember why he had a bite marks on his hand. Suddenly terrified, his gaze darted to his side but there was no one there, only crumpled up sheets. As if this was suddenly a reminder, his memory came flooding back and he shot straight up in absolute terror.

How could he have let a student touch him? Much less touch the student himself? Glancing around his bedroom, Kichirou found no sign of Jun, as if he had never been there. But he clearly remembered waking up on Jun’s back in the middle of the street.

“Shhhh, go back to sleep.” The reverberations of Jun’s deep voice echoed throughout Kichirou’s chest, and as his eyes became heavy, he heard several words before he dozed off again. “I’ve got you. Don’t worry.”

Kichirou looked down at his naked self. Somehow, it seemed, Jun had dressed him, taken him home, undressed him, and them put him to bed. It was as if he had been treated like a baby. Swaddled in his own blankets. Frowning, Kichirou lifted his blanket, almost gasping at the sight before him.

He had several marks along his collarbone, deep red, bite marks. Along his stomach there were more, they also decorated his thighs close to his pubic area. It’s like he had suddenly turned into the back of a ladybug, dotted with numerous marks and hickeys.

Kichirou remembered everything Jun had done to him, he remembered the deep voice, the licking, the sucking and most of all, the thrusting. Thinking about this, Kichirou’s waist began to throb, his lower parts were also throbbing. They had been used more in that one night than they had ever been used before. It wasn’t a bad ache, but more of a pleasurable one.

Standing up, Kichirou put his hand to his tailbone, putting pressure on the area that hurt the most. As he stood up, he froze. Cum was dripping down his thighs, reaching to almost his knees. Staring dumbfoundedly at the cum on his legs, it was then that Kichirou stupidly remembered that Jun had not used any form of protection.

“Shit,” Kichirou grumbled. He almost waddled to his bathroom, the sensation of cum running down his legs was odd, as if only his ass had taken a shower and the water was continuously dripping down. Just how many times had Jun cum inside of him for it to be running down his legs in almost rivulets?

Kichirou reached his bathroom and opened his medicine cabinet, inside were several bottles of pills. Two were for when he was in heat and another, shoved in the farthest corner, was a small bottle only meant for emergencies. When his doctor had told him to get this prescription filled, Kichirou almost hadn’t. He didn’t believe he would ever need to use an emergency birth control pill. But here he was, downing two pills, deathly afraid that they might not work.

He stared at himself in his mirror, slowly moving his fingers across the bite marks along his collarbone, luckily his tie would be able to cover almost all of them. However, several along his shoulders had gotten close to his nape. They were in a dangerous area. Sighing, Kichirou fumbled around his draws, looking for an item he hadn’t used since he was in college. Why would he need to use it around children? Pulling out a thick black collar, Kichirou put it on.

These types of collars were used purposely by omegas who did not want to be bonded with someone that they were not sure they wanted to be with their entire lives. Kichirou had used this collar until he had gotten the job with the children. It was heavy on his neck, since it had been years since he had last worn it. Even though, inside he knew Jun was his mate, he was still unsure if he wanted to be a permanent pair. Would he screw up this sixteen year old’s life?

Jun had so many more years to look forward to without Kichirou being a hindrance within it. He still had two and a half more years of high school left. Not to mention college. What was there to gain by Jun being with him? Kichirou could think of nothing and he tightened the lock onto the collar. He would also try his hardest to never have sex with Jun again, because even though they weren’t bonded yet, Kichirou had a high possibility of getting pregnant from any encounter they had.

It would only be four or five years that he had to avoid Jun. How hard could that possibly be?

Turns out, Kichirou found out less than two hours later, it would be extremely difficult.

Kichirou stood, with his binders in his arms, staring up at Jun. Jun had cornered him in an empty hallway, his arm was leaning against the wall, blocking Kichirou in. He had no way to escape. Jun was glaring down at Kichirou, the side of his mouth twitching in anger.

“Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not.”

“You are, even though it was my day to read and do the chores, you skipped over me and switched it to someone else. Why?”

“Kanna-chan had asked earlier to be switched.”

“Bullshit.” Jun growled, the muscles in his arm twitching beside Kichirou’s head. “You’re avoiding me.”

“I’m your teacher, how could I avoid you.”

“You’re not my teacher. You’re my lover.”

Kichirou his out loud, his binders falling to the floor, papers scattering everywhere as his hand covered Jun’s mouth. Jun raised his eyebrows, silently asking Kichirou what he was doing.

“I AM avoiding you. Do not talk to me at school. I am your teacher, nothing more. Last night was a mistake, it was our heats that were overreacting, nothing more.”

Jun grinned under Kichirou’s palms and swiped out his tongue, licking the surface of his skin. Kichirou’s hands jumped away, his expression startled.

“Nothing more?” Jun growled, leaning closer, caging Kichirou in like a mouse caught by a cat. “Are you sure about that, Ki-chan-sensei?” Kichirou shuddered from the look in Jun’s eyes, they were boring into his soul, catching every thought and every movement. Kichirou glanced away, his eyes no longer able to look into Jun’s amethyst ones.

“I’m sure.” Kichirou muttered under his breath. “There’s nothing going on between us.”

Before he could move to pick up his papers, Jun hands moved and blocked Kichirou. Jun’s hand was beneath Kichirou’s chin, making him look him in his eyes. Slowly, Jun’s fingers moved on the soft flesh beneath Kichirou’s chin. Kichirou shuddered, his blue eyes glazing over as they remembered that soft touch from the night before. Unknowingly, Kichirou’s pheromones leaked out, hitting Jun. Jun breathed in deeply, his grin wide as we leaned closer and closer to Kichirou.

Before Kichirou could move, Jun was only an inch from his lips, his breath hot on his face.

“Nothing?” Jun whispered again. “Hmm…” Kichirou tensed as Jun’s lips took his. Against his will, as Jun’s tongue traced his lips, his resistance faded, and his arms went limp. He leaned into the kiss, his lips opening under Jun’s probing. Their tongues tangled.

Pulling away, Jun looked down at Kichirou. His face was flushed, his lips trembling but his eyes were the brightest blue Jun had ever seen them. They were like orbs of light in the darkness, able to scatter any void with a mere glance.

Groaning, Jun swooped down to take more. However, this time, Kichirou was able to resist, and he whacked Jun over the head with a binder that seemed to magically appear in his hands.

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