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Chapter 28: “I’ll Sleep with Him Tonight”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu was used to seeing this gray-blue eyed kitten, and then having thoughts of Instructor Ping Mo with the same color irises, but now that he knew that this was Ping Mo himself, his anger rose.

Ping Mo was a big liar! Scum!

How could he have been his cat for so long, and still try to hide it from him! The temporary marking had been done, but he still acted as if nothing had happened, as he teased and kicked! Plus, he was especially good at attracting butterflies. Obviously he was an omega, but to the omega boys and girls in the school he was always saying, “little girl,” or “little friend,” so that they would blush when they saw him. 

Then there was that alpha, surnamed Cheng. The look he gave him wasn’t right. The way he looked at him was wrong; gay or something. They were in the same unit, and Ping Mo was disciplined for hiding his identity, so he couldn’t have known that Ping Mo was an omega until recently!

Fuck! It seemed that scolding that guy, Cheng, wasn’t enough. I have to beat him up sometime!

Teaching Assistant Pei’s mind was in turmoil. He finally stared at the little hairy kitten and said, “You still know to come back to me?!”

Ping Mo only thought Pei Yutu was talking about the cat running off for so long and not showing up, so he didn’t take it seriously at all. As soon as Teaching Assistant Pei entered the door, the light, faint smell of tequila pheromones came in with him, which immediately relieved the discomfort brought by the surge of omega hormones during his sexual maturing. He comfortably stretched his two front paws forward, puckered up his fluffy buttocks, and pleasantly stretched a long lazy back. However, before the lazy back stretch was finished, he felt a slap on his buttocks and was flattened with a “poof.”

Instructor Ping was dumbfounded by the slap, and kept his pouting posture. He licked his nose bemusedly, then he exploded with hindsight.

However, as soon as he got up, he was pinned down by one of Pei Yutu’s big hands and spanked with the other, while Pei scolded him as he went along. “Don’t you think you’ve gone too far? Do you dare to do it again?”

Even though he didn’t really use force on the cat, Teaching Assistant Pei’s hand was like a fan, and within a short time, Ping Mo felt his buttocks were hot and burning. Even more than the pain, he was ashamed. Technically speaking, he was still Pei Yutu’s superior! He was committing a crime against his superior!

Instructor Pei exploded and struggled violently as he tried to turn Pei Yutu into shredded potatoes! However, after Teaching Assistant Pei finished the spanking, his anger was mostly gone, and he felt pain. So he pinched the soft flesh on the back of Instructor Ping’s neck, as he tried to pull the cat into his arms to check. However, the fur ball kitten gave an angry, “mew, mew, mew,” and waved his paws and claws fiercely. His pink plum-shaped flesh pads showed between his sharp claws. He didn’t want to be carried into his arms, while the pair of round gray-blue eyes filled with a bubble of tears, making his eyes appear bigger.

Those slaps made him cry? Pei Yutu was dazed. The cat managed to struggle out, and with a fierce meow pounce, put his clawed paws on Teaching Assistant Pei’s neck.


The scratch drew blood, but Ping Mo was not invested in the battle. The moment he got it, he turned around and ran. He took three or two leaps up the closet, to make sure that Pei Yutu didn’t come after him. He twisted his head around, as he tried to lick his tail and fur. His butt was still in pain, and the pain caused physical tears.

Instructor Ping, while he licked his fur, put more marks in his black book regarding Teaching Assistant. How could he not blatantly torture this kid??

Pei Yutu looked at his tearful and pitiful appearance, and felt amused. He never thought that Instructor Ping would shed his cold mask in front of people, and not be a hardcore instructor.  In private, he was so cute.

No, he thought. Ping Mo valued appearances more than anything, so at least for now, he mustn’t let him know that he was already aware that he was the little white cat, then pressed him down to beat his ass.

Otherwise, according to Ping Mo’s temper, he would pull out a gun to shoot him.

At the same time, there was another untimely thought. Whether as a person or a cat, he was fleshy there. If that slap was on Instructor Ping’s real buttocks, what would it feel like? It must be soft and bouncy, and would hit with a ‘fwoop’ sound. He was so white, would a light slap leave scarlet slap marks?

“Brother Pei! What are you thinking about with such a lewd expression?” Lu DongWang pushed the door open and entered. “It can get really hot outside. How can Star City’s summer be so long? Crap, Mimi?! Is that Mimi? Mimi, why did it take you so long to come back?” He looked at the fat glutinous kitten’s fur. He talked blindly, “The little poor child is thin. He has been wandering outside with nothing to eat. Wait for me to buy you fish!”

Cat slave Lu hurried out like a gust of wind, then returned with a large steamed white chub fish that was scraped back. The fish was set on the coffee table, while he brought Pei Yutu back a snack.

“Come on down, and eat your meal!”

Ping looked at the food on the coffee table, licked his nose, and gave Pei Yutu a wary look. When he saw that the other party had no intention of suddenly hitting the cat, he leapt onto the coffee table, sniffed the fish, and then began to pick at the snack with his paws.

“Brother Pei, you bought this? Did you want to eat it? I’m commandeering a little, ha.” Cat slave Lu said as he tore open the bag. Originally he wanted to pick one out to tease the cat, but when the bag was torn open, the round head squeezed in and with rapid speed, covered all three flavors in licks.

That speed, it was as if he was afraid the two humans in the room would regret it.

Lu DongWang, “…”

Pei Yutu, “…”

The skin of the treats was thin, so the sharp canine teeth bit down and broke them open. They were impossible to drag out, but he rubbed his face around, and his fur was covered with cream.

Lu DongWang, “Sorry, ah, Pei. You can’t eat them now.”

Pei Yutu stared at the kitten with interest. “Cats still eat cream?”

Lu DongWang said with uncertainty, “By definition, cats can’t taste sweetness, but he seems to like it. He’s not even eating the fish anymore.”

“Other cats can’t, but he should be able to taste it.” Pei Yutu said as he looked at the hairy ball of butter who was licking his fur.

Just half an hour ago, this person swore that the cream was “sweet and greasy, and there was nothing to eat.” However, now he was pouting and eating well. Tsk. Surname Ping, how can you be so pretentious? Obviously, you really love to eat it, but you have to pretend with that ‘we do not eat sweets’ look. You are really willing to suffer to save face.

Pei Yutu gave Ping Mo’s fluffy round head a gentle scratch. “Are you stupid?”

Ping Mo didn’t pay attention to him, just buried his head in the bag and licked fast. The cream was thick and smooth, the strawberries were sweet and juicy, and more importantly, according to his current size, this piece of sakura mochi was huge. Eating it was really too enjoyable! Ping Mo was getting more and more into eating, and was involuntarily making a pleasant purring sound, while he licked the cream. Even the tip of his tail was flicking lightly.

Ping Mo, except for a little black at the tip of the tail, was completely snow white, just like glutinous rice dumplings, but the cream was a big pile, and also glutinous. When he saw the cat’s huffing and puffing efforts to eat, Lu DongWang’s heart melted. He reached out to pet its fur, but was interrupted by Pei Yutu with a slap.

Lu DongWang, “?”

Pei Yutu said in justification, “People are eating! Don’t make trouble.”

He might not have been aware of it before, but now that he knew Ping Mo’s identity, he wouldn’t let anyone else pet his cat anymore. He was his!

The good thing was that Lu DongWang grew up with Pei Yutu and knew that this master was not easy to mess with when his temper flared up, so he didn’t pry further into Pei’s head and why he had suddenly become a cat slave.

However he hadn’t expected that Pei Yutu’s perversity wouldn’t stop there. He actually took over the job of picking out the fish thorns. The tall, one meter nine, had folded his long legs, and bent at the waist, while his palm, covered with gun calluses, held the chopsticks. He squinted his eyes slightly, in the same solemn manner one used for demolishing a timed radiation bomb, as he picked out the bones in the fish one by one.

Lu DongWang, “…”

When Pei Yutu pushed the prickly fish over to Ping, he didn’t eat it, but instead turned around and pointed his round, fluffy butt at him, while he flicked the tip of his tail indignantly.

“Tsk,” Pei Yutu stretched out his finger, and poked him at the root of his tail. “The little thing is quite vindictive.”

Lu DongWang found that his roommate had really become a cat slave overnight. He even refused to play basketball with him, and spent the whole day in his room playing with the cat.

However one afternoon, Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t really pet the cat. The fur was rubbed messy as the basic operation, and instead his face was buried in the cat’s soft white belly as he pinched its pink paws. Instructor Ping was annoyed. He wanted to jump out of the window and escape, but he could only constantly silently recite, “I need his pheromones,” to numb himself.

That was, until Pei Yutu pinched his balls and asked Lu DongWang, “Old Lu, do male cats need to have their balls cut if they are neutered?”

“Yes! Nowadays, scientific cat breeding is advocated, and many pet experts promote neutering. Pei, do you want to keep Mimi for a long time? I know there is a pet hospital nearby.”

Before Lu DongWang’s words finished, the cat, which had been lying flat on its back, suddenly turned over, and leapt out of the open window in the blink of an eye.

“Damn! Why did he suddenly run away? Did you hurt it? No? Pei, what are you laughing at?”

Pei Yutu laughed so hard that his shoulders shook, and only after a moment did he wave his hand. “Don’t worry, he won’t be gone long. He’ll be back tonight.” He leaned back on the sofa. “I’ll sleep with him tonight.”

Ping Mo ran far into the night, but could still feel a coldness flooding his lower body. What the hell did that soldier boy named Pei eat today? How come he suddenly became interested in cats?

Instructor Ping couldn’t help but miss the past when Pei was indifferent to his cat-shaped self, but now this enthusiasm was really unavoidable. He made up his mind to wander around outside again, and then dive back in to rub a little pheromones while Teaching Assistant Pei was asleep. He climbed aimlessly along the drainage pipe up to the brightly lit building, but through the window he spotted two lonely, familiar figures.

It was Zhou Li and Ji An.

Zhou Li was an omega girl, and a student personally led by Instructor Ping, while Ji An was an omega boy from the next college. They had a good relationship, and last time they almost got lost in Taiping Street, but didn’t get in any danger.

Right now, it wasn’t an examination week, so there were only a few occupied seats and book bags in the large classroom in addition to the two of them.

Quite hardworking, Ping Mo thought in approval. He used his paws and claws to make the window slit a little wider, then squeezed in deftly and jumped onto the two students’ desks with a flourish.

“Wow, what a cute kitten! Is it the internet famous cat of our school?”

“Yes, it’s Mimi! Mew, mew, mew. It’s been a long time!” Zhou Li scratched Ping Mo’s chin, while Instructor Ping returned a polite but perfunctory monosyllabic, “mi,mi.” Then he twitched his ears and glanced at her textbook. It was actually the class homework assignments.

Instructor Ping was really too lazy to write his own lesson plans, but Pei Yutu’s handwriting was extraordinarily unsightly. However, now that his own weakness was known by Pei Yutu he shouldn’t push him further, and just pay attention to the students on his own instead.

However, before the devil instructor could begin to hand out tasks, Zhou Li put herself forward. Her handwriting was beautiful and neat. Unfortunately Pei Yutu’s original manuscript was really difficult to read, so she had to copy for a long time.

“Zhou Li, why are you so serious, ah? If you can’t recognize it, forget it. Just write two words less. No one will care.” Ji An advised with his crooked perspective.

“No. This is the task given to me by Instructor Ping. Not a single word can be wrong.”

“What task? It’s just a disguise to get free work out of the students.”

“You can’t say that about Instructor Ping!” Zhou Li exclaimed. “I volunteered. Do you know that he saved my life on Taiping Street-“

“Know!” Ji An interrupted her. “Instructor Ping beat up a bunch of punks by himself. He beat the crap out of them, and he’s handsome…you’ve told me this a hundred times.”

Zhou Li put down the pen. Her cheeks were a little red, but she immediately covered it with a hand. “Instructor Ping is really good-looking, ah, and such an alpha! He’s also a good fighter and gentle. Even his pheromones have a sense of identity!”

The instructor was flattered by the compliment. He simply lay on the table and listened to the two people chat, while occasionally pawing at Zhou Li’s ruler. He couldn’t help but want to nudge everything on a table off to the floor when he was a cat.

With no one else in the study room but a cat, the two were more relaxed and the conversation gradually turned to Chen Jianghao, the alpha male who had recently disappeared.

Zhou Li, “Do you think Chen Jianghao will come back?”

Ji An shook his head. “It’s been so long, there should be no hope.”

“Hey, you don’t seem to be thinking about it much. Maybe this is God’s retribution for him. He deserved it! Chen Jianghao, that scum, was cheating on you, but he still begged for forgiveness. I think it is disgusting. If I wasn’t there, he might have really gotten you drunk and then forcibly marked. With that kind of dirty means to ‘get you back,’ even if that kind of person is dead, he isn’t worthy of your sadness.”

“Zhou Li, thank you for accompanying me that day, otherwise I really dread to think what would have happened.”

Zhou Li tossed her bangs easily. “It was nothing. For the sake of my sister, I’ll stick my neck out! At least now I’ve been to Taiping Street alone. I have experience!”

Ji An was amused by her. “What sister? I’m a guy.”

“We’re both omegas, so what’s the difference between men and women?” Zhou Li said. “Still, that day was really quite scary. Chen Jianghao was caught because he didn’t succeed. He was angry enough to throw us both to those people. When they chased us into the woods, I was terrified. That was when I began to feel afraid. I don’t dare to dance again, and I don’t want to go to Taiping Street anymore.”

Ping Mo could not help but shake the tip of the tail. The difference between the two’s words now, and the testimony to the school and the police…was it actually just a smoke screen to lead them astray? Maybe there was no “Chen Jianghao and human traffickers teamed up to try to sell their classmates” connection.

This was rather more believable. Instructor Ping never quite believed that these bear kids really had the guts to be involved in human trafficking. But why would Zhou Li and Ji An lie?

As he was wondering, he heard Zhou Li say, “But Ji An, what did you say to that man afterwards? Why did he suddenly release us so easily? And where did you get the money?”

Ping Mo didn’t even fiddle with the ruler, as he looked at Ji An in a long paw pose.

Zhou Li tugged on Ji An’s sleeve. “You’re so mysterious, and have never told me. You’ve made me curious. There’s no one here, so tell me.”

However, Ji An just said seriously, “Nothing. Don’t ask. Anyway, we’re back safely, so the matter ends here. Zhou Li, I don’t want to cause trouble again. Remember, in the future, if anyone asks, we have to say what we have discussed before.”

“Mn,” Zhou Li murmured. “I know. I won’t say anything. But that guy was so scary looking. Half of his earlobe was missing from his right ear. I couldn’t even look him in the eye.”

Ping Mo abruptly raised his round head, and licked his nose. His heartbeat was now racing with excitement, even though Ji An and Zhou Li’s discussion about Chen Jianghao came to an abrupt halt there. However, Instructor Ping was determined. His long tail curled around his two front paws, and he excitedly shook his small ears. He knew where Ghost Ear was!

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