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Chapter 29: Little Thing, Come Here and Let Me Touch You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


With half an earlobe missing from the right ear, together with the connection to the Wind Chimes Bar, Ping Mo was almost sure that the man was Ghost Ear! So he had been hiding in the shadows, and not even close to Taiping Street. No wonder Leng Li couldn’t find him!

Ghost Ear was always moving outside the realm, and the number of times he came back to the main planet was extremely small. Each time he came back, he would only stay for a very short time. Since Ping had discovered a clue, he must find him as soon as possible. Now the only problem was how to change back to human.

Ping Mo first thought of the ‘living inhibitor Pei.’

The old specialist who saw him had mentioned that since Pei Yutu’s pheromones could soothe his bonding heat discomfort, it would help him maintain a stable human form during his sexual maturing.

In any case, there was the only way to try.

Ping Mo shook his fur, and leapt off the table in one bounding leap. Zhou Li’s call, “Mimi, where are you going to play now?” went unanswered.

When Ping Mo returned to the staff dormitory, Pei Yutu had just come out of the bathroom, and was putting on his slippers while he wore only a pair of large boxer briefs. At least the color of his underwear today was more restrained; an acceptable navy blue. Pei Yutu’s handsomeness and refinement didn’t mesh. Instead, his whole person was permeated with a sense of rugged grandeur, together with thick eyebrows, a high nose, broad shoulders and long legs.

The strong, well-defined muscles, vaguely visible scars and bullet marks, were evidence of years of experience in the most dangerous, the most front-line space forces, but also added to the vicissitudes of his aura, and made up for the lack of stability at his age. He looked hormonal.

A very attractive alpha, Ping Mo thought as he plucked the window slit open with his paws.

Because of his own body, Ping Mo would heal on his own no matter how badly he was wounded. Indeed, he envied people with scars on their bodies. Scars were the merit of soldiers. If he had a few bullet marks and scars, wouldn’t it add a little more manliness? It’d be easier to convince people.

“Ho, came back? What are you thinking about standing there? Or are you too fat, and got stuck in the window?” Pei Yutu said, even as he walked to the window, grabbed the soft flesh on the back of Ping Mo’s neck and brought the cat in.

“…” Ping Mo waved his paws indignantly. “Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!

You’re the one stuck in the window!

It was strange to say that when Instructor Ping Mo was a human, his body was lean and sharp, his muscles thin and supple, and without a trace of fat. However, when he became a cat, he was fat and soft, as if he had returned to his childhood days. His cat purr even had a little kittenish sound.

Pei Yutu heard this series of “meow, meows” and his heart trembled from the cuteness. This was not some ordinary kitten, this was Ping Mo!

The cat’s struggle was minimal in front of Teaching Assistant Pei, who grabbed Ping Mo in his arms with one big hand and rubbed him in a big pet. When Instructor Ping finally broke free from his clutches, his fur was all messed up and his round gray-blue eyes blinked like a ravaged young kitten.

Lu DongWang, who was playing a game on his computer in the small living room, heard the commotion, and raised his voice to ask, “Is Mimi back?”

He got an answer as Pei Yutu closed the bedroom door with a bang. “You play your own game, and don’t butt in!”

Lu DongWang was in a group battle, and couldn’t leave the computer for a second, so he ignored the way his roommate mercilessly closed the door. Teaching Assistant Pei was becoming more and more aware of the inconvenience of living with others. For the first time, he felt that his father was very far-sighted in buying a place near the school. If only he could take the kitten away to live there.

Unfortunately, the little thing refused.

Pei Yutu also couldn’t explain what his own mind was regarding Ping Mo nowadays. At first, he thought he had never seen such a beautiful person, so this was first (face) love (con). Then, Ping wanted his body, and he also needed his pheromones. It was a fair trade, and no one lost, but now Pei Yutu wasn’t satisfied with just a little verbal or physical advantage.

He wanted to take the man into his arms and bite through his glands. He wanted to pinch his soft, strong, thin waist, and thrust himself deeply into…Pei Yutu was forced to stop the thoughts, and pull himself back to reality. He was a little depressed as he thought, I hoped to give Ping Mo a temporary marker, to have him be equally willing, and not just for his own pheromones. At the very least that he wouldn’t just use me, then pretend that nothing happened.

“Why are you so heartless?” Pei Yutu complained as he poked his finger in the soft fur on Instructor Ping’s ass.

However, Instructor Ping didn’t even bother to give him a look. He was busy licking his fur with his head down.

Whenever he turned into a cat, he couldn’t resist the cat’s need for cleanliness. As long as he felt a handful of fur was messy, he wanted to lick it flat. From paw to belly, and then from belly to front legs, and finally purring as he instinctively licked between his two hind legs, but suddenly stopped.

Instructor Ping looked at his own fluffy round two cat balls, and silently retreated. This was too indecent. He really couldn’t put his mouth there. So, he turned his head, and licked his back instead. From Pei Yutu’s perspective, he could only see his fluffy round head as it shook little by little.

The more he looked at Ping, the more adorable he became.

Pei Yutu turned around and went to the cupboard to pull out a black I-beam undershirt and put it on for use as pajamas. The summer was too hot even with the air conditioning on, and with the effect of hearing the hissing cicadas outside the window together with sweating, he really didn’t want to wear serious pajamas.

However as he was looking for clothes, he pulled out the soft waist rope of his pajamas.

“Kitten. Mew mew. Look at this!” Pei Yutu teased the cat in the same tone as cat slave Lu.

Teaching Assistant Pei’s voice was not loud as he kept it deliberately low, which gave it the quality of a subwoofer. Unfortunately, the words were so perverse that it provoked goosebumps in Ping Mo. His fur-licking action stopped, and he started trying to get away from him, but then he saw a rope that was shaking and shaking. The bottom of the rope was tied in an ugly knot.

Instructor Ping, “…”

What kind of crudely made cat teasing stick was this? There was no sincerity at all, and he was not a real cat. Not pouncing on the teasing stick was his bottom line, and foolishly pouncing on that broken rope wasn’t possible, not in this life.

Five minutes later.

“Meow, meow, meow, meow!” Ping Mo bowed his back and swung his tail. His two round gray-blue eyes were fixed on the ugly knot at the end of the rope, as his fluffy round head moved with the knot, and when Pei Yutu stopped swinging the rope, he seized the moment, turned back his little ears, and pounced steadily and accurately.

The previous times, every time he was about to succeed, the broken rope would be quickly yanked away, so this time Ping Mo seized this opportunity to avenge the shame of the past, and held the rope knot with two paws, meowing and biting. The cat rolled in a half a circle on the bed and into a four-pawed position. Then he heard Teaching Assistant Pei, who couldn’t hold back his laughter.


Ping Mo then realized that he had lost his temper. He stopped chewing on the rope, and licked his nose in embarrassment at the position of turning out his white belly. Then he dropped the knot, and rolled over as if nothing had happened. He crawled to the pillow, put his two front paws beneath him and lay down neatly, as he pretended that nothing had happened.

However, Pei Yutu just laughed even louder and petted him from head to toe.


What could he do about the instinctive reaction of a cat to pounce on a ‘teasing stick’? It was a good thing that Pei Yutu didn’t know his identity, otherwise he would have to shoot him in the head just to silence him.

The cat shrank into a small, round, fluffy, sticky mass, like a glutinous rice dumpling with a heavy heart. With only a little bit of black on his tail tip, it was like a little black sesame filling in a glutinous rice dumpling.

Pei Yutu leaned against the bed, and half-layed down. “Little thing, come over and let me touch you.”

Ping Mo continued to play dead, as he pretended not to understand human language.

Pei Yutu wasn’t in a hurry. “If you don’t come over, you will be locked in the living room tonight and not allowed to go to bed. Your nest is in the living room anyway.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu could almost see the thoughts whirling in the fluffy head of this kitten. He wanted to come back in the middle of the night just to rub a bit of pheromones, so of course he wouldn’t want to be locked outside the bedroom door.

Sure enough, the little thing reluctantly waved the tip of its tail and moved slowly over with its front paws and claws bent, its fluffy round head pressed down, and took the initiative to probe into Pei Yutu’s palm, rubbing it aggressively.

Teaching Assistant Pei finally found his conscience, and thought he might have bullied the cat too hard. He fished up a handful of Ping Mo. “Well, consort, tonight I will allow you in my bed.”

After he said that, he lifted Instructor Ping Mo to his face and gave him a resounding kiss.

This night, Ping Mo, although he was lying on Pei Yutu as he wished, and was sucking in breaths full of tequila scented pheromones, he still felt humiliated. This Pei was really treating him like a pet! However, when he thought about it, there was actually nothing wrong. Pei didn’t know his identity, so in the eyes of that person, he was a cat, ah!

Ping Mo slept until dawn, when he suddenly sensed that something was wrong and woke up.

The morning light was blocked out by the curtains, and the room was still dim. Pei Yutu was sleeping soundly, as his solid chest rose and fell with his breathing, Ping Mo, who was lying on his chest, just felt the sweet and spicy tequila smell wrapped around his body. It was a bit exciting, but so comfortable.

That feeling was getting stronger and stronger. He should be turning back into a human. Pei Yutu’s pheromones really worked!

Ping Mo still remembered the last time he was naked in Pei Yutu’s bed, and how they even had a confused kiss. When he thought about it, he was so scared that he just exploded.

Ping Mo cautiously stood up, and with soft paw pads quietly went forward a few steps, got close to Pei Yutu’s face and sniffed to confirm that he was still asleep. When he was sure, he shook his little ears, and quietly jumped out of bed.

However, Teaching Assistant Pei opened his eyes in a daze as the cat deftly made its way out of the bedroom.


Ping Mo was still a little nervous when he tiptoed back to his room, but when the cat disappeared and the cat-eared and long-tailed teenager appeared out of nowhere, the air wasn’t overflowing with sweet grapefruit scented omega pheromones. Instead, the tequila smell that had been rubbed on him was still alive and well, and faithfully calmed the omega hormones that were running amok in his body.

Ping Mo looked at the clock and saw that it was still not time for morning exercise. However, he didn’t delay, put on his clothes, grabbed his cell phone and rushed out of the faculty dormitory.

Zhou Li was still asleep when she received the phone call from Ping Mo, and after a dazed “hello,” she sprang out of bed. “No, no, no! I’ve been awake for a long time. I always go to bed early and wake up early! Now? I’m going downstairs, five minutes…”

“Ah, ah. Who, ah, ah, calls in the morning!”

“Zhou Li, can you turn down the ringer next time? My alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet, wuwu!”

The dormitory was full of complaints. Zhou Li, as she was apologizing, flew out of bed. One roommate has woken up, and as they yawned and leaned on the bunk bed enclosure, they wondered, “Eh? Why are you putting on makeup in the morning?”

Zhou Li scrambled to put on battle makeup before she rushed out of the dormitory with the reply, “To meet a handsome man!”



Handsome Ping had already wandered around downstairs a few times. It was still early in the morning, so there were only a few early risers in front of the omega dorm in Building 11, who were gawking at Ping Mo from afar as they chattered and whispered. It seemed they recognized Instructor Ping, who was known throughout the school for his good looks and superb alpha pheromones.

Zhou Li noticed these unspoken glances as she left the building, and thought that they would notice that Instructor Ping had come to see her, so she couldn’t help feeling a little smug, but at the same time a little nervous and shy.

“Instructor Ping.” Zhou Li tucked her long hair behind her ear. “Sorry, I went out this morning before I washed my face.”

She was wearing very light makeup, and it definitely couldn’t be seen by an alpha. The most common social etiquette was that a guy would probably say, “It’s okay, you look good in your skin,” or at least quietly admire her in his heart.

Unfortunately, Ping Mo didn’t see anything at all and said, “Sorry to call you out so early.”

“Oh. It’s okay. What’s your hurry?”

“Girl, do me a favor.”

When Pei Yutu came after him, he heard Ping Mo’s “girl” and saw Zhou Li tilt her head slightly to meet the eyes of Instructor Ping. If someone were talking about looks, this little girl was simply beautiful, and she was at the best age. Her cheeks were rounded and full of youthful collagen. Her eyes were clear, and contained a little shy and simple admiration. Any man would be moved.

“Good morning, what a coincidence!” Unfortunately, Teaching Assistant Pei’s voice shattered the beautiful atmosphere of the moment.

“What are you doing here?” Ping Mo frowned at him.

“Exercise!” Pei Yutu walked over to him as he did some pretentious warm-up exercises. “Isn’t that Zhou Li? You’re up and working out too! Good, you can’t be late for morning exercise anymore! Presenting praise.”

He suddenly bent down and approached Zhou Li, which startled the young girl, then she heard Pei Yutu say quietly, “You’re stuck with the powder.”

Zhou Li, “???”

Pei Yutu, “Don’t you still know you are a student? What is the job of a student? It’s to study! If all you do is put on makeup all day long, how can you focus on your studies? Well? And after you graduate from the New Weapons Engineering College, you will be employed by the military industry, right? If you have this kind of learning attitude, will the soldiers in the battlefield dare to use the weapons you make in the future?”

Zhou Li didn’t expect Teaching Assistant Pei, who looked rough and big, to actually be so observant. With only a glance he saw that she had put on makeup, but also scolded people in public. The little girl had thin skin. Her face couldn’t appear more mournful and she almost cried flat out. 

Luckily, Instructor Ping stepped up in time, and saved the day. “Teaching Assistant Pei, I was looking for Zhou Li.”

He heard the dismissal in Ping Mo’s tone, but Pei Yutu resisted even more. “I’m not leaving! You don’t own the campus.”

Ping Mo’s forehead twitched, but he didn’t want to waste time with him, so he simply said to Zhou Li, “Tell Ji An to come here. I want to ask you both something.”

He gave Pei Yutu and warning look, and instructed Zhou Li, “Quietly. Don’t let anyone know.”

Zhou Li, who was always extra serious about the tasks assigned by Instructor Ping, immediately shook her fist and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll go find him right away!”

Instructor Ping was very relieved, but at the same time when he looked at Zhou Li’s still slightly red eyes, he felt some inexplicable guilt. He reached out to rub a hand on the top of her head. “Go. Work hard.”

Pei Yutu, Fuck!


The author has something to say: 

Teaching Assistant Pei fell into contemplation. Is it too much that I want to kill her since I didn’t get a head pat?


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