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Chapter 27: Cat Fell Down

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“…” Ping Mo wanted to say, ‘Doctor you misunderstand. We are not in that kind of relationship,’ but was preempted by Pei Yutu. 

Teaching Assistant Pei smiled haughtily, “Where am I?!”

The old expert, “No need to be modest. Your pheromone levels are the strongest I’ve ever seen, and from this perspective, you are a good match!”

Ping Mo, “We’re not-“

Pei Yutu interrupted him, leaning in to bite his ear and said in a not-so-small voice, “I had my pheromone levels measured here during my differentiation, and this is the same doctor. He’s very skilled and accurate!”

This sentence translated to: my pheromones are really strong!

The sweet and light smell of tequila with a man’s scent mixed, made the tailbone of Instructor Ping itch. His eyebrows twitched. He swung out a fist and tried to hit Pei Yutu. 

He very sensibly moved back, and sat upright. “Doctor, we are not yet a couple.”

Then the old expert looked at them with a loving smile. His eyes were full of ‘I understand without explanation.’

Ping Mo, “…” Fuck, forget it.

Ping Mo changed the subject stiffly, “Doctor, I suddenly turned into a human with cat ears again this morning. Is it because of the alpha pheromone stimulation?”

The old expert shook his head, “It has nothing to do with that. It means that you have officially entered sexual maturity, and your hormone levels are extremely unstable at this stage. There will be sudden displays of Therian characteristics, but this is a normal physiological phenomenon. You don’t need to be too nervous. After this special period, you will be fine.”

Ping Mo still couldn’t accept it. Finally he asked about his long-standing doubt. “But I’m already 27 years old. This is too late, right?”

Twenty-seven, that’s almost the age of majority.

“Don’t worry, Therian youth is calculated from the end of sexual maturity. You differentiate so late, that means that puberty is unimaginably long.”

Pei Yutu inexplicably remembered the section of ‘University Student Physiological Health Class’ that he had listened to by mistake at the AMTC because he was chasing the cat. He remembered that the professor seemed to have said that ‘the later the Therian differentiates, the more pleasure it gives to the alpha’. Fire came out hotly in his heart, and he couldn’t help but look at Ping Mo’s face which was absent minded as if his mind was about to wander.

Ping Mo’s eyebrows, eyes, from the bridge of the nose to the curvature of the lips, were so perfect, exquisite and beautiful; like a porcelain doll. But this ‘doll’ was likely to explode frequently and with one kick could break the spine of an adult alpha. He would also carry weapons, lethal weapons that could kill you anywhere they touched! He could violently beat students, set rules, to give the next horse, 1 and was not like a teacher. He also helped students in danger, without saying anything, and just rushed to the rescue.

Pei Yutu himself didn’t even realize at first that there was a beautiful person in front of him, and he was no longer only attracted to his face. When he came back to his senses, he realized that the old expert had run away from the subject.

“Didn’t your childhood textbooks say that ‘a Therian’s delicate body and beautiful appearance’ caused them to be bought, sold and bred so much that they were on the verge of extinction? Actually, this rumor is also an important reason. It is written in ancient medical texts that because Therians will ‘stay young forever.’ Someone even developed a secret formula, then claimed that they could use the method of “picking the yin to make up for the yang,” 2 and as long as someone was supplemented with the secret formula, and was in heat for this purpose. So powerful alphas would pay a high price to buy a later developed Therian. Especially male Therians. They are rare, but also generally later than female Therians in development. However, that drug is very fierce, and can almost kill a Therian.”

When Pei Yutu heard this, he couldn’t help but curse, “This is too unethical!”

Ping Mo, however, likewise recalled the section of ‘University Student Physical Health,’ when a student asked, “I heard that male Therian are particularly rare, but have a strange effect, can I please ask, what is the strange effect?”

The professor lost her temper on the spot, mentioning key words like ‘human rights’ and ‘Omega Protection law’ and urged the students not to believe in rumors and not to spread them.

Ping Mo frowned and asked, “What is the secret formula?”

But the old professor waved his hand. “I saw you, got excited and said too much. That ancient recipe has long been lost. The ancient people were more ignorant. Modern medicine has confirmed that many prescriptions are nonsense. We have to believe in science. In fact, Therian’s so-called ‘eternal youth’ is also an exaggeration. They just have a longer adolescence, so regardless of physical ability and appearance they are younger than their peers. The number of Therian is scarce, resulting in the sample in the database being too small. I have no way to speculate on how long your ‘puberty’ will actually be.”

Ping Mo pondered for a moment, and opened his mouth as if he wanted to ask something. His eyes swept over Pei Yutu, the question rolled around in his throat, and the result became, “So how long will my current state last?”

“Generally speaking, the sexual maturity period ranges from three months to six months, but that does not exclude the possibility of it being longer. After all, your blood had a high amount of pheromones so be prepared to fight a long war. If you don’t want it to affect your normal life, pay attention to when you have high omega hormones. that is, when you have a sense of entering a bonding heat, and take measures,” the old expert said meaningfully. “Temporary markers and full markers can be used.”

“…” Ping Mo. “Doctor, can you prescribe Therian-specific inhibitors here?”

“You mean M-type inhibitors? Yes I can,” the old specialist said. “But this drug has some addictive properties for ordinary people. It was included in Alliance Controlled Substances twenty years ago, and our hospital doesn’t have a stock of it. However, you can apply directly from me. Oh yes, but then you can no longer go through the privacy channel, because to apply, you need to upload the information to the Omega Rights Federation. Not to mention that you are a rare male Therian. Therians are already scarce in number, and by gender probability and the whole interstellar demographics, you might be the only male Therian in all of the Alliance, which will definitely attract the attention of the authorities.”

Ping Mo wasn’t dead yet. “Then is there a similar alternative drug?”

The old expert shook his head. “No, and you’ve used too many inhibitors before. You may have developed some resistance. Now, it’s a special time, and your omega hormone levels are soaring. M-type inhibitors may not be as effective as expected. I still recommend letting nature take its course. “

Pei Yutu, who had been sitting quietly on the sidelines, suddenly spoke up. “You have to follow the doctor’s orders!”

Ping Mo, “…”

Ping Mo pursed his lips and listened to the old expert prescribe some medicine to supplement pmega’s nutrition during puberty. When he took the list, he suddenly pulled Pei Yutu’s arm, hooked his lips and produced a gentle smile for him. “I’m tired of running around the hospital today. Can you help me get the medicine?”

Pei Yutu, “!!!”

When Ping Mo used such a foul-looking smile that usually meant he was either pretending, or impatient and holding back his killer temper. His beautiful gray-blue eyes immediately lit up, full of fine starlight. The curve of his lips was pleasing to the eye, but also revealed the tip of a little canine tooth almost like he was trying to be cute.

He was being coy!

Pei Yutu, even as a strong alpha, how could he resist this offensive? He immediately became dizzy, and Ping Mo listened as his footsteps disappeared. Once the door closed, Ping Mo said, “Doctor. In fact, while I can grow cat ears and tail, I will also completely become a cat. As a cat, I am very alpha pheromone dependent. As long as I am close to him, his pheromones will relieve the discomfort of the bonding heat.”

What Instructor Ping didn’t know was that the alpha in question was taken to the VIP lane by a nurse as soon as he left the room, so it only took a few minutes to pay and get the medicine. When Pei Yutu came back, he could hear the conversation through the door of the consultation room.

“Some Therians appear completely in animal form when their pheromones are uncontrolled. No wonder. Your test report makes more sense. Rest assured that it will not affect a couple’s life. Just be aware that at this stage, the change will be a little more frequent. If you feel uncomfortable, of course, you can interact with him more in the state of a cat.”

“Doctor, you will keep my secret. Right?”

“Don’t worry! We have a strict confidentiality system. The patient’s privacy is most important. Even if it is a family member, we will not disclose it.”

Pei Yutu outside the door, Heh! No wonder Ping was suddenly so gentle with him! It was all lies, all theft! As expected, the prettier the omega, the more deceitful he was.

Teaching Assistant Pei had mixed feelings. Instructor Ping had deliberately distracted him, which certainly made him feel unhappy, but he also had the subtle pleasure of learning his secret. He now knew that the cat was really Ping Mo!

Still, even though he liked to cling to him so much, it was only because he craved his pheromones. Tsk, scum!

The two people left the hospital with their own thoughts, and the atmosphere was unexpectedly harmonious. Instructor Ping was in a good mood. Today’s jaunt solved a problem that had been bothering him for a long time. At least he knew that he was healthy, and he successfully concealed from Pei Yutu the fact that he was the cat. He jokingly thought, how could anyone believe that he would turn into a silly, sticky hairy kitten? Especially the person who was also the one who would pet him the most when he turned into a cat.

The less his psychological burden of being a cat, the more he could turn his belly up for petting without fear, get more pheromones, and soothe the discomfort of his bonding heat.

The spacecraft was extremely fast and going back and forth, so the trip only took until lunch time. Ping Mo refused Teaching Assistant Pei’s invitation to eat lunch off campus, and the two accompanied each other into the cafeteria of the University.

Today, the third canteen’s sweet window launched a new sakura mochi 3, there were mango, strawberry, and matcha red bean flavors. These three flavors were wrapped together with whipped cream in glutinous mochi. Since the fillings were different, the color of the outer skins were also different, and because it was a new product, at almost every table were students or teachers that had ordered one or two of each to try. The canteen was filled with colorful round fatty mochi balls, all very eye-catching.

Ping Mo looked intrigued. “I don’t know if it’s good to eat.”

Without raising his eyelids, Teaching Assistant Pei returned a cold comment, “It’s sweet and chewy. What’s so good about it?”

Teaching Assistant Pei couldn’t help but make up for Instructor Ping’s unusual behavior. Although this person was an omega, his style of action was more alpha than alphas. Ten percent of the iron-blooded tough guy, the devil instructor, and a small dessert couldn’t be put together in one.

“So what now? You heard what the doctor said. What are you going to do in the future?” Pei Yutu put down his chopsticks in a careless manner. “If you need any help during this special period, or if you find it inconvenient at school, I actually have a house just off campus.”

“No need!” Instructor Ping interrupted him flatly. “I won’t bother you for long.”

Even though the doctor said that Therian special inhibitors might not have the desired effect, it was just a ‘maybe.’ He still wanted to try it. Leng Li had already found a source, and although she had encountered some trouble, she would eventually hand over the inhibitors to him after a.

The old greaser was cunning and cautious. If he couldn’t find anyone, he didn’t know when he would be blocked again next time, but now there was still no news at all.

“What are you thinking about? Look at how thin you are! Eat more.” A chopstick of braised beef that he disliked went straight into his bowl, interrupting Ping Mo’s thoughts.

Ping Mo looked at Pei Yutu’s used chopsticks and was about to reject it, when he heard a familiar voice behind him, “Ping Mo, what a coincidence. Can you share a table?”

Ping Mo turned around and saw that it was Cheng Cheng.

He was a member of Ping Mo’s former team in the Raptors, and was naturally a top alpha who was instructed by Colonel Lu Feng of Group E to follow him to the Alliance Military Technology to protect Captain Ping’s safety. Without waiting for the two people to answer, Cheng Cheng had already sat down very familiarly, put the plate down, swept his eyes over the beef slices in Ping Mo’s bowl, and smiled, “Instructor Ping, I remember you don’t eat beef.”

Ping Mo was planning to refuse, but now he couldn’t help but give his former subordinate a look of approval. This was worthy of his soldier! You have a good eye!

“Mn, I don’t like it too much.” Ping Mo said.

Cheng Cheng received tacit approval and naturally used his own unused chopsticks to chuck out the piece of beef.

Pei Yutu, “???!”

Cheng Cheng appeared not to see Pei Yutu’s fierce look. “Teaching Assistant Pei, you don’t know Instructor Ping. He has a picky mouth. He only eats beef cooked in the pressure cooker, otherwise it’s too chewy.”

Pei Yutu slammed his chopsticks on the table, sounding like a real lady who caught her partner cheating on her, and glared at the goblin. “So, you know him. What is your relationship? And who are you? How do you know me?”

The “little goblin” peeked at his captain and found that Ping Mo had no intention of disturbing their saber-rattling, but was quietly picking out chopped green onions from the dishes while no one was looking.

He shook his head in his heart. The man is still as heartless as ever, and only knows how to fight and kill. But this was also good. Cheng Cheng said ambiguously, “Our relationship is very close. We used to be in the same place every day.”

“We’re in the same unit.” Ping Mo had already hidden the picked out scallions and reasserted his authority and captaincy. He warned, “Why do you ask so many questions? Have you forgotten the code of secrecy?”

The Military Ministry had some units where even the number was confidential, and the Raptors were part of Group E. The level of confidentiality was even higher and must not be disclosed freely.

Pei Yutu originally heard the words “very close,” andalmost lifted the table. Now he hear Ping Mo’s own word “unit,” and regained his composure. “So you are old comrades. I didn’t know that! Mainly because I’ve never heard of you from Instructor Ping. It’s okay, it’s not too late to get to know each other, I’m his current comrade, training together every day, by the way. Our dormitory is on the same floor. We get along with each other, we can pay a visit without notice. Last night we also–”

Ping Mo shoved a chicken leg he disliked into Pei Yutu’s mouth, and forcibly blocked his next words.

As it turned out, when it came to fighting, a decent soldier would be defeated by a gangster. Since Pei Yutu was unreasonable and thick-skinned, and even though he only exerted 30 or 40 percent of his strength in the presence of Instructor Ping himself, he made Cheng Cheng’s face green with anger.

Cheng Cheng only knew that this person and Instructor Ping didn’t like each other and Ping never looked him in the eyes, or even looked at him face to face. However, with today’s meeting, his intuition told him that this person was too attentive to Instructor Ping. It wasn’t like an ordinary colleague relationship. How much did he know about Ping Mo’s identity? But after taking one step back, he thought that Pei Yutu shouldn’t know Ping Mo was an omega. WIth Team Leader Ping’s looks, it was normal for others to like him.

AxA love in the army wasn’t uncommon. Cheng Cheng’s face became even darker, and he almost wanted to pull this soldier boy Surnamed Pei out to ask for clarification, but with Team Leader Ping there, he didn’t dare make a move.

However, before the meal was finished, Ping Mo suddenly put down his chopsticks and stood up. He left with a “I have something to do,” and rushed out of the canteen.

“?” Cheng Cheng was puzzled. Pei Yutu was puzzled only for a moment, and then a light came on in his mind, and he pulled Cheng Cheng back as he was ready to chase him out.

“Eh, eh, eh, where are you going?” Teaching Assistant Pei cracked his mouth, revealed a mouthful of white teeth, and slapped Cheng Cheng’s shoulder. “People have three urgent needs, don’t you know? What, do you think you’re going to go over there and hold the bird for Instructor Ping when he pees?”


The troops were all alpha, and not so refined. There were many people who were foul-mouthed, but when these vulgar and crude words were associated with Team Leader Ping, Cheng Cheng was enraged, and had the idea to have a good ‘chat’ with this scoundrel, so he forgot to chase Ping Mo for the time being. When the ‘peaceful and friendly dialogue’ was over, Pei Yutu looked at Cheng Cheng’s angry and blue face, and was in a good mood. He even bought a set of mochi and packed it up, as he leisurely returning to the dormitory.

He saw the long-lost, fat and soft kitten.

The hairy kitten was wilfully lying on the living room sofa, two paws hugging his long tail, as he licked his fur. When he heard the door open, he twitched his small ears, raised his round head, and looked at Pei Yutu. His eyes fell on the dessert in his hand, and his pair of beautiful gray-blue eyes immediately brightened.

Ping Mo shook his fur, deftly rolled over and sat up. His little pink tongue licked his nose, and he gave a milky “mee” sound.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 下马威 “dismount a horse and show your power” means pose to assert your dominance.
  2. 采 阴补阳 means to harvest the negative energy(yin) and replenish the positive energy(yang). To combine the woman’s yin energy and the man’s yang energy, you know, “double cultivation” i.e. SEX
  3. Sakura Ichigo Mochi, which features a sweet and sour strawberry sauce made with strawberries. The sauce is surrounded by a mixture of salt-pickled cherry blossom petals and leaves and whipped cream, and its entirety is wrapped in faintly vanilla-scented mochi. Recipe in Chinese. 


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