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Chapter 30: Why Are You So Nice to Me?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping’s “Quietly. Don’t let anyone know,” was a warning to both Zhou Li and Pei Yutu. He soon found out, though, that Teaching Assistant Pei had no chance of leaking anything since he continued to follow him around like a big tail all morning.

They were in an empty classroom that hadn’t been scheduled for the morning, and Instructor Ping looked at Pei Yutu with his arms folded. “What the hell do you want?”

“I have nothing to–” Teaching Assistant Pei thought of something, and the loud retort he intended to say abruptly stopped. Suddenly, he softened his voice, and complained, “Why can’t I be here if I don’t have business with you? In fact, I just want to stay with you for a while.”

Just now that little girl cried, and kitten Ping was soft-hearted. He also gave her a head pat, which showed that his heart wasn’t so hard, so Pei Yutu thought that he should change his strategy.

Sure enough, Ping Mo didn’t drive him away again, but fell into silence.

It worked!

However, before Teaching Assistant Pei could rejoice, with an expressionless face, Ping Mo finally opened his golden mouth, “Pei Yutu, if you disgust me again, I will beat you up.”

Pei Yutu, What the fuck?

Teaching Assistant Pei was puzzled. It was the same pity play, so why did it have the opposite effect? He then listened to Ping Mo say lightly, “It’s okay if you don’t come. Anyway, you already know my secret, and it’s not as bad as this one.”

Pei Yutu understood that as long as he knew about that, Ping Mo wouldn’t deepen their relationship. In the future, they were simply grasshoppers tied to the same rope 1 and the matter of a relationship between them was no longer in his hands.

As they were talking, Zhou Li came in with Ji An.

“Close the door.” Ping Mo instructed.

“Okay, Instructor Ping.” Zhou Li was quite natural, but Ji An was a bit nervous. As soon as he entered the door, he avoided the two instructors’ eyes, and behind his back his hands were quietly wringing the corners of his clothes.

“Ji An, right? Raise your head. Don’t squirm like a little girl.” Ping Mo said.

Only then did Ji An look up at Ping Mo. Still, his voice was still as small as a mosquito’s hum, “Hello, Instructor. I’m not a little girl, but I’m an omega.”

Ji An had a typical omega body shape with medium height, and small bone structure. He didn’t like sports, had a weak temperament, and also spoke softly. With all of this, it was easy for others to feel a protective desire.

“You are omega, so you are more timid, and are afraid of your teacher?” Ping Mo nodded, then abruptly sharpened his tone, “Then how dare you collude with human traffickers and sell your classmates?”

Ji An subconsciously glanced at Zhou Li, but then quickly withdrew his gaze. He bit his lip to keep from speaking.

Pei Yutu, “????”

“!!!” Zhou Li’s mouth hung open for half a day. “Instructor Ping, what did you say?”

Ping Mo turned to Zhou Li, “And you, how dare you?!”

Zhou Li was so confused and aggrieved that she was about to cry. “I really didn’t, I really didn’t! It’s Chen Jianghao’s fault. It’s not our fault…”

Ji An gave Zhou Li a tug. Zhou Li realized she had said too much and shut up.

“I wouldn’t accuse you guys for no reason. Ji An, Zhou Li, you still have a chance to distinguish yourselves as you face me now, but I won’t be so gentle when you face the head teacher, the Dean, and the police later.”

Zhou Li was crying. “I really didn’t.”

“Instructor Ping, we’ve already talked to the police about that day.” By now, Ji An was a little more calm than Zhou Li was, but behind his back, he had twisted the edges of his clothes so hard that his knuckles were white.

Ping Mo said, “That day Chen Jianghao took you to the bar. He did it to get the opportunity to mark Ji An, but he didn’t succeed. In a fit of anger, he left you two on Taiping Street. As you were leaving a group of gangsters pestered you, and for various reasons, they didn’t become violent directly in front of the shop. They took you away as filial piety towards a ‘big shot’, and that ‘big shot’ is missing half of his earlobe, right?”

As soon as the words left Ping Mo’s mouth, both students turned pale, and were obviously shaken.

Ji An opened his mouth but didn’t say a word. He didn’t know whether to deny it or simply confess. Then Pei Yutu gave a “tsk,” and said gruffly, “Instructor Ping, why waste so much time with them? I think you can just eat the carrot and not worry about it. 2 There could easily be a hidden agenda, so just send them to Hu Lei’s office and be done with it!”

“No!” Ji An said anxiously. “Teacher Hu won’t listen to our explanation!”

“If you don’t want to go to the teacher, just talk to us.” Ping Mo said calmly, although he took time to look at Pei Yutu. He hadn’t expected Pei to take the initiative to support him, and do it well.

Pei Yutu returned a small smile. With his even, wheat skin tone, it made his teeth look an extra bright white. The smile was quite infectious, and caused the corners of Ping Mo’s lips to rise a little too conspicuously.

“Ji An, Instructor Ping is very nice,” Zhou Li also whispered. “If you have any grievances, just tell him. He’ll back you up.”

“I’ll tell you.” A few moments later, Ji An bit his lip and opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind.

“Chen Jianghao is my boyfriend. Before, because of some things, we had some unpleasantness between us. That day, Chen Jianghao said that to apologize to me, he would take me to see the world. I had never been to that bar, and I also didn’t want to go. Since I was still a little worried, I dragged Zhou Li there, too. I didn’t expect that place to be so chaotic. Chen Jianghao left, and soon a stranger invited us to drink. It was our first time there so we didn’t dare to drink at all. There was no alpha with us, and we didn’t want to risk staying long. We wanted to go, but ended up being targeted just outside. They blindfolded us, stuffed us into a car, and probably drove for an hour or two before they took off the blindfolds. We were in a strange house, there was a…an alpha missing half of his earlobe. He…he said a lot of unpleasant things to us. Said I was young, and it was best that I be marked. Unfortunately, he couldn’t sell me to a lot of people. He chose me, then tied me up in a very humiliating position, with both legs apart,” Ji An couldn’t continue, his eyes red.

Ping Mo also frowned, and said, “You do not need to relive those details, just get to the point.”

Ji An continued, “I was scared. I thought I was finished, but I heard them talking and guessed that this was a group of traffickers. The man was going to mark me. I don’t know where I got the courage to tell him ‘You let me go. Don’t you want young alphas? I’ll pay you back!'”

“Alpha?” asked Pei Yutu. “What do they want an alpha for?”

“I don’t know. I just heard them say they want young alphas,” whispered Ji An as he shook his head.

Zhou Li also looked confused. However, Ping Mo spoke up lightly, “When it comes to human trafficking, most people’s stereotype is that ‘the victims are omegas and children’, but in fact, adult alphas, especially those between 20 and 30 years old with mature glands, who are young and strong are sold at the highest price. This group is mostly used for organ trafficking. Heart, liver, kidney, cornea and so on. It doesn’t need to be explained. Every year, the black market carries out countless sex reassignment surgeries and it needs a large number of healthy, young alpha glands. However, young and strong alphas are much more difficult to abduct than soft omegas and children.”

Most of the people who underwent sex reassignment surgery were betas, and the vast majority of betas chose to become alphas. The Alliance didn’t allow sex reassignment surgery, nor did it recognize transgender people, but that still didn’t stop some people from being enthusiastic about sex reassignment. There had even been protest marches organized by liberals and ABO advocates for transgender people to gain legal rights. However, this kind of thing wasn’t ‘mainstream’ enough, so it was normal for the general public not to care or not to know about it.

Pei Yutu, “How do you know so much about transgenderism and the black market?”

Ping Mo ignored him and raised his chin towards Ji An, as a signal for him to continue.

Ji An said, “I was thinking that as long as he let me go, then we could discuss it in the future. I didn’t want to really sell Chen Jianghao, but…but that man, he took a lot of pictures of me. When I returned to school, I received a picture of my own genitals.” Ji An broke down, and cried out, “I couldn’t help it! And Chen Jianghao, he isn’t a good human being. After we returned to school, he came to me, unhappy that I came back safely. He begged me not to tell anyone about him, because if it was found out that he had taken two omegas to a place like Taiping Street, he would also be disciplined. But, if it wasn’t for him, none of this would have happened! He took us to a place like that, and ended up running away himself! I can’t forgive him for leaving us two omegas behind. That guy kept threatening me, and I was really scared. I couldn’t help it!”

“So you agreed to help that gang, and tricked Chen Jianghao?”

Ji An wiped his tears, and nodded. “They gave me a bottle of ecstasy and asked me to bring the person to the designated place. Chen Jianghao believed me, so it didn’t take much effort to trick him. I was afraid that those people wouldn’t keep their word, so I didn’t dare go to their designated place. Before I got there, I drugged Chen Jianghao, sent them a message, and ran away.”

“You are quite resourceful.” Instructor Ping said approvingly, but it was very strange in those circumstances, so it came out sounding more like sarcasm. 

Ji An gathered his courage, and said loudly, “Instructor Ping, Instructor Pei. I did all these things by myself. It’s not about Zhou Li. She doesn’t know anything!”

Zhou Li was shocked by the change, and had been staring at her best friend. When she heard the words she shot an aggrieved look at Instructor Ping. Instructor Ping didn’t take the hint, he only said, “Ji An, I’ll give you a chance to make up for your mistakes. Do you dare take it?”

Ji An asked with red eyes, “What chance?”

Ping Mo, “If I’m right, Ghost Ear, the human trafficker with half of his earlobe missing, wants you to send him two alphas as payment. You and Zhou Li are two people, so he wants you to send him two alphas. A life for a life, right?”

“!!!” Ji An, “How did you know?”

Earlier at the Wind Chimes Bar, the second boss had personally told Ping Mo that, “there were very interesting kids, students from the AMTC, who wanted to sell two classmates.” If he connected that with Chen Jianghao bringing out two omega classmates, and because of the stereotype of ‘alpha is stronger’, they all took it for granted that it was Chen Jianghao who wanted to use the two omegas. They didn’t expect that things actually happened to be the other way around.

Ping Mo, “You still owe that man an alpha. Will he let you go?”

Ji An lowered his head, “He, he did put pressure on me, but…I have no grudge against anyone else, and I’m afraid.”

“I’ll provide you with an alpha,” Ping Mo interrupted him. “So you can deliver them, okay?”

Pei Yutu immediately had a bad feeling when he heard Ping Mo continue, “You’ll send me there.”

“No!” Pei Yutu exclaimed, “Ping Mo, don’t be a fool. Ghost Ear isn’t a normal human trafficker. His home base is off planet! Also, if this man is connected to White Hole, doesn’t he have many arms and men behind him? What are you going to do on your own? Listen to me, and don’t get involved. Go through the process, and leave it to the police. Rescuing a student is their business!”

However, Ping Mo just looked at him calmly, his beautiful gray-blue eyes full of stubbornness. “You know why I’m looking for Ghost Ear.”

Pei Yutu shut up.


In the far suburbs of Star City, the outside of an ordinary-looking courtyard house full of beautiful moonflowers and tulips appeared to be quiet and peaceful, but the inside was stuffed with people. In addition to two rooms full of live human cargo, there were more than two dozen strong alphas.

“Boss, you aren’t in a good mood. Why don’t I pick an omega for you from that room, and you can let off some steam?”

“Fuck off!” Ghost Ear kicked his little brother away. “Is there anything else in that head of yours besides sex? How many more are missing?”

“We have enough omegas, but we’re still one alpha short. Boss, we just need one more or it won’t count. The family of that university student has already called the police.”

Ghost Ear pondered for a moment. “Wait a little longer. This is the first time doing business with them. Integrity is most important.”

“Boss, in fact, the new employer isn’t as good as White Hole in any aspect. We used to work well with White Hole, so why do you suddenly want to change that?”

Ghost Ear let out a long sigh. “I don’t want to change, damn it! “

As he was talking, another junior entered the door with his cell phone. “Boss! The omega who you let go is calling. He said he found another young alpha and will be able to deliver him soon.”

Ghost Ear was happy. “Really?”

“Look!” The younger brother handed his phone to Ghost Ear. “I really didn’t expect that kid to be so powerful. If we can develop him, he may become our long-term subordinate.”

“Damn, are you stupid or crazy? You’re insane to take a student from the AMTC as a peer!” Ghost Ear cursed as he laughed.

“Boss, will this be a trap? They have called the police.” Another little brother worried.

“Don’t be afraid. No matter if it’s true or not, tell him to send the alpha here into our territory. It’s our call, and that kid is quite a thief. This time don’t be careless, and don’t let them get away!”


“They promised.” Ji An handed his phone to Ping Mo.

Ping Mo nodded after he read it. “Think about it. This time, they are more prepared than last time. They won’t let you go, and you may suffer a little.”

Ji An smiled bitterly. “Anyway, my photos are in their hands. These people threatened me help start human trafficking, threatened that if I weren’t cooperative, they would expose me and my future would be ruined. This matter was wrong from the beginning.” Ji An bit his lips as if he had made up his mind. “I’m willing to gamble.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Ping Mo patted his back. “Go on. Go back and get ready.”

Ji An left the classroom with a heavy heart, but Zhou Li stayed behind looking extremely hesitant. Pei Yutu saw the situation and waved at her. “Come here.”

Zhou Li had always been afraid of the fierce Teaching Assistant. She peeked at Ping Mo, but he didn’t respond, so she could only go over. Pei Yutu said, “Instructor Ping doesn’t think you lied. He treats you both equally. You are afraid that your friend misunderstood, and thinks you betrayed him, right? After all, only the two of you know about this matter.”

“Right!” Zhou Li suddenly realized he was right, and felt the heart of her worry dissipate. Instructor Ping was worthy of being the most handsome and most Top A teacher of the Alliance Military Technology University! And so gentle, in her interest! “But how did Instructor Ping know about it?”

“He deduced it. Instructor Ping is so smart!” Teaching Assistant Pei said this, but in his heart, he thought, Most likely, small kitten Ping overheard it, and came up with this idea to get back at Ghost Ear.

But could it work?

This cat of his could only smooth his fur, and his lies were abundant. Ping had established a strong reputation, so he could only let him pretend to be an alpha. Pei Yutu could only give him this little bit of face. 

Zhou Li didn’t know the inner turmoil of Teaching Assistant Pei, and left feeling full of admiration.

When they were both far away, Ping Mo said, “I just wanted to put a little more pressure on Ji An. I didn’t think about it that much.”

Pei Yutu, “Okay, okay, okay. You’re the most selfless. Not trying to take care of that little girl is such a small thing, after all. It’s not a thing a fierce man like you, Instructor Ping, should do.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Teaching Assistant Pei Yutu was prepared for him to deliver an infuriating kick on the spot after that tirade, and was secretly ready to block it. However, to his surprise, Ping Mo smiled. “I didn’t expect you to react so quickly, and play along.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was left a bit dizzy from Ping Mo’s smile, and said, “Hu Lei, that pussy. Even cats and dogs can’t stand him. From the teachers to students, who doesn’t annoy him? This persona is also not useful. But seriously, I don’t believe you’ll let Ji An take this risk. You wanted to go to Ghost Ear alone from the beginning, right? If you insist on going, I won’t stop you, but I’ll go with you to the dragon’s den. How about it?”

“Really?” Ping Mo looked intently at Pei Yutu. “Why are you so nice to me?”

“Ah, fuck. There is no why.” 

The closer Ping Mo got, the closer Pei Yutu got to the smell of vetiver grass. He was also smelling the very light but attractive, sweet grapefruit scent. He was so close that the long, thick eyelashes could almost be counted one by one, Teaching Assistant Pei’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and his mouth was also dry. He was also thinking, Why do I really want to be so good to you?

There were some unformed answers that were almost ready to come out.

The next second, Pei Yutu only felt the pain in the back of his neck, followed by blackness.

Ping Mo moved just in time to catch his falling body. Although there was no trace of fat on Teaching Assistant Pei, with his one meter nine height, and the density of his strong muscles, he wasn’t light. Instructor Ping, however, was a trained professional, and securely caught the man before he slowly put him down.

Ping Mo gave the other man’s contoured cheek a pat, a little disgusted. “Why are you so heavy?” Whirling around, he drew out a rope made of special material. “Thank you, but this is my own business. For the time being, you have to stay still for a little bit.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. 根绳上的蚂蚱 – means basically ‘we are all in this together’ or ‘sink or swim together’
  2. 咸吃萝卜淡操心= “eat your carrots with salt and don’t worry about it” A similar meaning to ‘don’t worry your pretty little head’ or ‘don’t be a busybody’. A rather condescending way to tell someone not to worry so much or butt in. It refers to how adding more salt when pickling carrots will make it last longer


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