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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Colonel Lu Feng didn’t put on a show. He didn’t stay at the Star Hotel near the school, only the Alliance Military Technology University Exchange Center. Pei Yutu pushed Ping Mo to the lobby. The aide looked at their documents, then smiled and said, “Instructor Ping please go in. Military Instructor Pei, can you wait a little while in the lounge?”

Pei Yutu thought, What kind of guest is this big? “Since Instructor Ping is in this physical condition, it’s not practical. If you don’t let me in, who will push him up?”

“I’ll push him.”

Pei Yutu and Ping Mo both looked around at the sound, and saw a familiar face.

“Why are you everywhere?” Pei Yutu muttered in a not-so-subtle voice.

Cheng Cheng didn’t mind, just gave him a little provocative smile. “I heard that Team Leader Ping was injured. He specifically ordered me to pick him up, and to not bother you.”

Pei Yutu was even more irritated. “Who are you? How is it you have any say about whether it’s a problem or not?”

“Pei Yutu, stop it,” Ping Mo interrupted him in time. “Cheng Cheng, let’s go.”

Cheng Cheng, as the victor, immediately took the wheelchair, and pushed Ping Mo into the elevator.

Pei Yutu, Fuck! 

He looked at their backs and muttered, “So I’m just a human drudge. Am I useless after delivering you?”

Lu Feng’s room had thick curtains that were impermeable to the outdoor sunlight, and no air conditioning. The room was hot and stuffy, but Ping Mo and Cheng Cheng were very used to it. The two were a lieutenant colonel and a major, but like new soldiers stayed at the door, and shouted, “Reporting.” 

A somewhat hoarse but serious voice came from the room, “Come in.”

Lu Feng’s whole body was hidden in the darkness. Only a pair of legs were clearly outlined by the dim wall lamp, while a pair of crutches stood next to those legs.

“Ping Mo, how did your leg get like this?” Lu Feng asked.

Ping Mo immediately stood up from the wheelchair, and gave a standard military salute. “It’s almost healed. The wheelchair is mainly to cover my tail.”

Lu Feng let out a long breath, as if he was angry, but also as if he was physically exhausted. Then, he said, “Even if you have left the Raptors, you are still an officer of Alliance. How could you fight in underground boxing, and get yourself into such a mess?”

Ping Mo whispered in defense, “Only one bone was broken. It’s already healed.”

“I mean your tail! Take off your hat!”

Ping Mo was obviously very reluctant. He glanced at Cheng Cheng beside him, but still slowly took off his hat. The room was dimly lit, but it was clear that the two fluffy cat ears on top of his head were wilted back, the standard ‘airplane ears’ wimpy.

Ping Mo was in front of his subordinate, but this irascible iron-faced boss, the devil military instructor, had been single-handedly raised by his old superiors and was scared from the bottom of his heart.

On the other hand, Cheng Cheng peeked at his captain’s unlucky look, and his heart only thought of two words, super cute.

“Why do you look like that?!” Lu Feng let out an assertive shout, startling both of them.

However, the sudden anger of Colonel Lu seemed to exhaust him, and he gasped for breath for a while. Ping Mo rushed forward to pat his back, as he whispered, “Don’t get angry, it’s my fault.”

Cheng Cheng stood at attention, his back straight. Lu Feng’s health wasn’t as good as it used to be, but his authority was still present. There was no one in the whole of E Group who wasn’t afraid of him. The only one who would dare to go over to him when he was in full swing was Ping Mo, who was raised by him.

Lu Feng finally breathed easily and waved his hand. “It’s not an issue. Just the old problem again. I can’t see the light, can’t blow the wind. 1 Ping Mo. Cheng Cheng. You two are too disappointing. Explain to me what happened.”


“Ping Mo, I wanted you to be a military instructor in the Alliance Military Technology University. I told you to not cause trouble, and not reveal the fact that you are Therian. Cheng Cheng, I wanted you to protect him and follow him closely. Did either of you follow these orders?”

This time, Ping Mo honestly kept his mouth shut, but Cheng Cheng, who had been standing at attention, suddenly spoke up, and his tone was quite stubborn, “Report! Colonel, although Team Leader Ping is an omega, he is no less capable than any top alpha!”

“Nonsense!” Lu Feng scolded, then had to catch his breath for a while. This time he didn’t continue to be angry, only whispered, “Ping Mo is the one I watched grow up. I just want him to be safe.”

“Do you know why I am so partial to you?” Colonel Lu Feng waved at Ping Mo. Ping crouched down in front of him, while his furrowed hand caressed the top of Ping Mo’s head. He accidentally touched his cat ears, which twitched subconsciously.

“Because you are very much like me when I was young. I also came from the special forces, with blood courage, and thought I would be able to save the world, walk the road to see injustice, and always pull out a knife to help. They said I was the original Alliance single combat ability. I served from the age of eighteen to twenty-three years old. A short period of five years. On numerous merits, I thought I would sit in the special forces for life. Until that time when I was seriously wounded.”

Lu Feng paused there. Ping Mo and Cheng Cheng were also silent. Many people in the Military Ministry know the old story, and sighed for Colonel Lu.

It was said that it was an accidental, but serious, explosion. He wasn’t on a mission when Lu Feng, a special forces soldier, saw that civilians had mistakenly intruded into a danger zone and he defiantly rushed in to save the people. It was because of his desperate actions to save civilians without any protection, that he was seriously injured. However, a rescued grandfather, in order to cheat his insurance, resorted to backbiting, and insisted that he was pushed into the blast zone by Lu Feng.

Lu Feng was nearly disciplined for this, thanks to the several weeks it took to transfer the surveillance video needed to clear his name. Unfortunately his leg was seriously injured as well as his internal organs, and he had brain damage to varying degrees. His ‘first single combat ability’ skills no longer existed, so he could only be transferred to civilian duties, and moved to Division Seven retirement. Nevertheless, Lu Feng wasn’t willing to spend his life on such a muddled path. After a few years, he took the initiative to apply to take over the newly established E Group. The E Group base was remote, and the environment was harsh, but under his leadership, it really trained a large number of quality special forces, and he even received a personal commendation from the Marshal, who was a legendary figure.

Lu Feng sighed, “At my age, you will know that a healthy body is more important than anything else. In addition to the front line, there are many places where you can shine. I’m not discriminating against omegas, but what kind of people, and what kind of work you can do…the revolution is only different, there are no highs or lows. Ping Mo, I want you to be safe.”

Ping Mo lowered his head. He knew that there were no false intentions. Lu Feng always said the same thing. However, Ping Mo felt that his character of irritability and arbitrariness might have created a shadow in him. Why had he never heard Lu Feng have such an almost patriarchal tone of voice?

Not like a superior, but like an ordinary elder.

In the dim light, Ping Mo saw Lu Feng’s cloudy eyes, which seemed to have aged a lot in the past few months.

“Ping Mo,” Lu Feng changed his tone and returned to seriousness. “Do you have something to say to me?”

Ping Mo shook his head, “No.”


Ping Mo’s heart was astonished. He felt that the old superior seemed to know something, but still refused to be tricked into revealing anything, and said, “I just came to see you today. There’s nothing I want to say.”

There was a short silence, and Lu Feng said, “Ghost Ear. The mole you put on Taiping Street found Ghost Ear’s trail, right?”

Ping Mo looked up in surprise.

Lu Feng grunted, “Don’t look at me like that. The inside line is yours. No one else has the right to listen in, and neither do I. I came here this time to track down White Hole. They have always been active outside our domain, but recently they have been frequently visiting the main star. There must be a demon involved when things go wrong so that Ghost Ear and the White Hole are inextricably linked. Naturally they are under surveillance. What are you going to do? “

Since the pot was broken, Ping Mo didn’t intend to play dumb. “Catch him.”

Lu Feng, “You want to act without permission again?”

Ping Mo bowed his head and said nothing.

Due to his pursuit of Ghost Ear, the mission’s failure, and what happened after they returned, all of E Group received the news that he was Therian. In order to preserve his life, the colonel had expressly forbidden him to interfere with Ghost Ear.

In fact, Lu Feng said it again now, “You should stay out of this.”

Cheng Cheng glanced at Lu Feng with a hesitant look.

Ping Mo didn’t say a word, just showed a good attitude of acquiescence. However the fur on the top of the cat’s ears was hackled, and the palms of his hands were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were white.

Lu Feng patted him on the head without warning. “Leave this to me.”

Ping Mo looked up, and said incredulously, “Colonel Lu.”

Lu Feng grunted lightly, his voice still hoarse, “This matter is becoming a heart problem for you. It is better that I solve it.”

Although it was confirmed that Ghost Ear wasn’t the one who had been concealing his identity for years and suddenly revealed it, he must know a lot of inside information. More importantly, by capturing him alive, he could completely clear the suspicion around his name.

Lu Feng’s willingness to personally take action was undoubtedly great news for Ping Mo, and Instructor Ping was in a good mood. He saw that Lu Feng had finished the business at hand, and seemed to have the intention of rushing his guests out because he was busy, so he said, “Colonel, I have a friend. He admires you very much, but I heard that you do not see guests.”

“The one downstairs, Pei Yutu, right?” Lu Feng said, “Cheng Cheng, go and bring him up. I want to see him too.”

Ping Mo originally intended to avoid it due to the principle of confidentiality, but Lu Feng, uncharacteristically, just said, “Pei Yutu is also a distinguished young officer, not an outsider. It’s okay,” and let Cheng Cheng bring him up.

Pei Yutu hadn’t waited in the lobby downstairs, he had heard that his idol also lived in the Alliance Military Technology Exchange Center, but lived in seclusion and didn’t see guests in private, so he didn’t go to the lounge area, but stayed talking to the lobby manager, while he stared at the elevator with anxious eyes, and hoped to meet with his idol.

Until Cheng Cheng reluctantly invited him upstairs.

Because he was meeting an outside guest, Lu Feng finally pulled back the heavy curtains, and Pei Yutu received a double shock as a result.

“Ping Mo, why are you here? The guest you wanted to see is Lu Feng? Why is Colonel Lu haggard like this?”

Ping Mo had already resumed his seat in the wheelchair, and kicked him hard with his ‘intact’ leg. “Young people are too straightforward and quick to speak.”

The curtains were pulled back, so sunlight filled the suite’s living room, and finally revealed Lu Feng’s true face.

He was sitting on the sofa with a pair of crutches beside him. His body was withered, his face was haggard and his cheekbones were deeply sunken, but his uniform was still straight, and his eyes cloudy but stern. He was like an old dying tree, held together by a weak, but noticeable military aura.

“Colonel Lu, I’ve always admired you. It’s because of you that I made up my mind to join the army.” Pei Yutu stood up straight when he saw his idol, and showed a rare nervousness. “Actually, we’ve met previously. You’re not quite the same as before.”

“Really? Don’t mention it. Sit down.” Lu Feng said.

Pei Yutu did not sit down directly, but pushed Ping Mo’s wheelchair away from the most sunny spot before sitting down next to him.

Although Instructor Ping was an omega, he lived more like an ordinary alpha, and didn’t care about the sunlight on his face. However, Lu Feng noticed this detail. His cloudy eyes stared at Pei Yutu for a moment, before he asked in a hoarse voice, “When did we meet?”

Pei Yutu said, “It’s normal that you don’t remember me, I was about ten years old when I followed my grandfather to E Group.”

Lu Feng nodded unexpectedly. “General Dai’s grandson. You’ve been stronger and taller than other children since you were a child. You’ll be stronger than this old man.”

Pei Yutu said, “You are not yet fifty. You are still in your prime, you’re not old.”

Ping Mo listened to their pleasantries, and thought without moving a muscle, Pei wasn’t only a second generation rich kid, but also a third generation military official. No wonder he got him off so easily last time.

There weren’t many people in the Alliance who were Generals. There was only one General surnamed Dai, and his status was very important.

Although they didn’t talk about anything serious, Pei Yutu had enough addiction to close contact with his idol that his whole person was in a state of excitement. Lu Feng finally said, “Pei, Ping Mo is the child I raised. I think you also know his identity. I heard that you live together?”

Ping Mo, “!!!”

Pei Yutu chuckled and smiled, “Yeah.”

“Ping Mo’s pheromones are unstable, and he occasionally needs alpha pheromone regulation. I won’t interfere, but you have to know the differences between alphas and omegas so please pay attention to proportions.” Under Lu Feng’s implied warning, Pei Yutu suddenly had the illusion that he had become the son-in-law picked on by the old man, just from the natural dislike.

Ping Mo was so embarrassed that he was about to say something when he heard Lu Feng drop another heavy bomb. “If you dare to do anything to my Raptor Captain, the E Group won’t agree and all the Raptors will look for you to settle the score!”

“I know you are in charge of the E Group, but we young people – wait!” Pei Yutu was now a well-defined handsome face written full of shock. As he incredulously stared at his military instructor, his eyes almost bugged out, “You, you, you-“

Ping Mo impatiently said, “Speak properly.”

Pei Yutu said forcefully, “Fuck! Me!”

Ping Mo, “…”

Until Lu Feng gave the expulsion order, Pei Yutu was still in shock, with his big hand petting the cat ears on top of Instructor Ping’s head, as he whispered in a not-so-little voice, “Are you really a Raptor? Or are you the captain? Big bully!”

Lu Feng’s cold, hoarse voice rang out behind the two, “Pei Yutu, I meant what I said just now. I wasn’t joking with you.”

Without waiting for Pei Yutu to speak, he added, “Ping Mo, stay. I have something to say.”

Ping Mo patted the back of Pei Yutu’s hand and gestured for him to go out first, then pushed the wheels of his wheelchair and closed the door before he respectfully stood up. “Colonel.”

Lu Feng, “How far have you and Pei Yutu progressed?”

Ping Mo wasn’t used to talking to his superior about such things, so he was embarrassed and awkward, “Not the kind of relationship you think.”

Lu Feng seemed relieved and said, “I can feel that his pheromones are very strong, and he had a good physical quality too. If he uses it on you, it may result in an uncontrolled situation.”

This was an implicit statement that Ping Mo understood. He calmly said, “If any alpha dares to mark me, I will kill him.”

Lu Feng was finally satisfied, “That’s the Ping Mo I know. Okay. Go ahead.”

On the way back, Pei Yutu forgot to sigh about meeting his idol, as he said “How is it possible?” all the way, in between “no wonder” and “bull!”

Like a repeater that doesn’t work very well, it made Instructor Ping’s head hurt. “Will you shut the fuck up?”

Pei Yutu, “No!”

Ping Mo, “Are you looking for a beating?”

Pei Yutu exclaimed with pride, “Raptor Captain! Fuckin’ hell.”

Lu Feng told Pei Yutu about Ping Mo’s identity with the intention of shocking him, but he never expected that after he was shocked, all he was left with was “really.” His Instructor Ping was so skilled that he deserved to be the Raptor Captain. Pei Yutu felt that he liked him even more, and he was even more excited when he thought that the person he liked was actually the Raptor Captain.

Instructor Ping, however, didn’t know the twists and turns of his heart, and was no longer paying attention to Teaching Assistant Pei’s noise, but began to calculate another thing in his heart. Whether to beat him up.

When he first learned about the t-shirt from Lu DongWang, Ping Mo planned to let Pei know why the flowers were so red immediately after they returned from Lu Feng. Beating him up was the most basic answer.

After all, Pei Yutu hadn’t known that he was the cat. He was unaware when he was pinching the cat’s balls, forcing him to wear a cat bikini, and always being thoughtless. At that time, the crime was punishable death.

Now Pei Yutu had the intention to hide, in fact, wasn’t this also a good way to resolve the embarrassment? We all are ignorant, so can’t we maintain decency?

Instructor Ping gradually withdrew his killing heart and decided to pretend not to know about it, so that they could all work together to cover up the peace. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, that night he turned back into a cat.

Pei Yutu had just returned from a night run and was sweating. When he came back, he didn’t see Instructor Ping, but the fluffy, sticky white ball sitting squarely on the most conspicuous coffee table with its long tail curled in front of its two paws.

Pei Yutu, “Oh, no.”

Ping Mo thought that now both of them had a good idea that he was a cat, and since Pei Yutu knew he would naturally not dare to rub him as before. Therefore he simply didn’t hide, just squatted there waiting for his return. After he greeted Teaching Assistant Pei, he gave a small yawn, to show two sharp canine teeth, and then lazily stretched out his paws to lick. He raised his paw to ruffle his small fluffy ears, shook his fur, and was ready to go back to rest.

As he turned around, he was grabbed by a pair of big hands.

Ping Mo, “?”

Pei Yutu skillfully took the cat by the back of his neck and shoved him into his arms with a smile, “Kitty, you’re back!”

He lifted his palm and slapped Ping Mo’s plump, fluffy ass, which felt great in his hand, and then he picked up the long tail and squeezed the cat’s balls.


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  1. It’s dark and hot in the room with blackout curtains and no air conditioning


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