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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


What was a dilemma? This was a living example.

Pei Yutu lingered in Ping Mo’s room for a long time, as he squatted on the floor and lit a cigarette without any care for his image.

Lu DongWang came in after he smelled the smoke, and in a tone of ‘No wonder. It’s you’, he marveled, “Pei? Why are you smoking in Instructor Ping’s room?”

After having got along for such a long time, they had gradually come to understand each other. They knew that Ping Mo was a non-smoker, and generally non-smokers can smell smoke. Instructor Ping’s temper was known to utilize his good hands, so usually only those who didn’t have eyes dared to expose him to second-hand smoke. However, Pei Yutu actually ran directly to his room to smoke with great fanfare!

Tsk. It was worthy of a man who could live with Instructor Ping.

“You worry about it. I’m helping Instructor Ping move.” Pei Yutu held a cigarette. In front of him was an open suitcase, neatly arranged with Ping Mo’s clothes.

Lu DongWang, “You decided to officially live together, and never go back to the dormitory, right?”

Pei Yutu was pleased by ‘live together’ which put him in a slightly better mood, and then had a flash of inspiration. “I know! Old Lu is my lucky star!”

Lu DongWang was confused. “What do you know?”

Pei Yutu didn’t answer him, just messed up the neatly folded clothes, then stuffed in the remaining clothes from the closet. As he looked at the messy pile of tangled items, Lu DongWang’s heart jumped. “Brother Pei, if you have any dissatisfaction with Instructor Ping you can say it properly. This will cause an incident! Instructor Ping has a violent temper and will fight you!”

It seemed that the two alphas really didn’t get along!

Pei Yutu said meaningfully, “You don’t understand. I’m taking a chance. If I take it back in one piece, I’ll be dead.”

He clicked the box closed, and patted Lu DongWang’s shoulder. “When you have a date in the future, you will understand. Learn well. This is the wisdom of a mature man.”

Mature Man Pei Yutu’s calculations were thus: if the clothes were brought back neatly, it was bound to help sink him. If he missed that one, it was even more obvious. Now with all the clothes messed up, he can say he didn’t look carefully, therefore he hadn’t seen the t-shirt!

This would perfectly solve the crisis. Ping Mo would never find out he knew the secret that he could become a cat.

A kilometer away, Instructor Ping was basking in the air conditioning, as he drank cold, sweet milk and ate creamy cupcakes. His ‘injured leg’ was in a plaster cast high up in the air, as comfortable as it could be, with the only downside being that his ears and tail hadn’t retracted, so he couldn’t go out at all.

However, there was one thing that was compelling him to go out.

This time Lu Feng’s visit was a big announcement. It wasn’t a confidential mission, so he could go and visit him openly.

Although Lu Feng watched him grow up, similar to his own elders, and also knew his Therian identity, Ping Mo still felt awkward. The cat ears and tail were girly, and affected his tough guy image. So he planned to find some clothes that could cover them up.

He opened an online shopping site. A hat was a must, but what about the lower half of his body? HIs tail was so long, how could it be hidden in normal pants? Could he wear a skirt to cover it?

When Leng Li’s phone call came, he was torn.

In the past, Leng Li seldom called without important matters, and usually just sent messages that also came with a number of cute emoticons to sell cuteness. However, since Ping Mo revealed his beast ears, Leng Li had changed. Not only did her emoticons disappear from the texts, even the face emoticons were no longer being used, which resulted in a significant reduction in text messages. Strangely, there were an increasing number of phone calls.

He didn’t know what kind of trivial matter it was, so Ping Mo picked up the phone with distinct lack of interest, “I’m busy with–“

However, after he said those three words, he became serious and listened with a frown. “Are you sure?”

Leng Li, “Ghost Ear is back for sure! If there is any movement on Taiping Street, it can’t escape my notice.”

Ping Mo believed in Leng Li’s ability and would never want to lose her observational talents, but after what happened last time, why would Ghost Ear dare to come back? Wasn’t he afraid of being found by him?

Although Instructor Ping didn’t doubt the authenticity of this clue, he also felt that it was too easy to capture him, and that there was still something fishy. Nevertheless, he urged Leng Li, “Keep an eye on him, but don’t alert the snake.”

After he hung up the phone, Ping Mo was still pondering, when he heard the door open as Pei Yutu returned.

Teaching Assistant Pei put two suitcases at the door, and reported in a loud voice, “I’ve got all your stuff here!”

Ping Mo didn’t care, and gave a perfunctory, “Okay.”

Pei Yutu went to the refrigerator to fetch ice water, then drank the whole bottle in one breath. Now relieved from the heat, he sat his butt next to Ping Mo. “I was a little hasty when I came and went, so things aren’t properly organized. Except for your precious dagger. That’s carefully wrapped. All the other things are stuffed in the case, I hope you don’t mind.”

Ping Mo was still thinking about Ghost Ear as he said, “It’s okay.”

Pei Yutu, “In fact, they are all old clothes, and the style is also ordinary. You’re young, so why do you dress like a little old man? How about I give you a few new custom-made pieces?”

Ping Mo was immersed in his thoughts, and didn’t hear what he was saying. “Okay, okay. Whatever.”

Teaching Assistant Pei rubbed his hands together. “Then I can customize it according to my own aesthetic?” After he said that, he suddenly spied Ping Mo’s cell phone screen, and asked in surprise, “Why are you looking at women’s clothing?”

Instructor Ping snapped his phone away. “No!”

Pei Yutu thought he was buying clothes for some little girl, and his jealousy flared up, so he pretended to fight. “So stingy. Let me take a look to help for reference!”

As a result of this, Ping was unable to get away, and he was caught up in Pei Yutu’s arms in a very indecent position within a couple of seconds.

Pei Yutu’s attention was on his phone, as he scrambled through his browsing history. He found that the keywords he had searched were: men’s clothing, wide, pants and skirts. He asked incredulously, “Are you the one who wants to wear it?”

Ping Mo hit Pei Yutu with an elbow to the chest, angrily broke out of his arms, and grabbed back his phone as he said, “Wear it. Shit!”

Pei Yutu then realized that he had just hugged Instructor Ping, so he wasn’t annoyed by the blow, but instead smiled cheekily as he said, “There is nothing shameful about transvestites, I support you.”

Ping Mo’s temple twitched, and he subconsciously wanted to lift his foot to kick the person away, then quickly remembered that he was ‘injured’ and resentfully withdrew his leg. “I want to hide my tail to go out.”

Pei Yutu, “Oh.” He suggested, “Actually a skirt is a good way. You’ll look good, but short men dressed as women must be strong or not many will like you.”

“Dress. As. A. What?” Ping Mo asked word by word.

Pei Yutu had already withdrawn a long distance. “The wounded shouldn’t be angry, and just honestly sit in place!”

Ping Mo took a breath. “I am one meter eight.”

Pei Yutu, “One meter seventy-eight. I read your information in that underground boxing ring. According to my experience, generally someone who is really one meter seventy-eight will report one meter eight, while one meter seventy-five will report one meter seventy-eight. Do you think that I won’t measure?”

Instructor Ping was so angry that the hair on his cat ears exploded, but he was ‘wounded’, and couldn’t move, so he could only glare at him.

Pei Yutu, however, felt that his kitten was really good-looking when angry. When those watery, round, gray-blue eyes glared at him they appeared larger. The top of his cat ears stood up, and because of his hackled fur, they looked even more fluffy and glutinous. Even though the fair face was also angry and red, really it was white and red. It was beautiful.

Nevertheless, Kitten Ping was quite vindictive. He would take a little teasing on the line, then later when he was well, he would really beat people, or beat people with a trick, and maybe also with a weapon. Who could stand such a domestic violence incident?

Pei Yutu could see that well enough was well enough, and stopped. The conversation turned. “I heard some extremely happy news. Want to hear?”

Ping Mo was still angry. “No!”

Pei Yutu laughed, excited. “I know you are interested. Guess who’s coming to the Alliance army? Colonel Lu Feng! I’ve told you about my idol. The famous Raptor, and the leader of Group E. You know them, right? They are part of Group E, under the direct supervision of Colonel Lu! It’s a pity that Raptors’ team members are specially trained from childhood, a real elite education, and don’t take people from the outside, otherwise I would’ve liked to sign up.”

Ping Mo heard him praise Raptors, and thought that although this person was a bit of a dog, at least he recognized quality. His anger was half gone, and he modestly said, “The Raptors aren’t as good as you think. They just provide better treatment for the high level soldiers. The promotion opportunities aren’t as good as your regular troops.”

This was a modest statement from the former Raptor Captain, but if someone didn’t know who he was, it would sound like acid to their ears.

Pei Yutu suddenly remembered that when he first reported to the Alliance Military Technology University, he’d heard that Ping Mo was a member of the Raptors. However, these days the entire Military Ministry’s method of bragging was “I have a friend in the Raptors” or “I know the Raptor Captain.” His own Kitten Ping was a person who wanted to save face, so it was normal to say that grapes were sour when you couldn’t eat them.

Pei Yutu didn’t want to poke at him, to avoid undermining his self-esteem, and simply dismissed the topic. He said, “If it’s the Eagles, or not the Raptors, it’s not important. If only I could meet Colonel Lu. He’s always been invisible. I haven’t seen the real person for many years, and this time he came to the Alliance for a big expedition. I’ve decided to go and try for a chance encounter.”

“…” Ping Mo, “You sound like a star-struck little girl.”

Pei Yutu wasn’t convinced. “Lu Feng is a hero! How can it be the same as those girly stars?”

Among the stars of Alliance, Ping Mo could only count the ones he knew on one hand, so he had no opinion about whether they were girly or not. However, he thought about how Lu Feng was indeed a hero, so it was only natural that Pei Yutu worshiped him. There was no young man in the Military Ministry who didn’t worship Lu Feng.

Ping Mo still felt that he owed Pei Yutu a lot that he couldn’t repay with money alone.

When he went to meet with Lu Feng, he would quietly explain the situation, and Colonel Lu would definitely sell that face. So, he wouldn’t tell Pei for the time being, as a surprise to him.


Ping Mo was suddenly blessed with a solution that was the best of both worlds.

“Pei Yutu, borrow a wheelchair for me in a couple of days, and push me to meet someone.”

Anyway, his leg was in a cast so he couldn’t move freely. This way he could hide his tail with the wheelchair as well! Being pushed was a bit humiliating, but it was the lesser of two evils. A wheelchair was much better than wearing a dress!

In a flash, it was the appointed day of the meeting. The last few days Ping Mo still couldn’t go out, and had been huddled at home. He changed between the two sets of pajamas, so the suitcase hadn’t been opened. When he saw that Pei Yutu wasn’t there, he walked quickly to the suitcase, opened it, and was dumbfounded.

All the clothes were tangled together in a mess, and after two days of fermentation, most of them were pressed and wrinkled.

Ping Mo, “…”

A lot of these were expensive biodegradable clothes!

Now there was no other choice, so Instructor Ping had to look at each piece, as he tried to find a decent one. Then he saw a T-shirt that didn’t belong to him. This T-shirt was obviously not his size. Ping Mo pulled it out and examined it for a long time, then suddenly remembered. This shirt was Pei Yutu’s!

When Pei Yutu accidentally took the aphrodisiac he had brought back from the Wind Chimes Bar, he watched Ping turn from a cat into a human being, then watched him run away wearing his T-shirt. When he woke up the next day, Ping Mo went to find out what he remembered and was relieved to learn that Teaching Assistant Pei thought he was dreaming.

If he found the T-shirt…

Absolutely not! When he was a cat, he was pampered and cute in front of Pei Yutu. He was no different from a real cat, and lost a lot of face, so he must not find out! Then again, Pei Yutu said that these clothes were caught in a handful. In such a large mass, it shouldn’t have been found, right?

Ping Mo’s heart was apprehensive, but the question wasn’t easy to ask, so he waited until the two of them set off. He sat in the wheelchair, put on the duck-tongued cap to cover the cat ears, tucked the tail into the back of the seat to hide it, and only then did he pretend to carelessly ask, “My clothes…you just grabbed them and stuffed them into the box?”

Pei Yutu thought, I knew it was coming! Luckily, he had already prepared a script, and he answered easily, “Yes. I was busy at the time. Why? Are the clothes wrinkled? I’ll buy you some more to make up for it.”

Ping Mo heard his natural tone, that wasn’t nervous at all, and was relieved. “No.”

“Don’t be polite with me, the order is all ready. I went directly to the brand to get it. That’s much more reliable than stuff from that interesting uniform store. You just wait for the finished product.”

“…” Ping Mo really didn’t want to recall the erotic uniform store. “Actually, there is something else I haven’t told you–“

However, before he could say anything about the ‘surprise’ of meeting Lu Feng today, he was interrupted by someone. “Hey, Instructor Ping! What a coincidence.”

Lu DongWang waved enthusiastically as he ran off the basketball court in his gym uniform, and after greeting him, he said, “Brother Pei, you moved out, why don’t you ever answer your phone?”

The original teaching team leader, Hu Lei, had been dismissed for maliciously provoking students’ parents and pouring dirty water on Instructor Ping, and the new team leader who came to replace him was named Li.

Pei Yutu picked up his cell phone and went to the side to return the call, so Lu DongWang took the opportunity to ask Ping Mo quietly, “Instructor Ping, have you and Pei reconciled?”

Ping Mo was confused by the question, “Reconciled what?”

Lu DongWang had an expression of ‘you don’t have to hide it from me’ and said, “I saw it all. The day Pei went back to the dormitory to pack up your things, the clothes were folded neatly, but in one cigarette’s time, all the clothes were messed up. There must have been a fight in the middle!”


“Look at you hurt like this. That’s also too careless. In fact, Pei isn’t a careful person, so you also have little patience. I, too, count him as a friend, and understand him quite well. Him taking the initiative to take care of people is no different than the sun coming out of the west. Brother Pei to you is…” Two alphas together isn’t easy. Try not to quarrel!

Ping Mo interrupted him, “You said he had folded the clothes, then messed them up on purpose?”

Lu DongWang, “Yeah! Have you made up now?”

Ping Mo, “Heh.”

Pei Yutu, who had finished talking on the phone about work, came back and felt a chill run up his spine, “What’s wrong?”

Ping Mo and Lu DongWang said in unison, “Nothing!”

Instructor Ping even smiled at him, “Let’s meet the guests first, then we’ll go back.”

Ping Mo’s face was online. 1 Even if there wasn’t much emotion in the smile, the visual effect was really bright and radiant. Pei Yutu felt refreshed when he saw the smile, and forgot to pursue his concerns. He willingly did the hard work of pushing the wheelchair and said, “Yes, I’ll first send you to meet the guests.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 颜值在线 means he put on his good looks. Even though he smiled without any emotions, his face itself was enough


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