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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu held Ping Mo in place, and glared coldly at Bomb. “I’d like to ask you what the fuck is going on!”

The sweet fragrance of grapefruit quickly spread, and caused all the alphas present to become excited, and all of them blushed. Brother Bomb lifted his lapel to cover his mouth and nose, as if he was using his clothes as a gas mask. His chest heaved as he said, “I don’t know!”

The boys behind him also swallowed wildly, while they breathed heavily, and thought it was some big drug they didn’t know about. However a Therian’s sweet omega pheromones were no different than drugs to them.

“I’ve never smelled such sweet pheromones before.”

“No wonder…no wonder the boss wants this guy. No, I want this guy.”

“This Therian is so good looking.”

“I can’t help it!”

One of the boys who still had his wits about him grabbed the man. “Do you want to die?! How dare you touch him? You’ll be killed when you get back!”

“Who’s got a blocking agent?”

“I have them!”

“Quickly, quickly! Split it up!”

The desperate group of alphas was clearly influenced by the sweet grapefruit omega pheromones, but also saw Ping Mo as a beast, afraid to be tempted by him.

“Pei Yutu.” The ‘flood beast’ himself, as if he could not bear the pain, squeezed Pei Yutu’s big hand in cold sweat. “It’s an inducer.”

“Inducer? The same as the last time in the underground boxing ring?”

Ping Mo shook his head, barely able to speak. Apparently this time the inducer was more violent than the one encountered in the underground casino where Leng Li gambled on illegal boxing. It was also more advanced. Colorless and odorless, he didn’t even know where it came from.

Plus, the effect was instantaneous.

“Pei Yutu,” Ping Mo finally squeezed out a complete sentence. “Take me away.”

After he said that, he collapsed as if he could not support himself.

Pei Yutu picked him up in his arms, but the group wouldn’t let him go. Pei Yutu didn’t spray the blocker on himself, and he was holding Instructor Ping, who was so soft and fragrant that he felt an evil fire burning through his body. Pei Yutu kicked an enemy who tried to attack him. The force of his leg was not to be underestimated, so the kick had the force of hundreds of kilograms.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Pei Yutu forced Ping Mo’s shoulders upward, wrapped his left hand around his buttocks and said, “Hold tight!”

Instructor Ping still had a little bit of fuzzy consciousness and instinctively wrapped his arms around Pei Yutu. This allowed a one-handed hold, so Pei Yutu was able to aim the gun with his free right hand.

“Just surrender! You’re no match for us with only one hand and holding someone!”

Surrounded by sweet omega pheromones, Bomb blushed as he negotiated a deal with Pei Yutu, “If you surrender, we will spare your life.”

Teaching Assistant Pei’s answer was a barrage of bullets.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

After a flurry of dodging footsteps and cursing, someone shouted, “These are empty shells, they won’t kill anyone! Besides, we are wearing bulletproof vests. A gun is useless under the existing conditions. You’d better not struggle!”

“Who says it’s useless?” After Pei Yutu had forcefully shot all the bullets, he turned his gun into a club and swept it across the area!

The gun was a standard G4 laser blaster that the AMTC allotted to students for practice. It was cheaply made, and had dense ballistics. The noise, smoke and shells had a greater impact on the shooter, so it wasn’t a high-end, precision weapon suitable for fighting with the enemy. However, the G4 blaster had a more significant feature, it was large and heavy.

Its length was half a man’s height, with an all metal body, and the weight was noticeable. Since it was super heavy, ordinary soldiers would usually set the gun in a fixed fulcrum before they aimed to shoot, but Pei Yutu simply used it like a steel pipe! Teaching Assistant Pei was a top alpha with a strong body. The weight of the G4 was no problem for him, and he swung the gun so hard that no one dared to get close to it for a while.

In front of him was a suitable place for hiding. Pei Yutu held Ping Mo with one hand and rushed forward with a single step, pointed his gun at the ground and jumped over the cover with a strong leap.

“Chase!” Brother Bomb shouted. “The edge of the protective net is just ahead, they can’t get far!”

He gave the order, and a group of people rushed over in a great wave.

At the same time, tens of kilometers away, the coalition’s grand command was at work.

“Move all passive rutting alphas out!” Military instructor Lu DongWang sprayed himself furiously with a blocking agent while he organized the alphas’ evacuation with tears in his eyes.

Cao LingXin and a few other alpha military instructors didn’t even dare to go near the newly established ‘command.’ “All Omegas stay inside and don’t move! No alphas are allowed! Barrier agent. Is there any more barrier agent?”

The alpha students who were driven out were all red in the face. Some of them were smelling omega pheromones for the first time, and were so embarrassed and shy that they asked their companions in a low voice, “Are all omega pheromones this good?”

The companions with experience, “Of course not. This should be the best of the best. All of the omegas I’ve dated together wouldn’t be sweeter!”

“I don’t know who is so careless to come to the skills competitions so close to their bonding heat. I want to go to help him.”

“I also want to protect that omega. If he is in danger, what can he do? At a time like this, an alpha should come forward.”


Cao LingXin hurriedly raised the loudspeaker. “All alphas stay put! Listen to the commands in unison! Everyone supervise each other and keep an eye on your companions!”

The older mature alphas would usually have a strong desire for predation and possession, while the young, untouched alphas would involuntarily have the thought, ‘I want to protect him.’

“Li Siyang has escaped!”

“Zhang Feng has also escaped!”


Cao LingXin pushed his glasses up and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Who the hell is this? This pheromone is too outrageous! Who can stop them?”

It was no coincidence that the same situation occurred in all corners of the small base in the remains of the desert, as the sweet overbearing sweet grapefruit omega pheromone continued to spread.

Behind the bunker was a laboratory with only the roof left, and as Bomb said, after this laboratory was the electronic protection network. No creature could pass through it alive. Even if they could pass through, the outside was an even more dangerous unknown world. They couldn’t avoid it.

Ping Mo hugged Pei Yutu’s neck, as he held on to the last trace of clarity. “Hand me over, there’s no point.”

There was no point in holding on any longer. This wasn’t meant as a demoralizing statement. Nevertheless, Instructor Ping, with years of combat experience, concluded that although Pei Yutu was a good fighter, the enemy was many and they were outnumbered. He had consumed too much energy, and with him as a burden, the possibility of escape was zero. If Pei Yutu handed him over now, maybe he could still break out alone and have a chance to live.

Unfortunately, Pei Yutu wasn’tt going to listen to him. “What are you talking about? No! I won’t give you up even if I die!”

Ping Mo only felt that his body was burning with unbearable desire. This bonding heat was more fierce than any other previous one. He could clearly feel the cat ears above his head and behind his tail had grown out. Ping Mo unconsciously curled his long tail around Pei Yutu’s waist, buried his head in his neck and shoulder, and smelled blood mixed with the scent of tequila alpha pheromones; spicy and fishy sweet.

He twitched his cat ears feebly and said, “You’re hurt.”

“A little superficial wound.” Pei Yutu replied lightly.

Ping Mo struggled. “Put me down. My life is not worth dragging others to die.”

Instead, Pei Yutu childishly hugged him tighter. He held his waist and hips firmly, and shouted back, “You are not dragging me down!”

Pei Yutu knew that if he let go of Ping Mo, he might never see his Kitten Ping again. Pei Yutu’s gun had long since broken, so he hit a hook straight into Bomb’s jaw, which splashed blood.

Only then did he whisper against Ping Mo’s ear, “You’re the motivation I need to fuck these bastards to death! I’ll get you out of here!”

“That’s impressive!” Brother Bomb wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth.

This was said to Pei Yutu, but the rolling hot eyes looked at Ping Mo. “Put down that cat-eared Therian, or today is your death day. Let’s see how long you can last!”

“I’ll fight even if I die!” Pei Yutu swung his fist and struck.

Bomb raised his fist to meet him. Both were power players, and both were under the influence of strong omega pheromones, with their blood boiling and full of battle spirit. They abandoned all technique, and only used the most primitive moves. The most direct way was to beat the other alpha to death.

Unfortunately,  Pei Yutu, since he was holding Ping Mo, could only utilize half of his body in order to protect the person in his arms. There was no way he could dodge all the attacks. The fight was inevitably disadvantageous, so every time he would hit the other with a punch he would then take two punches.

In the small space, the two fists hit flesh, while the rest of the people didn’t dare to approach, and left them space.

“If you go on like this, you will lose sooner or later. Is it really worth it for a Therian? Is he worth putting your life on the line? What else does he have besides his pretty face and good body?” Bomb asked with a ragged breath.

“What do you mean he’s only a Therian? What the fuck do you know?! He has a name!” Pei Yutu grunted as he was punched in the stomach then exclaimed, “He’s the best military instructor we have at the AMTC!”

Bomb burst out laughing. “An omega as a military instructor! Hahaha! If he doesn’t come with us, today is the day he will be revealed.”

As if in response to the words of Bomb, the smell of alpha pheromones in the air gradually thickened and grew in variety.

At that moment, they couldn’t yet hear the footsteps of those young alphas who smelled the sweet grapefruit pheromones, but their alpha pheromones spread faster.

“If he’s exposed, it counts as half of our mission being complete.” Bomb muttered to himself. Immediately afterwards, he said to Pei Yutu in an impishly loud voice, “You feel it too? Anyway, when your precious students arrive and see their respected and beloved military instructor wagging his tail in someone else’s arms while in heat, then smell his sweeter-than-a-bitch pheromones, will they still recognize him as a military instructor? You’re at the end of your rope anyway. Why don’t you hand the Therian over to us. I promise you, my boss means him no harm. You might as well save his reputation and give him the decency of being ‘captured.'”

“Yes.” Pei Yutu hugged Ping Mo, and slowly took a step back. “You’re right, let me think about it.”

Bomb and the others obviously didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It was better to take Instructor Ping away quietly, so they continued to follow their strategy. “There’s no time, those students will be here soon.”

“Okay.” Pei Yutu said. “Then I’ll say goodbye to him. I have to tell him that it’s not that I, Pei Yutu, who’s not righteous, but the situation.”

“Good! Those who know the time and place are the best.”

“Stand back, I want to talk with him.”

The crowd saw that Pei Yutu actually bent and put the man down, so they all relaxed their vigilance a little. They had blocked the entrance to this abandoned lab, and on the other side was the electronic protection net. The two people couldn’t even get away if they wanted to, so there was no need to worry.

Ping Mo, although he was in a trance from the heat, hadn’t fainted and heard the words clearly. When he felt Pei Yutu put him down, he said, “I would have done this too. I won’t–“

Before the words ‘blame you’ could be uttered, Pei Yutu had turned around like a lightning bolt and jumped up! Bomb and others were startled by this change, and instinctively fell back two steps, but Pei Yutu didn’t lunge at them. Instead he reached out to grasp a metal beam of the abandoned laboratory. The joints were loose because of its age, but it was still welded metal!

“What’s he up to?”

“He’s thinking of getting us!”


With a loud bang, the metal crossbeam was actually pulled free by Pei Yutu with his bare hands! He then slammed the beam into Bomb who was trying to lunge at him. To the sound of breaking bones, Pei Yutu yelled, “What’s the point of being a weakling? I’ll show you what being a top alpha means!”

Pei Yutu took advantage of the slowly collapsing roof to rush back to Ping Mo’s side and block the damage with his body. The heavy metal plate hit his back with a dull muffled sound. Ping Mo felt the vibration, but felt not a hint of pain from the heavy object hitting him.

It was all blocked by Pei Yutu.

“Pei Yutu!”

Cold sweat almost formed a line at the corner of Pei Yutu’s forehead, but he still showed a mouthful of white teeth. “So nervous about me?”

He raised his hand with difficulty, and petted a handful of Ping Mo’s soft short hair, along with the two fluffy cat ears in the short ink-like hair. “Don’t be afraid. I just realized that this lab isn’t an iron barrel. I’ll hold it for you. Do you see that hole? If you don’t want to be exposed, go drive my mecha. There is a blocking agent in the vehicle. At least try it out. Maybe you will survive this wave of bonding heat.”

The shouting, cursing and screaming outside were all a mess, while the little world that Pei Yutu had held up with his body seemed surprisingly peaceful.

Ping Mo smelled the fishy sweet blood, as well as spicy, overbearing tequila pheromones, and it became more and more difficult to feel. He felt more eager for his pheromones, while sour and soft emotions filled him at the moment, which almost suppressed his original desire and overflowed his chest.

This kind of emotion was too strange and overwhelming, and the overwhelming emotions could eventually only converge into the words, “Pei Yutu.”

Pei Yutu’s muscular arms continued to hold on, while beads of sweat dripped down. Due to his injuries and some loss of blood, his face turned abruptly red, and he looked slightly away. “Fuck! Don’t look at me with such eyes. Hurry up and go!”

Ping Mo, however, said in a firm but hoarse voice, “No.”

Pei Yutu glared at him. “Are you trying to waste my time? Hurry up. Later-“

His words ended abruptly when Ping Mo actually raised his head and suddenly bit his lips.

Pei Yutu, “!!!”

Instructor Ping had little experience, and his kissing skills were so bad that they didn’t have any gentleness, so he nearly bit through Teaching Assistant Pei’s bottom lip. The kiss was a mix of sweet grapefruit and blood. It was fierce but shallow, and after it was over, Ping Mo gasped and looked at him with lust-stained gray-blue eyes.

Pei Yutu’s Adam’s apple rolled. “What are you doing?”

Ping Mo couldn’t really answer, but he heard himself say in a muffled voice, “A temporary marker.”


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PY, as always, stepping up, protecting PM and exercising immense self control. His strength is phenomenal, enabled by PM.
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