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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Since there were a lot of omega students here, the ‘pervert’ was an eyesore, so POW Slingshot was finally given the humanitarian treatment of a jumpsuit. In addition to Slingshot, Instructor Ping was also able to temporarily relax and change out of his old clothes that were covered with blood stains.

Where there were more omegas, the quality of life was higher. They even had an extra clean change of clothes for military exercises like the red-blue confrontation game, while toiletries were also available, and the command was set up in such a short time that they could actually provide hot water.

Ping Mo ruthlessly refused Pei Yutu’s request to share a bath, and took a hot shower. He washed off all the dirt and blood, and came out as a white and tender Instructor Ping. Pei Yutu immediately took a combat shower with Ping Mo’s leftover hot water, and righteously said that the resources here were limited, so it was enough for him and Instructor Ping to share a room tonight.

Before Ping Mo could comment, Teaching Assistant Pei said generously, “I don’t know how long it will take for the rescue team to arrive, and I don’t know how many more people will be taken back to the command. What do you think, Instructor Ping?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Looking at the pair of starry eyes touched by a spirit of sacrifice, Instructor Ping’s eyes twitched at the corners. So he gritted his teeth and said, “Teaching Assistant Pei is right.”

However, as soon as he entered, Pei Yutu paid the price for his ‘moral kidnapping’. He was kicked off the bed by Ping Mo.

“Holy shit!” Pei Yutu said. “You really kicked me! You’re the former captain of the Raptors, so that hand is considered ‘armed’ on the street. Control it! Thanks to my practice, I’m all right. Anyone else would have gone to the hospital. Ping Mo, why are you so violent?”

For a moment, Instructor Ping really thought he was hit hard, but when he saw Teaching Assistant Pei’s pain-free expression, he put his mind at ease, shook open the blanket and threw it down. “Just one bed. You sleep on the ground.”

Pei Yutu jumped up like a show-off and caught the quilt precisely. “But then you won’t have a quilt to cover you.”

“I don’t need a blanket.” Ping Mo rolled out of bed, and stood in front of the small window. His eyes drifted away through the glass.

The scenery looked a bit peaceful, if one didn’t know not that the place was once heavily contaminated with nuclear weapons, and that the vegetation might harbor aggressive mutant animals and, more likely, countless fresh skeletons.

“What are you thinking about?” Pei Yutu came behind Ping Mo at some point and naturally wrapped his arms around Instructor Ping’s narrow, tight waist, as a light tequila smell wrapped around him as well.

“…” Ping Mo’s temple jumped. “Let go.”

Pei Yutu didn’t let go. “Why are you so stingy? When you want to bring out your cat ears, you just kiss me, but now I can’t hug you a little? It’s typical to use someone to face forward and not backward. Do you think it’s appropriate for you to do that?”

Ping Mo, “…”

He was caught in a logical loop woven by Teaching Assistant Pei, and really felt that he was wrong.

After a brief silence, Ping Mo gave a very soft “hmm,” and the fingers that had been slightly loosened, tightened again. “If it wasn’t for me, the people of White Hole and that other mysterious group of people wouldn’t have appeared, and the electronic defense network wouldn’t have been broken, right?”

For this reason, he believed he should avenge them and go to White Hole for an explanation. The method of ‘entering White Hole without any problems’ that Slingshot had explained came to mind once again. It was dangerous but could be verified as real. If it was correct, it would be a shortcut to the truth and revenge.

Pei Yutu interrupted his thoughts. “Don’t think so much. It has nothing to do with you! And even if it did have something to do with you, it’s not your fault. We can never guess what that pervert is thinking, can we? If you take it upon yourself, it’s just the victim guilt theory! The Instructor Ping that I know is a cool and violent guy who just does what he wants to do when he encounters injustice! He doesn’t get tired by beating himself up.”

“…” Instructor Ping was silent. “Pei Yutu, your method of comforting people is quite refreshing.”

Pei Yutu spied Ping Mo’s curled lips in the reflection of the glass, and said proudly, “I’m sorry!”

“I didn’t expect you to be so kind-hearted.” Pei Yutu, such a rough Teaching Assistant, could tell right away that he was in a bad mood, and guessed what he was upset about.

Pei Yutu looked down, sniffed the sweet grapefruit fragrance, and felt that the washed and clean Instructor Ping with his body fragrance was too delicious. He buried his head in the soft black hair and rubbed the tip of his nose on top of Ping Mo’s head. “That’s no one else that I’m kind-hearted to. I care most about you.”


Instructor Ping felt the tequila pheromones around him were so strong that they exceeded the standard. His tailbone felt like it was itching, and his body slowly tensed up.

“Ping Mo, your cat ears are out.”

Ping Mo subconsciously reached out to touch it, but Pei Yutu grabbed his hand and pulled it back, and said in a low voice, “Let’s do it.” 1

Pei Yutu pulled Ping Mo’s hand to his lower body. The place had long been hard and standing high. Not long ago, Instructor Ping had seen the size of that thing. His hand was scalded and retracted, but Pei Yutu grabbed his waist and said, “Don’t run! If you run, your pheromones will overflow. The alphas will go into passive heat, and how will you explain tomorrow? I’m doing this for–”

“Okay.” He didn’t wait for Pei Yutu to finish, Ping Mo just suddenly agreed.

Pei Yutu suspected that he had heard wrong. “What did you say?”

The white face of Instructor Ping flushed a little red, a bit uncomfortable. As the fluffy cat ears on the top of his head shook, his tiger face commanded, “Do it quickly! Don’t waste words!”

Pei Yutu, “!!!”

Pei Yutu was no longer polite, and peeled off Ping Mo’s pants. Ping Mo was astonished, “We aren’t going to bed?”

“Right here!”

“No, the curtains haven’t been closed yet…mmn! Fuck, Pei Yutu! You fucker!” Because of the large phallus that suddenly squeezed in, the second half of Ping Mo’s sentence changed tone. Pei Yutu bent down to kiss Ping Mo, and didn’t say a word. 

This kiss was laced with rich tequila, intoxicating and dominant. Pei Yutu temporarily slowed down, as he thrust his huge cock into Ping Mo’s tight entrance. Ping Mo felt a tearing pain until the shaft was in him all the way to the base. Ping Mo’s eyes flooded with tears, and his beautiful gray-blue eyes were foggy. In the glass, this was reflected in the eyes of Pei Yutu.

Pei Yutu’s breathing immediately became heavier. “Baby, turn around. I want to look at your face.”

However, Ping Mo bit his lips and shook his head. He feared a moan would spill out, “No, I can’t. I can’t move, you’re too…It’s too big. It hurts.”

Pei Yutu patted his narrow, strong and thin waist, and slowly began a rhythmic movement. “Then I’ll slow down a little. Does it still hurt?”

His alpha cock was hot and thick, the size gargantuan. The folds of the light pink back entrance were stretched out, and, gradually, were no longer dry. With the rhythm and the squelching sounds assaulting his ears, Ping Mo also unconsciously cooperated. Even his gasps for breath were sweet and silky. 

Pei Yutu was so comfortable that he wanted to fuck the person in his arms into oblivion, “Ping Mo, you are really tight. Does it still hurt? Can I go faster?”

“Fucker! You don’t have to ask me about this…I don’t know.”

Pei Yutu was immediately like a soldier who received an order from his superior. He patted the base of Ping Mo’s tail and ruthlessly thrust in deep.

The physical strength of a top alpha wasn’t to be underestimated, and soon the fair and round ass of Instructor Ping was hit with a long, deep thrust. Along with his movements, the cat ears on top of Ping Mo’s head also involuntarily twitched occasionally. Pei Yutu suspected that it was his g-spot, and suddenly thrust into that tight, enclosed space again. Sure enough, the moan Instructor Ping had held back finally came out, and even the hand he used to support himself on the window’s glass clenched violently. His fingertips were white from the force, and the sweet and tangy omega pheromones suddenly became thicker.

At the same time, Ping Mo’s entrance also spasmodically contracted. Pei Yutu couldn’t withstand this stimulation. He licked and nibbled on Ping Mo’s cat ears, then bit the back of Ping Mo’s neck, piercing his glands. At the same time, his cock suddenly swelled up with a knot and went deeper into Ping Mo.

“Too, too big.” The tip of Ping Mo’s tail hackled, and his voice had changed tone, “…It’s bursting!”

“Fuck, who taught you to say such things!” Pei Yutu could no longer hold back. He violently injected his alpha pheromones into Ping Mo’s glands while his cock shuddered and ejaculated.


The night outside the window was like ink, and the two clear palm prints were only vaguely visible on the glass. Ping Mo leaned on the single bed head, shook the fluffy cat ears on top of his head, and breathlessly asked, “Do you always need to cum at least three fucking times?”

Pei Yutu, who was carrying a basin of water and a towel on his shoulder like an ancient shopkeeper, smiled sharply. “It’s not my fault. You’re the one who always makes me cum early. Once isn’t enough, I haven’t had enough yet–”

Pei Yutu not only didn’t hide, but also deliberately used his face to catch the thrown pillow, then again salivated as he went over. “I’m coming over to wash you. That way you aren’t sticky or uncomfortable. In fact, I would like to go shower even though it is the middle of the night. Everyone thinks you are an alpha, so no one will believe we did anything.”

“I’ll go like this?” Ping Mo’s head cat ears twitched as if he were cooperating.

“…” Pei Yutu, “You’re right, should I carry you or you go by yourself? Forget it, I’ll clean you here.”

While they were cleaning up, they both came again, but then Ping Mo forced Pei Yutu to spray a blocker as he cleaned him up. Teaching Assistant Pei then painfully and sweetly cleaned Ping Mo inside and out.

“It’s like being a thief. When are you going to give me a name?” Pei Yutu asked half-jokingly as he packed up his things, came back to the room, and jumped on the bed.

Ping Mo really ignored him, and said mercilessly, “Go sleep on the floor.”

“I won’t!” Pei Yutu hugged Ping Mo like a big 1.9 meter baby, and pouted gruffly, “The floor is so cold. I’m so delicate, what if I catch a cold?”

“Didn’t I give you the quilt?” The corner of Instructor Ping’s forehead jumped. When he struggled, he involuntarily clenched the muscles that had just been overused and immediately wrinkled his face in pain. He couldn’t help but remember what he had just experienced, and scolded, “Where are you delicate?”

“I don’t care. There’s a bed, so why not let me sleep in it? You’re abusive!”

“Then I’ll sleep on the floor!”

“I’ve already sprayed a barrier so you won’t get cat ears again,” Pei Yutu said aggressively. “Ping Mo, do you hate me so much that you don’t want to sleep in the same bed with me?”

Ping Mo let out a long breath. “Pei Yutu, look at your own size. How do two people manage in a single bed?”

“That’s easy!”

Ping Mo only felt a lightness in his body, and then he found himself lying on top of Pei Yutu, and the two of them were in a face-to-face hugging position.

“How about this?”

Ping Mo, “…” Instructor Ping had been so dizzied by this move that he didn’t want to talk anymore.

Pei Yutu hugged him contentedly, and petted his back like a cat, as well as the tail that hadn’t yet had time to retract. “Go to sleep. I don’t know what tomorrow will be like. There might be a mutant animal attack, or another vicious battle.”

“…” Ping Mo thought, if you knew that, why did you still fuck me for so long?

However after the full-blown affair, Instructor Ping was indeed tired, and now his eyelids were fighting him, so he had a rare moment of obedience as he lay on Pei Yutu’s chest. His long tail unconsciously waved, his voice was also less than his usual high, cold, and grumpy, and instead was a little soft and glutinous, “Okay.”

Pei Yutu smacked a loud kiss on Ping Mo’s forehead. “Good night.”

Since he was physically exhausted, Ping Mo soon fell into a deep sleep. There was a subtle connection between alpha and an omega that was completely marked. Even the most alert omega would be unguarded around his partner, so when Pei Yutu rolled out of bed, Ping Mo still slept soundly and unaware. Pei Yutu tucked him in carefully, before he tiptoed downstairs and closed the door.

The students on night duty were yawning all the time, and Military Instructor Zhou was handing out caffeine to refresh everyone when he saw Pei Yutu appear in high spirits.

“Teaching Assistant Pei, are you awake? You look like you’ve slept well. You’re glowing.”

Pei Yutu smiled brightly. “Yes. I’ve had a good rest!”

It wasn’t only good, it was quite refreshing.

“But your shift hasn’t arrived yet. We have enough manpower. With three shifts, your turn on duty is tomorrow at noon. You can sleep a little longer,” Military Instructor Zhou said.

Pei Yutu, “I’m looking for that POW person. Where is he locked up?”

Military Instructor Zhou said, “Oh, oh, oh. In the basement of the single room. About that, you don’t need to worry. According to your instructions, he is detained separately, no one sees him, and he absolutely can’t escape! He is your prisoner of war, so of course, you can go see.”

“Thank you, old man!” Pei Yutu took the key handed to him by Military Instructor Zhou, and went straight to the basement.

The temporary cell in the basement was dark and damp, but also extraordinarily strong. Slingshot’s hands and feet were tied, and he was huddled in the corner sleeping. When he heard the movement, he opened eyes. He saw the tall, large Pei Yutu who was blocking the door tightly, and because his back was to the light, he couldn’t see his expression. It inexplicably made him look grim and vicious.

Slingshot shook. “Big brother. I, I, I did according to your instructions, and didn’t reveal Instructor Ping’s secret to any others! You don’t need to kill me, ah, ah!”

“All right. Don’t pretend.” Pei Yutu half squatted in front of him. “Tired of pretending to be a fool yet?”

Slingshot, “…”

Pei Yutu, “If you’re really useless, why would Long give you the induction agent?”

“No, I’m really weak.”

“You are indeed a weak chicken.” Pei Yutu affirmed.

Slingshot, “…”

Pei Yutu, “But you were resourceful enough to give Ping Mo an account of everything that needed to be said.”

After a short silence, Slingshot put away his wishy-washy expression, propped himself up on his elbows, sat up, and returned to his normal tone, “When did you find out?”

“Not too early, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken you all the way,” Pei Yutu said, then cracked his knuckles. “I’m not like Instructor Ping, I don’t like to use knives. If I don’t have hot weapons, I like to choke people to death with my hands.”

Slingshot’s cold sweat this time was real. “What do you want?”

Pei Yutu, “I’d like to hear you repeat where you wanted to lead him.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. This NSFW scene is another one deleted by the author and gifted to us after showing proof of purchase.


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The translation team are gods for acquiring that NSFW scene! In all seriousness, I’m sure the author is happy the hard work they put into writing those scenes is getting appreciation. When you contact them again, please let them know how much we enjoy their work.

September 20, 2022 6:24 am

Thank you so much for this chapter and going out if your way to get this deleted part and translating. It was so special. I love these characters😭❤️ thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Yes, yes, go and justify wenting your lust =.= Sorry, sometimes I really can’t stand PYT’s actions…

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These 2 give those mutant rabbits a run for their money 😉🤭
PY is very perceptive and thinks strategically… Slingshot never had him fooled. I like how he takes care of PM and then goes to deal with this ‘work’.
Thanks for translating and editing, and for obtaining the otherwise censored NSFW content.

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