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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Instructor Ping’s blade was so fast that only streaks could be seen, and the blood of the giant mutant white rat kept spilling onto the vehicle’s windows, in a bloody rain.

Inside the vehicle, Slingshot almost screamed like a dying chicken, in a heartbreaking “ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” Pei Yutu touched his own lips like a wooden bird. “He kissed me?”

Behind him, Slingshot was unable to bear it, and interjected, “Brother, it’s so dangerous, you shouldn’t smile! Ahhhhhhhhh! Another big rat!!! Instructor Ping has lured those things away! Do you want to take the opportunity to drive the mecha away? Those rats will really get through the body…aaaaaaahhhhh!”

Pei Yutu also responded, “You’re right!”

He immediately kicked the gas pedal and started the battlefield mecha, but instead of driving in the opposite direction, he rushed over as reinforcement. Once he discovered that the direction was wrong, Slingshot screamed even more miserably.

The mutant white rats were as numerous as cattle feathers, and their heads were huge. While they seemed to have an instinctive fear of the cat-eared, long-tailed Instructor Ping, they were unwilling to give up because of their numbers, as they all stared with black, bean-like eyes, waved their long, thin tails, and squeaked as they fought.

At that moment, the mecha car rammed into dozens of mutant white rats that were about to attack Ping Mo, and the front of the mecha car was covered with white rat brains and flesh.

“Ping Mo! How are you?”

Instructor Ping’s new camouflage uniform had been splattered with blood. Even his white face was stained with blood, but he showed not the slightest bit of distress, as he emitted a murderous aura, like a reaper of lives.

“I’m fine!” Ping Mo’s knife fell, and another large white rat collapsed to the ground with a squeak of blood from a severed artery.

Pei Yutu felt that this God of Death was too handsome to be true, so he joined the battle with his gun in his arms. The two cooperated to kill the rats, and in a short time there were corpses all over the place in front of them, and the half as tall as a human mutant rats finally gave up their resistance and squeaked, squeaked, squeaked, like they were venting at each other, as the tide faded away.

The whole confrontation wasn’t very long, but Pei Yutu was still worried about Ping Mo getting injured and nervously pulled him close to check. “Have you been bitten by those rats?”

Instructor Ping let him pull him near to check, as he shook the cat ears on top of his head. “No injuries. How about you?”

Pei Yutu confirmed that Ping Mo was fine, and said, “What could happen to me?”

Although the place was full of giant white rat corpses, and the green ground was dyed red which wasn’t very suitable for love, Teaching Assistant Pei still couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth as he asked, “Why did you kiss me, ah?” The situation was so critical, and he was kissed in a dangerous situation, but he still liked it.

“Oh, that,” Ping Mo said absently as he wiped his precious dagger clean. “I seem to be able to control my cat body and human form now.”

Pei Yutu, “So?”

“Your pheromones really work. They are pretty sexy. I can change when I feel that. It brings out my cat ears.”

Pei Yutu, “???”

It seemed he got an affirmation, but he couldn’t be happy. Teaching Assistant Pei had mixed feelings. Then, Instructor Ping again spoke, “Leave me alone, I need to calm down and retract the cat ears and tail.”


“What are you waiting for?” Ping Mo urged, and flicked the tip of his tail.

“…” Pei Yutu clearly read the dislike in his eyes. It was like he was being thrown away after being used. Surname Ping, you scum, you do not have a heart. You only crave my body.

Teaching Assistant Pei honestly waited a few meters away, fished out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it with an expression of the vicissitudes of life. Then he looked at the original dead white rats group on the ground, and saw a few white, short-haired animals emerge. He immediately became alarmed, however in the next moment, he saw that it was not the man-eating rats, but the aggressive mutant white rabbits.

The two white rabbits held their ears erect, stood on end paws and paws, as their the three petal mouths twittered for a moment. After they confirmed that there were no dangerous mutant white rats around, they began mating as if no one was around.

Pei Yutu, “…”

Temporarily frustrated, Teaching Assistant Pei couldn’t take the excitement, not in any form of affection and not in any species, so he kicked the rabbits in the butt, which scared away the pair of giant white rabbits. He resentfully put out his cigarette, then waited for Instructor Ping to calm down and retract his cat ears and tail.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, without encountering a large number of aggressive mutant white rats, but they also didn’t meet any rescue sent by the top. However, at least they found the big command area of the coalition forces.

As soon as the mecha entered the defensive perimeter of the headquarters, alarm bells went off, and at almost the same time, mechanically operated heavy weapons were aimed at their mecha. Luckily, Pei Yutu was able to stop in time to avoid accidental injury.

This also proved that the command was good and relatively well-trained. Instructor Ping was very satisfied with this.

As they entered the interior of the command, they found that besides the students, there were five military instructors such as Cao LingXin, Lu DongWang, etc. Most of the students there were omegas who were responsible for technology, and they were all excited to see Ping Mo and Pei Yutu. Especially the students brought by Ping Mo. Zhou Li, Zhang Jia Jia and Xu Zhi rushed over excitedly. Zhou Li was the first to give a bear hug, and then choked up, “Instructor Ping, oooh! You’re still alive! Great!”

Several other omegas weren’t willing to be outdone, and they all went around. They pulled Ping Mo’s clothes and called him ‘Instructor’, like children who had been aggrieved and finally met their parents. That ‘parent’ surnamed Ping was also very young, and a handsome teenager that looked about the same age as the children, so the picture was a bit incongruous.

A few tall alpha boys also thoughtfully approached him, but they were too embarrassed to pamper Instructor Ping like the omegas. Some of them turned their attention to Teaching Assistant Pei, but Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t seem to care about them. He was staring at Ping Mo, who was surrounded by the omegas for an instant.

“All right, all right.” Instructor Ping, covered in blood, raised his hands in surrender. “I’m dirty, don’t get it on you.”

He rubbed Zhou Li’s head, not very skilled as he comforted her. “Don’t cry. You’re a big girl.”

Zhou Li huffed her nose, when she saw her military instructor was covered in blood, but he gently comforted them. It was really a contradiction. She was surrounded by several omegas who had the same idea and they gave Instructor Ping starry-eyed looks.

Pei Yutu saw the situation and the corner of his forehead pulsed. He tore Zhou Li away and  said, “Yes, you are now a warrior. So don’t hold Instructor Ping back this way. He is also exhausted.”

Zhou Li then realized that she might have added to the burden of Instructor Ping, busily wiped away her tears and said, “Instructor, you must be exhausted. Go shower first then rest. Your clothes are so dirty. Who has a medium size men’s clean spare clothes?”

Zhou Li put out a series of machine gun-like orders, like a small housekeeper. At school, she was a little petulant so Ping Mo was surprised and pleased. When he looked around, he saw that the students all had dark circles under their eyes. The alphas were holding guns and the usually fragrant omegas were dirty, but in good spirits. They were unlike delicate students, and more like warriors. He suddenly had a kind of ‘the children have grown up’ old father feeling.

‘Father’ Ping was pleased, but didn’t immediately accept Zhou Li’s advice. First he asked Lu DongWang and the other military instructor, “How is the situation now? Have you contacted the Military Ministry or the school?”

“Don’t worry, we’ve contacted them, it’s just that the area of Legacy Base is too large and the terrain is complicated, so it may take some time. We’ve been ordered to stay still and wait for rescue. Oh yes, the communication network will be repaired tonight. If we can contact them, the difficulty of rescue will be significantly reduced.” Lu DongWang’s voice was so hoarse that he spoke like an old leaky bellows.

The two asked about casualties again, and it turned out that, in addition to them, there were several other waves of teams that had wandered out but found their way back, and most of them had experienced attacks by mutant white rats. The worst off of the teams had only two people left alive and were healing in the temporary infirmary at the command headquarters.

The good thing was that this command was designed to be easy to defend and difficult to attack, and had successfully been through several mutant rat raids. None of the students left behind were killed in action. Except for a few alpha boys who had rushed out to defend themselves from the enemy and were injured, basically all of them were intact.

It was a blessing among misfortunes.

Cao LingXin and Lu DongWang explained continually. Pei Yutu listened with sighs, but Ping Mo didn’t say a word from the beginning, his lips tightly pursed. Since his long eyelashes were hanging, it left his lower eyelids haloed in shadow so no one could see the look in his eyes.

It so happened that a military instructor surnamed Zhou came over to change shifts and met with Ping Mo and Pei Yutu and gave them a thumbs up, “Oh! Instructor Ping. Teaching Assistant Pei. The students you brought out are amazing! The alpha boys you left behind to guard the command are really capable. Their single combat ability is definitely above average! I heard that you taught them all by hand, Instructor Ping?”

Ping Mo nodded politely at him, but didn’t say anything more. Pei Yutu then naturally boasted about them to Instructor Zhou, who was also the military instructor of the Alliance Armed Police Force University. He knew Ping Mo’s character, and cheerfully said a few words. Then he began to talk about business, “Instructor Lu. You and Instructor Cao stay with the first team. The second team of students, along with Instructor Ping, and Teaching Assistant Pei, go and rest. Leave things here to us on the line.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Lu DongWang agreed. “Now that we’ve contacted the Military Ministry, we don’t have to be on guard all the time, so we can get a good rest before the rotation.”

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but pull Ping Mo aside and ask quietly, “What’s wrong with you?”


Pei Yutu was even more sure, and clutched his hand. “Something must be wrong! Who has upset you? I’ll take revenge for you!”

Ping Mo was amused by his exaggerated reaction, and relaxed a little. “It’s nothing, I just don’t want to let those bastards in White Hole go.”

He always felt that the sudden breakage of the electronic protection network was his fault, and he couldn’t rid himself of that feeling. Today, he had heard the casualty figures, and had a heart full of depression, anger and guilt. The only way to alleviate the loss of those innocent lives was to avenge them.

“Why? I thought it was something else. Ping Mo you don’t need to have a psychological burden, this has nothing to do with you. Only blame -“

Ping Mo suddenly interrupted him, “Wait, we seem to have forgotten one thing.”

Five minutes later, several students who had volunteered to escort the POW screamed at the top of their lungs, “Ahhhhh, pervert!”

Slingshot, who was wearing only a pair of underwear in the mecha and whose hands and feet were still bound by strong mutant vines, cried out in aggravation.


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Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

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It doesn’t matter the situation, PY only thinks of his relationship and PM of revenge against White Hole, which makes him short and manipulative toward PY, who then gets ever more petulant 😏
Poor Slingshot ~ he’s really getting a dose of Karma 😆
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