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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Slingshot straightened his back. “Since you’ve figured it out, I admit it.”

Pei Yutu, “Not telling?”

Slingshot sneered, “You know everything. At this time, even if you do know, will you let me go?”

“You finally look like a man now. Much smoother than before.” Pei Yutu’s mouth said admiration, but suddenly his hand shot out, in a deadly chokehold around Slingshot’s neck!

The next moment, Slingshot’s eyes bulged out, and his mouth was wide open. After a moment, physiological tears and saliva came from the corners of his mouth, as his sternum vainly and sharply heaved, like a fish out of water as he died.

Pei Yutu’s big hands were like iron pincers. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t escape. When he saw that Slingshot’s struggles were becoming weak, Pei Yutu finally let go. The taste of dying wasn’t pleasant. Slingshot was finally able to breathe fresh air, as he panted heavily, then coughed alarmingly, while tears ran down his face for a while.

Pei Yutu waited for him to finish coughing before he said, “I don’t like to talk nonsense, so I’ll give you one more chance to tell me.”

Slingshot, “…”

“Ho, still not saying? You’ve got balls.”

“Wait! Cough, cough, cough!”

Slingshot was lying on the ground. Not only was his neck left with hideous bruises, half of his face was swollen like a pig’s head, and one of his arms hung limply like a noodle, as if his joints had been severed.

Pei Yutu gave a “tsk.” “So unbeatable. Do you usually read martial arts novels? Have you heard of the ‘human stick’?”

“No! I said–” Slingshot was no longer hardened. This time he really even changed the tone of his voice.

“That’s it? I thought you were so tough.” Pei Yutu said with contempt.

Slingshot, “…” If I didn’t speak, you would really kill me. He was really afraid of this top alpha Pei. This person’s strange power was amazing. Without any instruments of torture, and just bare hands he would break his bones. The most terrible thing was that after the bones were broken, he could then reset the bones by hand. Of course, the process of bone setting was also particularly rough, and comparable to torture. For example, his right hand had broken and then reset several times. On the bad hand, Pei Yutu was torturing him, in contrast to the good hand, it was pain enough to make him beg for life and death.

“I’ll say it! But even if you know, you can’t stop him.” Slingshot said weakly.

“Fucking bullshit. It’s none of your business if I stop him or not. You just say it.”

“…” Slingshot said, “Prince, no, Long Lang’s purpose is very simple. If we couldn’t take the man back, then find the opportunity to let him send himself to the door. I didn’t lie to Instructor Ping, but only told him some of the truth. How could he find White Hole without truth? Instructor Ping has dealt with White Hole, so he knows what is true or false. I also don’t dare lie to him.”


When Pei Yutu returned to the room, Instructor Ping was still asleep, and not sleeping honestly. A large part of the quilt had slipped to the floor, his cat ears and tail were retracted, and he was nakedly hugging the corner of the quilt. His body was bowed with his round buttocks upright, his long legs curled up and he only occupied half of the bed.

Pei Yutu couldn’t resist. He bent down and placed a kiss on Ping Mo’s naked round buttocks. Then he picked up the quilt and covered him, before he took him into his arms together with the quilt and squeezed him. Ping Mo was disturbed in his dreams, grunted twice in discontent, but finally buried his head in the curve of Pei Yutu’s shoulder in a daze. He smelled the familiar scent and went back to sleep.

The next day at sunrise, Instructor Ping finally woke up with a sore body, but found that Pei Yutu’s figure was no longer around.

“…” Ping Mo’s heart inexplicably was a little disappointed and a little upset.

The day before, they had just done something so intimate, and today he was nowhere to be seen.


They’re not a couple, they’re just fuck buddies who are relieving each other’s desires. It’s not good to care too much about each other.

Ping Mo shook his head to put this disappointment and displeasure behind him, rubbed his eyes, got up and got out of bed. Just as he stood up to put on his shoes, his face scrunched up. His back hurt, and the unspeakable place behind him also hurt, which was the aftereffects of over-indulgence.

Instructor Ping took two deep breaths to relieve the discomfort, and while getting dressed, he secretly swore that he would never indulge in this again, and a little soreness was secondary to the most important thing, he had actually slept until noon! How many years had it been since he had slept until noon? Addiction to sex easily to hurt the body, but also easily wore down the will.

After he gave himself a good education, Instructor Ping dressed then went downstairs only to find the command was very busy, and the hall full of people. He stood on the stairs and looked around. He found that most of them were unfamiliar faces, and still didn’t find Pei Yutu. Ping Mo frowned imperceptibly, but the magnitude was so light that even he didn’t realize it.

“Instructor Ping!” Zhou Li saw Ping Mo at once, and pounced on him like a swallow in a forest.

A slightly large military uniform covered the slender and slim little girl, and her ponytail bobbed back and forth as she trotted over. She was full of vitality and youthful atmosphere. Ping Mo’s brow relaxed, and his old father-like pride and emotion was at the forefront. “Good morning.”

Zhou Li gave him a brilliant smile. “It’s not morning. Instructor. You look really good today.”

Ping Mo’s heart was filled with ghosts, as he remembered last night’s ridiculous things, and he subconsciously touched his face before putting his hand down. He tried to cover it up by tentatively asking, “Yesterday, was there nothing unusual?”

Zhou Li blinked her big eyes. “No. Why do you ask?”

Ping Mo breathed a sigh of relief, and thought that it must have been because the two had sex in time, so their pheromones didn’t spill over at all. However, he didn’t show any emotion on his face. “I meant, why are there so many people here today? They don’t look like students. Is it the rescue team?”

“Oh, oh. Communication was restored early this morning, and we made contact with three other schools, as well as the Blues. These are the same people who fought us. The ‘Blues’ from the skills competition are waiting for Teaching Assistant Pei’s orders.”

“Waiting for Teaching Assistant Pei’s orders?”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that Teaching Assistant Pei was their captain! He took the first group of Blues who came to the rendezvous early in the morning to rescue some separated students, and these people are the second group.” Zhou Li asked in a low voice, “Instructor Ping, I heard that Teaching Assistant Pei was only a captain, and that the Blues were a temporary integration of many different teams, so they should be working separately. How come they all listen to Teaching Assistant Pei? “

“There are people who have a leadership aura that exudes from their bones. It can be said to be a gift, but it also comes with character and experience,” Ping Mo’s tone was unconsciously proud.

“The rank is just an honor, but at the same time, Teaching Assistant Pei being a captain at his age is also quite rare.”

“Oh,” said Zhou Li, and nodded with regret. “So there is no such thing as an eighteen-year-old genius admiral in reality.”

Ping Mo was amused by her, and smoothly rubbed her head. “Eighteen-year-old bear children are only in school. Read fewer romance novels.”

When she was caught unawares by the head touch, Zhou Li’s heart skipped a beat. When she looked up, she saw Instructor Ping’s handsome face with a smile on it. Her heart beat faster and her face turned red.

When Pei Yutu led his men back to the command room, he saw this scene.

“Ping Mo!” Teaching Assistant Pei flatly roared, and the whole command headquarters trembled three times. The command hall quickly returned to silence, and all eyes turned to Pei Yutu, then locked on Ping Mo following Pei Yutu’s line of sight.

Ping Mo, “…” His hand that was touching her head was frozen in mid-air.

Ping Mo couldn’t hear the content, he only saw Teaching Assistant Pei push aside the crowd, run up the stairs, and walk straight to the two people. He pulled Instructor Ping’s hand away in full view of everyone, before dragging him down the stairs.

Instructor Ping didn’t break free because of the unexplained weakness. However, this caused a misunderstanding.

The whispered content just became more and more certain, “I guessed right! He is an omega. Otherwise how could Captain Pei hold his hand?”

“The chief is really good, how long has it been since he was assigned to the Alliance Army, and he has even found a wife!”

“Is this omega an adult? He really looks small, like a student, right?”

“He’s even better looking than all the stars on TV. Ah, hell.”

“He’s your Captain Pei, ah? It’s better to see than to hear. So dominant! He’s just jealous, right? Isn’t it a little petty? I think between touching the head of another omega and pulling hands it’s nothing. It’s quite lovely.”

“He’s so pretty. When I become a lieutenant, I will also go to the University to be a military instructor, and also find a beautiful omega student.”

“Dream on! Wipe away your saliva! Captain Pei is a top alpha, but he is also wealthy and handsome. You have no chance of finding such a good partner!”

“You guys know how to look at the face, but that’s too superficial. I want to find a sexy one, like those sweet grapefruit pheromones we smelled.”

“Fuck, don’t mention that. I can’t stand the thought of it. It was too lustful. I’ve never smelled such sweet pheromones. If I find who it is, I’ll chase them with my life!”


The Blues present were all active duty soldiers sent from various units, so they weren’t as civilized as the instructors and students. When they got excited, most of them couldn’t control their voices, and every word came clearly to Instructor Ping’s ears, which made Ping Mo’s forehead veins jump, and finally he shook off Pei Yutu’s hand.

Teaching Assistant Pei felt a familiar murderous aura, and turned around to see that Instructor Ping’s handsome face was dark. With Instructor Ping’s temper, if he was seriously angry, the consequences were unimaginable. Pei Yutu was about to clear his throat to control the scene, but a slightly pretentious, surprised voice called out from the crowd, “Instructor Ping!”

Ping Mo looked at the voice and saw that it was the Green Tea gentleman whom he had met at the party. It turned out that when Pei Yutu went out on a search and rescue of the base in the morning, he happened to find a team from Alliance Officer Engineering University, and Green Tea was among them.

Pei Yutu gave an alarmed whisper, “Instructor Ping.” Ping Mo quickly decided to pay attention. Here was an opportunity in front of him to prove he was an alpha, so how could he ignore it?

This was the same as someone who was sleepy grabbing a pillow. What was the difference?

So, when Green Tea pounced on him, Ping Mo cleverly avoided Pei Yutu’s obstruction, and immediately greeted him, and said loudly, “It’s you! I’m glad you’re still alive. Are you hurt?”

Green Tea gentleman was about to be moved when he heard Instructor Ping raise his voice, “Yes, it’s me, I’m Instructor Ping of the Alliance Military Technology University.” A top alpha.


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