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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After the party, the two groups went their separate ways. Because of the wine, Pei Yutu turned on the autopilot mode, and pulled Instructor Ping into the back seat with him in a very mischievous manner.

The spacecraft had a spacious seat, and when it sensed that no one was in the front, it automatically folded the front seats up, a scene that was inexplicably familiar. It was the same as last night, and immediately afterwards, while it was still driving, the man named Pei coaxed and tricked him into eating him up.

At this moment, Teaching Assistant Pei was obviously not holding any good intentions. He smiled extra ambiguously, and his hands weren’t honestly wrapped around Instructor Ping’s waist. “Ping Mo, what do you think of my family?”

Instructor Ping was surprisingly well behaved, let him hug, and when he ate tofu, he also didn’t pull out his knife to stab him and very seriously said, “They are very nice.”

Pei Yutu was happy. “So you’re happy with them? They are also very fond of you. My parents are especially–”

Ping Mo interrupted him, “I can see that your family is very well-off, but the elders don’t have any attitude, while you don’t have any of the stink of gentry.”

Pei Yutu was a little embarrassed by the compliment, but more than anything else, he was overjoyed. What did this mean? It means that the helpers he found were very powerful! If they were all happy with each other, how close was he to taking Instructor Ping home?

“I envy this kind of family atmosphere,” Ping Mo said. “I was six or seven years old when I became an orphan.”

Pei Yutu had heard Ping Mo’s story before, but hadn’t dared to ask him about it for fear that it would bring up his sadness. Now that he was hearing the story, the excitement of the future faded away, and he only felt heartache. “I’m here, and you have a home. You no longer have to wander alone.”

Ping Mo silently lowered his long eyelashes, and didn’t answer this. He only said, “Do you want to know what kind of life I lived when I was a child?”

Pei Yutu was naturally happy to learn more about him and was eager to listen.

“I never met my father. My mother was a Therian. In order to support me, she did everything. At that time, I was very small and didn’t understand. I only remember that my mother often held me while crying, and over and over again admonishing me. After she died, I must keep the secret, and never let people know that I am a Therian.”

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but ask, “How did auntie know that she would leave you early?”

Ping Mo was silent for a moment before he said, “Omegas don’t usually only recognize an alpha after being repeatedly marked. It’s very painful and very damaging to the body, and spoils the body in this way, so one wouldn’t live long. My mother was trafficked to a place like that. It was a transit space station with uncountable starships and spaceships coming and going. Smuggling arms, contraband drugs, children and omegas. It was filled with triads of traffickers, one of the largest underground exchanges outside the domain, with the largest slums, and the most blatant red light district. So, what I hate most in my life are human traffickers and interstellar pirates.” 

Ping Mo’s tone was so calm that it sounded like someone else’s story, but Pei Yutu was so uncomfortable that he wanted to rush to that so-called transit space station immediately,  raze that chaotic and salacious place to the ground, and destroy it along with the memories that made Ping Mo miserable.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t go back many years ago to save the little Ping Mo.

Pei Yutu said in a muted voice, “When we get back to the station, I’ll submit a request to wipe out those grandsons sooner or later.”

Ping Mo continued, “When I was six years old, my mother died along with a group of ‘kidnappers’ to protect me. It is said that things are precious because of their scarcity, and so is the pricing by human traffickers, Therians are more expensive than regular omegas. A male Therian is even more expensive. Those guys should have been trying to sell me for a good price.”

The explosion was still fresh in his mind. His mother’s face was blurred in the firelight, but strangely enough, Ping Mo remembered clearly the conversation of several traffickers.

“A child, really? So small, not yet differentiated.”

“It’s true, or else why would the boss go to such great lengths to catch him? Heh, born. The little wanker.”


Who the ‘boss’ was, there was no way to know. He was probably a trafficking leader who intended to get strange goods, or a rich man who listened to the broker’s lobbying, and suddenly wanted to raise a ‘child bride.’

Ping Mo pulled back his thoughts, outside the car window in the busy night scene a pair of gray-blue eyes was reflected the faint light, as he quietly looked at Pei Yutu, and slowly held his hand. “I was eleven years old when I accidentally joined the Chick Project, and fourteen years old was when I first killed a human trafficker. Behind the scenes, the head of E Group called me “desperate.” Those pirates outside the domain also know that the Raptors have a fierce and desperate captain. What I want to say, is that as long as there is an opportunity, I will not spare any pirate.”

As an Alliance soldier, guarding civilians was his vocation, but to combat extraterritorial pirates was his responsibility. So if there was a non-military task he couldn’t refuse. In addition, he had planned to go to White Hole to find the legendary ‘Prince’, and find out why he quietly helped him, then destroy him!

However, this time the future was uncertain. It may be a few days, it may be a few years, or he might never return.

Pei Yutu did not know what was in Instructor Ping’s mind, so he still cooperated. “Of course, I should. Those guys should be killed! But we will have a big holiday first, and we won’t talk about this. I have to admit to you that yesterday I lied to you. In fact, I have more than a few days of leave. I have not taken annual leave since I joined the army at the age of eighteen. I have saved a lot, plus a little sick leave, and should be able to rest for more than two months. So on summer vacation, I can accompany you to take a good break.” He peered at Ping Mo’s face and coughed lightly, “I’m not lying to you, I just want to let you stay with me more. You’re mastering new skills, and you can’t become a cat at the critical moment!”

The more Teaching Assistant Pei said, the more aggrieved he became. Such a large white Instructor Ping that he could see but not touch. He was a strong alpha and so on, and was suffocated by the problem!

Therefore, even his voice of accusation had become louder, “This is particularly excessive you know?”

“You don’t have to lie to me. I’m not going to change into a cat tonight.” Ping Mo suddenly said.

“Huh?” Pei Yutu suspected he was hearing things.

It was not until Instructor Ping repeated himself, and confirmed that he really meant what he thought he meant that Teaching Assistant Pei was overjoyed. “That’s what you said, right? No more cats no matter what? How many times? Even in the car?”

Ping Mo’s ears got a little hot from the blunt question, but he answered in the affirmative. “Yes.”

However, Pei Yutu was struck by the sudden happiness, and felt it was unreal, which made him suspicious. “No, it’s not a trick, right? If I go too far, you can’t domestic violence me…”

Instructor Ping suddenly encircled his neck, and sent his lips up to seal Teaching Assistant Pei’s chattering suspicions.

After the kiss, both of them breathed a little haphazardly and Ping Mo gasped, “I want to have sex.”

Pei Yutu, “!!!!”

This was the first time Ping Mo had said something so explicit. Teaching Assistant Pei felt like his blood was boiling up, and was burning his mouth dry.

Pei Yutu didn’t make it to the last step in the car, and endured very hard, but he felt that tonight was a rare meal, so it was best to go back home and to come in cool in one breath.

Ping Mo initially thought that Teaching Assistant Pei had just had a wild night last night, and that there was a limit to how much he could indulge in today. Then he realized he had been wrong. Never question the x-ability of a top alpha in his prime.

That night, he lost count the number of times they had sex and it wasn’t until almost dawn when they stopped because he was exhausted. 

Pei Yutu let Ping Mo sleep. Since Instructor Ping kept his promise, Teaching Assistant Pei was particularly satisfied that night, as he hugged the soft and fragrant Instructor Ping in his arms like a pillow, and in a short while he snored, and fell into a dark and sweet sleep.

Pei Yutu’s lips curled up contentedly in the darkness as he held his beloved omega, and even his dreams were sweet. However Ping Mo, who was already exhausted, slowly opened his eyes in his arms. Instructor Ping gently crawled out of his arms and saw Pei Yutu was giggling in his sleep. He didn’t know what good things he was dreaming, but Ping Mo’s gaze also followed, and softened.

Still, he didn’t know what kind of expression Pei would have tomorrow when he found out he left without saying goodbye. Maybe angry, maybe sad, but time was the best medicine. The best way was to complete the task as soon as possible so he could return. If he couldn’t return…

He sighed silently. “You just like pretty omegas. There are so many good-looking omegas in this world. Pei Yutu–“

Even if it was just a self-talking tone, Ping Mo didn’t say the last part “forget about me.” He just dropped a kiss on his face, and then lightly exited the room. He dressed neatly, avoided the front door, noiselessly left out of the window, and disappeared into the night.

The next day Teaching Assistant Pei, and the White Hole tail outside the front door were confused.

Pei Yutu woke up and found his pillow empty. After a good meal and a good night’s sleep, which made him feel good, Teaching Assistant Pei got up with a lot of energy. However, he searched the whole house and couldn’t find Ping Mo’s shadow. Did he go out for a morning run?

Last night they had done it so much, Pei Yutu couldn’t help but feel excited, and he smacked his lips as if reminiscing. He cleaned himself up, and still didn’t wait for Ping Mo to come home, so he dialed his number. However, Instructor Ping’s phone was unavailable, and then he received a military order from his superiors asking him to return to the station urgently.

“Didn’t I just get my leave approved?!” Pei Yutu vaguely felt that things were too coincidental, and couldn’t help but question this in a loud voice.

The officer on the other end of the phone was actually a little vain, but he said, “Orders are like mountains. Someone will come to pick you up within an hour!”

The officer hung up the phone and said to General Dai on the video screen with a sad face. “Xiao Pei will be upset with me if he knows the truth.”

General Dai perfunctorily said, “He dares! You are his top boss. Since things are done, that’s it for now.”

With that, he hung up the communicator.

The officer was left alone to continue to fret. Your grandson is not an ordinary person. He may look stupid but he is actually brave and resourceful. He will soon be able to figure out what was going on. Old man planting flowers and grass, do you not care about the world? Pei Yutu, that evil star, is not bothering you, but you still want to torment me?


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September 28, 2022 3:42 pm

How sad. Leaving without saying goodbye or explaining where he was going. No one wants to be the one left behind.

September 29, 2022 1:42 am

Ncawwwww PM does have some feeling hidden there. We get a better understanding of why he is the way he is in this chapter. I love them and I hope they end up together officially after then evil pirates are destroyed!!! Thank you for translating and editing❣️

September 29, 2022 2:55 am

Very sad the separation of the two, I hope this ping kitty mission ends soon, otherwise Professor Pei will destroy everything when he finds out. Thanks for the chapter!

September 29, 2022 4:38 am

PM and his mom story is so sad :< It is now known why he was so hateful to alphas, ‘mark’, and resisted intercourse. That’s why PYT’s actions are more frustrating! ><

Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

September 29, 2022 4:56 am

This is the first time I felt PM’s real feelings, especially in relation to PY.
PY will NOT be happy. I have the distinct feeling he will insert himself into the operation.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 30, 2022 4:40 am

Can someone explain to me how the mark works here?

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