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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The news of ‘Pei Yutu’s sudden return to the army’ and ‘Ping Mo’s disappearance’ was sent back to Star City as soon as possible.

In addition, the Military Ministry internal rumors of “rectification of the culture of serious discipline” mainly to deal with the recent years “over-issued medals” in the chaos, it was said that one of the items to be re-investigated was in coalition army, a big military instructor who was awarded one despite the facts of killing without orders.

Although there was no conclusion for a while, the matter had become a furore, and the Military Ministry was discussing it from top to bottom.

“I thought the military instructor also saved the students and that’s why he was awarded it?”

“Killed the pirates, too.”

“Perhaps it was over-defense? After all, there was no order. According to reason, the result of all of them being killed was a little too aggressive.”

“The military instructor I’ve heard about, surnamed Ping, had really good hands, was a good-looking person, charmed a ton of omegas, and yes, he was in the desert Legacy Base and achieved the merits for that one, ah!”

“He has just achieved merit, and at this juncture it’s rehashed, but not blocking the way of others. This was targeted, right?”

There was all sorts of speculation, and after two days of work the rumors had a head and even reached Lu Feng’s ears.

Lu Feng was in the E Group station, because recently the head of the largest pirate organization, White Hole, died and all the extraterrestrial forces were in turmoil. So for small movements, those outside the military stations were on high alert. The senior chief knew that it was best to take advantage of this opportunity to find the coordinates of White Hole’s home base, and wipe it out in one fell swoop.

Although it was very difficult, all the teams were ready to go, and E Group was no exception. Lu Feng was so busy that he hadn’t returned to the main planet for some time. He didn’t pay attention to Ping Mo, but now that he heard the news, he immediately called his superiors.

Unfortunately, in terms of tug of war, the old heads above were more powerful. Lu Feng and the old foxes played a round of Go, but did not give a reason. Feeling uneasy, Lu Feng went to contact Ping Mo.

This time, his uneasiness directly escalated. Ping Mo couldn’t be contacted!

Colonel Lu was really anxious. He immediately dropped the communicator, which caused a series of intermittent coughing. The orderlies rushed to him and sprayed him with medicine and rubbed his back, but Lu Feng recovered and insisted on moving the craft back to the main planet. The only way to do this was to agree to it while speedily informing Cheng Cheng.

Of the special operations team under the leadership of Group E, the most vocal was the Raptors, and since the departure of Team Leader Ping, Cheng Cheng, the Vice Captain had become the de facto number two person in Group E.

Cheng Cheng was also Lu Feng single-handedly trained student, so when he saw the head’s appearance, he also couldn’t help but feel distressed, and forcefully advised, “Colonel, your health is the most important. Whatever urgent matters you have, I’ll go for you! You’re sick, how can you afford to travel long distances?”

“No. Ping Mo is in trouble.”

“!!!” Cheng Cheng, “What’s happened?”

The reason that Colonel Lu gave was a bit far-fetched in Cheng Cheng’s ears, and he even felt that Lu Feng was being a bit paranoid. Although Team Leader Ping had been in the Raptors state of 24-hour communication, he was no longer a special forces soldier. He was a military instructor on summer vacation. If he occasionally didn’t receive work calls that should be normal, right?

However, Lu Feng bit the bullet, and his attitude was extremely determined. Cheng Cheng had never seen the head so anxious. His heart fell into the pit of his stomach and he personally accompanied him on the flight to the main star.

There were many artificial space stations outside the domain, the smallest of which was said to be only as big as a soccer field, while there were numerous mega ones like Legacy Base. However an artificial space station was judged not by its size, but by its realism. It was said that the more similar the ecological environment was to the main planet, the higher the technical difficulty and cost of construction.

The artificial space station where the White Hole base camp was located almost replicated the environment of the main planet. Not only was the temperature, humidity, sunlight suitable, even the seasons could be set according to the owner’s preferences.

Since the death of the old head, the space station had changed drastically. From the natural four seasons, it had become a constant early spring with the perfect temperature.

The ‘sunlight’ from the energy tower was warm, the willow branches were green, the spring flowers were in full bloom, a pond of koi was swimming happily in an ancient courtyard, and their owner Long Lang was standing in front of a table, holding a brush. The tip of it had been soaking in a water reservoir for a long time, and he maintained this action, but the ink on the tip of the brush was already scattered. There was an unfinished portrait drawn on the rice paper. The ink hadn’t yet faded, but only a young boy could be seen.

In front of the table, a little brother stood respectfully. This little brother was Slingshot, the one who was on Legacy and had bitterly served Ping Mo. He had been locked into the basement, and finally managed to escape.

“The ‘reorganization and re-evaluation of Ping Mo’ is a hot topic, but we haven’t heard of its implementation yet. According to the stakeout brothers, that Pei was picked up reluctantly when he returned to the station, and he couldn’t seem to contact Ping Mo. Team Leader Ping seems to have disappeared into thin air. Even the Military Ministry can’t find him. Ping Mo recently had a strong wind that was blocking the way of others.”

“Shouldn’t be,” Long Lang finally put the brush down, and suddenly sneered. “General Dai’s grandson is not that good.”

Slingshot, “Huh?”

Long Lang was in a good mood today and actually has the patience to explain. “Do you know why Dai Xue, the daughter of old General Dai, was able to marry Pei Zong in the first place?”

Slingshot shook his head and listened with rapt attention.

“Because the Pei family is also not simple. Star River Real Estate, Arctic Entertainment, Yunguang Network, these Alliance pivotal large enterprises have shares owned by the Pei family. Otherwise, do you think a poor boy could easily switch from military industry to a civilian industry, and soon become prosperous?”

Slingshot suddenly understood, and did not forget to praise him, “Prince you are outside the territory, but still know the main planet like the back of your hand. Really remarkable!”

Long Lang hooked his lips indifferently. “Those old guys say ‘throwing their heads and blood for Alliance.’ One by one, they are more moral than the other, but in their hearts they still want to look at the family. The next day that surname Pei was escorted back to his station, and such rumors against Ping Mo appeared. That’s not really to fix him, but to hammer him.”

Long Lang sneered, “Pei is reckless and superficial. Who knows what was said at the dinner that day to cause such a result. It’s also what he deserves.”

Slingshot, “So it was Pei’s own screw-up? Congratulations to the Crown Prince!”

Long Lang frowned again, “But it’s too much of a coincidence.” It was too logical, as if they were acting for him. Long Lang turned away. “Anyway, we’ll see. If I’m right, he should be on his way to find White Hole. Go pick him up yourself.”

Slingshot gave a standing ovation, “Yes!”

Long Lang dipped the brush back into the ink and dotted the eyes. Only then could someone see that the drawing was of Instructor Ping as a child, “Serve him well. Don’t let him suffer.”


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You’ve got it all so very wrong, Long Lang; but do carry on deluding yourself!
I hope PM is aware this Prince is expecting him.
I want to know what PY is doing.
Chen Chen will be concerned too; bit of a love triangle side dish there.
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 29, 2022 10:04 pm

Wowww!!! The suspense!! Thank you so much for translating and editing this new chapter❣️ 谢谢

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