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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The middle-aged woman resembled Pei Yutu, then Pei Yuyu who was standing next to him, and mouthing words to prompt him, so Ping Mo hesitantly called out, “Auntie?”

Madame Dai immediately burst out in joy, “You’re so sweet!”

Ping Mo, “…” Auntie called him sweet? You’re too easy to please, aren’t you?

“Good boy, that’s good! I’m glad to see you! You’re a real talent!” Even old General Dai praised him irresponsibly.

This old general could only be seen on an Alliance broadcast, he was now seeing the real person. Ping Mo didn’t hesitate and made a respectful salute. This military salute successfully pleased the old man, who laughed and pulled Ping Mo while he couldn’t stop praising, “The Legacy Base battle was great. Now the entire Military Ministry has given you a thumbs up!”

Mr. Pei invited everyone to take their seats. While the old general was talking with Ping Mo, he quietly tugged on his son. “Tell dad the truth. Is he the omega you are chasing?”

“Do you need to ask? I guessed it a long time ago, the first time I saw Xiao Mo I was sure!” Ms. Dai Xue said.

Madame Dai knew very well what her own son was like. The one who could make Pei Yutu move must be beautiful, and this Ping Mo, with his body and face, was born to be a movie star. That Ping child just appeared and the entire restaurant’s waiters were peeping.

What’s more, her son obviously refused the task of ‘bringing a colleague to dinner’ yesterday without even listening to his grandfather, but today he came happily, and brought such a beautiful child-like fairy. With such a degree of cooperation, it was easy to conclude that this colleague called Ping Mo, was the omega her son was chasing!

But Pei Yutu still conscientiously kept the secret for his own Instructor Ping. “Do not blindly guess. After a while I will tell you.”

Father Pei Zong also said, “Didn’t your father just say? This beautiful child is a war hero. He should be an alpha, right? Although I don’t know the Military Ministry, I do know that an omega can’t go to the front line.”

“So, don’t go out and talk nonsense. Be careful of ruining people’s futures.” Pei Yutu reminded him in a serious manner.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Father Pei’s mouth promised, but his heart was full of doubts. “Then when will you bring that omega you mentioned to Mom and Dad for us to see?”

“Why do you keep saying he is not an omega?” said Madame Dai, pulling her husband and quietly biting his ear. “Silly you, this is him!”

“Son just said he’s not?” Pei Zong was completely confused.

Madame Dai saw that her son had already followed Ping Mo. He was laughing and joking with his grandfather and the beautiful child, before she whispered to her husband, “I called Lu DongWang, and DongWang told me personally that our son and Xiao Mo aren’t normal! Do you know why our son was suddenly willing to move into that house?”

Lu DongWang was Pei Yutu’s vice-captain, so Father Pei had also watched him grow up. He knew that boy and his son had a good relationship, and whatever he said was most likely correct, so his heart shook. “Are they living together?”

Madame Dai hastened to pull him back, “Keep your voice down!”

A complex rose in Pei Zong’s heart. There was ‘the pig finally ate cabbage’ feeling of relief, but he was still puzzled. If they were really living together, what omega could agree to that?

Omegas, once marked, could only get rid of the mark by surgical procedures which was very painful. ‘Living together’ was usually the last step to determine if a relationship should go further, so they should only be roommates, right?

However, the idea of them living in a house together, but only being housemates…Pei Zong felt that his son wouldn’t do this. It wasn’t until everyone was happily seated that Mr. Pei thought he had figured out the trick. His son must not have shown enough sincerity to the other!

Like many betas, Pei Zong’s life ambition when he was young was to marry an omega, and he believed in his bones that an omega was delicate, and no matter how they were coddled, it was not too much. However he was a beta and a businessman, so Old General Dai didn’t want that son-in-law, and thought his baby daughter should marry a soldier like him, and of course, an alpha.

So for Pei Zong to chase his wife, he really suffered a lot, and even to avoid suspicion, he made a business transfer to work for the flourishing military, and created a business from scratch. 

Pei Zong’s mantra was “it’s not easy to marry a beautiful omega,” but his own son was different. He was an alpha and had an innate advantage. Pei Zong seriously scrutinized Pei Yutu, and thought about how his son was tall, imposing, a typical top alpha, and his face was so good. Look how handsome he was. Was there nothing he could do?

The reason for the delay in chasing an omega could only be one thing. He was too stingy, and not willing to spend money on the omega!

I told him long ago that there was still money in business, but the boy had to follow his grandfather’s example and join the military, even if he was qualified to be a captain in his twenties, the little allowance the Military Ministry gives out isn’t enough to buy a diamond.

Old General Dai seemed to like Ping Mo very much, as he smiled kindly. “That brat has often told me about you. I heard you like military daggers?”

Ping Mo said with some formality, “Yes.”

Old General Dai was very unobtrusive, and chatted with his potential grandson as if he were his own, “What do you think of the Death Scythe series? When I was young, I loved this series.”

“Very good. I used it during the rescue mission. The Scythe Z2. Every time there is a new product, I will start saving money to buy it.”

Old General Dai laughed, “Exactly the same as when I was young! At that time, there was no badge on my shoulder and my allowance was small, so I had to save up for a long time if I wanted to buy the weapon of my choice.”

As the old man and a young man gradually chatte, Pei Yutu saw that the situation was very pleasant, but at the same time Pei Zong gave him a cold aside look, as he became more and more angry.

Laugh, while you still have the face to give such a silly smile! You’re letting an omega save their own money to buy things, and you don’t know enough to send him gifts?

Overall, the meal was a happy one. Instructor Ping was worried about an awkward scene, but it never appeared. The family, although overly enthusiastic, insisted that he was their son’s colleague, and never said a word of doubt about their relationship.

Before they left, General Dai even excused his daughter, son-in-law and grandson and asked to speak alone with Ping Mo. Pei Yutu surreptitiously tried to go over to hear what they were saying, but was dragged away by his father.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” Pei Yutu asked, and was hit on the back.

Pei Zong was not as tall as his son, so he only got hit on the back, but his father’s authority was still there, and he seriously called his son by his full name, “Pei Yutu!”

Pei Yutu asked blankly, “Huh?”

Madame Dai also glared at her husband with discontent. “Why are you hitting your son?”

Pei Zong took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, and said, “How can you let an omega spend his own money on something? How did I teach you?”

Madame Dai smiled, stopped defending her son, and turned to look at Pei Yutu with the same reproach, “Your father is right about this. As an alpha, be generous.”

“…” Pei Yutu was aggrieved. “That’s not true, he refused to spend my money. I paid for Ping Mo’s medical bills a few times before, and he gave me a card to pay me back…”

“How dare you take money from an omega!?” Pei Yutu almost had a myocardial infarction on the spot, while the expression on his face clearly said ‘how could I give birth to such a son?’.

It was Madame Dai who was overwhelmed with emotion. “It’s hard to find a beautiful and independent omega. Our son really found a treasure.”

“Not only that,” said Pei Zong. “The boy is also very motivated. From what our father said, he is doing a good job, and he is good at his job.”

Madame Dai, “He’s polite. Even my dad likes him, and he’s always right. You can’t find a kid this good.” Madame Dai poked a finger at her son and said, “Why don’t you know how to cherish such a good omega? No wonder you still can’t find someone at this age!”


On one side, Teaching Assistant Pei was being educated by his father and mother, while on the other side, Ping Mo looked extra serious. Unlike his kindness at the dinner table, General Dai also said, “This is not an order, but a request.” He said, “And this request, I don’t want you to agree out of selfishness, but as a soldier of Alliance, I still have to say that for this plan, of course the decision is up to you.”

Ping Mo subconsciously looked at Pei Yutu not far away, a nearly one meter nine big man, with his head down, about to be scolded, but there was still a smile on his face, although very skinny and very beaten.

That person was always so cheeky. He would usually be upset, or bitch knowingly, and every time he wanted to beat him. However, he was thick-skinned, with a very careless look, and even some willingness.

The general also followed his gaze to look over, the corners of the mouth regained a little smile. “That brat. Outside he seems muddy, but only with those he is closest to, is he willing to put down his dignity.”

Only with those he is closest to, is he willing to put down his dignity?

“Ping Mo?”

Instructor Ping withdrew his eyes. “Yes.”

“This White Hole is so interconnected that the Military Ministry has been unable to find their real home base for so many years. There’s no need to explain that this trip is dangerous, and there is no guarantee of how much time it will take. Months, years, or even ten years.”

The next words weren’t spoken, but Ping Mo got it. “I understand.”

It had been only a few months of knowing each other, not ten years. After just a year apart, the relationship would fade.

Outside the restaurant, a man exited the elevator, headed to the outdoors, before he sneakily dialed the phone. “They rented the entire venue and I can’t enter. I can’t hear what’s being said inside. General Dai shouldn’t be talking about business. That military instructor surnamed Pei is looking quite grand and it seems like he’s bringing his partner to meet his parents.”

Who knows what was said on the other end of the phone, but the man speaking on the phone came to attention facing the void, and said in a panic, “No, I can’t be sure. It’s just my guess.”

After he finally hung up, the man couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “It’s none of my business, I’m just a stalker. Whether he sees his parents or not, how can I influence it? The prince isn’t happy to hear it, so he’ll take it out on me? What the hell!”


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I don’t think it’s going to need that much time… well I hope not; grandpa, have some thought for your lovestruck grandson, will you!
Ping Mo, please acknowledge your inner Omega a bit more often.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thank you so much for translating and editing❣️ ncaww so PM does somewhat care about PYT❤️ I love them. Maybe PM would be more willing to spread his cheeks if PYT bought him a dagger👀

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