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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


It was a silver metal vial. The pattern on the bottle was very worn, but there was a vaguely visible, hand-engraved ‘M.’ That alloy, like all biodegradable materials, was a synthetic product. Its biggest advantage was its light weight and thermal insulation. At that time Ping Mo had just differentiated, and the vial had been included in the package when he received his first inhibitors.

At that time, Ping Mo was very afraid, after all, it was a felony for an omega to impersonate an alpha soldier, and was afraid to use a cooler to keep his Therian inhibitors, so this thoughtful little bottle solved a big problem. In fact, as Instructor Ping grew up, and gradually got used to hiding his identity, he stopped using this small bottle, but this time he brought it just in case, and didn’t expect to really use it.

“Do you always carry it with you?” Long Lang looked at Ping Mo with a smile on his face, as his face softened.

Instructor Ping nodded without changing his expression. “This is my favorite thing. Can I have it back?”

Long Lang’s eyes were full of tenderness, but he didn’t respond immediately. He unscrewed the bottle, and cold air immediately came out from inside.

Immediately, one of the men came forward and asked Long Lang, “Do you want to open the bottle and use the detector again?”

It turned out that while the detector could trace a coordinate signal device, it couldn’t sense sense through metal. The closed alloy would block the signal, so with the lid on the detector wouldn’t work.

While Long Lang was pondering, Slingshot hurried back with two minions. “The Prince – no. Sir! Found it.”

After Long Lang’s father passed away, he was no longer just The Prince, but he didn’t like to be called something too jaded, so he still asked his subordinates to refer to him as ‘Sir’. Long Lang didn’t look at Slingshot, and kept his eyes on Ping Mo, as he observed his subtle expressions.

Ping Mo seemed very nervous. His long eyelashes twitched, he averted his eyes and also subconsciously went to his waist to feel the knife, but unfortunately he had already disarmed, and didn’t feel anything. Long Lang took in these subtle movements and expressions. He slowly hooked his lips and instructed Slingshot to take the object in his hand for testing, and there was indeed a small coordinate signal transmitter.

That was what Slingshot led people to find in the bathroom Ping Mo just went to.

“Sir, what about this bottle?”

“These inhibitors are for Therians, are as delicate as a Therian, and will easily fail once the temperature changes.” Long Lang recapped the bottle and handed it back to Ping Mo, and also took his hand in a smooth manner.

Ping Mo, “…”

Long Lang as an alpha, although not as strong as Pei Yutu, was also height of more than one meter eighty-five, so he had to tilt slightly towards Ping Mo. His tone was almost gentle, “Don’t be afraid. Even without a coordinate transmitter, I won’t do anything to you.”

“But if you let your superiors know about this place, this place won’t be safe. Let’s go.” Long Lang kissed and held Ping Mo’s hand, without any suspicion.

However after he put him on the craft, he arranged for the little brother named Black Panther to take him to his seat first, while he himself fell behind. Ping Mo saw Long Lang was overseeing One Eye as he broke the delicate coordinate signal transmitter in the reflection from the glass of the opposite window.

At this point, Slingshot came close and asked Long Lang in a puzzled whisper, “Aren’t you going to pursue this, sir?”

Long Lang said, “It would be strange if nothing could be found, but now that I have found it, I am relieved.”

Slingshot, “But…”

Long Lang raised up his gold-rimmed glasses, his gaze going through the window of the aircraft and right into Ping Mo’s line of sight. Ping Mo retracted his gaze. Long Lang saw this, and hooked his lips, as he slowly but calmly said, “The family cat has been lost for too long, and its wild nature is difficult to tame. There is always a process. Take your time.”

Slingshot habitually patted the horse’s back, “Sir…too wise!”

Ping Mo leaned back in his chair, reluctant to talk to people, and closed his eyes, but secretly gripped the small metal bottle in his coat pocket. His long, thick black eyelashes fell on the bridge of his narrow nose to cast a shadow, his lips were thin and pale. It was a typical thin face, but too beautiful. After so many years, his looks hadn’t changed, he was still like the young boy who was light and sensitive.

Long Lang was fascinated when he saw Ping Mo open his mouth without warning, “Why do you want to help me?”

Long Lang laughed, “I thought you were asleep.”

Ping Mo opened his eyes, gray-blue eyes like a deep lagoon, full of hidden turbulence. “Why did you help me in the first place?”

Long Lang answered him with a straight face, “Because I promised you.”

Ping Mo narrowed his eyes suspiciously. He felt that this person gave him a very familiar feeling, but couldn’t remember exactly where else they had met.

Long Lang unhurriedly took out his communicator, unlocked it and flipped out the photo album, “I don’t blame you for not remembering. You haven’t changed at all, but I have changed a lot.”

“!!!” Ping Mo sat up straight the moment he saw the photo, “You!”

Long Lang said a distant and familiar name. “That was the pseudonym I used to apply for the Chick Program at that time. This photo was taken at the training base before we had lunch.”

Ping Mo looked at the photo again, and the blurred memories gradually became clear.

The older child pulled the younger Ping Mo, and slipped out of the cafeteria line, “Take you to a nice place.”

Behind the training base was a cypress forest, and the older child magically pulled out his cell phone from behind a rock. “Let’s take a picture together.”

The little Ping Mo was far less bold back then, and was very resistant, and tried to break away from him. “Military Instructor said it is not allowed to bring a phone. I want to go back to eat.”

The older child hummed. “You know how to eat. After the photo shoot I’ll invited you to a small window. We’ll eat there.”

As it turned out, the lure of the small window was big enough that the photo showed two young teenagers both smiling happily, wearing identical uniforms, shoulder to shoulder facing the camera, kissing and smooching.

One of them was Ping Mo at the age of 11 or 12, the other was about 13 or 14 years old. Long Lang had a few similarities, but had still changed so much that he didn’t look like the same person. As a person moves from adolescence to adulthood, his bones will develop and become deeper and more three-dimensional, but they would never change that much.

But how could Long Lang know the ‘fake name’ and say exactly what happened on the day of the photo shoot?

Ping Mo was in shock that his childhood friend turned out to be ‘the prince of the largest interstellar pirate group, White Hole’, before he asked, “You were disguised?”

He could only guess the reason. Long Lang’s identity was special, so he may also have been deliberately hidden.

Long Lang shook his head. “No disguise. Do you remember that I suddenly left?”

“…” Ping Mo seemed to understand the reason, and was silent for a moment. His voice was flat and it was difficult to say, “Your genetic test didn’t pass. The test report showed that you were an omega.” In the next sentence, Ping Mo used an affirmative tone, “You’re the one who changed my blood test report. Why?”

Long Lang, “I had to go back for something.”

Ping Mo, “Why did you secretly exchange our medical reports?”

“Yes,” Long Lang said, “If I couldn’t stay, you would have to go back to the streets. I couldn’t take you back, because I couldn’t protect myself.”

“For my own good?” He spent his entire teenage years convinced that he was an alpha. God knows how anxious he was watching his teammates diverge one by one while he was slow to develop, and Ping Mo thought for a while that he might have some hidden disease. The captain of The Raptors Special Forces Team, and known as Alliance’s sharp knife, was actually an omega!

An omega who impersonated an alpha to join the military would be court-martialed and sentenced with a felony. This point aside, how could he face his subordinates and comrades? Ping Mo used to hate God for playing this joke on him, and especially hated the agency that got his blood test report wrong. Compared to the years of being scared, carrying secrets, and always feeling betrayed by the Alliance and Group E, Ping Mo would occasionally think that maybe he could be more honest if he went back to the streets and continued to be a blind man.

However…Ping Mo let out a breath, and finally just said calmly, “It’s all in the past.”

Long Lang asked, “Don’t you blame me?”

“You’re right. If it weren’t for you, I would have starved to death on the street, so I should thank you.” Ping Mo hooked his lips very lightly, quickly lowered his eyelashes to hide his expression, and turned back into that cold, ruthless, Raptor captain that scared extraterritorial pirates.

He was obviously the weakest omega, but always pretended with that ‘I don’t take anything into account’ look. No, that wasn’t pretend, he really was strong. Powerful enough to hide all the vulnerable emotions and fears, and face the enemy, with only fists and weapons to speak of. Strong enough to have a heart of stone, and not move for anyone.

“Still cute as a kid.” Long Lang shook his head and murmured.

Ping Mo, acted as if he hadn’t heard, and didn’t pay any attention to him.

“Do you want to know why I’ve changed my appearance?” Long Lang suddenly said.

Instructor Ping looked at him coldly and perfunctorily, not very concerned. “Why?”

“You’re really heartless. I’m really unlucky. That stupid big guy was also fooled by you to pull out his heart and soul, right?”

Ping Mo frowned. “What exactly are you going to say?”

“I was planning to infiltrate Alliance Military Ministry through the Chick Project and make a big career to show my father, but I was still too naive at that time. My father knew that I secretly had planned this matter and sent someone to admonish me. He ordered me to go back as soon as possible. I finally gave in and tampered with the blood test report to get out of there, but went back to find that my father had a new love.”

The surrounding minions were very smartly all huddled in the back row of the aircraft, eyes on their noses, mouths shut, as if to desperately say they could not hear the master’s secret.

Long Lang continued, “I was furious and killed the little mother. She was pregnant, one body but two lives. When father came back, in a fury, he hung me up and beat me. It was too hard and destroyed half my face. I later had to undergo plastic surgery, and someone behind the scenes said I could become elegant. I’m not myopic but I wear a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, like a svengali scum.” Long Lang pulled the corner of his lips, took off his glasses and faced Ping Mo, “The nerves around the eyes are dense, so I didn’t do scar removal surgery for the sake of my eyesight. Can you see?”

Ping Mo looked into his eyes, and sighed slowly, “You’re all past it.”

Those four words again, lackluster, not even to comfort people.

Long Lang, however, was very receptive and rubbed Ping Mo’s head affectionately. “Still as dumb as when you were a kid.”

Instructor Ping furrowed his brow, as he instinctively resisted this too close contact, but instead squeezed the alloy bottle, forced himself to relax and moved out from under Long Lang’s clutches without a sound.

The next stop was the base camp of White Hole.


Pei Yutu arrived at the public signal transmitter, but had no clue. Naturally, he didn’t have Slingshot and others waiting there to pick it up. He was at a loss when he received a call from General Dai. As soon as the old general opened his mouth, he scolded him directly, “Why can’t you get through to me in the past two days? Even the military terminal is blocked offline. Do you want to rebel? Where are you?”

Pei Yutu was calm, and waited for the old man to finish his scolding before he gave an unhurried account of his general itinerary for the past few days, while he hid the exact coordinates, of course, and finally said, “Someone will always be going to White Hole, I’ll wait here and bring Ping Mo back myself.”

General Dai was so angry that he yelled, “You’re going to White Hole by yourself? Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Pei Yutu doused the old general’s anger with one sentence, “Didn’t you also send him to White Hole alone? So Ping Mo is not afraid of death?”

“…” There was a long silence on the other end of the communicator, then General Dai seemed to sigh, “It’s his own choice. He’s a qualified soldier, and I respect his choice.”

Pei Yutu, “Then you should also respect mine.”

General Dai, “You! Don’t be silly with me, get your ass back here!”

Pei Yutu, “I’m not going! If something happens to Ping Mo, I won’t live!”

General Dai, “Do you care about him that much?”

Pei Yutu said categorically, “Yes! He is more important than my life.”

General Dai choked for a long time, and didn’t say anything. He took a breath and then said, “Even if you are angry with me, an old man, don’t you even care about your parents? What if something happens?”

Pei Yutu, “My father told me, for an omega, an alpha should risk his life to protect them.” This time, the old man was so angry that General Dai directly hung up the phone. He angrily turned towards the orderly who was watering a moonflower, “I knew that son of Pei wasn’t a good thing! Is there another father who talks to his son like that?”

The orderly, who was about to water the flowers, wiped his sweat and retreated silently. The orderly had been serving the old general for some years, and even the phrase “son of Pei” should be scolding Pei Zong, his rich beta son-in-law.

In this luxury family feud, a small soldier didn’t dare to get involved, so he slipped away.

Pei Yutu succeeded in exasperating his own grandfather, and then fell back into a tangle. He was there. Waiting for the rabbit was a stupid method. What if in a week, or a month he can’t find the guests who visit White Hole?

Then Ping Mo would be in a bad way, wouldn’t he?

At that moment, a phone call came once again. General Dai said flatly, “Ping Mo sent back coordinates once, but that signal was broken. It should be destroyed by that group – you shut up and listen to me! If you want Ping Mo to be safe, don’t mess around. If he can send back the coordinates of White Hole’s base camp, or if there is a chance to send a distress signal, you can personally lead the troops to rescue them. Don’t make any rash moves now. Go to the nearest fourth station, and stand by for news from your subject.”


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