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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The base camp of White Hole was not at all what Instructor Ping expected. It wasn’t dark and gloomy, and there were no cold and hard modern elements. Instead, it was like a paradise. With bamboo forests, small bridges, endless fields, and a palace-like Chinese courtyard that had a pond of koi, cascading water lilies, and fish playing among the lotus leaves.

“You like fish?” Long Lang asked with a smile when he saw Ping Mo was leaning over to look at the fish.

Ping Mo nodded his head.

Long Lang stood side by side with him in front of the pond, as he explained enthusiastically, “I planted these water lilies by hand, and the fish were brought in from the main planet. To keep them healthy, the light level is precisely replicated from the main planet. This is a whole set of swamp filtration systems. Fish feces is filtered through the pump, decomposed by nitrifying bacteria, and then becomes the nutrients for the copper weed. If it works properly, you never have to change the water.” Long Lang winked with a touch of teenage affection, as if they hadn’t been apart for more than a decade.

Ping Mo also relaxed and said, “You don’t have to do the water changes yourself.”

“That’s true! But the last thing White Hole needs is a maid.” Long Lang smiled and took Ping Mo by the shoulders. “Come on, let’s show you your room.”

White Hole was now the largest extraterritorial pirate organization, the businesses it was involved in included everything from arms to drug trafficking. Its wide range of activities could be compiled as the Alliance Criminal Code, but the original intent was to make a fortune through human trafficking, so of course, there was no shortage of servants.

Long Lang seemed to have forgotten the “you must remember to marry me later” joke when he was a teenager, and treated Ping Mo very well and politely. He never overstepped the mark, and they got along very comfortably.

Instructor Ping was also a qualified guest, as he watched the flowers and enjoyed the fish every day. If a brother from White Hole ever came to Long Lang to discuss matters, he also took the initiative to avoid them, and like a knot really had been untied, he was calm, as if he would retire there. Ping Mo had agreed with General Dai from the beginning that this might be a long battle, and he had to have all the patience in the world.

Unknowingly, Instructor Ping stayed in the base camp for ten days. Ping Mo was also considered to have dealt with White Hole for many years, and he had killed more members of the White Hole organization in his life than he could count on two hands. Therefore, Instructor Ping’s perception of White Hole included quite a bit of his own solid thinking.

White Hole people should be brutal and violent, but also talk about righteousness; evil but also should have their own bottom line. Long Lang and he had met all the White Hole members, and they were all different.

They were like a water lily out of the mud. The body didn’t see any jianghu gas. From the food and clothing, but also about the area, they usually spoke and did mildly reasonable things. Anyone who saw this would say categorically: this person and the pirates must not have a half-assed relationship, he is obviously a very well-bred rich kid, ah!

Ping Mo sometimes felt a little sense of dislocation. Compared to him, Pei Yutu had a unconventional and fierce temperament, but was more like a murderous foreign pirate leader. However, Instructor Ping still had a goal in mind. Long Lang was like a modest gentleman indifferent to fame and fortune. This would never be possible to carry off in such a short period of time. White Hole was a huge thing in the bag. The character wasn’t ruthless on the surface, but if you went deep to the heart, it had a ruthless enough heart.

For example, he killed his father’s pregnant lover at the age of thirteen, then there was the former black boxing ring in the Star City underground casino, where he had hoped to kill his own uncle, Long Cha.

On the other hand, Pei Yutu looked brown and fierce. Even an omega girl could tell he had no regard for gentlemanliness or quality of manners, and occasionally he was a little straight A cancer. However, he was a qualified soldier with integrity and courage, and never hurt him. He didn’t know how it happened, but the more time passed, the more often Instructor Ping would think of Pei Yutu.

When he left him, he had no intention of seeing him again.

He hoped General Dai would keep his promise and not let Pei Yutu know. Long Lang was suspicious, and until now also refused to let him touch any White Hole things, so he didn’t not know when he might complete the task. If it really delayed a decade, then perhaps he would become family.

“Watching the fish so intensely?”

Ping Mo turned his head, bored, and threw the copper grass back into the fish pond. “I have nothing to do but look at the fish.”

Long Lang still looked like a gentleman. “Do you blame me for keeping you locked up?”

Ping Mo shook his head. “It’s as it should be. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to trust someone who rashly defected, not to mention I’m the former Raptor Captain with the lives of my White Hole brothers on my hands. Now that I’m unarmed, isn’t going out looking for death?”

“With me around, who would dare to turn against you?” Long Lang immediately stated. “However, I am only afraid that you aren’t used to life here.”

This person always boasted of being a scholar, and he liked to talk in a roundabout way. Ping Mo smelled the meaning of this, but he said directly, “What’s not to get used to? They believe I was working with Ghost Ear, even when I’ve been on the most dangerous missions, and I almost didn’t make it back many times. But those officials didn’t have to do anything but brainwash us with the idea that ‘young people should know how to give’ and rely on the merits we earned to climb up the ladder. When my subordinates were in trouble, I set aside all my relations! Did they ever care about our lives?” Ping Mo finished in one breath, as if exhaling years of grievances. Then, as if realizing that he had lost his tongue, his hands held the viewing rail, and he pursed his lips without saying another word.

Long Lang observed the situation, and actually didn’t see anything wrong. Mainly because these situations were created by him, since he mailed the gilt rose and Ping Mo’s medical report to the E Group, the Military Ministry would not be able to court-martial him. Later, although Lu Feng bailed him out, he was still ‘exiled’ to the Alliance Military Technology University. He could only be a small military instructor with no hope of promotion, and any aspiring positions were something he could not attain.

Team Leader Ping was undoubtedly ambitious. He stood out in the Chick Program, because his innate omega physical quality was worse than the alphas, so he worked extra hard. He had also been carrying out the most difficult tasks, tracking, assassination, interception…anything that could award him with the Raptor Annual Model Award. Ping Mo had to win the title every year.

“Indeed, they are very unfair to you, not even the least trustworthy.” Long Lang echoed, as he put his hand over Ping Mo’s hand on the railing.

However, Instructor Ping absently removed his hand and sneered, “Because I’m an omega. Just because I’m an omega, they,” Ping Mo looked at Long Lang again. “Would you look down on me because I’m an omega?”

“…” Long Lang was caught off guard by the question, and blurted out, “Why would I?”

“Then remember what you said.” Ping Mo patted him on the shoulder instead, and walked away.

Long Lang looked at Instructor Ping’s back, then at his own hands which had nowhere to rest, before he laughed for a long time. “Little thing, this all is to block me with words.”

The Prince was a man of honor. Since the words had already been spoken, he couldn’t put his hands on him again in the future.

“But the future is long,” Long Lang murmured. “I haven’t seen you for many years, and you are even more heartwarming than before. This is really the right move.”

“Prince-no, Sir, why so happy?” Slingshot, who was clutching a pile of papers, didn’t forget to salute respectfully as he approached.

Long Lang had the rare leisurely moment to make small talk with him, “Do I look happy?”

Slingshot nodded his head like hen pecking rice. “Since Instructor Ping came, your face is obviously smiling more.”

Long Lang was noncommittal. He took the file and asked, “Are these the accounts of the exchange?”

“Yes, yes. Your method is really good, now those small groups are willing to cooperate with us. We will have a lot more free fighters, and our net money is good! This is more than the old days of licking blood on the knife. This is easier and the brothers praised your wisdom.”

Long Lang sneered, “Have they tasted the sweetness now?”

“Yes, yes, many of them regret that they did not participate earlier. They are a group of rough men, and short-sighted. How could they immediately understand your foresight?” Slingshot ass-kissed.

“That’s why I like to deal with smart people, like you.” Long Lang spit out compliments, but his face didn’t show joy or anger. 

Slingshot didn’t say more, after all, if he said the wrong thing, this Sir was more difficult to deal with than his father.

He wasn’t happy or angry, and his mind was deep, so that people couldn’t understand him. Then they somehow offended him and so he eliminated countless brothers.

Long Lang read the accounts before he asked Slingshot, “I want to take him to the exchange. What do you think?”

Slingshot said cautiously, “If you think it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Long Lang, “I’m asking your opinion now.”

This was not going to be a death sentence, was it? Slingshot quietly sweated, and then said as objectively as possible, “Instructor Ping seems to have little interest about anything in regards to White Hole. Even in your absence, he has never poked around with anyone. Not to mention Instructor Ping’s vial of Therian special inhibitors, which we have quietly checked three times and found no ‘extras’ in it. There are only four bottles of inhibitors, filled to the brim, two used up and only two left. Everything is normal.”

This was true. Long Lang was afraid that Ping Mo and he had too much trouble between them, and did not search the vial, but the day he picked him up, he found an opportunity to secretly check the bottle, just in case, but also checked a few more times. There was nothing unusual about it. It seemed to really be that the Military Ministry and the Alliance had discouraged him in the extreme.

In fact, even if he wanted to poke around, he didn’t have the tools to rebel.

“Get ready, take the kid out tomorrow.” Long Lang said. “It’s not good to be stuck at home all the time. It’s time to get some air.”

The next day, Long Lang located his most comfortable airship, and took Ping Mo straight to another base. Instructor Ping’s greatest thought was, thanks to the instinct not to rashly send out information, I’ve discovered that the so-called “White Hole Base Camp” is not just a single coordinate.

All the artificial space stations around there were installed with anti-detection cloaked coordinates, so even if one or two of them were cracked, it wouldn’t help!

“What are you thinking about?” Long Lang suddenly spoke up, which pulled Instructor Ping back to reality.

Ping Mo shook his head. “Nothing. I was thinking, isn’t an exchange something only those merchants do? How can pirates also use it?”

Long Lang laughed, “In the Netherlands in the ancient earth era, there was an East India Company, that from that time onwards, tried to financialize everything, even flowers. So why not pirates? Aren’t arms, turf, children, omegas, contraband drugs all essentially commodities? Of course, you’re different. You’re not like all the other omegas. I thought you were bored at home all day, so I brought you out for a break. You don’t mind this kind of place, do you?”

Since he was allowed to go out, it was already a big step forward.

Ping Mo naturally would not mind. He secretly calculated that this was a good start, to gradually gain Long Lang’s trust, then he could sooner or later send all the important coordinates of the White Hole that he’d memorized.

However, Instructor Ping didn’t expect that his opportunity would come much earlier than expected, and that in another two hours, the prince would completely drop his suspicions.


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