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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo turned around without moving his hand. If there was any movement, he could draw his dagger or particle stream emitter in a thousandth of a second. However, Slingshot was disciplined, and was still standing at a safe distance, just as he had been when he was captured by Pei Yutu and Ping Mo at the Legacy Base. Still, now that he saw him again, Instructor Ping couldn’t help but take a fresh look at this man.

“You’re the one who led me here.” Ping Mo said in the affirmative.

Slingshot was still very nice, and said innocently, “You’ve wronged me. You asked me to answer, and I didn’t lie or omit a word.”

This was also true. White Hole was originally his own destination.

“…” Ping Mo asked, “How long have you been waiting for me?”

Slingshot laughed. “Not long. You’re a good fighter. You found this place quickly.”

Ping Mo, “Where to next?”

Slingshot still stood at a safe distance without approaching Ping Mo, and said, “Just follow me. The Prince is waiting for you.”

Instructor Ping was satisfied with his cautious attitude, let down his guard a little and followed him. However, he didn’t know that Slingshot wasn’t trying to be nice, he was just really afraid of Ping Mo.

At the beginning on Legacy Base, he saw with his own eyes that Instructor Ping was one for ten, and even those mutant white rats that ate people were scared of him. What kind of combat power was that? He was also an alpha, but he couldn’t compare with Pei Yutu. His small body couldn’t withstand a beating from Instructor Ping.

The two of them, each with his own agenda, successfully boarded a flying machine. Ping Mo was knowledgeable, only a glance to recognize this was the FG-31 unmanned armed passenger flight mecha, the most advanced model, and also expensive. The entire Military Ministry had no more than 20 units. These pirates were really generous.

Ping Mo, “Nice mecha.”

Slingshot laughed, “To pick you up, of course, we must use the best. The flight takes about four hours. What do you want to drink? Coffee or tea?”

Ping Mo didn’t dare to drink their stuff. He just closed his eyes, and leaned back in his chair to recuperate. “We’ll be in your territory soon. You don’t need to be so obsequious.”

“Then you rest.” Slingshot said. However in his heart he was thinking, You are the heart and soul of our prince, and maybe the future prince consort. Who would dare neglect you?


It took Pei Yutu half a day to ‘torture’ his top boss into understanding. He slipped out of the premises overnight, not to find General Dai, but to find the ‘path map’ left by Slingshot.

Instructor Ping had found the last place within three days according to the rules of the jungle, which was already surprisingly fast, but Pei Yutu was afraid that Ping Mo would be in trouble and wanted to fly to his side immediately, so he couldn’t wait a few days. His method was more brutal but also more effective – to spend money.

What were the rules of the jungle? Pei Yutu managed to arrive at the Raj Transit Space Station after only a day and a half. However, Teaching Assistant Pei’s ability to pay money met with resistance here. The place was too big, the population was comparable to the first-tier cities on the main planet, and very mobile. More importantly, even the target of the inquiry had to find it on his own. Wasn’t this a needle in a haystack search?

Pei Yutu decided to try his luck in the most crowded place which was the most lively bar in Raj. Since it was dusk here 24 hours a day, peddlers didn’t follow the rules of time. No matter what time it was, the bar business was booming. Unfortunately, after sitting for half a day, he still hadn’t asked any questions. If he spent money directly, would it be too public? Would Ping Mo be in danger if word got out?

While Pei Yutu was torn, he heard a spicy curse. As soon as it started, the profanity machine turned on like a gun burst, vulgar but also a little witty, for five minutes without repeating a word.

Pei Yutu listened to that, dumbfounded, for half a long time before he exclaimed, “This woman is quite powerful.”

“She’s a famous hottie in the red-light district next door, and this kind of cursing battle has to be repeated once every few days.” The bartender wiped his glass and smiled ingratiatingly at Teaching Assistant Pei. He was a very generous customer, and someone who he was happy to get close to and tell something new. Plus, maybe he’d get another tip.

The bartender gossiped, “The day before yesterday she was almost raped in public by a few alphas, but a young man came to her rescue. He had really good hands! I’ve been here for so many years, and I’ve seen a lot of arms dealers, but I’ve never seen one so fast.”

“What young man?” Pei Yutu asked offhandedly.

“Oh, the age shouldn’t be too old, just 18 or 19 years? At that time he also sat at the bar. Ah, coincidentally, it should be in your current spot. He had really beautiful hands, his body lines were also smooth, medium height, and long legs. However, he wore a duck-bill cap throughout, so I didn’t see what his face looked like.”

Pei Yutu, “!!! You said that day that young man saved her then took her away?”

“Yes, directly away.”

In that case, the woman couldn’t say she didn’t know something.

“Thank you.” Teaching Assistant Pei took out a pile of tips, and pressed them on the bar, then got up and left.

The bartender took the pile of Alliance coins and was so happy that he almost showed his back teeth on the spot. This customer today was really generous! Although he was a bit fierce, he was good-looking. Could he be a nobleman’s young son from the main star trying to find excitement?

Immediately after, he saw an exciting scene. The woman was being pulled away from the crowd, carried like a small chicken, and being dragged out. In addition to cursing, Xiao Hong’s ability to cause trouble was also second to none, and now she was carried away again. The crowd thought that she was disguised as an omega to deceive customers. Only the bartender secretly gave a thumbs up. The customer really had come to seek excitement.

He had seen those who liked to be beautiful, liked the pheromones sweet, but for the first time he saw those who liked to swear at people, wow!


The flying mecha slowly landed. This was a small space station, complete with facilities, but the total area may not be as large as the coalition. It should be the home base of White Hole. However it made no sense, the Alliance Army had been searching for the White Hole’s lair for so many years without a clue, so how could they take him in so easily without any inspection?

“Didn’t you say you’d take me to Long Lang?”

Slingshot didn’t dare call the prince by his first name and said, “Sir, should be here soon. I sent him a message before I left, mainly because no one expected you to find the signal transmitter so quickly. Wait a little longer. I think it will take at least an hour.”

An hour? So the White Hole’s home base was about five hours away, depending on what kind of craft they were using, and the approximate speed. Ping Mo mapped it out in his mind.

Ping Mo suddenly got up. “Is there a bathroom?”

Slingshot, “Yes there is! It’s just that this space station is relatively small, so there are no special omega –.”

Before the words were finished, Instructor Ping glared back at him.

“!” Slingshot knew he had said the wrong thing, and covered his mouth. He stood at attention again, and said sullenly, “I’ll take you there. There’s no one else here but us anyway.”

“…” Ping Mo, “Can you be normal? You’ll become a real idiot, if you get too used to pretending to be an idiot.”

Slingshot, “…” I am not pretending, I am really afraid of you ah! QAQ

When he reached the bathroom door, Slingshot was going to follow, but Ping Mo suddenly stopped in his tracks and said coldly, “Want to see an omega go to the bathroom?”


Slingshot said he didn’t dare, and withdrew with some hesitation.

As Slingshot drank his third cup of coffee alone, there was a notification and an FG-31, the same series of flying mecha, landed. Ping Mo looked at the time. No more, no less, exactly one hour. A tall young man, surrounded by people, came down from the aircraft. Even in the territory of the White Hole, Long Lang still brought his bodyguards with loaded guns, and made a great show.

He was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, well-dressed, Ping couldn’t tell what brand, but very upscale, with a nobleman’s temperament, while he stood in that group of flesh-faced pirates. There was no awareness of the incongruity as he smiled at Ping Mo, a deep smile, until Instructor Ping looked nearly fried. Then he only very lightly bit out, “Long time no see.”

Ping Mo politely replied, “Long time no see. Last time when I was in the underground boxing ring, I didn’t know that you were the famous Prince of White Hole.”

“No, you forgot even earlier than that. But that’s okay. We have plenty of time to catch up,” Long Lang said as he approached, raising his hand affectionately as if to wrap it around Ping Mo’s shoulders. Instructor Ping had practiced reflexive self-protection over the years, and drew his military dagger from his waist like lightning.

At the same time, the bodyguards also pulled out their guns and aimed at Ping Mo. The atmosphere was tense and on the verge of a fierce battle.

“Stop it! Who dares to hurt him?” Long Lang shouted in a low voice, his eyes moved away from the shining dagger on his neck, and slowly fell on Ping Mo’s face, expressionless. “This is the second time you’ve pointed a knife at me, Ping Mo. You make me sad, but this reaction speed is better than the most brave warriors in White Hole. The quality of the teaching of the Chick Program is really good. Too bad I missed it.”

Ping Mo shuddered at his words, and had a pang of inexplicable familiarity, as if some memory was about to break through, but when he looked closer at Long Lang’s face, it didn’t feel right again.

“I will tell you everything you want to know.” Long Lang looked at him and said slowly, “Now put the knife down. You won’t kill me. You aren’t here to kill me.”

That was true. Not to mention that he couldn’t kill someone in the interstellar pirate territory and then get back in one piece. Plus he reminded himself that the purpose of his trip was never an assassination mission.

Ping Mo was silent for a moment, then took a step back. “Clang!” He threw the dagger.

Long Lang also took a step back, back to the protection of those bodyguards. The small space station was full of energy. The energy tower would be warm, like the afternoon of the main planet. The gold-rimmed flat lenses reflected the blinding white light, and he couldn’t see behind the lenses to Long Lang’s expression, he only saw his movements as he calmly clapped his hands. Immediately two alphas came forward. In front of Ping Mo they stopped and held out a tray. “Mr. Ping, please surrender all weapons, including coordinate transmitters and communicators.”

Behind his back, Ping Mo couldn’t help but clench his hand, but after a moment of stalemate, he chose to cooperate. He first pulled out a dagger from inside the holster on his inner thigh, then a short knife, and a particle emitter from his waist, and threw them all together onto that plate.

“No more?” The alpha holding the tray asked.

Ping Mo replied calmly, “No more.”

“Prince! No. Sir, do you want to search?” The alpha asked.

With a sullen face Long Lang didn’t say anything, but Slingshot stepped forward at the right moment, changed his modesty and said seriously, “It’s the rule of White Hole. When you go back to the base camp, everyone has to be checked.”

Ping Mo couldn’t help but look at Slingshot, and thought it was no wonder such a weakling was so valued by Long Lang. He was smart enough to sing a black face when the leader was not speaking well.

Slingshot continued to mechanically recite the terms and conditions, “Outsiders are not allowed to carry any locators, weapons, and strangers need to be checked naked.”

Ping Mo’s hand behind his back secretly tightened. His index finger quietly pressed in the palm was already clenched white, but still within a few seconds he adjusted his mood, and didn’t move to look at Long Lang.

“Naked examination? You mean to make me strip naked in front of so many alphas?”

Long Lang, “…”

Slingshot, “…”

Ping Mo took a step forward, and all the bodyguards held their guns tightly on guard, as if they were afraid that he would kill their prince with his bare hands in the next moment.

Instructor Ping snickered, “There are so many of you, still afraid of a bare-handed omega?”

Although he said that, he still stopped in his tracks. His long eyelashes twitched, his beautiful gray-blue eyes looked straight at Long Lang.

“Or is that how you like it? From the time I was first transferred to the main planet and reported to the Alliance army, there were often jerks who forced others to have sex in front of everyone. Is this your special fetish?”

Instructor Ping’s fierce man baggage was extremely heavy. In the last encounter, even though he had been hit with ten times the dose of the inducer, he still gritted his teeth, and finished the fight with the alpha boxing king. Even so badly wounded, he refused to identify himself.

Now he was calling himself an omega.

“You like to send flowers to omegas, and expect him to be in heat in front of everyone?”

Ping Mo moved forward step by step, but without weapons. There was less of the marrow of the murderous aura, and for the words, it was as if there are also a hidden ambiguity. Long Lang couldn’t help but be a little bit amazed. His attention on those sharp and beautiful gray-blue eyes, he denied, “No, it’s not what you think. I don’t have any special fetishes. I can explain that.”

“Ahem!” Slingshot coughed.

Long Lang also realized that he had lost his temper, coughed lightly and ordered, “One-Eye. Black Panther. You go get the detector.”

In the end, Long Lang didn’t want to strip Instructor Ping in public. The prince didn’t say it, but the alphas didn’t dare propose any ‘rules’ at this juncture. For that so-called melon field, forget mentioning that Instructor Ping was beautiful beyond words, in front of Long Lang, they wouldn’t dare even to look at him for fear that the prince would think that they had the wrong intentions.

As they prepared to test how the instrument worked, Ping Mo noticed that Slingshot quietly came to Long Lang’s ear. Immediately after, Long Lang pointed to the two who followed Slingshot. However, before he could see where they went, One Eye brought over the detector. “Mr. Ping, it’s time to start the test.”

Ping Mo cooperated by stretching out both arms. His posture was relaxed.

But when the detector touched the side of his waist, it suddenly screamed.

Immediately, some of the men rushed over to pin Ping Mo down, and the sound of bullets being loaded was incessant. One Eye retrieved a metal bottle from his waist pocket and handed it to Long Lang with a serious look. “Sir, look.”

When Long Lang first heard the detector scream, he also showed some wariness, but after he saw the vial, he suddenly looked softer. “This thing. You still have it.”


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