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Chapter 100: Forum

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The alpha pheromone like the fresh air on top of the snowy mountains made Baylor feel like he was on fire. Dazed by the kiss, Baylor was gradually drawn into this raging intimacy. He squinted at Ewan, but he did not look at him, those eyes were now lowered. Against the light, like the moon covered by clouds, giving off a bright and clear light, that is, the light of the eyes was revealed in the full of concentration and tenderness.

Just like his kiss, restraining his impulses, a little intrusion, but also cautious and tyrannical, not allowing escape.

In this relationship, Ewan would force down his own desire, waiting for Baylor to slowly adapt, but would never let go of Baylor into this vortex. There was some reasoning, and he was not an entirely reasonable person. But Baylor actually did not want to leave. He was kissed and was very comfortable, feeling things he had never felt, like a ship in the sea, the waves rising and falling, restless, but swaying with excitement and pleasure.

It was a pleasure to touch someone with whom he shared his heart with, not to mention that they had a genetic desire for each other. After being led to take that step across the line, Baylor found it interesting to respond, and his response caused Ewan to flinch slightly before pinching the side of Baylor’s face with his hand, completely releasing his restraint.

Baylor found the waves a little too strong and felt as if he was about to capsize under Ewan’s unleashed attack. How could this work? Baylor’s unconquerable obsession at this moment and lust burned together, and he suddenly realized a problem, why was he being guided?

So his otherwise submissive body suddenly rebelled, and the kisses became more violent, the mood changed from the defensive to the offensive.

A low laugh emanated from Ewan’s chest. The two of them were repositioned and Baylor sat on top of him, obediently giving him the right to move.

Baylor thought Ewan still had eyes.

One of Baylor’s rules in life: everything in life was a fight, and he would never be the one who sat around. He could be the boat, but the ebb and flow of the waves had to be under his control. Baylor’s obsidian eyes were lit up with a fighting spirit, like the summer sun, the most fascinating view for Ewan.

However, Ewan’s fascination soon disappeared because of the pain coming from his mouth, and even the taste of blood that spread between his lips made him unable to dwell on those eyes.

… Do you really think you are a dog? Was this a kiss or a bite?

His teeth were quite sharp, it seems not only the usual dislike people sharp, his bite also hurt.

Ewan felt he shouldn’t let little lunatic Baylor fool around, so he decisively took back the power of motion, guiding Baylor to understand that kissing was not just about nibbling on the flesh of the lips.

With a final ‘click’, Ewan took the key and unlocked the barrier around Baylor’s neck, and the moment the leather barrier hit the ground with a slight dull sound, Ewan stopped kissing, flipped Baylor over, and then wrapped his arms around the person from back to front, biting mercilessly into the glands of the slender neck.

The sensation of being temporarily marked was too intense, and Baylor had nothing to lean on in front of him. He remembered Super Wolf’s insecure fluttering when he was lifted up as a child, and he felt like Super Wolf then, especially with his neck being held now. It was exactly the same as when Super Wolf was grabbed by the back of his neck.

When Baylor reacted, he was already being held in his arms, and Ewan kissed away the tears that had spilled from the corners of his eyes with a single kiss, and Baylor’s blank mind gradually returned to functioning.

The glands at the back of his neck were still swollen and sore, and he heard Ewan ask in his ear, “You said in the car that you would tell me honestly if you had feelings for me, but now what?”

Ewan’s voice with a vague lust, just Baylor’s acceptance and response gave him great confidence, in fact, the answer to this question he already had in mind, but he just wanted to hear that answer from Baylor’s mouth. Baylor suddenly left his arms, he stood up, lowered his head to straighten out his clothes that had been raised, the corners of his eyes still with a haze of red, but at the moment his eyes were not half charming color, only leaping with anger.

Ewan’s heart suddenly rose with a sense of foreboding.

But the premonition was actually not much use, after all, the volcano eruption was also a moment after, and the premonition could not allow him to escape.

“You dare to lie to me!”


Ten seconds later, Ewan rubbed his face that had been punched, and Baylor had long since taken the elevator down by himself.

Baylor knew he was an idiot as soon as Ewan took out the key to unlock his blocker. He realized this was premeditated, since if it was not premeditated, he would not have put the blocker key in his pocket, right?


Back on the ground, Baylor picked up his jacket, coldly grunted twice, puffed out his jacket and pushed open the door of the training ground to leave. Even if Ewan pretended to be good, just now after the last moment he did not hold back the leak, his tone of voice was back to normal, this guy …

The thought that Ewan had long ago recovered, and was still there acting, with him caring for him… Baylor could not help but itch to punch him again.

Baylor and the staff who came to check the situation collided. Baylor found that the other party did not immediately flee, but stood there, looking at himself in surprise, and could not help but point at himself and say, “You are not…”

Baylor was a lit cannonball at this point, he glared at the staff member and said in an irritated tone, “What is it? Don’t get in my way.”

The staff member looked carefully at Baylor’s face and confirmed, “It’s really…”

A hand pulled Baylor’s hand from behind, Baylor turned her head and looked at Ewan who was catching up with him.

The staff member looked at Ewan behind Baylor and his eyes dropped, not expecting to see two of the most popular figures in the center of the debate today. He immediately dodged and stood to the side, making way for these two.

“Baylor, let me explain.”

“Fuck your uncle!”

“I don’t have an uncle.”

“Then fuck yourself!”

“I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not like that.”

“Fucking liar, don’t touch me!”

“… Then let’s go home together first.”

The staff member watched the General chase the beautiful omega, and heard that his tone of voice was asking to please, his mouth was wide open for a long time before closing. He also could not care to check the venue, immediately pull out his terminal, open the forum, and then click on the hot news to look at the top row of hot search. Now the top one was ‘General’s bold love’, clicked on the previous Ewan’s personal account was the explosive statement.

“Ju… I can’t believe it’s true…” He had sworn to tell people that this must be General’s stolen number, otherwise the famous, always eyes only the military without omega God of War General how would his nature suddenly change?

Not only was his mortal heart moved, but he also made such a high-profile declaration when his relationship was not even confirmed, but was still in pursuit of the omega.

Oh my god, General was chasing an omega, he was actually chasing that omega!!!

It all started with the news that suddenly hit the newsstands yesterday morning. The initial story had nothing to do with the Imperial General, as the news was an exposé on film emperor Aynor.

An anonymous tipster posted a video of film emperor Aynor embracing an omega in the gym of 1st Imperial Military Academy with a string of text – film emperor Aynor and his lover The image of emperor Aynor and his lover embracing in the middle of the night, the lover was a student of 1st Imperial Military Academy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

This quickly led to various discussions on the Internet, especially the fans of film emperor Aynor, although Aynor was a powerhouse, but many of his fan base was mate fans, now suddenly appeared a lover, how could they tolerate, so they began to quarrel madly and try to prove that this was a fake.

However, the technical gods came down and proved that the video could not have been faked, and public opinion set off another wave. 

The 1st Imperial Military Academy, the gymnasium, the time, the combination of these, plus the clothes and the appearance of the unclear but also enough to attract people’s imagination. The students of the military school immediately locked onto Baylor.

The mysterious lover of film emperor Aynor was Baylor, which immediately spread on the Internet, and even a clear picture of Baylor was posted on the Internet.

Baylor’s good looks at first gagged a lot of people, although most of the comments were still fans trying to attack Baylor, but many passersby and sensible fans commented, “This look, honestly crushed how many people in the entertainment industry? And still a student of 1st Imperial Military Academy, has the face and strength, also worthy of a film emperor.”

Until another anonymous person commented below, “How noble do you really think he is? An omega who was sent here as a plaything, has long known how many people’s beds, now climbing into this film emperor’s bed, which is also a common occurrence. He could enter the 1st Imperial Military Academy, but also through the ‘back door’, such trash is simply disgusting. I think to get together with such a person, this film emperor is not a good person (smile.jpg).”

At first people just took this as bigoted fan talk and didn’t take it seriously until he sent out a few more private photos of Baylor that were of Baylor still on planet TL7. He was even a little younger, with a scowling, soft look, and he threw out quite a bit of information to prove that he was indeed Baylor’s acquaintance, such as Baylor’s true identity.

The StarNet was now connected to the entire constellation, and the inhabitants of TL7 were naturally able to see these messages, and through this man’s reminder, they recall that this was indeed a person from their planet, the offspring of the last tyrant, a beautiful waste of extremely low genetic rank. Public opinion was quickly ignited, and almost everyone believed the anonymous person’s words that Baylor was a plaything to be toyed with, so how could he be worthy of the famous film emperor?

All sorts of nasty words were thrown at Baylor, fans and passersby turned all their malice into words, and some even cursed Baylor by posthumously taking pictures of him.

Aynor wasn’t ready to let this go on unchecked. On one hand, he contacted a public relations company to delete the post, and on the other hand, he responded directly himself despite all the people’s efforts to stop him. The response was that he was not in a relationship with Baylor and that Baylor was not a friend as the rumors suggested, and that he would sue for Baylor’s insults in a strong tone.

Aynor did not say he would sue those who called him out, but rather said he would sue those who called Baylor out, the implication of which was thought-provoking. Some of the fans felt betrayed and directly took off their fans to step back and curse even more, but that did squash a lot of the talk.

What was surprising about this was that the only people who were steadfast in their quarrel with the various internet users were the students of 1st Imperial Military Academy. They stood firm on Baylor’s side, arguing with the heated fans.

Fans said, “I thought 1st Imperial Military Academy had unofficial students, they got in through the back door, it’s disgusting.”

The students disliked, “Backdoor? You try to win first place in our school by the back door?”

Fans said, “Don’t you know that 1st Imperial Military Academy students are cutting seats with such trash? Having people like that in your school only tarnishes your reputation!”

The students said, “I’m sorry, we only look at strength, and if he’s trash, with all due respect, you guys here are worse than trash.”

The fans said, “If you’re so supportive of him, you’re not all taking advantage of him, I won’t say what.”

The students disliked, “You say, if you have the guts to say, if you don’t have the guts to say, don’t chatter here, we just support him, what’s wrong? You say he is not worthy of your film emperor, I say your film emperor is not worthy of him!”

Such arguments came and went like car wheels, and even developed into a reunion between film emperor fans and 1st Imperial Military Academy students. But the situation didn’t last long, because just as they were arguing, a comment came out of nowhere.

Empire General Ewan replied with an accusation that almost broke down.

That comment asked, who was this vixen that compels so many people, what does he have, just a face? Or was he just too good in bed?

The person who posted this comment never thought he would receive a reply from the Empire’s General.

Of course, no one expected it.

Ewan answered all of his questions with a few simple words: He’s the one I’m after.


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Oh dear; 3 steps forward and 2 steps back 😕
Ewan should’ve known better.
Thanks for the chapter.

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Ewan was warned, not to deceive Baylor, now he will have to chase the damage! Thanks for the chapter!

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Lol, Sean called it.

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Baylor must feel so deceived. All he ever asked for was honesty. Ewan screwed up.

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Haha the students know the truth, good for them. I hate internet wars :/

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