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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Who was Baylor?

It’s the guy the Empire’s General was chasing.

What was he capable of?

We don’t know what he’s capable of, but how could someone who was being pursued by the Empire’s General be just a beautiful loser?

Wasn’t this the same General who said that he did not need a mate in this life and if anyone talked about love, it would only affect the speed of his knife?

For a while, in the hearts of the masses, they didn’t know how they should feel.

“Is the General really pursuing Baylor?” The 68th recruits gathered around Kana’s side and asked curiously.

Kana looked at these partners, she opened her mouth, she did not know how to refuse them but also wanted to give them a satisfactory answer, but the truth was, she also did not know. So she could only scratch her head, “I, I’m not sure, I don’t know much about Baylor.”

“The Internet has now exploded about how Baylor is TL7’s gift to the General. I do not know whether it is true or not, but he does not look like the Ya’an Empire people.”

“If you ask me, he doesn’t look like he’s from the same dimension as us, or is TL7 a planet of beauties?”

“But if Baylor is from TL7, that would make sense, I mean, he’s so good, and so good looking, there’s no way I’ve never heard of him.” One of the recruits from the area said.

One person was genuinely confused, “But didn’t they say he was a waste of beauty? It says his omega rating is only F.”

Everyone looked at each other for a second, then laughed out loud and someone tapped him on the shoulder and said, “If he’s a loser or not, no one else knows better than us, right?”

But no, who knew Baylor’s strength better than they do? They were the ones who faced the Demon King directly. They laughed and laughed, and they cried, and the past was too much to look back on.

But that moment of melancholy mood was quickly washed away by the gossip, “I find it hard to believe that the General actually likes Baylor and is still chasing him. Doesn’t that mean Baylor did not say yes? The General is actually chasing someone? And that someone did not say yes? I remember the duke’s omega daughter came after the General and was kept out.”

A slight silence, they remembered Baylor’s character, and suddenly it seemed not entirely impossible again.

“Ah!” Kana suddenly remembered something and suddenly shouted, then a group of people looked towards her in unison, Kana covered her mouth and said, “I suddenly remembered, the day the examination ended, General went to see Baylor…” She blinked and suddenly realized, “I thought the General was just passing by and came to see military instructor Sean, and also to see the first place of the examination, but now I think, he should have gone specifically to see Baylor, right?”

She felt a little strange at the time, how could a military General appear in the medical room? Now that she thought about it, she bumped into Baylor during the registration test before, and Baylor was accompanied by senior officers, so that should be sent by the General as well.

Baylor’s contemporaries also remembered that Ewan suddenly appeared on the day the test was over. Moreover, they also remembered that Baylor left early afterwards and did not return with them.

So that time was to see the end of the examination, and then went specifically to pick him up.

The General ran to the examination site to personally pick him up.

An alpha recruit said in a melancholy tone, “I’m jealous.”

The others looked at him with strange eyes.


Countless people were trying to find Baylor or Ewan, wanting to get first-hand information, but these two people seem to have disappeared, could not be found anywhere, the military department could not plug in, 1st Imperial Military Academy also did not wait for people. As for the Ewan family … This was classified information, not many people know where Ewan lives.

The two people who were being searched for by the whole world were having a cold war at the moment. To be precise, it was Baylor’s one-sided cold war with Ewan.

“I am really in the susceptible period, no lie. If you do not believe me, smell me. My pheromone is still unstable.” Ewan, who was shut out of the room, knocked on the door and explained in a very sincere tone.

That day Baylor ignored him, originally he thought to wait for Baylor’s temper to subside, but Ewan really could not sit down. Baylor, this guy was the most vindictive, if he was left alone, Ewan was afraid that in only one day this person would run away. He couldn’t easily break the deadlock.

Baylor had not left the room for a day.

Ewan sounded a little worried and disapproving, “I know you’re angry, and it’s okay to be angry, but you can’t not come out to eat.”

And at this time, in the room, Baylor was lying on the bed, the table with a few bottles of empty nutrients, for the call outside the door did not seem worthy of his attention.

In fact, last night Baylor was ready to go directly back to the military, but only due to consideration of the Super Wolf who was still hatching the egg, he got into Ewan’s car. But he had no intention of forgiving Ewan easily.

How dare this guy take advantage of his sympathy! Baylor wrapped his arms around himself, closed his eyes, and grunted. He was not going to believe Ewan’s words now, the cunning alpha who had been setting him up. How dare he ask him if he felt anything? What the hell–

Baylor closed his eyes, his head unconsciously recalling that kiss. He came back last night and had a dream in which he and Ewan didn’t stop at the temporary mark, but went on to the next level, and at the end, it was like dry fire. When he woke up in the morning, he went to the bathroom to clean the traces left by the absurdity of his dream.

In fact, he did not want to open the door to see Ewan because of this. After all, his sheets were still drying at the window, if Ewan saw, the guy must be proud enough to put his tail up to the sky.

After all– Baylor opened his eyes, vaguely tactile lips tightly pursed, his brow slightly wrinkled, his expression serious with a little frankness.

— There was one thing he could hardly deny.

At this point, Baylor’s ear tips faintly twitched, because he found the doorway suddenly silent. He raised his head slightly, looked at the door, and the sound of footsteps leaving, his mouth dropped a little, his eyes with displeasure. Really insincere people, actually said two words and then ran away? Does this guy really want to apologize? He was afraid that he did not come to perfume himself.

Baylor’s hearing was very good, but at this moment he could not help but doubt his own ears, carefully listening to the movement of no one outside, he stared incredulously at the door.

Shit? Really gone? Baylor didn’t feel like chilling right now, he wanted to go out and press people into a fight.

After waiting for a few minutes, the person still did not come back, Baylor’s beautiful face slate, a pair of eyes like a torch, he took a deep breath, sat up from the bed, and then got out of bed and went to the door. He was not sulking, could not hold it, there was anger in the heart just wanting to vent out.

The moment he was about to open the door lock, Baylor’s movements suddenly stopped. He turned to the window with a cold face and pulled off the sheets that were drying in a primitive way. The sheets were not completely dry and were cold and wet.

Squeezing his fingers, Baylor unlocked the door and pressed the knob to get out. He was going to get into a fight and beat Ewan until he was on the floor. But as soon as he opened the door, he didn’t take more than a few steps before Baylor heard movement from the kitchen downstairs and the smell of a light meal wafting in.

Baylor lowered his eyebrows. Seriously? He actually ended his apology halfway and then ran to eat? Baylor didn’t hide his footsteps at all as he stepped on his slippers and ‘snapped’ down the stairs.

Baylor’s intention was to throw a punch when he saw Ewan, then a shoulder tackle, then a choke… But when he reached the kitchen, he suddenly stopped when he met the apron-wrapped alpha who was so serious, yet so out of place in the kitchen.

Ewan froze for a moment, and then in this weird atmosphere, he suddenly picked up a glass of juice, “Drink?”

“…” Baylor subconsciously took the glass of juice, nose slightly twitched, but there was not much taste. The color was purple, and he did not know what the stuff was. So Baylor frowned and looked at the glass of juice carefully, “What is it?”

“Pressed Rico fruit.” Ewan replied, “Didn’t you say before that you wanted the most nutritious and least tasty juice? I didn’t find it that time, so I investigated carefully later. Rico fruit has little flavor, but it is nutritious, just a little far away from the place, it took a long time to deliver.” Speaking of which, he frowned slightly, obviously displeased with that slow level of shipping. When Ewan saw that Baylor was holding the juice, he added, “I tasted it, nothing strange, try a sip and if you don’t like it, I won’t make it again.”

“…” Originally looking for a fight, but Baylor picked up the glass and took a sip instead. The purple liquid slid across his tongue, and Baylor’s brow relaxed slightly. Hmm? It really feels good.

Just about to praise, he suddenly remembered what he had come for. Baylor frowned again, and a pair of beautiful Obsidian eyes stared at Ewan, ready to speak.

As a result, Ewan’s expression relaxed a bit because he saw Baylor didn’t show any resistance after drinking it, and then said, “The fish is fried for you, but it’s going to be a bit, so sit down for a while.”

“…” The words that were going to be asked for were choked off, and Baylor stayed there, staring at Ewan without moving.

Ewan raised an eyebrow in confusion, “You’re not hungry?”

“… No.”

The oval table was right next to the open kitchen, and Baylor was sitting directly across from it, with the lavender juice on the table, clasping his hands and looking bitterly at the person who was cooking for him.

Ewan was tall, with a stern and indifferent face, looking like a person in a high position, pointing out the square. It was difficult to imagine that such a person would wear an apron, standing in the kitchen. Ewan’s sleeves were pulled up to above the elbow, revealing the strong arm, the head down frying fish looked focused, as if doing a great task.

Although they usually use cooking robots, this was not the first time Ewan had cooked something for Baylor to eat. Since the matter of Ewan concealing his identity, Ewan had cooked him breakfast, and later would also cook from time to time. But it was the first time Baylor watched Ewan cook for him so seriously.

It turned out that Ewan while cooking was also so serious.

So he did not give up, but it was not to cook for himself.

Ten minutes later, Baylor’s dinner was served. A light taste of fried fish, boiled vegetables and white-hot fresh shrimp, In the eyes of ordinary people could really be called bland food, but was the most suitable for Baylor’s sensitive palate. And with the freshness of the ingredients themselves, not completely tasteless.

Baylor had nothing to criticize, but he still frowned and looked up at Ewan, who was still wearing the apron, and after holding his breath, he asked, “Why are you still wearing the apron? It’s ugly.”

Indeed, the apron was not good, and he did not know who picked it. It was too fancy, almost like a small flower dress.

Ewan looked at the apron he was wearing, it was a gift from Sean. He smiled helplessly, while one-handedly took off the apron and hung it on the back of the chair next to him, he pulled out a chair and sat down. He looked at Baylor to his right, “If you don’t like it, change it next time. Eat, you haven’t eaten anything all day. “

“I drank nutrients.” Baylor lowered his head, looking at the food. The fish was fried just right, the appearance of gold looked very appetizing, hand picked up a fork and just cut a piece of fish, Baylor finally could not help himeself. He was a little frantic, ‘snapped’ , put down the fork, and then looked up and stared at Ewan. How the hell was this going to get anyone to fight?

“What’s wrong?” Ewan asked with concern, “What’s not to your liking?”

Baylor felt he couldn’t take it anymore and said with determination, “… Hey, I’m here to beat you up.” This was not the right atmosphere!

Ewan nodded, “Okay, you eat first, take a half hour break after eating, then beat me up?”


Ewan said very quickly, “If it will make you not angry, go ahead and beat me up, I will not fight back.” There was even a bit of joy.

“…” Baylor took a deep breath, forked off a piece of fish and put it in his mouth, mn, it was tender. For the love of food- Baylor spoke up and asked, “Are you really in your susceptible period?”

The willingness to communicate about anything was a sign that the other person’s attitude was starting to loosen up. Ewan immediately sat upright and answered carefully, “It was indeed a susceptible period at first, but it faded faster than usual, so it’s not really a susceptible period, I guess it’s related to the egg.”

Baylor gave Ewan a sidelong glance and snickered at his serious look, “So when did you recover?”

The next night.

But Ewan didn’t hesitate to answer, “Yesterday morning.” He did want to be 100% honest, but if he said that he had recovered that early, then Baylor’s anger would probably go up a notch. So it was better not to add fuel to the fire.

Baylor bristled and finished the meal in silence before he said slowly, “Okay.”

Ewan then watched as Baylor stood up, took his plate to the kitchen, set it down and came back out, then skipped him and headed upstairs.

Ewan raised his eyebrows, “No more fighting?”

Baylor put his hands in his jacket pockets, “No, I’m not in the mood.”

He’s not angry anymore, so naturally he’s not in the mood to beat people up.

Stepping up the stairs, in that high position, Baylor stepped up, and the figure with his back to Ewan was slender and thin, like a pine bamboo. He dressed casually, and his shorts were comfortable. He liked to wear shorts, with his trouser legs to the knees, exposing his slender but smooth muscle lines. Then he said, “Oh yes.” He turned around and looked at Ewan very frankly, “The question you asked me earlier, I think it’s not bad.”

Baylor was very clear about his own feelings, like was like, disgust was disgust, love and hate were clear, never pretend, and he would not force down his feelings. So he was able to realize very clearly from that kiss that he did have feelings for Ewan, he liked kissing Ewan and being touched by Ewan. Just like Super Wolf liked him to touch his head, it was a pleasure from the heart.

Ewan’s body stiffened, in such a scene, he actually showed a trace of bewilderment, he looked up and looked at Baylor. The light was bright, but not compared to the light in Baylor’s eyes. He actually had a feeling in his heart that he knew what Baylor was talking about, but at this moment, he couldn’t help but ask in confirmation, “What do you mean not bad?”

However, at this time Baylor gave a cold snort, “Don’t you know? If you don’t know, you can pretend I didn’t say it.”

How could he not say it?

There was a ‘bang’ sound because the action was too violent, and the table was knocked to shake a little. Ewan did not care about the fallen flower vase on the table as his serious face was mixed with panic, “I’ll go get my papers.”


Ewan looked at the clock and frowned, “Tch, the registration office is closed at this moment.”


Baylor looked at Ewan curiously, “What registration?”

Ewan raised an eyebrow as a matter of course and said, “The marriage registry, of course.”

“???” Dude, aren’t you thinking a little too much at once?


The author has something to say: registration is not so fast registration, how can we wait until after the complete mark

The next chapter, the spiritual body will hatch!


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