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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


A private mecha club on the outskirts of the city was bodaciously chartered today, with no one but a very few staff members on the large training grounds. Even those staff members were far from the training grounds. This was the order they received, especially the alphas who were directly ordered not to come to work.

Inside the 2,000-square-meter closed training field was a 13-meter-tall humanoid mecha, a pioneering model, the newest combat mecha on the market. Sean, wearing a long leather jacket, was standing next to the mecha, opening the console on top of the mecha’s legs and adjusting its parameters.

The mecha was rented from the club, and much of the operational data needed to be adjusted.

As Sean entered the data Baylor had collected during his previous training sessions, the door to the training ground was opened and he turned his head to see his two students, whom he hadn’t seen in a few days, walking in, hand in hand.

Sean looked at the hand-holding and raised an eyebrow.

But saying hand-in-hand, the hand of Ewan held onto Baylor for dear life, if not for the inconvenience of walking, he would even want to hug him.

When an alpha was susceptible, what’s wrong with sticking a little to their own omega?

He remembered how hostile Ewan was to Weifield when he came over, but now he seemed fine. So he looked up at the mecha with confidence, it was not quite the same as the one he had trained on in the simulator, but he couldn’t tell the difference, he just thought the smooth lines looked very well made.

Lowering his head, he leapt at Sean and said, “When do we start?”

Ewan was behind him, quietly surveying the mecha, more or less dissatisfied, but not saying anything.

Sean noticed Ewan’s line of sight and laughed lightly. This guy had always had a high vision for mecha, this kind of market circulation mecha he generally does not look at. His Black Star was custom-made after finding someone in special design, now he was not afraid to look down on this one.

“Want to change your clothes?” Sean said, “There are combat suits available.”

The mecha combatants’ suits were similar to military uniforms, but they were lighter and more snug than military uniforms, and because the mecha was cosmic combat equipment, the suits had special features, including shock absorption, help with body temperature stabilization, and help with body signals to connect with the mecha control hub.

Baylor was still dressed casually and comfortably today. He was good-looking and well-built, and anything that he wore looked like it had been specially matched, but he actually just saw what he saw at first glance from his closet every time. He pulled his hands out of Ewan’s and took his jacket off, revealing the soft gray t-shirt inside.

Sean nodded, “That’s fine, the interior of the cockpit is similar to the training cabin, but you can ask us if you don’t understand anything later.”

After saying that, he sent Baylor over to the console next to him, then printed Baylor’s palm on it, and the camera collected Baylor’s pupil data to complete the registration. Immediately afterwards, the mecha’s legs opened to reveal a circular lift pod that only allowed one person to enter. Baylor stood inside, and after a second of being so smooth that it barely felt like it was rising, the hatch opened and Baylor finally saw the real mecha’s operating pod.

When he sat down in the chair, a display screen suddenly rose up in front of him, and the display screen unfolded in a circular shape to envelop his entire body. Putting the sensor bracelets on his hands, Baylor looked at them and then put on the helmet that had fallen from above.

The mental link was successfully established in that instant, and Baylor’s ears rang with a voice from the control hub – “The pilot is in the capsule, please give the command.”

At this time, in the safe area of the training ground, the glass mirror in front of Sean had Baylor’s data of training, he was watching the changes on it, while speaking to the silent person beside him, “Come on, you think I don’t know you? Why are you still putting on a pretense?”

Ewan obediently changed his face, and that usual calmness returned to him, as if the lock had suddenly been opened. He put one hand in his trouser belt, slightly raised eyebrows looking more or less immodest, he said, “Worthy of Teacher.”

Sean clasped his hands, his long hair tied up on the side of his shoulders was pressed under his hands, he snorted and said, “Who can’t tell you’re faking it except that stupid kid?” He chimed in on Baylor’s behalf, “You’re just relying on the fact that he’s innocent and unfamiliar with your susceptibility period, so watch out otherwise you might piss him off.”

When he heard Baylor describe Ewan’s recent state, he knew the boy was faking it. It was true that the susceptibility period could come early, and it was true that ordinary alpha would be more emotional during the susceptibility period, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have the ability to think normally, they just became more impulsive and had greater mood swings. And Ewan’s sanity as well as self-control was extremely cruel to him.

Sean and the others often say that even if Ewan had surgery without anesthesia, he probably wouldn’t have said a word.

Sean had seen how Ewan looked during his susceptibility period, except for the first day when he was less like himself, and the second day when he was able to suppress all the effects of his susceptibility period with his own sanity and acted like a normal person. But he can’t be fine, old Von’s comment to Ewan at that time was that this person was simply in self-abuse.

So Ewan simply will not be an ordinary alpha like that, so many days still remain a disorder.

Ewan said innocently, “Teacher, you misunderstood me. Although I faked it later, I did have a susceptible outbreak at the beginning.” The night the spiritual body appeared, he was indeed in a state of susceptibility, the next morning as well, he also thought he was really susceptible.

It wasn’t until the next night that the symptoms of his susceptibility phase faded that he realized it wasn’t really a susceptibility phase, but a pheromone shock caused by the ‘egg’, that is, a pseudo-susceptibility phase.

Originally he wanted to confess to Baylor, but he couldn’t let go of Baylor’s softness of heart and care for him. Especially when he saw Baylor’s look of pretending not to care, but he couldn’t hide his concern.

Emotional period was a good thing.

Sean noticed Ewan’s unconsciously rising mouth, he rolled his eyes, looking at the boy’s joy. But it seems to be going well for the two, and that’s good, less for him to worry about.

However, when it comes to ‘worrying’, Sean’s brow furrowed as he thought of the recent online furore, and he asked, “Are you being too flamboyant this time? I know it’s not a good look on the Internet, but what’s wrong with you as an Empire General personally? Did you know that the gates of the military headquarters were surrounded by reporters today?”

Ewan knew, of course, that Weifield had sent him several emergency contacts asking what to do. And his answer wouldn’t change. His eyes followed the mecha in the arena, to the man who was able to handle the training procedure fluently on his first official drive. “Am I not telling the truth?”

Sean was speechless. He looked at his student with an admiring and helpless gaze, and found that Ewan’s eyes never moved away from the field. He sighed, patted Ewan’s shoulder, and said with a relieved smile, “Since you’ve thought about it, it doesn’t matter. What is there to hide if you like someone? You should say it openly, you are a general of the military, but also just an ordinary person.”


“Since you really like him, treat him well and don’t keep bullying him.”

“Yes, teacher.”

“I never thought I’d see you like this one day, it seems like you’ve really come out of the past, to be honest, I was really worried about you before.”

“I’m sorry for worrying you, teacher.”

“It’s okay to worry, after all, I’m also considered your half guardian, it’s only right to worry, it’s just that I really want you to be happy, Josh Wimble shouldn’t torture you for the rest of your life.”

“Mn, I understand.”

Sean gave a slight pause as he looked sideways at Ewan and asked, “Are you going to tell him about Josh Wimble?”

It was as if Ewan had already thought about it, and there was no hesitation in his answer, his voice clear and shallow, “If he wants to know, I’ll tell him, but if he doesn’t ask for it–” The words that follow were self-explanatory. Sean was about to say something when Ewan said, as if he knew what he was thinking, “Teacher, I’m not trying to hide anything, but…”

Ewan’s voice trailed off, a little looser and a little more lovingly tender. He said, “… Teacher, you may not know that Baylor is a very soft-hearted person.”

If Baylor knew those things about him, Baylor would have accepted him more easily, but he didn’t want to do that. He wanted Baylor’s purest feelings, not to accept him because of a soft heart.

Sean knew that Ewan liked Baylor, but after thinking about Baylor’s usual behavior, he couldn’t help but say, “They say that a lover’s eyes are the best thing in the world, but this is not a filter, it’s a direct change, right?”

Where was Baylor’s heart soft?

Ewan gave a low laugh, but did not argue. Some things, it was fine if he was the only one who knew.

However, Sean’s understanding mood towards Ewan did not reach Weifield, it was now eight o’clock in the evening, and then the entrance to the military headquarters was still surrounded by reporters. Weifield stood at the window of the military building, looking at the very persistent reporters who had been standing outside all day, he sighed heavily.

How could the General drop such a bomb?

It was clear that the recent storm would not be calm for a long time, the General again spat thunder. Thinking of this, Weifield heaved another sigh.

Lowering his head, he looked at the social platform page on his terminal screen, which was the largest social platform of Alix Galaxy, and the account was directly common with the accounts of other star network forums, basically everyone had an account.

The Empire’s General was no exception, but Ewan had never used this account to speak, fans have accumulated more than a billion people, but also just an empty account.

Even when he was a student, he never made any statements, and all traces were hidden.

Only a message board, the above was where the fans left a variety of remarks, there were begging the General like clockwork on the feed, there were reports, there were General venting dissatisfaction, all kinds of …

Usually this message board was quite active, but at the moment it’s at an explosive level. The messages on the message board were almost scrolling and refreshing, and at this moment the only message on this platform had hundreds of millions of messages underneath. The only message was published at noon yesterday, or a comment left after re-tweeting someone else’s remarks.

The comment was in response to the recently revealed film emperor’s rumored omega, a question filled with anger, asking who the omega was and how he could be worthy of film emperor Aynor.

Then the General retweeted it and answered that comment’s query.

–He’s the one I’m after.

Baylor felt that the feeling of actually getting to work on the mecha was different, the feeling of speeding was addictive, so it’s no wonder that Ewan always likes to spend so much time on the mecha training ground. But it was also mentally and physically exhausting, as Ewan had said earlier.

After three hours of training, Baylor took off his helmet and slumped into the driver’s chair, his black hair sweating on his skin, Baylor ruffled his hair and sat down in the driver’s chair, not wanting to move.

Since he practiced for three hours in a row, it was still a bit of a struggle for him.

Baylor, half sitting half lying in the pilot’s chair to rest and reminisce about the practice just now, that connected to the cockpit lift hatch suddenly opened, he turned his head to see Ewan walk in.

Baylor looked at the person with some confusion, “How did you get up here?”

After asking, Baylor suddenly showed a look of understanding, he looked at Ewan who walked in front of him, the cockpit was not big, but five square meters, Ewan stood here making the space suddenly cramped.

Baylor rubbed a handful of his hair, “three hours, I let you wait a little long.”

Ewan but as soon as he left him, it was difficult, three hours, probably really could not help but come up to him.

Baylor noticed Ewan staring at him, he sighed, opened his hand to Ewan and said casually in a soothing tone, “Okay, okay, okay, let’s give you a hug.” For the sake of his performance today, which was very good.

The way Baylor slouched in his chair and opened his hand to Ewan, together with his expression of carelessness, had quite the feeling of a big man waiting for a beauty to enter his arms.

Baylor saw Ewan did not move, some suspicion raised eyebrows, “you do not want to hug today?”

Baylor then heard a suppressed soft laugh that seemed to be tinged with a sigh. Then he heard Ewan reply, “No, I don’t.”

Baylor was still a bit confused because of the light laugh, but when he heard this sentence, his attention was immediately diverted, “Then what do you want to do?”

At this time Ewan hands propped up on the frame chair, the body slightly down, close to Baylor. He lowered his eyes and said, “Give me your pheromone.”

Baylor’s breathing was slightly disrupted by the approaching man, who had been desensitized to Ewan’s proximity these days, but had another sensitivity, and he turned his head in a wretched manner, averted his eyes, and said, “I don’t have the key to the blocker, so I’ll just go back and give you a bite.”

“No need.” Ewan suddenly said.

What do you mean no need?

Baylor felt some confusion, just a turn back ready to ask Ewan what it meant, but in a turn of the head in the instant, the man cupped his jaw.

“We can do it another way.”

“What?” After subconsciously asking, Baylor’s eyes widened the next second, then forgot to breathe.

The tall alpha at that moment locked his omega in that frame chair, he bent his body down and kissed the one whose heart he had been longing for.

In that moment all the suppressed emotions and desires grew wildly uncontrollably.

Feeling the warm lips on his lips, Baylor blinked his eyes. He recalled at this point what he had read on the forum before and finally remembered. So another way to exchange pheromones was kissing. But immediately, his thoughts could no longer think about these rambling things.

An alpha’s kiss did not stop at just the lips touching, after finding that Baylor did not push him away, Ewan was no longer restrained. He cupped Baylor’s cheek in his palm, fingers moving through the sweat and wet and cold hair, and quickly pressed the person down to deepen the kiss.

In that moment, the pheromone of the alpha tyrant exploded in this small space.


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