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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the midst of that rain curtain, the silver mecha was caught and then quickly began to fight back. This was their first official face-to-face encounter since the opening. A sword made of bones extended from the silver mecha’s hand and swung down at the black mecha, the raindrops were swung into two, the black mecha let go of his hand and then used the flame to thrust and slam the silver mecha into the ground together from above.

The ground sank like tofu into a deep depression, with them as the center, the cracked lines spread almost to the entire map, and at this time the city map had become a ruin, only a few scattered tall buildings stand, this was the ring of the real battle.

It was the ring that Baylor had prepared for this fight.

“Mecha is suffering from attrition, please pay attention.”

Colonel Jon’s mecha issued a warning after the heavy blow just now. Not daring to delay, Colonel Jon quickly used his feet to push himself out of the deep pit, but at this point there was no place on the large map to hide the 20-story mecha, and the only thing he could do was to fight to the death with his opponent in front of him.

And this was exactly what Baylor wanted.

Just a moment ago Colonel Jon noticed, from the beginning Baylor had had a plan. Baylor deliberately stood on high ground to lure the snake out of the hole and then let himself chase him, directing his attacks in the process of escape and using his firepower to clear the map.

And the purpose of clearing the map was to force him into a head-on encounter.

In this way, Baylor could make up for his shortcomings in tactical experience. But Baylor had miscalculated one thing, his mecha wasn’t weak in melee combat either!

The silver mecha had no intention of pulling away from him, his feet bounced off the rollers, his right mechanical arm had completely transformed into a lightsaber of energy, and his left mechanical arm had two rows of firing ports.

Flames shot out from the back of the mecha, and with this as the driving force, the silver mecha glided rapidly toward its target, sparks flying from the left, the giant Gatling machine gun firing wildly, and the lightsaber on the right evaporating the rain, drying out the road where it crossed.

Baylor narrowed his eyes. Colonel Jon was close to him so he quickly grabbed the building standing alone next to him with one hand, and then pulled it with force. Using the building as a spear, at the same time, the lightsaber slashed, the black mecha flexible side waist. The bottom of the foot roller in the sharp turn under the friction of sparks, a turn, the black mecha through the strength of the rotation. The black mecha used the strength of the rotation, and the fist lengthened with a spring mechanism, and then punched the silver mecha’s waist.

Taking a few solid punches, Colonel Jon carried the damage and fired at Baylor at close range. At such close range, the black mecha dodged and the shell of the shoulder blade flew up, while Baylor didn’t blink, and the mecha’s left hand likewise turned into a lightsaber and stabbed at the silver mecha.

While the two sides were tangling, at this time the studio as well as the live audience noticed something.

Commentator B looked at the other venue and then at venue 17, and she said in surprise, “If I hadn’t seen that they were all using the same map to begin with, I would have thought that this side was using a different map.”

When comparing the live feeds of the twenty venues together, it was clear that Baylor’s venue seventeen had a unique style of painting, as others were still playing guerrilla warfare using tall buildings. Even if there was building damage, it was minor. Only the 17th field like a gale crossing, the large map was all broken walls, was a huge ruin.

And the pop-ups were talking about it at the moment.

“This side of the fight is also too brutal, not a few buildings are still standing.”

“This is fucking demolishing the map.”

“Still demolishing, still demolishing, I’m building, I’m crying.”

“Do not know if they still think the demolition office did something wrong.”

“They demolished this, urban maps still have meaning.”

There was no meaning. Of course it’s not meaningful. It was because there was no point, only unimportant.

The mecha combat enthusiast Ryder looked at the pop-ups and commentary that said nothing of the point could not hold back, and opened his live account that had more than 100,000 fans, “A little sudden, but we came to see the selection of the military competition today. It is now the second half, I found something interesting. By the way, I want to share with you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was just watching the game on field 17.” Ryder looked at the pop-ups from the fans who had come in and put up the game footage from game 17 while interacting with the fans, “I’ve heard gossip about this player, but the point is not his gossip… He’s a good-looking guy… Why are you guys so nosy?!”

Ryder hated it, “We’re all professionals and have to focus on professional content, and I just realized that this player doesn’t actually know how to strategize like everyone thinks.” Back to the topic, he pulled out the comparison chart of the 20 fields just now, “Those who just watched the game must have noticed that field 17 was the most damaged, this is critical!” He put Baylor’s bizarre escape route at the beginning, “From the way he acted at the beginning, he deliberately transformed the map into this.”

The fans listened to what he said, but they didn’t quite understand it.

“Then what is the significance?”

“You’re thinking too much. I think he was just randomly rushing at that moment.”

“Meaning?” Ryder gave a laugh, “The meaning of course was to reduce their vulnerability!” He said, “Think about it, if those tall buildings are still there, playing guerrilla warfare, he as a new recruit, mecha combat experience is certainly not as rich as Colonel, the more complex the terrain, the more disadvantageous to him, but if it is the plains, then it just depends on whose fist is harder. And, this wave can also consume each other’s firepower.”

At this point, a pop-up asked, “Is he sure he can win if he fights hard like this? The other is a Colonel. His mecha operating ability is certainly more powerful than him, directly against, just let yourself lose more quickly.”

In a complex terrain situation, there was more maneuverability, and if you take advantage of the geographical situation, then it was highly likely that you would be able to overcome the enemy below.

But this face-to-face direct combat, that was purely to see the fighting ability, who was strong and who was weak was clear.

Ryder analyzed, “So this shows that this Baylor is very confident in his own operation level.”

And, he also had the courage. Most people had expected Baylor to be declining after the head-to-head battle, after all, he had only been in the military for a little over two months and had only been in mecha training for a month or so. The difference between walking and doing acrobatics was a lot more than just being skilled in mecha.

However, the two mechas, one black and one silver, were now fighting together, back and forth, and Baylor was not overwhelmed at all, but kept forcing Colonel Jon backwards.

Watching the screen black mecha like a Rakshasa, left hand for the sword, right □ □ fist switch from the flow, behind the sky was ringing with the fury of thunder, rain fell on the ground converging into a puddle, and then again by the rapid movement of a splash.

The surrounding broken buildings in the two mecha collide with each other when the huge wave of gas again would be that already fragile buildings torn apart, as if paper mache.

Colonel Jon did not fully reveal his vulnerability, but being dragged to this point by Baylor, and even being pinned down, in the minds of all, this was already different from other fights. Other scenes were two people with similar experience fighting against each other, but only here, a new recruit who had just joined the military department and didn’t even have an official rank yet, was forcing a major with more than four years of military experience into this situation.

Gradually, everyone’s eyes were placed on top of that black mecha, and the youth in that small window.

The fight had been over for ten minutes, a full ten minutes, both sides did not stop for a breath, move after move, without giving each other the slightest time to breathe, not even giving the audience the time to blink.

Such a fierce fight left the people watching the game with cold sweat.

And the fight continued.

The operation of the mecha relied on mental energy, and every action required a high degree of mental concentration, and because of the mecha’s highly sophisticated detection equipment, a wide variety of information was constantly flooding the operator’s brain at the same time. Such a fight must require high mental energy output, which was a great load on the mental and physical abilities of a person.

Eleven minutes passed…

Fifteen minutes passed…

After a short period of silence the pop-ups in the live room began to go crazy.

“I can’t believe they’re still fighting, this mental power has to collapse, right?”

“Fifteen minutes, this is fucking torture.”

“Who the Fuck turned a mecha fight into a fighting match? They’re actually holding up.”

“Shit! I thought that Baylor was high on drugs, did he take banned substances this time too? This one on the other side ate it too.”

“The front, just before the match did a temporary drug test, all of them are negative, do not just spread rumors.”

The two commentators in the live room were also caught off guard by the unexpected situation, commentator B signaled the staff to put the timing of the tangle on top of the screen, “As you can see, the battle between the two mecha has lasted for sixteen minutes, it is well known that such high-density action operation will put a great burden on the operator’s mental power, sixteen minutes of tangle This is a situation that has not occurred in any of the previous auditions.”

This was indeed not an exaggeration, there were long battles, but there would be to give each other time to breathe, after a short exchange of fire would be far away using firepower to attack, aiming to fire such action was to give the operator rest time.

And now these two people in the middle of sixteen minutes without any pause, such a long time to hold on to the battle in one breath, indeed this rarely appeared.

“I’m sure everyone is now worried that such a long battle may bring eternal mental damage to the operator…” The news from the scene came to commentator B’s ears, she showed a few surprised look, organize the language, she immediately relayed, “So now for the 17th field of the tangle, the military commission side made a special rule change, in order to protect the safety of the players, the military commission will now begin to monitor the two players’ mental power status, when one side’s mental power value drops to a critical point, the match will be The match will be forcibly stopped, and then the winner will be determined based on the values.”

Commentator A had not dared to speak since Baylor started to show his very human level, but his professionalism still made him comment in time, “This is also the first time that the military committee has made such an adjustment to the rules. numerical values are published…”

His voice disappeared all of a sudden.

Looking at the values of the two people that appeared on that panel, commentator A forgot to even commentate and stared in disbelief, “This… Is there a slight problem with the values of this panel?” He subconsciously suspected.

However, he could not be blamed for this. All those who saw this panel were suspecting two things at this moment, either the panel’s data was wrong or they were looking at it wrong.

On the panel, a left and a right put Baylor and Jon’s mental power values, judging the value of the imminent collapse of mental power 50. Jon’s value fluctuated and was gradually falling, and had been close to 60, which was normal. A long time of high concentration of mental power, but also to deal with such a huge operation data, a person would not be able to stand.

What was not normal was the data on the left, that represents the value of the column not only did not fluctuate up and down significantly like Jon’s, but in a near-static state, had been steadily maintained at 90 or more! Many people, even at the beginning of their peak state of mental energy, were not necessarily able to reach the value of 90, but now there was a person who could maintain a high intensity and high concentration of mental energy output after so much mental energy consumption.

This was the same as a person who ran a marathon without sweating or panting, and then said that was just a warm-up, he could still run for seven days and seven nights.

The crowd in front of the 17th field was in an uproar, talking, and even Ensley raised her eyebrows in suspicion.

Only Alfonso was calm. He had seen the results of Baylor’s mental strength test, so such a result was not a surprise to him.

When Kana and Shiyel, Baylor’s contemporaries, saw this scene, they also recalled the previous mental strength test, when Baylor was also like this, displaying a state that was incomprehensible to ordinary people.

At that time, the military instructor said that there was a problem with the testing chamber, but now it seemed that there was no problem at all. However, the others did not dare to believe it.

Who fucking dare to believe it?!

Immediately, someone raised questions about the values to the military committee, and this scene was familiar to many military cadets watching the live broadcast. When they were watching the live military examination, they were just as suspicious of the data and then went to report the error.

So they also expected the results that the military council would give. The result, of course, was – there were no errors in the values. The commentator also responsibly relayed this information to everyone.

So the live audience was confused again.

“I don’t understand this world.”

“I can understand it, but I was greatly shocked.”

“I’ll say it straight, I laughed at him for being a loser before, sorry, I’m the loser.”

“+1, I previously felt that he did not deserve General, I now want to ask them to lock up and have a baby, that must be the strongest human in the universe.”

“If getting high can be knocked into this, tell me, the person who invented this drug must get the Alix Award.”

“With all due respect, the film emperor does not deserve him, really.”

And Ryder’s live stream, a pop-up asked, “Tak, what do you think about this?”

Ryder said solemnly, “I’m a big fan of his right now, I’m going to hang his picture above my bed.”

Then the pop-ups began to brush “General door□□Alert”.

Colonel Jon did not know the outside storm, he only knew that his brain had begun to flush with pins and needles like a dense and deep pain. He no longer knew how long he lasted, but no matter how much this time is, he knew that this was the time he had never reached.

And it was all because of the man in front of him. It was Baylor who had pushed him to this point, the blistering attack that had stirred him to his limits and caused him to break his previous record. But these thoughts didn’t stay in Colonel Jon’s head for long, he didn’t have time to think about them.

The only thing he could find time to think about was when Baylor would get tired and how long he would have to keep going. Why? He could already feel the decline in his mental state, feel the discomfort of a mecha that had begun to disobey him, as if he were wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes. But why did the black mecha in front of him remain unbroken, why did his movements remain at the same level as before?

The black mecha’s eyes showed a dark glow in the field of vision, but Colonel Jon felt like he was looking down at the omega sitting in the cockpit, and it was a lofty look down, like a king looking down on the world, not putting any threat in anyone’s eyes, and no one could resist his authority, and that was extremely tyrant. Colonel Jon did not know how he was going to win. He could not see any hope of winning, only the despair that swept over him like the dead of night —

–The ruined city in front of him, the gloomy sky, the deathly black mecha suddenly disappeared and was replaced by darkness.

“The game is over.”

Colonel Jon’s ears rang with the system beeping. Over? Why would it be over? He hadn’t lost yet…

What Colonel Jon didn’t know was that just now, his mental power value had fallen below 50, hitting the critical point, and the military committee forcibly interrupted the match. His numb nerves caused Colonel Jon to sit dumbfounded in the virtual pod until the pod was opened and the medics escorted him out. He was pulled like a puppet on a string, until the moment he exited the pod, his eyes rolled over and he fainted.

This caused the audience to cry out, but the paramedics were right next to him and quickly put Colonel Jon on the transport bed and took him to medical treatment.

At that moment, the other side of the hatch slowly opened, drawing all eyes to it. The audience, the commentators, the live viewers, no matter what their mindset was at the beginning, they were all staring at the open hatch with one thought in mind.

–He’s coming out.

No matter what kind of emotion, they were condensed, no one could think of anything else at this moment, they were staring at the door, only eager. Military boots stepped out first, stepping on the floor outside, which was particularly clear in the silence of the place.

Slowly, it was the leg-

Everyone’s breath froze, eyes didn’t dare to blink, and the flash next to it began to flash wildly, trying to capture the scene. However, it was at this time that the leg that had come out suddenly withdrew and retracted.

… ????? What was this?


The author has something to say: 

Baylor: There is a bad chill, I don’t want to go out.

Ewan: Kid is throwing a tantrum. It’s okay, let me do it.


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