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Chapter 107: Clearing the battlefield

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In the middle of the competition arena, forty participants in twenty small venues unified into the virtual program. Then at this time on the big screen, the map’s dial began to rotate, and then after three seconds, a picture of buildings lined up appeared, which was the map of today’s competition.

“It’s a city map.” The spectators were talking, “That’s more suitable for guerrilla warfare, the buildings are highly concealed, and also set up a lot of obstacles to the action, requiring a high level of tactical strategy.”

The battle map was crucial to the players, and the first half of the game saw the players draw the meteorite belt, and many of them lost on top of it.

Kana watched nervously as Baylor’s black mecha began to wake up on the screen, while at the other end of the map, Colonel Jon was piloting a silver mecha that was nearly twenty stories tall, an official combat mecha.

At that moment, there was a sudden voice from the aisle next to her, “Comrade, move your feet and let us take a seat.”

Kana subconsciously looked up, a female alpha with short hair, about forty years old, wearing the uniform of a superior officer, Kana was stunned, exclaimed, “Examiner Ensley!” Then she looked, she was behind their military instructor Alfonso, “Military instructor!”

Kana hurriedly turned sideways and put her feet away, giving the two room to pass.

Ensley and Alfonso sat down in the seat next to Kana, Ensley specifically took time to come to the military headquarters to watch the game. On the way, he met Alfonso, so she dragged him to come together with her. She clasped her hands, “The city map, very difficult for newcomers.”

Kana was uncomfortable because Ensley and Alfonso were sitting next to her, but soon her attention was drawn away by Baylor on the screen. 

After entering the simulation program, Baylor opened his eyes and saw at first glance the tall buildings near him, like a forest of steel, while his current location was a square. The view in front of him was very limited, through the reflection on the glass of different tall buildings to see a little farther away.

“Pilot, outside temperature 30 degrees Fahrenheit, wind direction south-southeast, 7 mph, rainfall probability 60%, barometric pressure 29.98 inches Hg…” The system’s mechanical voice reported the outside world while it also measured Baylor’s own data, “Pilot is currently at 0 physical stress, 0 mental stress, temperature is 36.7 degrees, all physical signs are good.”

“Detecting terrain as well as signs of activity.”

“The map has been locked and cannot be accessed, according to the data collected by mecha’s own detection instruments, a 3D model of a two kilometer radius has been constructed and no signs of activity have been detected at this time.”

Baylor looked at the small 3D map that appeared in front of him, it seemed that this was an exploratory map and no direct access to the larger map was available. The black mecha raised his head and looked at the sky, which was indeed dark and cloudy.

So now, what should he do first?

Baylor looked at the tall building next to him and made the first move. The mental power was directly connected to the mecha core, and the mental power gave a direct command, the black mecha appeared at the bottom to push the flame, and the mecha rose up into the sky at once.

It didn’t stay in the air, because that cost too much energy, and the twenty-story tall behemoth landed on the top floor of that tall building, which even shook because of it, and the windows exploded, dropping a lot of rubble. And Baylor’s move caused disbelief among those watching the game.

It also gained the attention of the broadcast commentators. Commentator A got the message from the scene and zoomed in on the screen of match table 17, “One of the combatants over here made a very surprising move, everyone, he used his thrusters to go to the top of the building, just why did he go to the top of the building? Is this because he’s not a big enough target?”

Commentator A had always been famous for his poisonous commentary style, and at this moment he was even more nonchalant. But he was right, as we discussed at the beginning, the tall buildings in the city map were especially suitable for ambush and guerrilla warfare. Now, except for Baylor, almost everyone was carefully exploring the opponent’s whereabouts and figuring out the terrain, then looking for a place to start an ambush.

Baylor, however, not only did not think about hiding his whereabouts, but he also rushed up to the roof of the building with a big grin, like a target to attract attacks.

Commentator B was also confused, “Yeah, isn’t he just giving up the first opportunity to his opponent? It’s a big mistake in decision making!” At the same time she called up the match information, “It turns out that our combatant is a newcomer, just two months into the military. That actually makes sense. The newcomer does not have much combat experience, so to be able to participate in the competition is already courageous.”

In fact, now everyone knew Baylor’s identity by heart, especially his relationship with Ewan. There was all kinds of talk, and in private, many discussed over and over again many times, but at this time they all still pretended not to know, so nothing happened.

But some emotions still leaked out unconsciously.

Commentator A said with a smile, “But our newcomer combatant is really very good-looking, the popularity must be quite high. If you do not know, you think it is a certain star, eh, small B look, the picture of the battle is also very similar to the TV series. Now many idol dramas do not like to let the protagonist’s mecha stand in the most prominent place to attract the attention of all. I wonder if this newcomer is also from a TV drama.”

In front of the live broadcast, Eric was very upset and vigorously slapped the table, “Shit, is there something wrong with this person? Commentary on the game, so much bullshit!”

Some of the pop-ups on the live stream also shared Eric’s opinion that the commentator was talking too much crap, but more were agreeing and even laughing, many of them were Aynor fans. Although the gossip later turned into something between the General and this omega, they couldn’t get over the fact that this omega tried to seduce their brother at the beginning.

Baylor was unaware of the chatter and had no time to care as he stood on top of the building, carefully observing the terrain. His mecha was gathering information about his surroundings as quickly as possible, and then forming a 3D model.

Then just then, a bright light reflected from the building at 10 o’clock.

Baylor’s mecha quickly ejected at that moment, and the huge mecha’s movements did not stagnate in the slightest, but rather were nimble and agile, and with the mecha’s powerful propulsion, Baylor appeared at the place where the light was reflected in the blink of an eye, just like an instant.

Then the next second, Baylor attacked. The parts quickly formed the sword, the black mecha gripped the hilt, rolled like a black whirlwind, and the next building collapsed.

The set of movements was so smooth that it was mind-boggling. The audience outside the field was still a bit confused, not because of Baylor’s move, but because of his operation. It was so fluid and flexible that the twenty-story mecha was like being possessed by Baylor’s spirit.

Although the goal of their hard training was to achieve such a realm of unity between man and mecha, Baylor was but a new recruit, and every move of such a formal combat-style mecha would be a great burden on mental energy.

The commentators, who hadn’t yet had time to switch the screen away, also happened to see this scene, and commentator B tsked, “Surely, if you can come to the tournament, you still have a few brilliance, not to mention the tactical level of this combatant, but his operation level of mecha is already quite excellent.”

Especially since the General’s lover had only been in the military for a little over two months, so it seemed that the rumors on the internet that he had entered the military based on his drug use and General’s connections alone were not entirely believable. He looked at the screen, his eyes lit up, and then immediately shouted with great enthusiasm, “Look! It’s a trap! It’s a shame, how can you just easily bite the hook given by your opponent and rush straight through? The other side is a Colonel, who has a precise grasp of tactics and enemy psychology! He’s attacking!”

This ‘he’, of course, refers not to Baylor, but to Colonel Jon. The bright light on the wall that Baylor followed was deliberate on his part, but he also took a chance, because he wasn’t sure if such a small movement would catch Baylor’s attention. But now it seemed that Baylor’s powers of observation were far above his expectations, and, in addition, powers of action.

Thanks to that, he was able to move on to his next step!

The silver mecha was two kilometers away and had already aimed at that location. As soon as the black mecha entered the target location, four tracking torpedoes quickly flew over, while the mecha itself immediately shifted position at once, aiming at Baylor’s possible escape route.

Three seconds later, the torpedoes reached their destination and exploded upon contact with the target, sending smoke and flames flying in all directions.

Kana instantly sucked in a breath of cold air. Then she subconsciously looked to the lower left corner of the cockpit screen, the flamboyant youth eyebrows calm and flat, did not show a trace of panic, only a slight frown. Kana began to worry.

Did the torpedoes hit Baylor, was he hurt?

The wind and smoke dissipated, but the black mecha was no longer in the picture. And the place where the explosion was actually a building, look to the side, the building that should have been in the place was cut off across the waist, and the broken building was used as a shield to block the flying torpedoes.

The steel on that severed surface was still melted.

“Where’s the mecha?”

“At the other end of the street!” Someone with a sharp eye found the black figure.

“What? When did he run over there?”

That’s what Colonel Jon wanted to ask, when did Baylor run so far away? Obviously the torpedo passed but three seconds, so short time he had cut off the building and then got away.

On the battlefield, one must improvise, not allowing himself to spend too much time on this doubt. The silver mecha immediately took advantage of the enemy in the light he was in the dark, and began to attack.

The mecha was like a fire dragon, and it was hard to believe that the mecha, like a meteor, was so nimble as to avoid the missile fire that was chasing it. Baylor’s escape route was so circuitous that it was like a headless fly. Baylor’s handling of the mecha and the bewildering route really surprised Colonel Jon, but–

Instead of continuing to aim at Baylor, the fire began to bombard the buildings around Baylor. The heat melted the steel of the buildings, and the buildings around him collapsed and fell toward Baylor like a net that was trying to swallow him up.

Three of the buildings fell toward Baylor in a crossed pattern, and although Baylor’s mecha operated smoothly, his huge body was always limited by space, as it was at the moment, and he could not find room to dodge. At the same time, the fiery dragon-like cannon fire turned to target the stuck black mecha again, sending out a fierce roar.

Because at this moment the commentators had gone to watch other games, at this time the game in the 17th field was not commentary, only the broadcast of the screen. Many people in the commentary turned to other screens, directly into the small channel of the 17th field. These chase people saw this scene, but the screen showed a pop-up, “Hit. He is not dead or disabled.”

“He is now blocked by the collapsed building, simply can not hide, can only resist the fire.”

“He should not have revealed his position at the beginning, he put himself in a vulnerable position with this.”

“And this Colonel is more experienced.”

“Oh expansive, it hit.”

The sound that almost exploded the sky burst open, the surrounding buildings were shattered because of the explosion wave, and for a moment it was like the end of the world, the ground shook.

It was indeed a hit.

Colonel Jon looked at the heat display that appeared on his panel, and the heat data increased violently, which must be the damage produced by the mecha, causing the energy to leak out. The smoke hid the wall, and Colonel Jon’s silver mecha flew up into the air, because of the previous chase, the building had collapsed like a forest, and collapsed crookedly. He immediately made up for it, trying to take the victory here in one fell swoop.

Now that the mecha had been depleted, the energy was leaking out, so…

“Flame bomb is loaded, target locked, 3, 2, 1 – fire.”

Like a stream of fire from the sky, the jets of flame grenades almost distorted the air around them, and they came into contact with that leaked out energy, immediately causing some new explosions in the center of that mist.

“This is completely finished.”

“The end is also too fast, thanks to my special turn, this strength can not simply be pressed to the ground hammer.”

Many of Aynor and Ewan’s fans who came after them immediately began to brush the screen –

“I don’t believe that there is nothing fishy about this.” I don’t believe there is anything fishy about it.” This was a brainless black that completely ignores mecha’s level of operation.

“Such daily show people, the Ministry of the military, what people have received now? The Ministry of the military pill.” This was to play on the topic.

“Hot chicken hot chicken hot chicken hot chicken hot chicken get out of the military department!” This was simply venting resentment.

“&%$#*.” This was the quality that was worrying after the speech was blocked.

And at this time learned that this side of the curtain was about to fall on the studio would also quickly switch to the live stage of the 17th field, to commentary.

Commentator A said, “While we were just focusing on the other players, we didn’t expect that we would soon learn the name of the first player to advance, and after a fierce chase just now, Baylor was forced into a difficult situation, and Jon took a long-range fire suppression and had made a fatal blow! Now let’s wait for the big screen to reveal the name of the winner, who will be the first one to win in the second half!”

Eric looked at these foul words as well as gloating words that were angry. He just wanted to send a few pop-up theories, however, just then, a new situation appeared on the screen. The blazing flames were violently stirred up, the smoke ‘snapped’ and flew apart, then a black figure flew up from the flames, the flames pulled out a long tail behind mecha, as if a phoenix nirvana.

At this time the sky thunder, the accumulation of dark clouds began to roar, lightning split the sky. In the first light of day, the black mecha was like a meteor approaching the still in the air silver mecha.

Under the shock, Colonel Jon almost burst out his highest reaction speed, his mecha immediately began to retreat back, a moment between the silver mecha and the black mecha into two shadows of light, closely following each other. How could this be? How had nothing happened at all to Baylor?

Just now the mecha clearly sensed the energy leakage reaction, Baylor had clearly been hit.

And at this time, the audience outside found the end.

“It’s the power station!” They pointed to the gray building on the street where the roof had been lifted, and where a huge heat wave had ignited, “The energy leak just now was because the power station was destroyed, not mecha.”

“The explosion was also because of it.”

Someone lamented, “It’s a pity, he was so lucky to come across a power station that then caused a leak and misled Jon.”

“But how the hell did he get away before? Obviously the way was blocked.”

This doubt was also the question of everyone. The two commentators in the studio also had a different mindset, pulling up the previous images and then replaying the scene that just happened amidst the smoke.

“Let’s watch the replay together. Under the deliberate design of Jon’s player, three buildings fell down towards Baylor’s player, blocking his front and back routes, and then intended to catch him in a jar.”

When the towers fell, Black mecha moved without any panic, and as Jon had predicted, there was no escape route, so Black mecha fired his palms in front of him, using the momentary recoil to crash into the towers behind him, breaking them off and sending himself flying out.

Commentator B explained excitedly, “At the moment the building fell, Baylor chose to sacrifice his vehicle to save the day, using a portion of his mecha to get himself out of the ‘cage’ and avoid the fatal blow that would follow. Jon’s detector!”

“Our young rookie’s improvisation is amazing! Whether he wins this match or not, he should be proud of himself for this moment!”

And at that moment, the commentator A next to him, with an ugly face and some embarrassment, agreed, “Yes, I have to say that this newcomer’s luck is quite good.”

Aynor was also watching the live broadcast during the break in the set at the moment, and he was slightly relieved. Just looking at those words on the pop-ups, he also showed the same unhappy look as his younger brother, he turned his head and said to his assistant, “Ay, you go find a water army studio and tell them to go to the live stream and brush it up.”


“Will this narrator be quiet? Go down if you can’t.” Wellin scolded while drinking beer, “What luck, no words?”

Weifield next to him seemed much calmer, “After all, Mr. Baylor is a newcomer, and it’s only natural that they think it’s luck.”

“Luck is also strength on the battlefield!” Wellin said while talking to his brother, “I remember something, before on Crusader, I have seen Baylor fighting. At that time the General was fighting on the ship, next to another person, but he was wearing alloy bone armor, I did not recognize at that time, now think, that it should be Baylor.”

Recalling the appearance of the battle, Wellin turned to Ewan, “Or General has an eye for this. He found Baylor and did not see such a weak omega, but a warrior. The General saw it.”

“The General really has a good eye. He’s remarkable.”

Weifield, “… Drink another glass.”


The bottom left corner of the screen, the cockpit, the General’s youth wore a bitter cold look, his lips tightly pursed, the light in his eyes like a cold knife out of the sheath, sharp. The main picture, black mecha after the silver mecha, the deposition of the thunderstorm finally fell, the rain poured down, the vision was again obstructed.

Colonel Jon had wanted to pull away and hide like before, but first he found he couldn’t shake Baylor, and second, he found he had nowhere to go. In the middle of the chase, many buildings were knocked down by his attacks, and this steel forest had been cut down to the ground. Colonel Jon suddenly remembered the bizarre route that Baylor took when he was fleeing.

According to reason, people in a panic when fleeing must choose the shortest and most convenient path, either to be able to hide their path, but Baylor just now but not so, it was like he was sightseeing in the middle of the city and he went in a circle.


Obviously he could use such an amazing speed to catch up with him, but while being chased, his speed was about to be caught up by the artillery.

!!! Colonel Jon’s eyes widened and his pupils trembled due to excessive constriction. Because of his momentary panic, his mental control fluctuated, and there was a lag in the silver mecha’s movements. This lag was not obvious, but it was enough for the black mecha to catch up, and it grabbed the silver mecha’s arm as if Rakshasa 1 had finally reached out.

At this point in the cockpit, Baylor’s expression finally appeared to change slightly, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked, arrogant and contemptuous.


Want to run? It’s time to play, brother. Otherwise, he spent so much effort to clean up the battlefield in vain.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Rakshasa (罗刹 luóchà) – also known as Raksha or Luocha. Ugly, demonic beings which eat human flesh. Often said to be shapeshifters with powers of illusion. They may belong to the same species as Yakshas, with Rakshasas being the evil nature spirits and Yakshas being the good nature spirits. They are also sometimes considered to be related to Asuras.


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