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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Since the match was over, the virtual pod screen had disappeared and only the final match results were on the screen, with Baylor’s headshot in the winner’s column. So no one knew what was going on in the pod. And, what was the operation of this halfway out and then retracted.

The audience looked at each other and saw confusion and bewilderment on each other’s faces. And at this time Baylor frowned, sitting in the cabin, hugging his hands, a face of bitterness and hatred. He was supposed to go out. But for some reason, he felt that the atmosphere outside was a bit strange, that the hatch was connected to a wolf’s lair and a tiger’s den, with a bad chill.

Without moving, Baylor sat on the leather chair and meditated. Did he go too far again? Just now in the heat of the moment, did not think so much, but before Sean told him to keep a low profile, not to act too special. He had just heard Jon fainted, why would he faint?

Was the mecha too tiring? Wouldn’t all normal people faint? Then shouldn’t he faint too? Otherwise, Ewan would have to help him cover up again.

Baylor, who usually had nothing to worry about, couldn’t help but think for Ewan. Just when he was considering how he should pretend to faint, he suddenly heard the sudden silence outside, and the chaotic and complicated conversations were like being pressed the mute button all of a sudden, and even the voices next door disappeared.

What? What happened?

Then Baylor heard a familiar footsteps, and the air like the winter pheromone became heavy. The footsteps stopped in front of the open hatch, Baylor expectedly turned his head sideways and met with the General, who was bent over with one hand in the hatch.

Ewan looked at Baylor and looked like he was going to build a nest inside, originally frowned to relax, and then asked, funny and strange, “Not coming out, what are you doing inside?”

Ewan came just in time. Baylor completely ignored the shock of the people outside at the moment, he asked in a serious way, “Should I faint?”

Ewan was talking to Baylor like nobody’s business, and he raised his eyebrows slightly, “What are you thinking again?”

Baylor replied, “What Sean said, let me act like a normal person.”

Baylor looked at Ewan for a moment, and the next second, the bony hand came up to his face. “There’s nothing abnormal about you, but if you want me to carry you out, acting dizzy is fine.”

Baylor mouth corner twitch, habit made him not much thought to put his hand on, “Who said I want you to hold me?”

The scene of this place and the surrounding hundreds of viewers plus more than 300 million people in the live room were silent, then there was a wild whistle.

They looked at the General who suddenly appeared. The General, who a few months ago looked at the red world, the alpha who looked frosty with pride, cold and sharp like the clear moon in the mountains, bent his body down, gently extended his hand to the person inside, and then brought out the person who was hesitant to come out.

The black-haired, snow-skinned, splendid omega finally appeared in front of them. He stood beside the General, pulled his hand back mercilessly, sickly eyes filled with a vague irritation. He turned to go, but was pulled by the General next to him, and then the General whispered to him, so he just stood there peacefully, waiting for the staff to come over.

Who would have thought that they could watch a game and have a mouthful of dog food shoved down their throat?

The live stream was much more straightforward than the eerie silence at the scene, after all, the sky was high and the emperor was far away.


“So this is waiting for General himself before he’ll come out? And then General really went in spite of his status, this is too spoiled, I’m jealous.”

“Nine lives, there are people abusing dogs here.”

“Before I wanted to break them up, now I just want to move them to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

“What kind of divine love is this? I’m laughing like a fool in front of the screen now.”

“So raw during the game, General said a word and then he was so well behaved. Oooh he’s so cute.”

“I want to become their bedside lamp now to watch them do it.”

“I want to be the clothes they wear.”

At this time, Aynor looked at the two people on the screen with a slightly bitter expression and quit the live broadcast.

At the same time, related words were jumping like rockets on the hot search, ‘two months newcomer omega won the game’, ‘mecha combat genius’, ‘General appeared in the audition to pick up his lover.’

Sean rubbed his forehead, thinking of the way Ewan had just rushed onto the field to see how Baylor was doing, and after a long sigh, he gathered up his worries.

It was good to be young. He wanted to go back to old Von.

Kana watched as the late staff member handed Baylor the promotion card and Baylor left the venue with General by his side, when she, who was also immersed in the scene just now, suddenly came back to her thoughts. So before Baylor completely disappeared from their view, she stood up first and applauded vigorously.

Ensley, Alfonso, Shiyel and others immediately followed, applauding. The original sparse applause gradually grew, and what was interrupted by the unexpected scene just now finally came to everyone’s mind.

This was the applause they should offer for this wonderful game, and the congratulations and admiration they should offer for Baylor. Frantic applause and whistles rang out behind Baylor, who faintly flinched, but did not turn around.

Walking out of the venue, in the corridor of the players’ aisle, away from the sight of people, Ewan looked at Baylor, “The applause is for you, why don’t you look back?”

Baylor’s expression was calm, “Real men never look back.”

Ewan gave a teasing laugh, what about never looking back? He had noticed before that Baylor was unexpectedly shy about the kindness of others.

Baylor changed the subject somewhat uncomfortably, “Let’s go back.”

“Okay, go back.”

However it was at this time that the terminal on Ewan’s wrist bone suddenly rang with a communication sound, it was a very urgent beep, completely different from the usual sound. Ewan’s face changed, his original relaxed expression suddenly closed, revealing a seriousness.

Baylor frowned, “What’s wrong?”

Ewan had finished reading the urgent message, raised his eyes, his eyes sunken, “You go back first, the Marl Galaxy has begun acting.”

Baylor was stunned, “What?”

“The Sycamore Church Army has reorganized and departed for the Gamma Galaxy.”

The Gamma Galaxy was the intersection of the Marl Galaxy system and the Alix Galaxy, which meant that the Sycamore Church Army was heading towards the Alix Galaxy. This meant that war was going to start.

This news was quickly conveyed to the legion’s top brass, Weifield and Wellin at home, Sean, Ensley, Alfonso and Admiral Von, in a meeting, and others were notified at the same time. So coincidentally, several senior officers in the meeting stood up and left the meeting in a hurry.

Kana looked at the sudden departure of the military instructor and her heart had a sense of foreboding.


The public was still enthusiastically discussing this evening’s game, technical gossip posting emoji packs, like a carnival. There was no doubt that Baylor had made a name for himself in this game, and was no longer limited to the military academy, his name was known to more people. Mecha enthusiast Ryder’s analysis of Baylor’s tactics during the game was also taken seriously, and watching the replay, they were surprised to find that Ryder was not wrong. The operation that they could not understand at first became extremely reasonable.

Some cadets even took advantage of the buzz and put the video of Baylor’s battle with Eric on the Internet that night, in which the young man’s more severe fighting stance was amazingly detached from the mecha.

The duel was watched over and over again, even a flying kick and a head flip were made into a motion picture, and it was only when they watched it carefully, frame by frame, that they realized someone was really carrying out the word ‘violent aesthetics’ from beginning to end. The transcendent gender, not inferior to the alpha warrior’s aura, that because of the battle and more dazzling arrogant eyes, was able to make people ignore its lush and exquisite appearance itself beautiful.

The label ‘General’s pursuing someone’ obviously could no longer define Baylor, and gradually no one even used this word to describe Baylor. Some lamented that if there had been a war at this time, then perhaps the Ya’an Empire would have gained a new god of war.

What they didn’t know was that there was indeed a war approaching.

And, the protagonist of their discussion was still on death row at the military headquarters. Even though the night was still a snow cave general cell, Nord was surprised as he looked at Baylor. Lips slightly open, Nord organized some language, but asked very simple words, “so late, why did you come here?”

After asking, he subconsciously looked behind Baylor and next to him, but found that Baylor was alone. This was even stranger.

“Ewan didn’t come with me, he had something to do.” Baylor replied directly, standing directly in front of Nord, one hand in his pants pocket.

Ewan had gone to a meeting with Wellin and the others, and it was going to be a busy night. He could have gone back to rest on his own, but he thought about it and declined Ewan’s offer, deciding to stay at the military headquarters until Ewan was finished and stop by to meet Nord.

Nord’s face was quiet, and after a moment of silence, he took the lead, “You have something for me?”

Baylor nodded, “Yes.”

“What is it?”

Baylor said straight away, “The Marl Galaxy has moved its troops.”

The calm on Nord’s face was broken, like ripples on a lake, and he frowned, “So soon?” Gathering himself, Nord asked, “So what do you want from me?”

“Right River is supposed to be the big general of the church army this time, I need more information about him, what do you know about him?” Baylor came here to discuss with Ewan, now the Marl Galaxy was really going to war, then they needed more information about each other, and Nord was a very important source of information. But at the same time, for the right river this person, Baylor himself was also a little curious.

After all, it was his what’s-his-name prophecy that caused so much furore, even this war. Baylor, who had always been described as crazy, now smelled the same kind of person in Right River. Right River, too, was a madman.

Nord’s eyebrows were tinged with a few sad thoughts and doubts, he thought a little and replied, “Right River is the younger brother of Pope of Sycamore…”


The author has something to say: 

Recently, every time I write, I tell my friends I’m going to put on rock music and start writing fight scenes.

Then my friend asked the soul: Don’t you write romance? Why are you writing fight scenes again?

Me: … Good question.


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March 8, 2023 2:41 pm

I very much enjoy reading an extraordinary fight scene and a detailed Love scene. The juiciness is in the details of different scenarios 💁🏻‍♀️

March 9, 2023 1:20 am

There are times, like when he questioned whether he should faint, that Baylor feels almost vulnerable and quite isolated.
Lots of action from the author…. hope we get some of that romance soon ☺️
Thanks for the chapter.

March 22, 2023 4:26 pm

Congrats to Baylor. The strategy described was really interesting.

March 30, 2023 8:58 am

Baylor gaining more fans ❤️. How i wish he faint so that the audience have an additional dog food 😁

May 24, 2023 11:45 am

lol the author’s note

I also forgot for a moment that this is a romance first and foremost and and an action adventure (close) second.

Glad Baylor is being recognized for his skills and not as the “one the General is romancing”

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