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Chapter 113: Greeting guests

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


A loud ‘bang’, Weifield’s body shivered involuntarily, and he looked with palpitations at Ewan, who had just contacted the cruiser where Baylor was at the moment. The table made of fine iron under Ewan had been visibly dented, handsome face gloomy and incomparable, as if there was thunder brewing in the storm.

Not only was it brewing, but it was already on the verge of erupting.

Weifield’s heart palpitated and looked at the table that could no longer be used, thinking of the information they had just heard, it was no wonder the General was so angry. They had just contacted Baylor’s cruiser, and learned that the area Baylor’s team was patrolling was the predicted area of the wormhole.

The Celestial Bureau clearly communicates all celestial movement information to the ships out there to prepare for special celestial movements, and this was no exception. Patrol. Who could believe that this was an unfortunate coincidence?

Weifield left briefly to communicate with the relevant personnel, then came back to Ewan and reported cautiously, “General, the man had been found, a lieutenant commander on board, he concealed the wormhole warning information, and then modified the mission grouping information to change Mr. Baylor’s mission area he was going to go to. Now the man who died should be a remnant of the spies who entered the military department with Nord.”

The previous incident revealed by Nord, found that the Military Ministry may have spies from the Marl Galaxy. The Military Ministry and the other government departments have conducted a major investigation, clearing a lot of suspicious elements, but they did not expect that there were still fish who weren’t caught in the net.

Weifield lowered his head, not daring to look directly at Ewan, so he only heard a cold, almost frozen voice from above his head, “Dead? That’s smart.”

Weifield resisted the urge to snort, General rarely gets angry, and his might never depends on anger, and now General was angry – Then he heard Ewan ask, “Who was the man in charge of the inventory in the first place?”

“Major General Andre Kirby.”

“Major General is stripped of his rank, and everyone on the clearance team is demoted three ranks.”

All… Everyone? Weifield’s heart was astonished.

The next thing he heard was Ewan’s cold voice, “You can’t even catch a rat, a bunch of losers. In addition to organizing a new investigation team, have the military personnel conduct another inventory. In addition, have them investigate whether the previous clearance team personnel was bribed. If there is evidence, directly dismiss them of their military positions, immediately refer them to the court martial.”

Weifield didn’t dare to be slow, and he immediately answered, “Yes, General, I’ll take care of it right away.”

“Call the captains to the war room immediately.”

“Yes, General!”


On the side of the Gamma River bordering the Marl Galaxy system, there was a huge barren, lifeless white planet, a dying star, a cooled down ‘sun’, a white dwarf. The stars around it have been swallowed up by the energy it exploded before dying, and in this star-studded universe, this place looked extraordinarily silent. However, in this cold and silent space, a vortex appeared near the white dwarf star, which was not obvious because of the lack of light, until some material was spitting out from the depths of the vortex.

A woman in a white uniform was watching the observation area. When she saw the appearance of the material, she immediately said to her subordinate, “Report the appearance of the material at the entrance of the wormhole.”

“Yes, First Sergeant.”

The long-haired man in the room was still wearing a robe, which looked out of place on this warship. Especially since his eyes were slightly closed at the moment and he had a calm and composed look. Anyone would think that he and the word ‘war’ was a heavenly existence, he should be in that holy light shining in the church, listening to the will of God, soothing the inner turmoil of people.

However, such a person was in such a turbulent place, and he was even the culprit of all the unrest. But Right River didn’t want to really start a war either. Of course, he would not resist starting a war, after all, the sacrifice of some people was essential for the sake of the great cause.

Someone came in sharply and bowed respectfully to report the information coming from the observation office. Right River opened his eyes, a lotus-like smile on his lips, “In that case, it’s time for us to go and greet our holy son.” He slowly stood up, the holy robe after a brief shake back to calm, Right River ordered, “If the fleet is ready to go, I will go as well.”

The subordinate looked up with some surprise, “Archbishop, it is very dangerous there, you…”

“It’s okay, he was invited by me, I should go to meet him, dead or alive.” Yes, Right River was not able to guarantee that Baylor and the others would be able to cross the spatial wormhole safely. His prediction ability only allowed him to predict when the wormhole would appear and where it would be, so he could design for Baylor to enter the wormhole area, but unfortunately he could not predict what would happen after Baylor entered the wormhole.

This was the limitation of his prediction ability, he could only predict once in a short time, so he could only see the appearance of the wormhole, but could not see the future that was changed after he did this. But it doesn’t matter. Although it would be a pity to die, it was better than him staying in the Alix Galaxy.

So it doesn’t matter.

With three mecha in the front, one mecha in the back, and a line of medium-sized ships in the middle, a group of people left the church army ship and headed for the area where the wormhole opened.

Right River stood in the cockpit of the ship, looking at the image that appeared on the main screen, in front of that huge white ball of light, the invisible vortex was spinning with great mass, then pulling that matter that was billions of light years away from here, with dead star wreckage, with cosmic junk…

“It’s almost like a miracle.” Right River lamented.

The first sergeant next to him heard and asked, somewhat inaudibly, “Archbishop, what did you say?”

Right River looked at her and asked gently, “Don’t you think it’s all like a miracle?”

The first sergeant was stunned as she looked at the wormhole, “Archbishop, are you referring to the spatial wormhole?” Although wormholes were rare, under today’s technological development, the principles of them have been studied thoroughly and have become commonplace. How could the archbishop suddenly say that it was a miracle?

Right River smiled gently and stopped talking. And at that moment, that hidden vortex deep suddenly appeared on an already broken, but still intact spaceship.

Right River’s expression moved, “He’s coming.”

This did not need Right River to explain further, the first sergeant immediately ordered, “Mecha team departure, the target has appeared, immediately to capture!”

The wormhole entrances on both sides actually unfolded at the same time, but it took time for the objects to travel between the passages, and it had actually been four days since the entrances opened.

But time was only meaningful to the outside world, for the inside of the wormhole, time was no change, or rather, for a conscious being, these four days were but a moment, because that time does not pass according to the normal flow, but was cut during the shuttle wormhole.

So for Baylor, from the ship out of control to restore stability, but only an extremely short period of time had passed.

At this time the cabin in addition to Baylor, the rest of the people have lost consciousness, but because they were fixed by the safety belt, there were no casualties, only because some were thrown in the air into a sharp object, and there were a lot of flesh and blood injuries.

And Baylor was barely holding on to consciousness at the moment, next to Super Wolf at the moment paws propped up on his knees, and then came up to him, licking Baylor’s face. Baylor’s eyes were half-smiled, bright red blood flowing from his knocked-out head, almost covering his eyes, while a lot of blood was floating in the air because of the damage to the ship and the malfunctioning gravity system.

He looked around reluctantly, Kana and Aidan beside him regained color, their body dizzy, not yet awake.

His head was still dizzy because of the spinning and violent shock, this was the first time he experienced the feeling of seasickness. Of course, this feeling was certainly more serious than seasickness.

They were still lucky, after all, according to what Aidan said, they have a great possibility of being directly broken by the meteorite in the vortex.

With difficulty, he lifted his hand and tried to untie the safety belt that was tightly strangling him, and with this movement, a sharp pain came from his body, and it was his ribs that were broken by the safety belt. But not yet punctured internal organs, okay.

But if he moved around, that’s not necessarily the case. Because of the pain, Baylor frowned, then reduced his movements, slowly pressed the latch of the seat belt, and unbuckled the seat belt slowly.

With the seat belt unfastened, his body automatically floated in the air. With three broken ribs moving, Baylor sucked in a breath of cold air, but that didn’t stop him.

Super Wolf learned of Baylor’s intentions, and it deftly jumped to the floor where the wall would have been, took the communicator floating nearby in its mouth, and then jumped to Baylor’s side. It was a spiritual body, which was not affected by gravity.

Baylor stepped on the wall and jumped, went to the window with cracks, outside the window there was a huge white planet, other than this, only floating matter.

Baylor covered his abdomen, frowning. Even if he saw what was outside the window, he couldn’t recognize where this place was. He didn’t even recognize a few of the constellations in the sky, let alone being in the universe, and the stars looked almost the same to him.

A fishy sweetness welled up in his throat, but Baylor held back from coughing up the blood, he didn’t want to watch his own vomit floating in front of his eyes. And once he coughed, his ribs would shift and most likely puncture his lungs, or other organs. Although, it may have already been punctured by now.

Baylor thought expressionlessly, after all, he was now a little pain to numbness, and could not distinguish the exact injury .

Anyway, he would not die for now.

Giving up on judging his location from the window, Baylor took the communicator from Super Wolf’s mouth.

After all, if he was not going to die now, he couldn’t know how long he was going to be able to stay awake, especially if he was barely awake now. His own terminal had flown somewhere, did not know whose communicator this was. Baylor saw the screen had been broken, but was still able to operate it.

Pulling up the emergency contact page directly, Baylor immediately entered the fleet emergency contact code he remembered.

After entering this code, even if there was no immediate call, the signal would be transmitted to the mothership’s contact so that the Sky Wolf Legion’s people could learn their coordinates and come to the rescue. By all rights, that should be the case.

Yet just after Baylor entered the code, the communicator revealed a red alert, ‘Signal cannot be transmitted’.

Baylor frowned, the signal in this era was not the old telephone signal. It was transmitted by energy, even the signal tower was not needed, as long as the light could be transmitted, the signal could be transmitted. However, now it could not be transmitted.

What’s going on?

Baylor did not wait for Baylor to think carefully, the ship suddenly and violently swayed, and because he was floating in the air, the moving hull went directly into Baylor. Baylor’s eyes widened, and then the action quickly grabbed the railing on the next wall.

With a sharp pain in his body, Baylor grunted and let his back fall against the wall of the moving hull. At the same time, he turned his head to look out through the window – the huge mecha was standing in front of the left side of the ship, and was now using the chains, dragging the ship in its direction.

Was it reinforcements? No.

Baylor stared at the strange and familiar emblem on the mecha, and his pupils tightened. Strange because it wasn’t the Ya’an Empire’s military insignia, familiar because he had seen it before. Ewan had shown it to him. It was the emblem of the Sycamore Church Army!


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