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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor’s patrol area was in the B area, three days’ travel from their home planet, not too far, but not too close either. These days, even if the military department deliberately conceals it, the tensions at the border of the star field still attract attention.

The internet was starting to get a lot of buzz about the war, and the troops were even more convinced that there would be a massive war in the near future because they could get some inside information. The cruiser was moving steadily through the seemingly calm space, far from the stars, with no distinction between day and night, and the soldiers on board could only rely on the timing system synchronized with the home planet to judge the time.

It was 5:30 in the morning, they had half an hour for breakfast –

“I heard that the General has already left for the Gamma system, the legion’s main forces are starting to assemble, and people I know have also left for the Gamma system.” At a long table in the dining room, the 68th recruits who had come to assist in the mission gathered together, and speaking of General, they looked in unison at the omega at the end of the long table.

Baylor’s eyes were drooping at the moment, the long eyelashes casting heavy shadows under them, hiding the summer-like eyes of the world, making it hard to see the expression, and the beautiful and stunning face was lazy and cold, as if their conversation had not aroused his interest at all. Noticing their gaze, Baylor slowly raised his eyes and then caught their gaze straight on.



Although we have been together for so long, we were still stopped cold in surprise by the other’s appearance which caught our breath for a moment, who understands how.

The next Kana asked curiously, “Baylor, do you know any news? Did the General talk to you…” The question was halfway through, Kana suddenly felt something wrong, they were gossiping with each other, but it was all gossip, but from Baylor’s side to ask the General to know the information, that was spying on military intelligence. So she immediately shook her head, “Forget it, you can’t say.”

Baylor said in a lazy tone, “It’s useless for me to say what you want, I don’t know anything.”

This statement was not an excuse. Although he communicated with Ewan almost every other day these days, the conversation was mostly about trivial things, such as where Ewan had been recently, where he had been, how he had eaten recently, how he had slept…

Most of the time, Ewan was asking and he was answering.

To be honest, it’s a bit like having nothing to say.

So Baylor had said, nothing to do not contact him, but it was useless, Ewan still insisted on at most every other day a report and ask the latest news, Baylor thought this person must have put this matter into the schedule. There was only a break of a few days in between, and Ewan seemed very busy on those days. And the day before, Ewan had just told him he had left for the Gamma system.

It was estimated that he would arrive in another two or three days.

Although they hadn’t heard any news of the official start of the war yet, it did seem that the situation was tense over the border.

Baylor frowned slightly, and Super Wolf, who was wandering around in the aisle next to him, sensing Baylor’s mood, abandoned his patrol duties, returned to Baylor’s side then stood up and took his paws and scooped Baylor’s hand. The spoon in Baylor’s hand thus fell to the ground.

Super Wolf hastily put away his paws and sat there crouching with an innocent expression.

Baylor did not blame Super Wolf, he stared at the spoon that fell to the ground, frowning deeply.

When he got up this morning, he had an unsettling feeling, just like the uneasiness he felt when he left Planet D7 that day. It seemed like something was about to happen, he just didn’t know whether it was something on his side or Ewan’s side…

The patrol mission was not only to stay on the cruiser, the soldiers responsible for patrolling needed to form a small team, driving the ship away from the mother ship to patrol in the target area, the main task was to detect the star field environment, to see if there were suspicious movements. The main task was to detect the environment and see if there were any suspicious traces. Therefore, a squad would consist of twenty soldiers and two researchers.

Putting on his combat uniform, Baylor stood in the middle of the team and boarded the B-17 with the two researchers in protective suits. These two researchers were senior talents, they were sworn to protect the object. One of the omega named Aidan, clear and beautiful, Baylor saw this person subconsciously twitched his nose.

Because this person’s body pheromone unexpectedly sweet aroma, was a high-grade omega. What’s more, after seeing Baylor, Aidan’s inquiring eyes had been glued to Baylor’s body, making Baylor feel uncomfortable.

As the ship took off from the cruiser’s flight path and left the mothership, Shiyel locked eyes with Aidan and strangely walked up to Baylor and asked, “Baylor, do you know this scientist? Why does he keep staring at you?”

Baylor turned his head and met eyes with the clean-cut omega researcher, who didn’t blink or dodge, with a straight face.

“…” Baylor frowned, “Don’t know.”

Shiyel wondered, “Then why does he keep… Eh, Baylor, where are you going?” Looking at Baylor walking towards Aidan, Shiyel was a little anxious to stop, but it was simply too late, he had already walked in front of Aidan.

Then he looked at Baylor, holding his hand, and asked the scientist, “Do you know me?”

Shiyel, “…” Brave or unafraid.

Aidan was a little surprised by Baylor’s blunt questioning, he blinked in surprise and then answered frankly, “Sort of, not really.”

Baylor’s brow lowered, he did not like this kind of riddle-like answer. But Aidan wasn’t trying to be cryptic, he was a scientist, just keeping his usual rigor. He explained, “I know who you are, but we haven’t met. But we do have a little personal acquaintance.”

Baylor, “…?”

Aidan looked at Baylor’s face with suspicion and he said, “Your teacher is Sean, and Sean and I are close friends.”

Baylor, “…!”

“He came to me not long ago to ask about spirituality, at that time I felt puzzled, I didn’t understand why Sean was suddenly interested in the study of spirituality, he was asking for you, wasn’t he?”

Baylor, “…!!!”

At that moment Super Wolf beside Baylor wagged his tail and sniffed curiously around the person in front of him before he met eyes with the cold looking omega scientist.

Super Wolf, “…!!!”

Aidan’s clear eyes blinked gently as he returned his eyes to Baylor, his cool voice had a rippling indifference and transcendence to it, like a spectator outside the play, “What is this? Why can’t anyone else see-“

The next second, a pair of hands grabbed his collar and pushed him toward the room behind him, and the door was closed with a ‘snap’.

Shiyel outside was stunned to see this scene, he rushed up, but the door was locked, he could only knock on the door outside, his voice urgent, “Talk to me Baylor!

Baylor had no intention of hitting anyone, he grabbed the man by the collar, his eyebrows knitted together, his eyes full of caution, “Who are you? Why can you see Super Wolf?”

Currently only S-class alpha could see, but the person in front of him was only omega- A certain nerve in his brain was plucked, and Baylor suddenly understood, “You’re an S-rank omega?”

Aidan pondered for a moment and did not answer positively, but said, “You can judge my qualifications so accurately, so that’s why, only S-class omegas can see it, right?” He said to himself, “But considering General’s special relationship with you, if General can also see it, then as long as you are S-rank, they can see it.”

The eyes like stagnant water rippled, Aidan’s eyes tinged with excitement, “Before Sean asked me about spiritual breakthrough, I watched your mecha game, your spiritual power is very special, now it seems to be no problem to operate mecha, what, the experiment of spiritual breakthrough was successful? Or did you take some other approach?”

Baylor, “…”

Aidan slapped away the hand of Baylor who was in shock, straightened his collar, then reached down and pulled out his notepad from among his jacket, “If it’s convenient, can you go over the mental breakthrough? That’s a good statistic.” Considering Baylor’s mood, he added, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep the source of the data confidential.”

There was a pervert here. A pervert he couldn’t understand. Baylor thought of Aidan saying he was Sean’s friend, he stepped back, took out his terminal and entered Sean’s encrypted communication code, and after a ‘beep’, Sean’s lazy voice appeared in Baylor’s ear, “Baylor, what’s up, it’s rare that you would call me…”

Baylor interrupted the pleasantries and stared at the man in front of her, asking through gritted teeth, “What’s up with this Aidan guy?”

Sean, “…”

Aidan, twenty years old, the Union’s scientific genius, dedicated to the study of mental power, young age was already a professor in the Institute, almost single-handedly supported the Union’s cutting-edge research on mental power, he was responsible for the laboratory, publishing the relevant papers, founding the industry.

As Baylor thought, he was indeed an S-class omega, but this status was slightly inferior under the aura of his genius. Baylor looked at the young man in front of him who was lying on the edge of the table and began to calculate things he couldn’t understand, the corners of his mouth twitched, “Shouldn’t such people be well protected in the imperial capital? Why would he appear in the patrol?”

Genius scientist, was it okay to let him run around outside?

Sean rubbed his temples on the other end of the communication, he had quite a headache for Aidan, “I guess, he probably went there specifically to see you.”

Baylor, “…”

Sean said, “I guess it was your mental power situation at the mecha competition that day that caught his attention, plus your relationship with me. He’s a smart guy, he should have guessed right away that your mental power was special.”

Baylor took a deep breath, “So what now?”

Without waiting for Sean to answer, Aidan replied, “Why should you be bitter that I know? I’m not going to arrest you for research, I abide by the Alliance Research Ethics Act, I won’t do anything illegal. You tell me the information, I help you solve the problem, mutual benefit, isn’t it?” One side said, his hands did not stop, “General recently also sent ancestral stones to let us study, you also have questions in mind, right? If Sean had told me things frankly earlier, perhaps those doubts would have been solved long ago, and could have contributed to Alix Galaxy’s research.”

Speaking of which, he looked up at Baylor, his gaze taking on a bit of blame, “Humans shouldn’t lie to humans, it’s because of you people who cover up the data that the speed of scientific research development is so slow, and humans should cooperate.”

Baylor and Sean, who were inexplicably labeled as ‘influencing the development of scientific research’: …

Rather, that makes sense.


In the back of the Gamma River was the main military force of Alix Galaxy stationed, at this time, with Ewan as the leader, there was a group of high-level generals of various planets gathered.

“The church army is currently stopped at the edge of the star river, it seems that it will not attack immediately.”

The reconnaissance map unfolded in front of him clearly showed a group of high-energy signs after the vacuum outside the Gamma River, those were exactly the equipment of the Church Army.

“According to the news from the undercover, the Sycamore Church recently had a civil unrest, the Pope [Hua] is sick, currently recuperating, all the affairs in the Church are the responsibility of the Archbishop of Right River …” Captain Kiki of the fourth team said, “It seems that Right River has seized power and forced a war.”

Ewan sat at the head of the long table, and Lightning was standing on the back of his chair at the moment, turning its head and combing its snow-white, still bluish feathers with its sharp beak. It had grown to the size of half an adult’s arm length, a spread of one meter with an open wing, was an uncompromising raptor, if Super Wolf was now, it could no longer carry Lightning on his head as before.

“Do you know the whereabouts of Pope [Hua]?” Ewan asked.

Kiki shook her head, “This is unknown for now.”

“What exactly does it mean that they are just guarding the border for so many days?” Wellin looked at the scouting map and frowned, “Are they waiting for something else?”

Wellin’s question was also everyone’s question.

These days, there was neither any bargaining nor any intention to attack or retreat, and the army was stationed on top of the nearest planet outside the star river, only sending a few small groups over to harass from time to time, and there didn’t seem to be any difference from before.

It was impossible to assemble a large army just to show off the strength of the troops, assembling a large army could take a lot of manpower and material resources.

Ewan’s eyes were suddenly attracted by another chart next to the detection chart, complex lines and energy clusters intertwined, at first glance was an ordinary table. However, this was the measurement of gravitational waves drawn in an interstellar diagram, recording energy fluctuations.

Generally speaking, without professional interpretation it was impossible to read, but Ewan, after all, often contacted interstellar information, for this professional chart he had long been familiar with. Looking at the data above, Ewan frowned slightly, “Recently there is a wormhole phenomenon?”

The observer next to him reported, “Yes General, based on the recent rotational movement of the star, a wormhole should appear in the Beta arm of the Alix Galaxy, and we have already told the relevant departments to prevent it.”

“B Area? That’s pretty far from here.” Wellin glanced at it casually, not caring.

However, he noticed that Ewan looked serious, Wellin unconsciously straightened his back, “General, what’s wrong?”

Ewan suddenly stood up, “The meeting is over.” Then striding towards the outside, Lightning on the back of the chair, flapped his wings, and followed.

Wellin locked eyes with his brother, and then Weifield rushed to catch up.

“General, what’s going on?”

At this moment Ewan’s voice was deep and tense, “Contact the cruiser where Baylor is immediately.”

Although it might be overthinking, but…


“Your mental power is really different!” Aidan listened to the information Sean said, at this time he was like a completely new person, two eyes shining, which was full of excitement. “Unfortunately, there is no equipment, otherwise I would really like to test you now…”

Baylor said expressionlessly, “What about the promise not to violate morality and ethics?”

“I’ll make sure you sign the consent form first, don’t worry.”

… Is that how low your ethical threshold is?

Hanging up with Sean, Aidan closed his laptop, straightened his clothes, and then pointed to the dog at his feet who was chewing on his pant leg, “So what’s the deal with it? Why can’t anyone else see it.”

Super Wolf’s existence was unknown to Sean, so naturally, he couldn’t explain it to Aidan, who, true to his genius of multiple wisdom and almost demonic, sensed it in his communication with Sean and simply didn’t ask Sean.

Baylor was torn, not knowing whether to say. Aynor could also see Super Wolf, but he also does not know the true identity of Super Wolf. The only person who knows what Super Wolf is was Ewan. Oh, Right River also seems to know. And Aidan… Although they currently have an agreement to cooperate, should they really tell him?

Just as Baylor was hesitating, suddenly the alarm inside the ship was pulled. The ear-piercing siren and red warning lights went off, and Super Wolf immediately grinned and let out a threatening low growl.

Aidan listened carefully to the sound of the siren, then frowned and said, “The frequency of this siren is a space weather disaster.”

Baylor had quickly pulled open the door and saw that the people outside had panicked, and Kana rushed over to Baylor and said, “Bay, Baylor, we’ve hit a wormhole! The ship has been swept into the astral vortex!”

Baylor was stunned, if he encountered an enemy attack, he would not be confused, just meet the battle. But, wormhole, astral vortex? He frowned and asked in confusion, “Can’t we fly out?”

At this time Aidan had walked behind Baylor, “Swept into the astral vortex, which is so easy to fly out of, but the appearance of the wormhole would certainly have a warning, the fleet should have avoided this in advance, and would not be rashly swept in…. I’ll go see the pilot.”

However, at this moment, the ship suddenly shook violently, the surrounding objects could not be fixed and fell to the ground, Aidan stepped directly into the air, the next second, the ship tilted dramatically, swaying from side to side, people simply could not stand, and the cabin was a scream.

Shiyel grabbed another researcher with one hand and shouted at everyone, “Quick, get to your seats and strap in! Ah!”

At that moment, Baylor let Super Wolf hold Aidan, who was flying straight into the air because of the extreme speed of the fall, and then grabbed the door handle next to him to stabilize himself, and immediately seized the opportunity to take Aidan and Kana to their seats after a moment of calm.

Even though Aidan had a pale face, he hurriedly put on his seat belt, so that he was finally fixed in place, but the tumbling of the ship makes everyone like a roller coaster ride plus pirate ship, and felt more terrible than just this.

“This, this situation, I fear, is completely attributed to the vortex.”

Baylor also perceived the seriousness of the situation at this point, and he asked, “What happens when you get caught in a wormhole?”

Aidan closed his eyes tightly to minimize his dizziness, he said with difficulty, “The wormhole connects two different spaces, through the wormhole, we will naturally appear in the other portal that is connected.” His lips whitened, “If we’re lucky and don’t get shattered by a meteorite in the vortex.”


The author has something to say: I was particularly impressed when gravitational waves were confirmed, and my physics professors were excited that day.


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I felt something had happened to Pope Hua.
To take an entire ship for Baylor… Right River seems to be getting desperate and obsessed. What will he do with everyone else though? Can they be sent back the same way? Can the Alix Galaxy form wormholes?
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