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Chapter 114: A Step Too Late

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The Church Army’s mecha pulled and shuttled the broken ship towards a nearby asteroid, where the convoy landed together temporarily. A few moments later, the hatch was forcibly broken open, and Right River entered the cabin encircled by soldiers. His eyes swept over the people who had fallen on their backs, and he followed the strong mental wave to a closed door. Then he knocked politely and said, “I know you’re in there,” his voice was clear and gentle, somewhat like Julius, but more approachable, “I’ll have someone open the door later, I hope I don’t scare you, and I hope you’ll stay away from the door, or I might accidentally hurt you later.”

Baylor, who was hiding behind the door, ready to sneak in, and frowned.

And, the voice through the door came again, “You’re hurt now, right? Need to be a little more careful.”

This guy… The expression on Baylor’s face was as cold as frost.

Right River knew very well the ritual of courtesy before strength, and after gentle persuasion as well as threats, he did not hesitate to immediately make the soldiers behind him cut open the closed door with lasers.

With a ‘bang’, the shattered door slab hit the ground, and then Baylor appeared in front of them in the room.

Baylor stood directly across from them, his combat suit a little dirty but not torn, his black hair condensed into wisps clotted with blood. He stood in the room with a straight and awe-inspiring stance, looking unharmed except for the wound on his head. And at this time, two pairs of eyes of different temperatures straight to each other.

Right River smiled slightly, “We finally meet.”

This sentence was also what Baylor wanted to say. The two of them have seen a lot of information and photos of each other, but they have never really met. But their fates were strangely intertwined. Baylor ignored the pain coming from his body, he said with a calm expression, “You came quickly, what, you can manipulate the location of the wormhole?”

“You’re really over-complimenting my abilities.” Right River replied, “It’s just a prediction of the wormhole’s coordinates, we’ve been waiting for you here for a long time.”

“Oh? So what are you going to do now?” If it was just these people, Baylor might be able to fight to the death, but the problem was the mecha outside, and he couldn’t fight the mecha no matter what.

Trying to escape was impossible. So Baylor gave up the impractical idea of running away from the beginning.

“This is not the place to talk, the Holy Son should sit down with us on our ship and have a good chat.”

Holy Son? Baylor frowned, almost wanting to grunt. A trace of sarcasm was in his eyes, but now there was a more important thing. Baylor asked, “And the people on this ship, what are you going to do with them?”

“Our target is only you, Holy Son, as for the others… If the Holy Son wants to keep them alive, of course we will do it.”

Baylor stared at Right River, his face could not see a trace of falsehood, such a person could always easily gain the trust of others, even if they were enemies, they would unconsciously drop their defenses against him. Taking a step forward, Baylor walked towards Right River.

The soldiers beside Right River immediately wanted to come forward for protection, yet Right River stopped them with a wave of his hand.

Baylor coldly walked past Right River, mockingly glanced at the soldiers next to him, and then mercilessly said, “Their life or death is none of my business, you can keep them or not.”

Right River lightly raised an eyebrow, even the action of raising an eyebrow was very elegant. He had heard of Baylor’s deviant ways, and Baylor’s coldness toward his companions was within his expectations.


Right River turned his head, looked at Baylor’s back, and asked, “You should have another little friend that I don’t seem to see.”

Baylor’s footsteps were halted and he turned sideways, “Who do you mean?”

“Your pet, that one spiritual lifeform.” Right River said, “We’ve made friends before, I wonder where it is?”

Sickly eyes did not have any dodge, Baylor laughed softly and said pointedly, “Since you said it was a pet, who brings their pets with them to do mission?”


“If you don’t believe me, you stay here and look for it.”

The soldier next to him looked at Right River, “Archbishop, what should we do here?”

Right River followed Baylor while softly rambling, “Since the Holy Son doesn’t care either, let someone deal with it casually later.”


After Baylor was taken on the airship, Right River got a report from his men, “Your Eminence, there is a group of people approaching here quickly.”

Right River did not show any surprise at this, “It’s a little earlier than I thought, but it’s about the same, so let the fleet set sail immediately.”

So in addition to one mecha, the remaining three mechas escorted the ship back to the nearby ship, and at the same time the ship was also preparing to sail. The mecha that remained behind. After the ship took off, it attacked the energy tank of the wrecked ship that was parked on land, and the energy tank was bombed open. The energy inside began to leak, and was quickly ignited with the high temperature of the cannon and the open fire.

Mecha turned away, and then within a few moments, the energy tank of the wreck exploded, and the entire ship was quickly wrapped in a blaze.

Baylor witnessed this scene inside the church army’s ship, and under the gaze of Right River, he just turned away from his own eyes with a bland expression, and then sat down very freely and casually on the sofa in that room, without any self-consciousness of being taken as a prisoner by the enemy.

“Is there a doctor? I need treatment.” He even urged very grandly, rather like urging someone to serve food at mealtime.

The captain of this ship, the first sergeant, frowned somewhat discontentedly, but remembering that Right River said that the other was a Holy Son, he could only hold back his words of rebuke, and turned to Right River, asking what to do.

He said, “Of course, but the medical conditions here are limited, so I’ll have someone give you some emergency treatment first, and then we’ll treat you properly when we get to the ship.”

Baylor nodded and reluctantly said, “All right.”

“Then the Holy Son rest first, the doctor will be here soon.”

Baylor watched as Right River left with most of the men, leaving only four soldiers to guard the room, then the heavy door was closed and Baylor heard a locking sound.

After the door was closed, Baylor tried to strengthen his hearing, but he still couldn’t hear any external sounds, thinking that the room should also be specially treated with strong sound insulation. He leaned back on the sofa and let his body relax while he surveyed the four soldiers in the room with his own eyes, but after a while, he closed his eyes and started to rest.

Right River didn’t seem to be doing anything to him for the time being. Nord told him that Right River was actually obsessed with him because he wanted him to be the core of whatever system he was taking. That system was in the headquarters, if he was right, Right River should take him directly back to the headquarters.

And now that they have captured him, it seemed that the Marl Galaxy would not go to war with Ewan and the others for the time being. Thinking of this, Baylor unconsciously exhaled a breath.

And only when he finished this subconscious action, he opened his eyes sluggishly and stared at the ceiling with a blank expression.

So he’d been worried about Ewan going to war? But Ewan was strong, so why should he be worried? Baylor frowned nervously and searched hard in the middle of his own mind for half a day, and when that night at Sean’s house came into his mind, the words Ewan had once said to Sean came clearly to the surface.

His question had found the answer, but Baylor was stunned.

At this point, he was like the blind man touching the elephant suddenly saw the elephant that had been standing in front of him, surprised to find that he was in front of such a huge thing. So he already cared about Ewan to this extent?


“General, the entrance of the wormhole opening was found ahead.”

At this time, a new group of people was ushered into the star field that Baylor and the others had just left, led by the black mecha, and seven mecha flew to the entrance of that wormhole. Some distance behind them was a ship, because the speed of the ship could not match the horsepower of the mecha’s full flight, so in order not to delay the journey, the mecha took the lead and the ship followed.

The black mecha at the head of the line was Ewan, whose mecha was called ‘Black Star’ and was flying like a meteor in the universe, pulling away from the six mechas behind it.

Ewan, who was heading straight for the entrance of the wormhole, suddenly noticed the energy leakage reaction on the passing planet, and after a quick judgment, the black mecha immediately flew towards the coordinates where the energy reaction appeared.

“Number 1 and 2 follow me, the rest of you rush to the wormhole entrance.”

“Yes, General!”

The mecha team then quickly split into two teams, and Ewan and the others, having approached the coordinates, quickly spotted the already charred wreckage of the ship on the asteroid.

The three mecha were like arrows from a string, even approaching the planet without any deceleration, at a kind of meteorite crashing into the planet, and even accelerating up.

“That’s…” The closer we got to the wreckage, the more alarmed Wellin in mecha #1 was. Although it was burnt, it was the shape of the Sky Wolf Legion ship.

Ewan ordered the ships that were following directly behind him to come to this coordinate.

At the same time, he ordered the other four mecha, “No need to go to the entrance of the wormhole, now search the nearby star field for any sign of the church army.”

The mecha landed on the barren land, put on their protective masks, and Ewan got off the mecha and walked towards the wreckage.

“It’s… It’s the energy tank that exploded.” Wellin looked at the worst of the damage where the energy tank was located, and at first glance it had been attacked.

Wellin looked at the face of Ewan beside him with concern, and did not dare to continue. This look, with more than four words to describe the most optimistic outcome, was to let him say, the people inside the ship were dead.

At this point, Wellin found Ewan’s footsteps also accelerated a little, and at this point, he suddenly heard a loud noise from inside, and from that doorway rolled out a stick.

Wellin eyebrows raised in surprise, was there still someone alive?

However, Wellin could not see that the snow peregrine falcon on Ewan’s shoulder had already entered the cabin and let out a loud whistle, and at the same time, together with it was a howl of excitement.

The animal inside was too excited and kicked out.

Ewan was the first to enter the cabin and saw Super Wolf’s paws propped up on a chair, standing as high as possible, howling at Lightning in front of it, and the big snow-colored tail was shaking like a propeller.

And in the cabin, everywhere had been burnt, only one place was not burnt, and the people on board were now falling down there, they were sprawled, the collar at the neck were still showing a bizarre crease.

And Ewan knew that these people were dragged there by Super Wolf gripping their collars. Just like when he was unconscious in the snow, Super Wolf saved him. Only there was no Baylor among them. Ewan’s hand fell to his side clenched, nails embedded in the palm of his hand, blood dripping down.


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March 13, 2023 7:09 pm

Baylor is smart, that was the best way to save everyone. Tat Right creep (I like the name River, so he can’t have it) is so sick and perverted. Absolutely mental.

March 16, 2023 6:03 pm

Clever Baylor, leaving Super Wolf to take care of his comrades and not giving RR the thought that they could be used as leverage.
I would not want to be in RR’s shoes when Ewan finally gets hold of him!
Thanks for the chapter.

March 23, 2023 2:44 pm

Aww, I knew Baylor didn’t mean it. He would do everything he could to save them.

March 27, 2023 10:23 pm

Interesting strategy Baylor devised to do an end run around Right River and both save his companions and get some intel delivered to Ewan.

March 31, 2023 10:11 pm

hope Super Wolf is not hurt. he ia really a seper hero..

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