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Chapter 115: Eve

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The exact coordinates of a wormhole were difficult to grasp, let alone the opening of a wormhole in another galaxy. So by definition Ewan and the others couldn’t get there that fast. But what Ewan was tracking was not the wormhole coordinates, but the unusual movements of the Church’s army. The main force of the Church Army was concentrated on one side of the Gamma River, facing off with Sky Wolf Legion’s forces, while a small column was stationed at another coordinate of no strategic importance.

Ewan immediately led his men there. But no matter how hard he tried to catch up, he was still a step behind.

The ship reached its target after a short delay, and Ewan had the men carried on board for medical treatment, then he suddenly remembered something and went to the big gray dog that was trying to pounce on the ‘bird’, then he crouched down, and the pair of ice blue eyes that always had some disdain met.

Ewan asked, “Dragon Hunter, what happened before, how is Baylor now? Is he safe?”

Super Wolf was Baylor’s spiritual body, it was connected with Baylor’s mind, so it must know Baylor’s current situation. Super Wolf’s ears twitched, and this time it didn’t play tricks, but barked in a serious way, obviously answering Ewan’s question.

Ewan’s brow furrowed, because he could not understand.

Then Super Wolf’s head turned and looked up at Lightning, who was standing high up, and Lightning’s wings opened, then glided down from high up and landed on Super Wolf’s head. And at that moment, Lightning’s voice suddenly appeared in Ewan’s brain, not quite accurate to say it was a voice, it was a message directly into Ewan’s brain.

It said that its boss was safe now, just got hurt during the wormhole.

Ewan can’t understand Super Wolf’s words, but spiritual bodies could communicate with each other. Lightning was acting as an intermediary interpreter, conveying Super Wolf’s words to Ewan.

Although he wanted to lament the benefits of the spiritual body, Ewan’s attention was immediately drawn to the fact that ‘Baylor was injured’. His stern brow showed concern, and Ewan asked, “Injured? Is it serious?”

Super Wolf, “Woof! Woof! Woof!” Not serious, the person who took him had the doctor treat him.

Ewan froze after hearing Lightning relay, “Dragon Hunter, can you communicate with Baylor now?”

Super Wolf raised his doggy head, godlike.

“Awo.” Of course, he and the boss were one and the same. “Woof woof!” However, because the distance was too far, there was no way to communicate with the boss all the time, but occasionally he could hear a few words he said. 

Super Wolf wagged his tail and then put his paws on Ewan’s knees, “Woof!”

Lightning relayed to Ewan – [Said for you not to worry.]

Ewan subconsciously reached out and rubbed Super Wolf’s head, he listened to the words, his first thought was that Super Wolf said it himself, until after he rubbed it twice, he suddenly reacted and asked, in a rare moment of confusion, “Who told me not to worry?”

Super Wolf was enjoying Ewan’s ‘massage’, and when he heard the words, his ears, which had dropped into airplane ears, perked up and he looked at Ewan strangely. It didn’t say anything, but Lightning already understood its meaning.

Lightning collected its wings, its body size was elongated because of growing up, at this time it no longer looked like a round ball, but very athletic and elegant. It’s not just a round ball.

Ewan’s hand stopped.

Although Super Wolf was not like other spiritual bodies who always stayed by his master’s side, in the imperial capital, he often separated from Baylor, staying at home by himself. But that was in the middle of a city after all, and the distance between them was not too far. However, no one had ever left their spiritual body on another planet, thousands of light-years apart from the body.

Even leaving one’s spiritual body in another country had never been seen in Baylor’s world.

Even at the beginning of that time, Super Wolf and Baylor although indeed not on a planet, but that was because Super Wolf had been separated from Baylor, and even Baylor later also spent a lot of effort to let Super Wolf finally return to the body.

So for Baylor, leaving Super Wolf behind was actually an extremely risky decision, and there was even a great possibility that Super Wolf would be completely disconnected from its body as it was at the beginning, which would be extremely dangerous for Baylor.

But he had to do it. Under the circumstances, Super Wolf was the only helper he could rely on. He had to leave Super Wolf behind to ensure that the people on board survived after they left the ship. And, he also had to leave Super Wolf behind to ensure that he could contact Ewan.

And, in fact, Super Wolf did a good job.

After Right River left with Baylor, it pulled everyone to one place, and then followed Baylor’s instructions to open the shield to protect a corner of the ship so that the people on board could survive the explosion.

And after Ewan arrived, successfully conveyed Baylor’s message to Ewan.

The phrase ‘don’t worry’ was not Baylor’s, he asked Super Wolf to explain the words that do not include this sentence. But Super Wolf was Baylor’s spiritual body, all of Baylor’s inner activities could not be hidden from it. The words came to Baylor’s mind, and Super Wolf understood that one of Baylor’s purposes in leaving himself behind was to make Ewan not worry so much, so he relayed the truth.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t like to lie.

On Baylor’s side, he felt Ewan’s breath through Super Wolf. He was slightly relieved, in his moment of relaxation, the separation of the spiritual body and his main body generated a spiritual tearing sensation that made him immediately feel like he was falling into the ice cell, barely maintaining the connection between each other. Baylor, although seemingly he did not do anything, had maintained a state of high output.

The original cold white complexion had lost even more blood, Baylor looked extremely depressed, his pair of eyes was sickly with no spirit. 

Right River turned his head to ask the doctor beside him, “How is his condition?”

The doctor replied with some trepidation, “The right rib is broken, there is a slight tear on the exterior of the lung, and there is a hematoma on the top of his head from the impact of a heavy object, but it has been treated and he will recover quickly if he rests well.”

He also looked at Baylor’s pale appearance at this moment with some incomprehension, obviously he was not so unhinged when he was just being treated, how come his condition had worsened after the treatment?

Right River frowned, Baylor was an important system core, now that they had gotten their hands on him, they couldn’t make any mistakes.

“The medical team is on guard 24 hours a day, come and report to me immediately if there is any situation.”

“Yes, Archbishop.”

Baylor was sitting at the sofa, and when he saw him approaching, Baylor lazily looked up at him and said, “What, you’re afraid I’m going to die?”

“Of course.” Right River unapologetically admitted, “The Holy Son means a lot to us. Holy Son, don’t worry, we will definitely treat you well, you just need to rest well.”

Baylor sneered, “And then you’ll send me to be the core of that system?”

Right River showed a surprised look.  He didn’t want to have to keep tilting his head in order to keep talking to Baylor, and he took a seat beside him, “It seems Nord told the Holy Son a lot of things.” Without the anger of being betrayed, Right River instead smiled gently, “Since the Holy Son already knows about the core of the system, then I will no longer hide it. The [Eve] system is of great significance to the Marl Galaxy. As the holy son knows, our people have been suffering from mental power problems, yet we were extremely dependent on the use of mental power. The [Eve] system is able to convert the mental power in the ancestral stones to human beings, to recharge those who otherwise lack mental power. This would be a system that would benefit the entire civilization and affect thousands of generations. But the system has always lacked a core to act as a medium between the ancestral stones and humans, and the appearance of the Holy Son is a ray of hope in a desperate situation for us. Your appearance will change the status quo of our entire civilization.”

And this was the miracle that Right River lamented at the beginning. The inventor of this system had all but given up on finding the right system core, and it just appeared in front of him. This was the destiny of God.

However, Baylor was not impressed at all by the impassioned words of Right River, and he asked indifferently, “Eve?”

“Yes, the being who gave life to human beings in one of the religions of the ancient earth, and if it is possible to give spiritual power to those who have none, it is like giving them a second life.”

Superstition was really unacceptable. This group of people thought they were so divine.

Baylor sneered in his heart, he leaned softly on the back of the sofa, as if he had no bones, he looked coldly at the indistinguishable face of Right River, he asked to the point, “Become the core of the system, then what will happen to me?”

“Don’t worry, you won’t die.” Right River replied gently, “On the contrary, you will be free from life, death, sickness and pain forever, free from the limitations of desires. You will exist forever, you will break away from the existing dimension and become a creature above the dimension of this universe and become a god.”

Staring intently at the expression on that face, Baylor did not find a single flaw. Some people’s gentle and elegant look could be seen at first glance that it was faked. But Right River was different, all the emotions he shows were from his heart, no deception. Just like his yearning as well as glory at this moment, it was also real. He really felt that becoming one with the system was a supreme and incomparable honor for Baylor.

Baylor completely understood one thing, his previous premonition was not wrong.

Right River was indeed a crazy person. The brainwashing of their own beliefs?


Aidan was the first person to wake up among all of them. When he saw the paramedics around him, his consciousness was still a bit dazed, but when the paramedics shouted to the people outside, “Someone’s awake.” 

His consciousness snapped back to life. Aidan subconsciously tried to get up, but his mind went blank because of the pain that came over him in that instant. He was not Baylor, he couldn’t act like he was fine while his body was in pieces.

The sign on the paramedic’s shirt made him understand that he had been rescued. It was unfortunate to be caught in the wormhole, and it was really a blessing to be rescued safely.

Aidan asked weakly, “Where are the others?”

“Professor Aidan, you do not have to worry. The rest of the people on board were also saved … However, one person is missing, the General is trying to find out what happened, how do you feel now?”

One person missing? Aidan was lying on the bed, he did not care about the medical staff’s inquiry, but stared straight at the ceiling.

After the ship had left the wormhole, he had actually been conscious for a while, and in his daze, he had heard the conversation between Baylor and the leader of the Church Army, and it was only when the big gray dog had grabbed him and thrown him to the ground that he had passed out again. Now it seemed that Baylor had been taken away by the Church Army.

After taking a moment to complete the conversation he had heard in bits and pieces, Aidan remembered Baylor’s words, ‘I have nothing to do with whether they live or die’, when Baylor was protecting them. I’m afraid that if Baylor hadn’t said that at that time, they would have been taken away together as hostages.

The only thing was, why did the Church Army people take Baylor away? He listened to the meaning of the words, it seemed that even being caught in the wormhole was deliberately planned, just to capture people. The fact that they had gone to such lengths, could it be that they had also noticed Baylor’s special characteristics?

Thinking of the Marl Galaxy’s research in spiritual power, Aidan became more and more sure of his suspicions. That would be a serious problem.

Aidan, because his body could not move, could only use his hoarse voice to call the paramedics, “Where is the General?”

Ewan was with Wellin and others in the intelligence room. They were paying close attention to the data sent back by the team that went out to look for traces of the flotilla, the large room at the moment almost to be filled with data from a variety of star fields. According to the information from the front line, the church army guarding the Gamma River began to have the intention of retreating, which increasingly confirmed Ewan’s previous suspicions.

Right River was deliberately using a large army to divert his attention, and then take advantage of the opportunity to hijack Baylor. He didn’t really want to go to war. And now that they had captured someone, they would naturally start pulling back their troops.

“This group of people is really too sinister.” Wellin said angrily.

“It’s just battlefield strategy.” Ewan half-sat against the table, staring at the three-dimensional battle map, looking at the troop strength data on both sides, his eyes deep and dark.

“Then General, what should we do now?” Fourth team leader Kiki asked, “So far there is no sign of Right River and their movements, only afraid that they have gone far away, as well as the front line side of the army should also be evacuated?”

Wellin smiled and gave a ‘tsk’ with some displeasure, they were really tricked hard this time.

According to his temper, he would have rushed to the Marl Galaxy and beaten up the church army. However, the General was not like him, the General was always cautious –

The next thing he heard was Ewan saying, “Team 4, Team 7 and Team 9 and the combined forces are splitting up into three groups to pursue.”

Wellin nodded, yes, General’s character would not be rash to attack… Hmm? He stared wide-eyed at Ewan, whose posture remained unchanged, and at that moment not only he alone in the room showed astonishment.

Kiki even confirmed in a direct voice, “Pursuit… Pursuit of the Church army?”

Ewan cast a faint glance towards her, “Or else?”

After a moment of silence, Wellin shouted out loudly, his face looking excited as he agreed, “Let them dare to play us, see if I don’t beat them to death this time!”

It’s not that easy to run away after playing a trick on someone! I just didn’t expect General to think the same way as him this time.

But immediately, Ewan proved Wellin wrong. For Ewan, while simulating the attack route of the army on the battle map, said, “But there is one thing, there is no need to fight quickly.”

Wellin was stunned, then his years of experience in marching made him react immediately, “The General wants us to hold the men back?”


Three attack routes surrounded the retreat route of the church army, Ewan’s gaze was cold and dark, “There is no need to engage head-on, just stall to keep them from retreating. But if the enemy army resists strongly, then we will unite the adjacent teams to annihilate at the fastest speed!”

Then, he drew another route, that route around the Gamma River, from the meteorite belt into the Marl Galaxy, the goal was directed to the Church Army’s home base, the location of the General.

Kiki asked, “General, what is this?”

Ewan’s voice carried the awe-inspiring sharpness of a sword being sheathed, “This is my route, I will take a team of people to attack the Church directly.”

“No, it’s too dangerous, how can you go deep into the enemy’s base camp, General? It is too far from our army’s garrison, if something happens to you…” The captain of the sixth team said disapprovingly. It would be difficult for them to even rescue you. He urged, “Why don’t you let the rest of the team lead the way and you won’t have to risk your life, General?”

However, Ewan did not waver, he gently raised his hand, indicating that they do not need to say.

Wellin knew that General could not change his mind, now that Baylor was captured, General would definitely go to save the people, no one could persuade. And, to be honest, no one could be as confident as General, with a team of people straight into the yellow dragon.

So he decided to give up the previous idea of leading the troops to ‘revenge’ and suggested himself, “General, I’ll go with you!”

Ewan gave a slight pause, then nodded his head, saying yes.

The route they took was tortuous, the meteorite belt was extremely dangerous, and because the route took a big detour, they needed to fly very fast in order not to delay the rescue of Baylor.

The lead elite unit must have been made up of mecha combatants.

And just then, Ewan got Aidan awakened and asked to see him, a thought, Ewan stood up straight, “The plan has been decided, we will discuss the details afterwards, some of the captains now immediately return to the Gamma River front, then reorganize the army and prepare for the attack.”

“Yes, General.”

Ewan left the intelligence room, outside Lightning was now standing in front of Super Wolf, who was lying on the ground, not as lively as usual, while Lightning was there to stare at Super Wolf with big eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

[Too far away from the main body, not too comfortable.] Lightning explained succinctly as always.

Ewan frowned. Super Wolf’s condition was bad, and Baylor would be worse. 

Letting Lightning stay here to watch Super Wolf, Ewan strode towards the medical room. Once inside the medical room, Ewan saw Aidan slowly getting up with the help of the medical staff. Aidan as an important researcher, Ewan also knows, especially Aidan and Sean have a personal relationship. Only they did not talk much, the last time they met was when he went to inspect the Institute.

But Ewan knew that the research he had organized on the internal psychic power of ancestral stones was led by Aidan.

Ewan waited for Aidan to sit down, then dismissed the medical staff next to him and left them alone, then walked to Aidan’s bedside and asked, “Professor Aidan, I heard you wanted to see me?”

Aidan nodded gently, “It’s about Baylor.” He then informed Ewan of what he had heard in the haze and his suspicions, “…. . this one thing that the Marl Galaxy has taken Baylor for is not simple…”

“They want him to be the system core.” Ewan said straightforwardly.

Aidan was surprised at the look on Ewan’s face, which seemed to know everything, and at what Ewan had mentioned. He asked, “What system?”

In the time after Baylor and their group, Sean would be his communication with Aidan and tell Ewan, after all, there was a person already knowing the secret of Baylor’s spiritual power, Sean could not hide. Just Ewan now could not confirm, Aidan in the end already knew to what degree.

There was no time to test each other, so Ewan asked decisively, “What do you know about Baylor now?”

Aidan answered meticulously, “He has a very special mental power and a big dog around him that no one else can see.”

Ewan raised an eyebrow, “You can see Dragon Hunter?”

Although out of place, Aidan asked with his own rigorous attitude, “Isn’t it called Super Wolf?”

“… It doesn’t matter.” Ewan had read Aidan’s personal information, thinking of the other party’s genetic level, he suddenly realized, understood as long as the S-class, regardless of alpha or omega could see the spiritual body matter.

It was also true that the ability to see the spiritual body was essentially due to the S-class genetic qualification of people with more powerful spiritual power than normal people, and gender naturally had no relationship. Thinking about Aidan’s research on spirituality, Ewan made a decision to tell them about the information Nord had told them about the system.

He needed someone to research the system.

After hearing what Ewan said, Aidan’s face, which was haggard because of his injuries, brightened up a bit, “actually developed such a system already, the Marl Galaxy’s research on spiritual power is really much more advanced than ours…” Completely ignoring the current situation, Aidan heartily praised the enemy’s achievement.

But he was not just applauding and watching from the side, before Ewan’s face was unpleasant, he already started to analyze, “According to the data we have so far, there is indeed spiritual power stored inside the ancestral stones, but we just can’t extract it, listening to the description, that system should be responsible for the spiritual power from the ancestral The system should be responsible for purifying the spiritual power from the inside of the ancestral stones and then transferring it to the inside of the human body.

The previous Baylor spiritual breakthrough proved that people could indeed stimulate the spiritual power in the body under high intensity mental pressure, then the principle of this system should be similar, it will be transported to the body’s internal spiritual power, change the person’s internal spiritual environment, so as to stimulate the body’s own spiritual potential.”

“And according to General, you have now also awakened, then it should be that when Baylor experienced a spiritual breakthrough, you experienced the baptism of the spiritual power that exploded from Baylor, so the potential was stimulated.”

Although the current lack of data, but Aidan was always bold vision, careful to seek proof, he had already built a set of model in his head to stimulate spiritual power, if not the occasion was not right, only he could already propose a research plan on this, to raise funds to prepare to carry out research. And Aidan said also verified some of Ewan’s previous suspicions, he nodded, agreeing with Aidan’s ideas.

Aidan at this time almost forget the pain in his body, he said in a fascinated way, “they want Baylor to do the core of the system, indicating that their system is flawed, either it is unable to extract the internal energy of the ancestral stones at high power, or after extraction can not be used, so the need for a person of great mental strength to make up for the system defects … “. “

Ewan frowned, “So if Baylor does become the core of the system, what will happen to Baylor?”

“System core, in the end, just needs a conscious strong mental power. If Baylor and the system have a complete fusion, the greatest probability is that he will gradually lose his own consciousness, be implanted in the program, and become similar to the intelligent housekeeper like the hub.” Aidan said, “In terms of ‘Baylor’ as a being, that would be considered dead.”


Aidan snapped out of his frenzy, “That won’t do, Baylor can’t die, I’ll lose the experimental data.” He immediately looked to the cold-faced Ewan next to him, “General, you have to hurry up and save the man, once we let that Right River back to the Church and let Baylor fuse with the system, it will be too late.”

“Mn, I know.” Ewan of course, he instantly organized the infiltration team, with him as the leader, plus Wellin, and twenty mecha combatants of Colonel level or above as the vanguard, with two combatants in a group, so as to ensure that two people could be able to rush without sleep under the rotation, and then there was a ship with a hundred land warriors, a hundred fighter pilots, a medical team, and the ship would be followed by a small warship with a hundred marine pilots, a hundred fighter pilots, a medical team, and a weapons depot.

Then immediately follow the set route.

At the same time, Kiki and other squad leaders also rushed back to the Gamma River, according to the plan to delay the Church army, not to let them retreat.

One day later, Ewan and his team reached the meteorite belt, and once they crossed it, they could enter the Marl Galaxy system.

Two days later, the army led by Kiki followed the original plan to intercept the Church army at the three coordinates of the Gamma River. The three forces harassed the Church Army from the top and left positions to varying degrees, forcing them to have to stop for a return attack.

“The General said,” Kiki said to his troops with bravado, “This is a military exercise at its best, mecha squad, fighter squad, bombing squad, from now on everyone will use the opposite side as a live target, and we will practice shooting accuracy from a distance 24 hours a day! No need to be stingy with ammunition, let them see what it means to be rich and powerful! But once they return fire, retreat immediately, no need to fight to the death! As long as we keep them pestered, we are victorious!”

In this “enemy in, I retreat, enemy stationed, I disturb, enemy tired, I fight, enemy retreat, I chase” sixteen words policy, although the two armies did not appear fierce collision, but the Church army was indeed stopped in the Gamma River, for a while could only cope with Alix Galaxy army pursuit, could not leave.

Four days later, the mecha forces, led by Ewan’s Black Star, were only a day’s journey away from their target.

Baylor and the others arrived at the headquarters of the Church, located in the sacred capital on the southern edge of the planet Shishao. In the underground of the headquarters, which was like a palace complex, there was a huge space that almost hollowed out the whole city, in which there were mountains of ancestral stones, and among the ancestral stones, there was a silver-white device, that is, the Eve system that Right River had been talking about.


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