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Chapter 117: The Son of God?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Looking at Ewan’s look like a volcano about to erupt, the raging anger and killing intent pressed beneath the heavy rock, the habitual restraint but let the worry and panic in the surface of the lake startling waves. An inexplicable emotion rippled through Baylor’s heart, and Baylor grew irritable.

But unfortunately, he was now in the form of Super Wolf, unable to speak, and when he opened his mouth, it was a ‘woof’, Baylor felt that he was not so anxious when he was handcuffed. He had no choice but to put another paw on Ewan’s knee, and then pull his pants, ‘ow’ barked twice.

He did not say he had an accident, and felt the man was blind.

And it’s good to be in touch with your own mind, how could this fool not realize now that he was Super Wolf? However, no one in their right mind could possibly think in this direction.

Except for the other spiritual body. Lightning was originally standing on Super Wolf’s head, and after Baylor possessed Super Wolf, he flew up to the bed next to him because of Baylor’s movements. The round eyes stared unblinkingly at the dog, and when it heard the barking, it tilted its head, then looked at its master.

It’s not the little douche, it’s its owner.

Lightning’s unperturbed voice appeared in Ewan’s mind, and the volcano that was about to erupt went mute, and Ewan subconsciously squeezed the meat pad. He pondered for a moment before speaking incredulously, “…Baylor? Baylor?”

Baylor did not know that Lightning translated, his eyes widened and his ears perked up, just like a normal dog’s reaction to hearing his name. Although he was complaining that Ewan was too stupid to realize who he was, it was a little scary to suddenly find out now.

“You…” Ewan’s mind was in turmoil, wanting to ask why Baylor had turned into Dragon Hunter, asking how Baylor was now, asking how long Baylor could stay like this, and saying he was worried…

It was like all the paints were spilled and mixed together in a colorful way, and finally only black was left. Ewan didn’t utter a single word. He just frowned, staring dead at the dog in front of him, his hand also tightly grasping the paw. Half a second, he sighed inaudibly and said, “I’ll be right there.”

Baylor nodded, he subconsciously opened his mouth to reply that he was now inside the room of the church headquarters, but as soon as he opened his mouth, two ‘woof’.

Baylor: …

Instead, Ewan went on to say, “How sure are you that you can get out of that room?”

Baylor: …? How could Ewan even understand the sound of a barking dog after not seeing him for half a month?

“Lightning translated it for me.”

Baylor turned his head and saw the snow peregrine staring at him.

All right.

With Lightning’s translation, Baylor told Ewan about his situation, especially the Church’s people’s caution about his spiritual power, except he didn’t mention that he was locked in a lock and cuff, which wasn’t important anyway.

Ewan listened, frowning, after he roughly said their side of the situation, then told Baylor what Aidan had analyzed with him earlier, including the relationship between the system and ancestral stones, and what might happen after Baylor was fused.

“Once fused with the system, you will lose your own consciousness.” Ewan said in a gruff tone, “so you must never go near the system, understand?”

Baylor nodded, before the Right River said the ceiling, but he also roughly heard out, once fused with the system, he was dead.

“We will get there as soon as possible, tomorrow, but I am afraid that Right River will learn that we are attacking, and will directly force you to fuse with the system, so you must protect yourself.” After saying that, Ewan did not know what was on his mind and added, “You must not mess around either.”

“…” If it was his own body, Baylor’s face would probably have the word ‘speechless’ written on it. How bad was his credibility that Ewan was bugging him like this every time?

Immediately after, Baylor heard Ewan say, “Be sure to wait for me.” 

His voice was much softer, with a loving softness in his deep voice, and his eyes, which were lowered to his own, held a heart-racing depth. “You know that?”

Baylor fell into a slight silence.


What Baylor didn’t expect, however, was a knock on his door as soon as he opened up from inside himself, at dawn. The knock was apparently just a notification that someone was coming in, because immediately afterwards, the lock was unlocked and a crowd of people swarmed in. Baylor sat up from the bed at once, and he looked at a strangely dressed woman in the group, she was covered with a white cloak, and had a silver mask on her face.

And in the moment of opening the door, Baylor felt the mental energy fluctuations he felt during the day become more intense, as if a huge generator was running, and even made a roaring sound in the air. The woman spoke a series of words in the Marl Galaxy language, and then the soldiers took the key and unlocked the floor where Baylor’s chains were fixed, and then they pulled on the four chains, but they didn’t pull.

At that moment, the woman said to Baylor, “Your Holiness, please come with us.”

She used Alix language, although with a slight accent, but it did not prevent communication.

Baylor did not move, he looked at the four chains that shackled his hands and feet were now clutched in the hands of the soldiers, and asked, “Where to?”

“To see His Eminence the Archbishop.”

Outside the door, a strong mental wave clamored, as if a beast was roaring outside. Baylor remembered what Ewan told him, the system was to mobilize the spiritual power inside the ancestral stones. Since they want to use ancestral stones, there must be a lot of resources of ancestral stones here, and the spiritual power fluctuations he felt yesterday must be from ancestral stones. And now, the spiritual power fluctuation was so violent, it must also be the spiritual power inside the ancestral stones.

It was the system.

Baylor suddenly realized that what Ewan said before was not wrong, they did play the idea of fusion as soon as possible. Now must also be to take him to carry out the fusion.

He could absolutely not go.

Baylor raised his eyebrows lazily, then yawned and said diffidently, “I’m not awake yet, I’ll go when I wake up.”

“Please cooperate with us, Your Holiness.” The woman said without a hint of wavering.

Baylor simply leaned back on the bed, his tone very bad, “I said, when I wake up, I’ll go.”

“…” Seeing that Baylor was determined not to cooperate, the woman waved her hand, and then several people came in through the door, one of them with a syringe in his hand.

Baylor’s gaze flinched, and he knew without guessing that it must be some kind of drug that could immobilize him. Baylor’s eyes narrowed as he saw the man approaching, Baylor’s eyebrows tightened like dark clouds destroying the city, the dark eyes showed a fierce light, Baylor’s eyes narrowed, then his hands and feet at the same time, pulling back violently —

The heavy chain cuffs cut through the freshly scabbed wounds in an instant, and blood burst out, but at the same time the four small-arm-thick chains were pulled back from the four soldiers’ hands because of the sudden attack.

Then before anyone had time to react, in that instant, Baylor pulled his chains with both hands, ignoring the pain coming from his wrists and ankles, he directly used the chains as weapons, the chain in his left hand swung out and attacked towards the one who was close, and the chain in his right hand also turned, stopping the attack of the soldiers who reacted.

“Quick! Get him!” The woman shouted eagerly in the Marl language.

No one expected Baylor to resist to such an extent that the four chains, which a normal person would need two hands to hold up, danced above him as if they were pythons. Baylor rolled off the bed, hands on the ground, his feet drove the chains in the air to dance a whirlwind, the things in the house were smashed to the floor, the ceiling lamp, solid wood table …

And a few soldiers who tried to approach the chains were hit hard and flew straight to the wall, then their bodies went limp and passed out. With the chains in hand, wrapped around the neck of a person a strangle, Baylor’s movements ruthlessly without a trace of hesitation.

In the past, when he fought with people, he kept his hands closed, to take into account not to die, but now it was different, now the opposite – was the enemy!

“What are you all doing? Hurry up and control him!” The woman shouted in panic while quickly retreating backwards.

However, no matter how she shouted, those people simply could not approach, they looked at the youth who gradually broke through the defense line, astonished gaze with fear, obviously wearing such heavy chains on their hands and feet, yet the seemingly fragile youth in front of them was like a Rakshasa possessed, cruelly harvesting lives.

Is this, was this a human being?

However, for Baylor, it was actually not as easy as it seemed, the chain holding the chain cuffs almost strangled Baylor’s hands and feet. But now he did not care much.

Baylor rushed out of the room, the corridor was not wide, there were some restrictions on Baylor’s movement, which made Baylor’s attack become strained.

And that’s when the words came from behind him that he didn’t understand, “Archbishop’s orders, aim for the legs and shoot!”

Baylor could not understand, but he understood the sound of shooting, turned his head a moment, the spiritual power to strengthen the five senses, and, what the eyes of ordinary people simply could not catch, was clearly visible to thim.

In the eyes of others, Baylor was like a ghost, head gently tilted, bullets from his hair grazed his body, erupted in the wall behind a cracked flower, chains flung, the trajectory of several other bullets would be skewed, ejected bullets quickly into the body of the next soldier …

The soldiers who fired the gun couldn’t help but hesitate in their movements under the shock.

This, was this really a human being?

The archbishop said he was a Holy Son, was he really the son of God? How else could he not be hurt in the slightest? Under such suspicion, there were people who did not dare to shoot again.

The people here all believe in a higher latitude creature in the universe, that was God. They were taught from childhood to honor God’s will and to be pious, and at this moment there was a suspected son of God in front of them, how dare they offend? What if, what if there was retribution? 

Seeing the frequency of the shooting diminish, the woman became angry, “You-“

However it was at this point that suddenly both ends of the corridor, as well as the doors of the rooms in this section of the corridor lowered heavy metal doors, such a huge movement attracted the attention of everyone, including Baylor. And the strangely dressed woman obviously knew exactly what this meant, she blushed and tried to leave the place, but because the door was blocked, even she was trapped here.

In the next second, a fine mist emanated from the ceiling, followed by the sound of one after the other falling down.

Baylor immediately covered his mouth and nose, but was a step too late. The colorless, odorless gas had already entered his body through the nasal cavity, and he felt his body lose. The world before him became dizzy, Baylor held onto the wall and bit himself hard, the taste of blood spread in his mouth, the moment of pain made him briefly awake for a few seconds, but it was only a drop in the bucket.

No way… He’d promised Ewan he’d wait for him…

Baylor leaned against the wall, eyes struggling, but still could not hold on as he slowly slid down. At that moment, through that heavy barrier, Baylor suddenly heard an extremely shrill siren from outside, as well as the sound of crossfire coming from the air.

It was–

The next second, Baylor blacked out and lost consciousness.


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