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Chapter 116: Arrival 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


These days under the high-tech medical means, Baylor’s body injuries were recovered eighty percent, even broken ribs were connected. Every time this happened, Baylor was very grateful for the convenience of medical treatment in this world. However, although the physical condition had improved, Baylor’s mental state was bad.

Not to mention that his spiritual body was so far away from himself, and also separated for so many days. In these four days, there was a very long period of time Baylor was asleep.

The doctors were puzzled by Baylor’s state, and could only confusingly conclude that the spiritual power was damaged, but why it was damaged was unknown.

Right River would not care about other things, but the damage to his spiritual power was crucial. So in the past four days, Right River used a lot of Marl Galaxy’s psychotropic supplements to repair Baylor’s damaged psychotropic power, and a tube of the potion, which could fetch a high price, was injected into Baylor’s body like water.

This also accidentally let Baylor maintain his connection with Super Wolf, otherwise, he was afraid that he would not be able to hold on, only to suffer the pain of spiritual body and the body separation.

By the time they arrived at the holy capital, Baylor’s spirit was slightly better and his face had regained some of its color, which Right River thought was the result of his treatment over the past few days, but Baylor knew very well that his spiritual burden was reduced because his spiritual body was getting closer to him.

Inside the room, Baylor looked at the sky through the window, even though he was in another galaxy, the sky was still the same, except that it was summer in the Holy City, a different season from the Ya’an Empire. These days he couldn’t talk to Super Wolf like he usually did, but what Super Wolf felt was communicated to him, and he could feel Ewan’s presence.

Just… How did they get here? Baylor frowned, according to his sense, Ewan and the others should not be far from here, so how did Right River not know?

In that exquisite room with white and greenery as the main tone, more beautiful than CG stood by the window with a bit of manic depression in his cold expression. What was more concerning was that on his hands and feet were heavy shackles, four chains thicker than his arms were nailed to the floor in the center of the room. Because the shackles were too heavy, even after half a day, his slender wrists and ankles had broken skin and red swelling, and there was even blood flowing from the broken skin.

And all around the room were covered with monitors, constantly monitoring the movement of the person in the room. The shackles were his recognition of Baylor’s strength. And not only was the house heavily guarded, outside the house stood ten soldiers with high combat power, trying to be foolproof.

The most foolproof way, however, was to get Baylor to integrate with the system as soon as possible.

“Your Eminence, our army has been repeatedly harassed by the enemy’s army, and now we are momentarily trapped in the Gamma River, unable to make a smooth retreat.”

Right River looked at Baylor in the middle of the monitoring screen, he didn’t show too worried about this news, “The God of War is cautious with his troops, he won’t just use them to vent his anger and move them for no reason. They are stalling the army, just because they don’t want us to have the military strength to protect the Holy Capital.”

“Then the archbishop means that they are preparing a sneak attack?” After being surprised, the subordinate felt that this idea was too absurd, “But this is far from the front line, if a large army comes, we will surely find out in advance, it is impossible to be defenseless.”

“It’s not a big army.” Right River said, “The God of War is out, why do we need to use a big army?”

The people around him stared at each other with wide eyes.

The God of War? Meaning that the General himself came? And from what the Archbishop said, could it be that he was still single-handed? This, this was too heavenly.

Even if their armies were on the front line, the Holy City was the core of the Marl Galaxy system, and still had a lot of military strength stationed there.

Right River looked back at the disbelief on their faces, he laughed softly, “The hero is sad that his lover is captured. Even the God of War can’t be calm at such times.”

Everyone’s face changed, “… Holy Son is the lover of the General?”

Many people here know the importance of Baylor to the system, but not many people know the relationship between Baylor and Ewan. After all, if they knew, many people would have backed off at the beginning, who would not fear the retaliation of the God of War? Therefore, Right River knew this matter would be explosive so he concealed it.

“That’s right.”

Someone panicked, “Your Eminence, why didn’t you explain this beforehand…”

Right River said gently, “So what if I did? The Holy Son is very important to us, and whoever he is, we must have him. To tell you beforehand is just to make you worry more.”

“But now the Empire’s General is coming to our door.”

“So what?” Bishop said, “This is giving us the opportunity to kill them all in one go, since he is here, we will make him unable to return.” His gaze was sorrowful, “This is our territory, what are we afraid of?”

Right River nodded, “Then the vigilance will be led by the Bishop.”

“Yes, Your Eminence, Archbishop.”

“However, besides being on guard against Ewan’s sneak attack, we need the Holy Son to immediately integrate with the system to avoid a long night,” someone said.

“That’s right.” This was exactly what Right River wanted, originally Baylor’s spiritual power was not good recently, Right River intended to let Baylor recuperate for a while to reach the fullest spiritual power before fusing, but now it seemed there was no time for Baylor to rest.

Although he also thought Ewan’s move to rescue Baylor was very reckless, he did not allow the possibility of any variables to exist. With a firm and determined look in his gaze, Right River said, “I’ve already had the system fusion prepared, and it will officially take place at seven tomorrow morning.”

The Eve system needed a certain amount of time to open completely, and tomorrow morning at seven o’clock was the fastest time. He looked out the window, the sun was already setting, just one more night, and when the morning light appeared tomorrow, it would be the time when the Eve system was completely completed.


Baylor didn’t know what method they used, but the walls of this room and so on seemed to be able to isolate spiritual energy, so much so that even after he strengthened his five senses with spiritual energy, he couldn’t hear any movement outside, nor could he feel the spiritual energy fluctuations he could feel in the corridor. This kind of quiet reminds him of the time when he was in the tower, the walls of the tower were also made with special treatment, so sentinel and guide were able to enjoy a rare peace.

But the silence here did not make Baylor feel comfortable.

The chain swayed and rattled because of his movements, Baylor sat down on the bed, he had already strolled around the whole room, there was really nothing to do, so he picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. However, once it was on, the strange language confused Baylor.

The language of the Marl Galaxy and the Alix Galaxy belonged to the same family, but they had developed a very different way of using it over a long period of time, and every pronunciation sounded familiar to him, but together Baylor could not understand it, and could only understand a few words by guessing. Because RIght River had been speaking Alix Galaxy’s language with him, so he had the illusion that the language of the people here was the same as his.

However, there were a few words that Baylor understood, because they were not far from Alix Galaxy’s language.

That was [gods], [prayer], [church].

He looked closely at the picture, the men and women on it formally dressed together towards a magnificent building, laughter, the picture sunny, simply hate to hit the ‘holy light’.

It seemed to be a church advertisement.

Baylor tsked and changed the channel, and then this channel was also related to the Sycamore Church, although the content looked ordinary, but in the upper right corner there was a shiny emblem of the Sycamore Church. It seems that the religious atmosphere in this galaxy was even stronger than he thought, but yes, the largest regular armies were church armies, and the government had to be controlled by the Sycamore Church, that was not everyone’s faith.

After watching a few more commercials related to suspected psychotropic drugs, Baylor turned off the unintelligible television with great boredom. The mechanical sound inside the camera became extremely clear in the quiet room, and Baylor closed his eyes and began to think about how he should get out.

Although Ewan and the others seem to have some kind of plan, he can’t just sit here and wait for death all the time.

The problem was the chains, the hand cuffs could be removed from the hands, but not from the feet.

Right River was also very wary of him every time, since he recovered, Right River would not approach him, and every time with a lot of people around, so he could not even try to grab each other as hostages. He would have liked to start a fire or something to cause a commotion, but there was nothing in the room, not to mention a lighter, scissors, anything that could pose a threat.

This person was really disgusting. Baylor unconsciously fell into sleep as he thought about it. He felt something on his head and stretched out his ‘hand’ to scratch it, and then he felt a ‘handful’ of hair.

Baylor did not feel right, he slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a lying position, and not on the bed, but on the floor.

Baylor: ? How come he didn’t know he could make so much noise in his sleep?

Moreover, his hands and feet were shackled, he fell down and actually did not find himself?

With such a question, Baylor completely awake, and then ready to get up, the results he stood up, found that his vision in front of him was not much higher. Looking at the foot of the table in front of him, Baylor fell into silence.

Baylor: …

This feeling, a little familiar. The next second, his hunch was confirmed as the familiar voice came from next to him.

“Dragon Hunter, can you feel Baylor now?”

Baylor subconsciously twisted his head to look, and what met his eyes was the straight and slender legs of alpha, but Ewan quickly crouched down so that they could look at each other levelly.

Seeing his bloodshot eyes, Baylor shifted slightly.

Ewan was a person who won’t seem very tired even if he stays up late, he seems to have unlimited energy in his body, even if he only sleeps four hours a day, he can’t see a trace of fatigue. But now the eyes were burning, haggard. How long did this have to stay up to look like this?

Baylor, of course, did not know that although there was a second mecha player who could replace him, Ewan was too slow for others, and had not closed his eyes for too long during the four days in order to catch up, traveling day and night.

Operating a mecha would have been extremely taxing on one’s physical and mental strength, not to mention such a desperate approach.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he would be arriving at his destination tomorrow and needed to be refreshed and prepared for battle, Ewan would still be in the mecha right now.

Ewan saw Super Wolf fixedly looking at himself, and those eyes still carried the emotions never seen in it. His brow furrowed, Ewan’s heart became uneasy, and he asked, “Could it be that something happened to Baylor?”

Then in his eyes, ‘Dragon Hunter’s expression stared solemnly struggling, then lifted his hand and put it on his knee. Dragon Hunter had such an expression, and gave him his hand… Could it be…

Ewan’s heart skipped a beat, the blood froze, the harsh jawline tightened, he stammered, spoke with difficulty and asked, “He, what happened to him?”

Baylor: … I’m trying to comfort you, dumbass.


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