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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Toynbee reached out and pulled Baylor’s hand down, “Stop it, what else do you want?”

It was not enough to turn the place upside down? What more do you need to make amends?

Baylor broke away from Toynbee’s hand and rubbed his shoulder, where Super Wolf’s tail swept and swept, and his nose came right up to his leg. He ignored the Super Wolf’s disturbance and said seriously, “Did he say he was sorry? Shouldn’t there be an apology? Shouldn’t apologies not be just words?”

Toynbee thought that Baylor’s brain was not really the same as ordinary people. Of course those words were just words! How can anyone take them seriously, and even if they do, they still want to climb up the pole? But these words, and he could not say in front of Jon. So he could only gesture to Baylor with his eyes, while persuading, “Colonel Jon is already in a very difficult situation, we should not give him any more trouble.”

Come on! Get on the road!

However, Baylor was indifferent.

Toynbee felt a headache, why was this person so stubborn?

“Ahem.” Jon interrupted their communication as he raised his chin at the strange soldier, “Which team are you from?”

“I’m attached to Major General Wellin,” this was what Ewan and Wellin had discussed earlier.

Jon froze, he scratched his hair, this was not good. If it was someone from the ship, then he could still make the decision to agree to Baylor.

“Major General Wellin shouldn’t mind.” Ewan guessed what Jon was thinking and spoke directly to dispel the concern, “I will report to Major General Wellin.”

The person in question has said so, Jon spread his hands, “Well, then, you guys are on your own.” Anyway, he, the colonel, had little significance in this matter. 🙂

After looking around the dining area’s miserable state, he rubbed his brow, “I’ll have someone come over and clean this up.”

Toynbee turned back to talk to Baylor, but found that Baylor had already walked up to the soldier, he looked at the spot by the person’s feet, and stared at the person’s masked face, then asked, “What’s your name?”


Toynbee’s eyes widened in surprise at once.

Baylor frowned, recalling, “That general’s name?”

Ewan said without changing his face, “I admired him so much that I changed my name.” It’s true, there were even a lot of people who worshiped Ewan and ended up naming their children, their pets, and their intelligent butlers Ewan.

Rumor had it that when you walk down the streets of the Ya’an Empire and call out for Ewan, a dozen strange creatures respond.

Toynbee sighed with relief and put his frightened heart back.

And yes, how could General Ewan be here?

Baylor was not very concerned, he stared at the other man, then reached out and kicked the big dog that was playing happily with itself, and skillfully avoided the dog’s mouth that turned to try to bite, “Just to be clear, this thing is mine.”

Ewan probably didn’t expect the other man to be so simple and brutal, but that was fine, saving him the effort of trying. He lowered his eyes and looked at the gray and white figure, and then he raised his eyes to Baylor again, his tone calm, “How do you prove it?”

Baylor sneered and then lowered his head as he rushed to the dog that was almost hugging and chewing on Ewan’s leg and ordered with great confidence, “Super Wolf, sit down.”

The furry ears twitched back and forth at the sound of his name, then let go of Ewan’s leg and looked up at Baylor with a pair of eyes dripping. It cocked its head, then its tail wagged perfunctorily.

“…” Baylor’s mouth twitched as he steadied himself and shouted again, “Super Wolf, come here!”

One man and one dog began a wide-eyed stare.

Finally, the gray and white husky stood up from the ground and took a step – and started circling Baylor. This person knows its name eh. But it doesn’t smell like its owner.

Ewan raised an eyebrow to break the awkwardness and hit the nail on the head, “Dragon Hunter doesn’t look like he knows you.”

Baylor: My son’s rebellion broke my heart. Is there any other sentinel in the world besides him who has been abandoned by his own spiritual body? But, there was one issue he had to clear up first.

Baylor expressionlessly stressed, “His name is Super Wolf, not Dragon Hunter, don’t call it by such a vulgar name.” This was his spiritual body!

Ewan laughed softly, as if he had heard a joke, his voice was low, “Those who can become a Dragon Hunter are the most powerful and brave, where is the vulgarity of such a name?”

Baylor narrowed his eyes, “Super Wolf is its name.” Not a wolf, but more than a wolf!

“… What the hell are you guys talking about?” At this moment, a discordant voice intervened. The two of them looked over in unison, only to see Toynbee’s eyes kept wandering around the space, wondering if he had missed something.

And whether it’s called Super Wolf or Dragon Hunter, the big gray and white dog with a handsome and majestic appearance was standing in the middle of Baylor and Ewan, barking towards Toynbee, another loud and clear howl, as if announcing his presence.

Ewan tucked one hand in his pants pocket, “We’ll have time to discuss this in the next few days, now…” He swept a glance at the youth’s feet that were naked on the floor, the luminous white color and the black crystal floor formed an extremely sharp contrast, he looked to the side, his eyes fell on the flung slippers, his voice was as thin and cool as water, “… Why don’t you put your shoes on first?”

Baylor then realized that he was not wearing shoes, he subconsciously responded, “Oh.” After looking around and finding his slippers, he walked over to them and dutifully put them on.

Toynbee, who was watching, looked as if he had seen a ghost. What happened was that he actually saw the word ‘obeyed’ in little ancestor Baylor.

He must have been blind.

After putting on his shoes, Baylor immediately looked back at Ewan, and his eyes like the autumn moon stared at Ewan doggedly, “His name is Super Wolf!”

Ewan’s eyebrow lifted lightly, even with the mask, the exposed left eye was loose, “Okay.” The next second he lowered his eyes and said to the dog next to him, “Let’s go, Dragon Hunter.”

Toynbee was no longer like seeing a ghost, but genuinely thought that they saw a ghost.

???? So what the hell was this Super Wolf Dragon Hunter they’re talking about? Was there something there?


Baylor, who was going back to his room, ended up in the infirmary. The ‘exercise’ just now exceeded his body’s limits again, and as soon as he relaxed, his body began to wail again.

“You have a muscle strain…” The ship’s medic was a beta, she looked at the diagnosis and tsked, “You’re too able to push your body, you’re showing subcutaneous bleeding, is the team’s training so harsh now?” She asked curiously.

“He’s not a soldier.” Ewan, who was following next to him, said coolly as he sat on the couch across the curtain.

Don’t get the wrong impression that the Sky Wolf Legion hurt people.

Toynbee, as diplomat minister, was already very busy, just now hurried away from a meeting and saw Baylor walking squirming and was a little worried. Ewan, as a physical training professional, at a glance knew it was a muscle strain, and needed anti-inflammatories. Toynbee had no choice but to ask Ewan to take Baylor to the infirmary.

After all, for one thing, Baylor did not know the way, and for another, Toynbee was now by no means comfortable leaving Baylor alone. If he set off the dining room today, he would really have to jump off the ship to his death if he set off the captain’s room next time.

The nursing robot came over and sprayed medicine on Baylor’s muscle strain.

In order to facilitate the application of medicine, mainly because Baylor strains were everywhere, Baylor was now naked. The medicine was cold and odd, sprayed on the body, Baylor’s tight frown suddenly stretched more.

At this moment, Super Wolf was in front of Baylor, paws on Baylor’s knees, standing tall. He was a proud dog, look at him levelly.

“Woof.” It barked.

At this time in the past, Baylor knew what it was saying, but now he couldn’t understand it.

Frowning, Baylor resisted the painful urge to reach out and pet Super Wolf, but he held back because someone else was around. He thought he might understand why Super Wolf was not with him when he woke up from this world.

Super Wolf was always essentially his spiritual power, and the connection between him and his spiritual body was so weak that he couldn’t even interoperate… …most of the spiritual energy represented by the spiritual body was simply rejected by him.

Now Super Wolf had not yet returned to his spiritual world, just this close together but half an hour later, he already felt the body under the powerful spiritual power was fragile – his head began to tingle with pain because of the spiritual load. His spiritual power began to boil and surge up, so that his five senses went up and down suddenly. He could hear something 100 meters away, and at another time it was like he had fallen into the deep sea, and his voice was dull and inaudible.

His body… Or rather his soul, out of self-preservation, drove his spiritual body out of his spirit world when he crossed over to this body. As for why Super Wolf couldn’t recognize him, although he wasn’t sure yet, it should also have something to do with his current spiritual state.

Super Wolf, probably realizing his pain, took its paws away from Baylor’s knees, then took a few steps back and sat crouched, still with doubt in its crystal eyes. It still had no way to identify the man.

The doctor looked at Baylor’s suddenly pale face, thinking it was due to a muscle strain, and she cared to ask, “Does it hurt? Do you want to take painkillers?”

However, Baylor’s physical pain at the moment had nothing to do with pain, he came to this world, finally once again felt the familiar old friend brought about by the loss of mental power – and his five senses were in disorder.

He was dizzy, and with the pain, it felt like his soul was ripping.

At this time, his sharp and then like he had a nasal blockage sense of smell was trying to catch the crisp ‘guide’ taste. It was like he was trying to catch a life saving straw and, with a ‘swish’, he stood up from the chair. Beneath the doctor’s puzzled eyes, he pulled open the curtain.

He needed that person around, especially now.

Ewan thought Baylor was ready, lifted his eyes, then froze with a slight contraction of his pupils.

With features as luscious as red plums and skin as cold and white as snow, the young man was naked. His upper body was thin but vaguely had some visible muscle outline. The hospital underwear were wrapped around his waist but were a little too big for the young man, showcasing how slim and strong it was.

Coming back to his senses, Ewan cast aside his own gaze, staring at the table flower vase, but he still seemed to linger on the scene in front of his eyes just now.

Especially the pair of clear, lingering eyes, like an ice vase, but also seems to have fire underneath.

Ewan lowered his eyes, his voice indifferent, “Before without shoes, now without clothes, your fetish can be very special.”

Baylor was instinctively driven to approach this person who could appease his mental energy, and one step closer, his mental load was reduced by one point.

Finally, when he reached the person, Baylor’s five senses finally did not go up and down like a jumper, and gradually regained their smoothness. He thought for a second and asked with a serious expression, “To avoid misunderstanding, do you have a family?” 

In his escape plan afterwards, it seemed that there must be one more person.

The doctor next to him stared in shock.

Oh no, are all young people so bold nowadays?


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December 2, 2022 5:11 pm

Very bold, but Ewan seems to like it. Hopefully the connection between Baylor and the Super Wolf comes back soon. Thanks for the Translation!

Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
December 2, 2022 6:13 pm

ara~ aren’t we quite bold an unrestrained, mr. baylor~? do you wanna pocketed him and bring him home now~? even tho you will ended up in his home later..

December 2, 2022 10:40 pm

Poor Baylor; feisty and strong character now in a pretty and vulnerable body, who’s lost the ability to communicate with his long-time spirit animal, that doesn’t recognise him, and he’s attracted to the pheromones of what he thinks is a guide and is in fact his new owner 🤦‍♀️
Hopefully, this undercover encounter will prevent him from being outrightly dumped by Ewan, as everyone expects.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 5, 2023 6:01 pm

Without his spirit animal and with strong spiritual storms ramping up, he must be direct. He needs Ewan.

April 8, 2023 10:27 pm

I love it so funny and cute

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