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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Seeing Super Wolf next to him, a stone finally fell from Baylor’s heart, yet just as he was gently relieved, his gaze suddenly stalled again, and then looked at the man pressed above him.

The only thing that the man’s mask revealed was a stern eye was coldly looking at himself, but what made Baylor care was the pheromone coming from him, with a refreshing smell reminiscent of the snowy peaks, like a basin of cold water. In just a moment, that scent splashed out his irritable feeling, his turbulent mental energy became calm, like the sea faded away by the wind and waves.

He looked at the other man in a daze, the tip of his nose lingered the smell that he liked, his pupils shifted unsteadily.

Could this be… the guide?!

“You’re not a soldier?” The goose gray eyes swept the blocker on Baylor’s neck, and Ewan frowned, “You’re an omega?”

“What’s going on?!” At this time, Jon and Toynbee, who received the news, rushed to the dining area and saw the situation and were all dumbfounded at once.

Now the dining area was centered on Baylor, and the tables and chairs all around had fallen on all sides, not to mention the broken plates on the ground, and the three soldiers who were injured next to them. And Baylor was still pinned to the floor in a tangled heap.

Jon hurriedly shouted at the ‘soldier’ who had made a move on Baylor, “What are you doing? Let go!”

And he said with a stern face to the soldiers who were watching, “What are you looking at? Do you want to stay and be punished?”

Jon’s voice was like a flood of bells, and the gray and white husky got the idea of comparison and barked along with him, “woof woof woof”, and finally he even felt that it was not enough and let out a long howl like a wolf.

Baylor heard the movement and subconsciously looked in the direction of his spiritual body, and then he felt that the hand that was holding his collar suddenly slacken.

Baylor had already recovered from the shock of finding his guide, and when he caught the suspected guide’s slack, he struggled with his hands and rolled to the side, leaving the man’s grip. He rolled over and sat up, Baylor rubbed his shoulder, subconsciously looked towards this ‘guide’, but found that this man was also looking at him with a deep frown, his gaze was thick with inquiry.

“Are you okay?!” Toynbee rushed over and looked at Baylor moving his shoulder, he was anxious and angry, “You, you, how did you get this way?! Are you crazy?” 

How dare you fight with the Ya’an Empire soldiers!

Those were well-trained soldiers!

At that moment, Jon also grabbed the three soldiers who were involved in the fight and questioned them, “Are you all itchy? Did you come to the military to be soldiers to bully the weak? You’re really something.”

Weak? Who’s weak? Who the hell was bullying who?

One of the soldiers opened his mouth and argued, “Report, sir! It was the TL7 mission that took the lead on us! We were just forced to get involved!” This statement directly elevated the personal conflict between them and Baylor to a conflict between two nations.

Toynbee’s expression immediately sank as he heard this, and without thinking, he said, “There must be a reason for this, I don’t know what kind of conflict between you and Mr. Baylor that caused Mr. Baylor to take action?”

In fact, when he said this, Toynbee himself was not confident. After all, he had seen Baylor’s unconventional madness, Baylor somehow provoked things so it really did not feel strange at all. But he still had to say that the nature of the incident had to be set back to a personal conflict between the two sides, and if it did rise to the level of their planet and the Ya’an Empire, then things would be tricky.

Jon looked at Baylor and then at the three men, he took a stand, clasped his arms and asked in a deep voice, “What just happened? Tell me everything.” He also did not want to take things to such a serious level, trouble.

The three men were silent in unison, after all, although it was indeed Baylor who started the trouble, but their previous comments were not honorable, if they spoke out they would only be in more trouble.

Jon saw that they did not say anything, so he knew there must be something fishy, and he turned his head sideways to look at another person – the man in the mask, “You say.”

Ewan, who had disguised himself, straightened his clothes and replied indifferently, “I was just passing by.”

Jon said suspiciously, “Passing by? How did you get into a fight with someone when you were passing by?”

Ewan finally tapped his cuffs and glanced at Dragon Hunter without moving to make sure it wasn’t ready for a paranormal event before he replied, “Military Decree 723, private fights are strictly prohibited.” His voice was soft but intimidating. Ewan looked askance at Jon, “As a soldier, I have a duty to stop it.”

Nothing wrong with that.

Jon looked at this man, although he could not see the face, he felt a strange sense of familiarity. What was going on? And why did he have the feeling that his own aura was overwhelmed? He cleared his throat, “You went forward to stop, you pressed Count Baylor down, why?” If you want to pull should not also pull these soldiers? And that just now, where it seems like persuasion, but rather like in the pressure of people to fight.

Ewan was slightly stunned, his eyes once again turned to Baylor, and then he said a ‘fair word’ for the three soldiers, “I thought they couldn’t beat him.”

Who would have thought that the person who fought so arrogantly was not a soldier, but a soft omega? Toynbee and Jon both felt a little embarrassed when they heard this. Toynbee was thinking that Baylor’s irascible character really can’t be hidden. Jon was feeling that a few alpha soldiers against a flower vase omega, but also let others have the upper hand, was against their Sky Wolf Legion’s face.

When they couldn’t get anything out of these people, Jon and Toynbee had to turn their attention to Baylor, and Toynbee was the first to ask, “Mr. Baylor, you don’t even want to talk about it, do you?”

Baylor was not a person who will sue for support, he prefers to solve the problem with his own fists. But it was also true that he was not a person who ‘dies in one fight’. He was a man who held a grudge.

Baylor looked at the three people who didn’t dare to look at him and sneered, then he slowly said, “It’s nothing, I just heard them talking about me when I was passing by.”

Jon frowned, and had a rough suspicion in his mind.

A group of single alphas in the army talking about a beautiful omega, what can be good?

The next thing he heard was Baylor saying in a mechanical voice, “They said that I was going to be a pet for the general, and it would be especially soul-crushing for me to be pressed into bed every day with no clothes on and just a blocker. They said they wanted to join in and [bleep–] and [bleep–] with me with the general. –And then [bleep–] again.”

“…” This was like reading an erotica. The general description made Toynbee, Jon and Ewan silent.

They never thought the scale was so big.

Ewan, one of the parties involved in the book, immediately saw dark clouds. There was nothing worse in this world than listening to scenes of himself in bed. The world was shameful. Then, Ewan looked at Baylor’s gaze with a bit of weirdness. How on earth did he manage to say that out loud with a straight face?

“When the hell did we say that?!” One man couldn’t listen to it anymore and shouted to stop it.

Baylor didn’t react like a normal person would after saying those shameful words, he stared at them expressionlessly and said, “Oh, you also said my collar is a chastity fuckbelt.”

The three soldiers were dumbfounded, and one of them said in a rush, “We did say that! But we didn’t say that string of [bleep–] you said before! We didn’t say we were going to join in with the general either!”

They wouldn’t even dream of joining in with the general. They didn’t even have the guts to think about it, they’re shriveling up just thinking about it!

“That’s enough!” Jon’s face was blue, he pointed at those three people slightly trembling, angry head ‘boom boom’ screaming, “For instigating a private brawl and insulting the general, you are all demoted! When you land, all of you pack your bags and get the hell out of the Crusader! Get out!”

Motherfucker, that string of words caused him to imagine the general like that, it was too terrible!

This was his darkest moment on Earth! In the future, how could he look at the general? I’m asking for a pair of unheard of ears!

The three men clenched their hands, their faces changed and changed, especially the soldier who had been hit on the head by Baylor at the beginning, gritting his teeth and looking at Baylor with a horrific gaze.

Jon bellowed indignantly, “Still here to make a fool of yourself, why don’t you get lost?!”

After the three men left, Jon took a deep breath and calmed down a bit, he turned to Baylor and said, “I’m really sorry that our men were so rude and made Mr. Baylor suffer.” He said sternly, “I will certainly report this matter and then rectify the discipline of the ship, please do not worry.”

Toynbee’s face didn’t look too good either, but when he heard Jon say that, he felt a little better. After all, Jon, as a member of the Ya’an Empire as well as Sky Wolf Legion, was willing to stand on their side, instead of thinking of resting the matter so as to maintain the face of Sky Wolf Legion, which was already very difficult.

So he nodded, “I’ll leave it to you then.”

Baylor saw the three men leave in a huff, and lost interest in the follow-up content, he now only wanted to spend happy time with his spiritual body.

So he watched the familiar gray and white figure just finished patrolling the dining room and came back, facing Baylor squatting next to the ‘guide’, then tail wagging, its nose twitching, constantly sniffing, the pair of ice blue eyes under the bean brows looking at Baylor a little confused.

Baylor frowned and stared intently at his spiritual body, and after a moment of wide-eyed stalemate he opened his eyes wide in some consternation. He couldn’t communicate with Super Wolf.

He couldn’t hear Super Wolf’s mind, and at the same time he couldn’t transmit his own mind to it. What was going on?

At the same time, Ewan also looked at Baylor with deep eyes. He was right, this man could indeed see Dragon Hunter.

“Let’s go, Baylor,” Toynbee said to Baylor after discussing with Jon.

However Baylor did not move, he squinted at his impassive spiritual body, and then looked at the ‘guide’ next to him who had just pinned him to the ground. Then he suddenly stretched out his hand, pointed at the ‘guide’, and said in a casual tone, “As your compensation, let him stay with me for a few days.”

Toynbee: ???

Jon: ???

What kind of compensation? Why was there such a thing as compensation? Why does he say it so matter-of-factly? And which one was it?

Ewan was silent for two seconds and then he slowly said, “I think it’s okay.”

Jon: ????

What’s okay or not okay? Why are these two people talking to themselves? Wasn’t he the colonel?


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Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
December 1, 2022 7:37 pm

This is really interesting in their own way lmao~

December 2, 2022 4:52 am

Baylor! Embellishing the truth was very spiteful…. they kind of deserved it though 😏
Things are getting really interesting.
I hope his inability to communicate with Super Wolf is only temporary.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 2, 2022 5:27 am

Baylor is the best at revenge, the way he talks everything naturally was very funny. The two of them talking about the Dragon Hanter and no one understanding it was hilarious for sure. Excited for the next chapter! Thanks for the translation!!!

December 2, 2022 8:53 am

Aaaaah this is good stuff I found this one is absolutely best story 😖Baylor and Ewan are super duper cool even though I haven’t seen Ewan fight I know and it’s a must that he’s cold and their chemistry along with SW is super enjoyable >_<

March 5, 2023 5:49 pm

Baylor played the classic trap. He shares that the soldiers said something outrageous. They, then incriminate themselves when they argue
(and admit) they didn’t ‘say that’, they ‘said this’.

March 19, 2023 8:54 pm

So funny 😂.. i like it a lot.

March 31, 2023 9:23 am

This is making me laugh so hard hahaha

Thank you for the chapter!

June 13, 2023 11:15 pm

Gahd this is funny AF XD

July 18, 2023 11:53 am

Chapters 11 & 12 can’t be liked, it’s just loading

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