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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Ewan looked at the glass flower vase and the blue and purple flowers blooming inside, wearing a black mask that hid his expression, so he could only hear him reply in a calm, unmoving voice, “That’s a personal question, I don’t seem to know you that well.”

“No, we know each other quite well.” After a pause, Baylor said, “You’ve abducted Super Wolf.” That was his spiritual body.

Super Wolf also walked right next to Ewan at this moment, easily jumped on the couch and sat next to Ewan. As Baylor’s spiritual body, the pheromone that made Baylor feel comfortable also attracted it, which was exactly why it would save this person in the snow in the first place.

Being close to this human would make it feel as comfortable as soaking in a hot spring.

Super Wolf felt a little lonely, these two people were always just talking to themselves, simply ignoring it, so it reached out its paw and ‘snapped’ on Ewan’s leg.

Ewan wanted to say that Dragon Hunter did not recognize him at all, but, as Dragon Hunter rested that snow-white paw on his leg, he felt a gaze with a strong resentment. And thinking of the young man who was still naked at the moment, standing topless in front of him, he took a deep breath and replied, “No.”

Grabbing Dragon Hunter’s hand that he was desperately trying to give himself, Ewan frowned slightly, his voice still calm but vaguely revealing a bit of discomfort, “Can you put your clothes on now?”

Baylor didn’t really think he had any problem with this, after all, although he knew the gender division of alphas, betas and omegas, he subconsciously still divided people into men and women. He didn’t always move to take off his shirt when he trained with other sentinel, and he doesn’t like to go to the bathhouse, but that’s simply because he doesn’t like that.

So when Ewan didn’t look at him, he muttered disdainfully, “We’re all men, what I have you have, you’re really squirming.” But that said, he obediently prepared to go back and put on his clothes.

However, the doctor stopped him when he was about to put on his clothes, saying, “The medicine is not finished yet.” Just now, he suddenly went out to care about someone else’s life.

“… Oh.” The doctor was the biggest in the medical room.

Baylor frowned as he sat back down in his chair, and then moved it closer to Ewan with a stomp of his foot, stopping only when he could clearly feel the reassuring smell of pheromone.


Ewan heard the movement of the chair, slightly raised his eyes to look, and saw the omega’s butterfly wing like shoulder blades, as well as the back valley that disappeared into his pants line. After a second of silence, Ewan stood up and walked over to Baylor, Super Wolf also raised his head and watched Ewan’s movements curiously.

Baylor tilted his head to look at the suddenly approaching ‘guide’ and twitched his nose in satisfaction, oh? This person was so self-conscious? 

However, in the next second, Ewan did not even look at Baylor, reached out his hand and mercilessly pulled the curtain right behind Baylor’s back, and then slowly went back to sit on the sofa.

Baylor: … Pretentious.

Sitting back on the sofa, Ewan folded his legs, however he found that in his view, the curtain over the young man’s body, in fact, he could still clearly see the outline of his body.

Feeling a headache, he simply lowered his head, opened his wrist terminal, sent a message to Wellin, asking him to pull up Baylor’s personal data and send it to him.

He had met Dragon Hunter’s master in Dragon Hunter’s memories, and was impressed by the ‘stupid’ kid who was willing to hurt himself a thousand times to hurt his enemy eight hundred. He had wanted to finish his business before trying to find the child, and if he could find him, he would ask the child if he wanted to enter the army and become a real warrior.

If the kid wanted to, he would train him, after all, the Sky Wolf Legion was in need of such fierce wolves who were eager for blood.

But now that Baylor claimed to be the owner of Dragon Hunter, then he wouldn’t mind investigating the matter in advance. And even if he wasn’t the kid, it was extraordinary that he could see Dragon Hunter.

After sending the message, Ewan turned on the recent news directly.

The doctor was also advising Baylor, “This muscle strain is not light, you can’t force yourself anymore. Next time, before strenuous exercise, you should also do a good preparation exercise. Although muscle strain is not difficult to treat, to repeatedly hurt yourself will cause disease. Don’t think that just because you are young, you will heal.”

Baylor felt that probably all doctors under the sky were the same. When he was a sentinel, the doctor in the tower also often said that. Every time he went to the medical room he would read the riot act for a long time, so that whenever he saw a doctor, it would give him a headache. This doctor also gave him a headache.

In fact, he had been the most obedient patient, always taking his medication on time.

The little white tablets made of guide elements were eaten after every mission, without fail, and his little red flower was the neatest on the clock book of medication. He was also doing the task with a radical method, and suffered more injuries.

But wasn’t this also to give meaning to the doctor’s existence?

“Did you hear that?” The doctor saw that Baylor did not respond, she was concerned to confirm, with the appearance that if Baylor said he did not hear, she was ready to say it again.

So Baylor nodded without hesitation, “I heard you.”

The doctor thought about Baylor’s soulful look just now and was a bit skeptical, “So what did I just say?”

Baylor repeated emotionlessly, “You can’t force yourself, you have to do preparatory exercises or you’ll easily fall ill, and you can’t mess around when you’re young.”

This familiar stick reading tone was like a traction rope, pulling Ewan’s mind to suddenly run crooked, so that Ewan’s mind, which was watching [Theodore III delivered an important speech today], suddenly had an additional paragraph.

And it was the same string of 18 forbidden descriptions that the young man had read without expression in the dining area before. And at this moment, in his mind triggered a wave of harmonious vocabulary.

The news content – “Theodore III told the nation to solve the problem of the Marl Galaxy system within three years to ensure the safety of the Ya’an Empire’s resources” suddenly turned into a [bleep -].

“…” Ewan took a deep breath, and then silently changed the news.

Those three soldiers needed to be severely punished.

Super Wolf, as a spiritual body, was very sensitive to human spiritual fluctuations, it was now tilting its head to look at the Ewan next to it, tail wagging slightly.

What? This good smelling human appeared to be vibrating.

So, when Baylor finished, he found the air pressure in front of Ewan was significantly lower. He stared at Ewan’s back and lamented that this ‘guide’ did not look very good-tempered.

If Toynbee knew about this, he would not be able to resist spitting, where Baylor was qualified to say that others have a bad temper!

After walking all the way in silence, Ewan finally brought him back to the room ready to complete the task and leave, however Baylor suddenly called out to Ewan who was ready to turn around, “You wait here.” He pointed to his doorway.

Ewan raised an eyebrow, not really willing, “What do you want to do again?”

Only Baylor was clearly not consulting with Ewan, he reached out and grabbed Super Wolf by the neck and brought him into the room, then barked at Ewan again, “Wait, in a minute.”

Then he slammed the door.

Ewan: …

It was quite a special experience today.

In the room, because of the door, Ewan’s pheromone concentration had become much lighter, and Baylor and Super Wolf were too close to each other. Baylor began to feel his temples start to throb again.

Baylor sat down against the door and put himself at eye level with Super Wolf. As soon as he sat down, he slapped both hands on Super Wolf’s face and started rubbing it like Play-Doh, the way he had played with Super Wolf since he was a kid.

Then he said in a vicious tone, “You heartless bastard, you can’t recognize me.”

Super Wolf’s bean eyebrows rose a little, and his sharp ice-blue eyes glared round, and he looked a little more silly.

This familiar technique?

“Ow?” You’re the boss?

Although Baylor was not telepathic with Super Wolf at the moment, he could roughly guess what he meant after ten years of living with him, so he responded, “You can’t recognize me with a new look? Is there a dog as stupid as you?”

Super Wolf barked excitedly, “Woof woof woof!” Wow! Boss! I finally found you!

After a few days of separation, the furry dog’s head was enthusiastically pushed towards Baylor’s chest, his paws started to pull Baylor’s hand, his tail was spinning like a small gyroscope, and he kept making petulant “wooing” sounds.

Yes, even if it was half the size of an adult, it was still a baby!

As soon as the spiritual body became excited, through the only weak spider-like connection, it immediately let Baylor’s spiritual power, which was under his control, start to run wild.

Baylor’s headache began to increase rapidly, so Baylor immediately blushed and shouted to stop, “Super Wolf, don’t move!”

Super Wolf, although usually did not give Baylor face, actually knew the right measure, knowing when to be nosy and when to be obedient. Like now, it was the time to be obedient.

So he immediately stopped his pampering action, looking at Baylor’s painful appearance at the moment, he remembered that it was the same when he was in the infirmary before.

It gave an aggrieved “oing”, then hung down its head, silently moved back a few steps away, almost almost to the wall, it stopped. Then hung its head even further down, close to the ground, the tip of its plane ears and a pair of eyes were aggrieved and sad staring at the ground.

It was smart enough to realize that its proximity would cause Baylor pain.

As Super Wolf backed away, Super Wolf’s mood dropped and Baylor’s mental outburst was instantly alleviated. But he was not in a happy mood, and as he looked at Super Wolf’s aggravated look and frowned, he quickly explained, “It’s not you… It’s this body’s problem.”

Super Wolf’s plane ears twitched slightly, but his eyes still dodged.

Considering the time, Baylor could only make a long story short, telling his current situation and the general reason why Super Wolf was uncomfortable near himself and the importance of the man named Ewan outside in a concise manner.

Then he stared at the Super Wolf, who was finally willing to look up at himself, narrowed his eyes, and concluded seriously, “The man outside, guard him to the death, don’t let him get away, and don’t let him die!” This was the spiritual food for both of them.

Super Wolf, who understood the situation, stood up and let out an energetic howl, which was not like a dog with a downcast look a minute before.

He’s good at protecting his food!

Outside, Ewan stood leaning against the door frame with his arms slumped, thinking that Theodore III, the retarded emperor, was talking to the nation while he was away, and that the problem of the Marl Galaxy system would be solved in three years? Solved in a dream? Then he thought about the Marl Galaxy Department’s ambush of himself earlier, and guessed when they and the rat in the army would be unable to hold back and start making moves if he delayed showing up.

Suddenly, a bad chill of being watched suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

Ewan was silent for a moment, stood up straight and left the door frame, then reached out and knocked on the door behind him.

The door was quickly opened, a grayish-white figure flashed out like a bullet, Ewan was subconsciously going to dodge, but was restrained by the door frame, so the next second he had a furry pendant.

Ewan: …

Probably because of the ghost dog, hanging on the body was not as heavy as it seems, but inexplicably put on the weight. Ewan reached out and pushed away the dog hair that came to his face.

Then with the only left eye exposed, it took him a moment to look at the beautiful boy in front of him, “What does this mean?”

Baylor also did not expect Super Wolf to be so simple and brutal, but he certainly would not break his dog’s stage, so he replied in a very tyrant tone, “The meaning of wanting to become close to you.”

It was like an evil young man molesting a good woman.


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Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
December 3, 2022 5:46 pm

ohooo~ guarding the food, huh.. 😅

December 3, 2022 9:15 pm

Hasn’t tajen Ewan long to ‘notice’ Baylor.
Pleased that Super Wolf has recognized Baylor now and hope they’ll be able to communicate with each other again, soon.
Love how Ewan is referred to as food 😋😁
I wonder what Baylor looked like before, when he was a Sentinel.
There seems to be a conflict brewing; will Ewan find the spy in their ranks…
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 4, 2022 10:08 am

I hope that this novel it’s a good and interesting one, I enjoyed very much most of the ones you translate despite of the pain and sorrow of The Govern is Sick, but I continue reading it. Thanks for your hard work of translating and editing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

December 4, 2022 12:40 pm

Baylor didn’t see Ewan without a mask, when you see it you’ll think it’s delicious food 🤭! Thanks for the chapter!!!

March 5, 2023 6:12 pm

Finally! His spirit dog recognizes him.

March 31, 2023 12:58 pm

Time to become a piece of sticky tape!

Thank you for the chapter!

April 8, 2023 10:36 pm

That dog is cute and funny. His squishy face and his huggon and jumping to portect his food. Such a. SIlly amart boi 🥰🥰

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