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Chapter 130: Extra: News (END)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Eric took the first place in the 69th 1 military examination and joined the military as a glorious newcomer. The honor, which was almost a year late because of Baylor, was finally taken into his arms. Then, not long after entering the military, he received his first assignment.

“Training with Baylor in pairs? Me?” Eric’s eyes widened and the word “unbelievable” was plainly written on his handsome face.

“Yeah.” Sean said.

“Why? I’m not even in the Corps yet, I’m still a recruit, and Baylor’s already a captain, so there’s no way he’s going to be my partner, right?” Eric scratched his head in confusion.

“But you’ve fought the most battles with Baylor.” Sean explained, “And weren’t you partnered with Baylor in mecha training back in school?”

Yes, indeed. They were partners in mecha class before. But Baylor hadn’t really been there for a few sessions either.

“I was a little bit of a jerk.”

Not that he minded this… But he didn’t know if he could keep up with him. What? And …… Eric asked incomprehensibly, “Why would Baylor want to train in pairs?” Baylor doesn’t look like he’s going to work with anyone.

Sean’s chair swiveled, looked straight at Eric, and then asked in a serious voice, “Why wouldn’t he use it?” He sighed, as if in answer to Eric’s question, but also as if talking to himself: “A guy who goes out on a mission and doesn’t work with the team at all, he needs two-man training too.”

Eric suddenly remembered his previous experience with Baylor in the mecha class, and he was silent for a moment before agreeing with Sean’s words.

Yeah, that guy could really use a lesson in cooperation. No sense of cooperation whatsoever!

A heavy nod, the corners of Eric’s mouth twitched, and suddenly regretted it. Such a difficult task… Can he refuse?


After the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Marl Galaxy, the exchange of hostages between the two sides had also been in progress. But Nord was not one of them. The reason is simple, even if the two sides have now stopped fighting, but Nord’s action of providing information to the Ya’an Empire is a betrayal for the Sycamore religion, betrayal of people, what reason do they have to ransom him?

Nord was not surprised by this result, and did not complain, when he made the decision, he had enough mental preparation.

In fact, Ewan had wanted to release him, although it was undercover, but Nord was also considered to redeem himself, and did not cause substantial harm, and in the military years also made merit, for such a person, should not be sentenced to too heavy punishment. So at the end of the incident, it was ordered to dismiss Nord from the military, and then release the person.

But Nord himself refused. “Whether for my home planet, or for this side, I have betrayed everyone. I am not qualified to leave here.”

Ewan had a slight frown, but also did not let people persuade, just said: “A year. After a year, if he does not want to go, throw him out.”

So, Nord stayed in the prison for a full year.

Of course, this year he no longer had a felon status, so he went to the ordinary prison which allowed visits from his good friend Colonel Jon. He would visit almost every week to visit once, so he was a lot less lonely during this year.

Carrying his own simple luggage, Nord left the prison where he had stayed for almost a year, and then saw someone unexpected at the door.

“You… Why are you here?” Nord looked at Baylor, silent for a few seconds, he asked: “You come here as a mission?”

“No,” Baylor replied, “He asked me to pick you up from prison.” He said, he licked his lips and gave reluctant luck.

“….” Nord pursed his lips, “Does the General know you’re coming? He does not mind?”

“Yes.” Baylor gave him a strange look, “Why should he mind?” He nudged his mouth towards the car outside, “He’s here too.”

Nord saw that Ewan was leaning against the car, eyes staring straight at him.

So this was the case, can let the General personally pick him up from prison, this is really a great honor. The corners of Nord’s mouth twitched. He said, “Actually… You didn’t have to come.” The tone was sincere, and the words came from the bottom of his heart.

While Baylor was walking in the direction of the car, he grunted, “if I hadn’t played and lost the game, I wouldn’t have agreed to Jon’s troublesome request.” But since it was a promise, he would definitely do it. “Go, go. Don’t dilly-dally.”

Nord sighed heavily and followed. He was still in the habit of saluting, but as soon as he raised his hand, he realized that he had been expelled from the military, and he was not qualified to salute. So he withdrew his hand and simply greeted, “Thank you, General.”

“I’m just here with Baylor, don’t worry about it.” Ewan replied indifferently, then turned around and opened the car door to get into the driver’s seat. At this time Baylor also got into the passenger seat, “Get in.”

Nord inexplicably felt a strong resistance, but he could only sit in the back, and then back straight, hands neatly placed on the knees, just like sitting in military position.

The vehicle started, he asked a beat slower: “We, where are we going?”

Yes, these two people picked him up, but where to? He did not own any property, he had been living in a house arranged by the military, and now that he was expelled from the military, the house would naturally be taken back. He was planning to get out and find a hotel for a few days, and then think about the future.

As soon as he asked this question, something suddenly came at him from the front seat, he subconsciously reached out to catch it. It was a key.

“Jon asked me to give it to you.” Baylor said.

Nord stared at the key in his palm and frowned.

“He asked you to stay at his house for a while, he’ll be back in a few days.”

Nord was stunned, and suddenly the little card in his hand felt incredibly heavy.

Jon did say that to him once, it was during a visit, through the glass, after a moment of silence, Jon suddenly said: “Nord, what are you going to do when you get out?”

“…. I don’t know yet…

“If you don’t mind, come out to stay with me first?” Jon finished with a laugh, “I won’t charge you rent. If you do not want to go, and want to do something else… But if you have time to help me … Water my flowers.”

“… You still raise flowers?” 

“I can’t raise flowers?”

“I don’t think so.” He was so big and thick, and he couldn’t even wear his uniform properly, but he still had such an elegant hobby, he wondered, “Can’t you just set the watering program?” So you still need to manually water?

Jon froze, then blinked, and then left waving his hand, “the machine watering water has no feelings, plants need to feel the love, must be hand watered.”

Then, when he used to go on missions, how did not see it?

That conversation was so far away from the beginning of the topic, so Nord also did not take it seriously. Just did not expect … He sighed softly. So many years, but not meaningless, the harvest of a friend like this, was precious.

Nord had never been to Jon’s house before and Baylor also made Nord take a picture in the house, as if to prove that they had delivered the goods like a courier. They sent the photo to their “employer’, said the task was completed, and then he did not care about the follow-up, and Ewan went back to the car.

The reason Baylor had done this was because he had lost a bet with Jon.

“Hum, next time I will not lose the bet.” He said unconvincingly. 

Ewan reassured: “You are not good at technology products, lose…” Receiving Baylor’s gaze, he coughed lightly, “You’ll win next time.”

“That’s for sure.”

Sitting in the car, Ewan gave Baylor a few concerned looks, but didn’t say anything. Baylor noticed his oddity and frowned, saying unsatisfactorily, “If you have something to say, say it.”

“Do you have any feelings?” Ewan asked.

Baylor wondered, “What feeling?”

“…. Didn’t he say something about a spiritual fit before?” Ewan thought of those descriptors and frowned, not very happy, “Like a match made in heaven.”

“…” Baylor’s eyes showed surprise. After all this time, he still remembered? 

Of course Ewan remembered. He had even been thinking, how was it that he and Baylor were not spiritually compatible? He was not weak, and Lightning and Dragon Hunter got along well, didn’t they? 

He held some worry after seeing Baylor and Nord together. Maybe they had some weird soul resonance. Ewan narrowed his eyes and said, “Even if there is – whatever feeling, you are not allowed to move.”

The corners of Baylor’s mouth twitched, “No.”


Baylor said speechlessly: “He was so weak mentally, I did not pay attention to it.” Especially next to Ewan. If I were to describe it, it would be like a firefly next to a sun, in the light of the sun, who can notice the light of the firefly?

Nord’s spiritual power and Ewan’s spiritual power was a huge contrast. Of course, this could not be said, if said, Ewan’s tail would be cocked to the sky. He asked, “But if you care so much, why did you let me come?” 

Ewan raised his eyebrows, “You think I would restrict your freedom? What do you take me for?”

Satisfied with the answer, Ewan drove to the military headquarters, “By the way, Teacher told me that recently, you will be arranged for double training.”

Baylor frowned, the word he did not like very much, “What double training?”

“Training your ability to work with people in combat.” Ewan stated Sean’s intentions simply and succinctly, then said, “You do need to work on that.”

“I’m capable of winning on my own.” Baylor said defiantly.

Next to him, Ewan said, “Well, that’s why you need it more, because you can say that.” It’s okay to be a lone wolf every day, but what if you have to do a mission or go to war?

Baylor grunted, expressing his displeasure.


Sean was a very good teacher if he could control his students. On the third day, Baylor and Eric were called to the training ground. Ewan originally wanted to come to see, but because of the Institute and Aidan, there was a new movement, today he was not in the military department.

At this time, in addition to Baylor and Eric, there was Wellin and his partner, Wellin recently did not go on a mission, so he was caught as a companion

The first training mission was simple. Both partners needed to cooperate to escort the target to the end, but at the same time, to ensure that the other side of the mission failed, meaning that they had to protect their side of the target, while destroying the other side of the mission.

Baylor listened to the task description, immediately said: “very simple, I rushed over to end them all.”

Eric heard this standard orphan-like battle plan: “…” Brother, do you know what the goal of our training is? Eric reminded, “Cooperation, we have to cooperate.” 

Baylor frowned, “You protect the target, I rush over and hit people, isn’t that cooperation?”

… Sorry, didn’t catch that, and what kind of cooperation is that? And Baylor as a fighting force to the front, he is in the back, by Major General Wellin and his partner cut after what!

Eric felt that he should not have accepted this training mission in the first place. Foreseeing a long day, Eric heaved a sigh.

Ewan was already in the Institute, next to Aidan as he reported the latest progress, after the end, he asked Ewan to understand: “General, how is your recent training on the control of mental power progress?”

After the breakthrough on Aidan’s side, Ewan had been cooperating with their plan to do the training of the use of mental power, on the one hand, to improve their own abilities, but also as an experimental question, to help them test the operability of those mental training methods.

Ewan spread his palm, and then squeezed it tightly. “If I felt like a fog before, now it’s a clay that can be freely shaped.” From being able to feel but not be able to touch, to being able to touch and also be able to manipulate.

“General, have you ever tried to use your spiritual power to influence others?” Aidan asked.

Ewan raised his eyebrows.

“According to Baylor, a guide’s psychic power can affect other people’s psychic power, like a manipulator that can regulate the fluctuations of other people’s psychic power, and can be used as a psychic sedative or stimulant.”

It sounds a bit strange to say that. Ewan replied, “I haven’t tried that.” He is currently only able to manipulate his own spiritual power.

Aidan mused and asked, “Well, why doesn’t the General try?”


Aidan nodded, “Yes, try.”

In the training ground, because of Baylor’s various disregard of the team and completely ignoring the plan, Eric was overrun by a rampage. Because the team was ignored, the results were ambush, death X3; because teammates were forced to take him too hard, completely ignoring their own situation, death x2… And so on.

In the last round because they met Wellin in the middle of the battle, he was sent by Baylor to indiscriminate death attack. Eric finally couldn’t resist, he went directly from his training cabin to  the training cabin on the other side, grabbed Baylor’s clothes, and yelled: “cooperation! Cooperate! Do you even know what it means to cooperate!!!”

Although the reason is not straight, Baylor was very strong. “You’re the one holding me back.”

Eric sucked in a breath, almost couldn’t catch his breath and went straight to his back. Listen, listen, this is fucking human?

At this time Wellin also came out of their training cabin, unmercifully mocked: “Hahahahahaha, you guys really make me laugh to death!”

Sean, who had been watching the battle, sighed, rubbed his brow with a headache, and noting that it was getting late, he said helplessly, “All right, let’s do this for today… Not a moment too soon, Baylor this… This is a big problem, we have to slowly grind out. Everyone, pack up and then go back to rest.” Sean turned around, “I’m going to go back and think about it.” He needs quiet.

Baylor watched Sean’s unfazed back, slapped Eric’s hand away, and got out of his training pod, nose wrinkled. So just let him fight on his own.

When Baylor returned home in the evening, Ewan was already there. Seeing Baylor back, Ewan asked, “How did the double training go today?”

Baylor rushed over to greet his Super Wolf, who had now grown back to his old size, a sign that his mental strength had been completely restored. This is not a lie, he feels okay. Then he said unsatisfactorily, “It’s just that Eric keeps holding me back.”

Ewan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Really?”

Baylor let go of Super Wolf, stood up, nodded, “Really.”

Ewan’s gaze brought a few smiles of understanding, he still does not know Baylor? The first time I heard Baylor say that, I can probably imagine the chaotic scene today, but he did not poke holes, just said: “Since the progress is good I will go to see next time.”

“No need.” Bai Mo changed the subject and said, “You are not going to find Aidan, how is the progress on his side?”

“Can start the first batch of soldiers’ mental energy stimulation… Ewan stared at Baylor, thinking of the user thing Aidan mentioned, he suddenly thought of something, “You said before, I should be able to help you regulate the spiritual power?”

Baylor did not know why Ewan would mention this, “A guide can, as for you, I am not sure.” After all, he hadn’t understood what Ewan’s existence was until now.

Ewan heard this sentence, frowned, this word he did not like to hear, how he can’t? “I think I can.”

Baylor:? “Oh… Then you try?”

“Okay, come here.”

Baylor:???? So sudden? Baylor eyed Ewan warily and didn’t go over, “What do you want?”


What the hell, it’s like trying on clothes, so casual? But Baylor still went over, after all, he did not think Ewan would hurt himself, but he also did not think Ewan could really make something out of it. Was the ability to guide so easy to master? Not to mention that Ewan is not necessarily a guide yet.

In fact, Ewan does not have this ability and it did not matter, after all, on Ewan’s side, plus the matter of the mark, he also rarely had the mental instability of the situation. He didn’t know how Ewan suddenly became obsessed with this matter.

After Ewan tried, his spiritual sea suddenly became calm, and the sensation of touch on his body also weakened a lot.

“You you you you…” Baylor stammered for the first time. Then the shock turned into a single sound, “Gh–!”

Ewan raised his eyebrows, “That doesn’t seem so hard.”

Baylor was still in shock when Ewan got up and slapped him on the head, slapping his thoughts back, “So can you try to eat something else?”

Baylor froze and snapped back to attention. He listened to the sound, the sentry’s keen five sense ability is originally because of the spiritual power, if the spiritual power completely smooth to below the national value, his five sense ability naturally also weakened a lot, at this time those ubiquitous noisy sound quiet, Baylor felt the world so quiet for the first time, so much so that he was a little uncomfortable.

Hearing Ewan’s question, he pondered and said, “It should work.”

“What would you like to eat today for a change?”

Baylor’s eyes lit up, “That spicy, very red thing. I’ve always been curious about what it feels like to eat, is it really good?”

Ewan frowned, “You want to try something so exciting first?”

“What else? If you want to try, try a big one, of course.”

“Okay, but just in case, I’d like to order something light.”

Baylor urged, “Go on, then.

Ewan smiled helplessly. He usually said he didn’t mind the food, but he really wanted to try something else. Fortunately, the attempt just now was successful. However, if it could really weaken Baylor’s five senses, then could it be the other way around? Ewan remembered Aidan’s description of “tranquilizers and stimulants.” 

Stimulants… Ewan showed a thoughtful expression. Maybe he could try it at night.


The author has something to say:

These are the end of the extras! Sometimes I may put some improvised small paragraphs or small theaters on my weibo, but they will not be written as a complete extra. You can follow my weibo to not miss any of them! Then, I must prepare for my newest novel! I’ll see you in the next book!


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This was a pleasure. The storyline of Baylor transmigrating with an entirely new ability was fascinating. Loved the whole sentinel, guide, spirit animal idea and the addition of the Marl galaxy. Good job, author! And thanks for freeing Nord.

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