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Chapter 25: How Did My Clothes Get on Your Bed?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: MarateKopChonkey


Gu Ang shook off his hand, eyebrows wrinkled, “This isn’t yours, it’s mine. Aren’t our school uniforms the same?”

“The cuff number.” Ye Fei could barely keep the corners of his mouth from rising, but he had to lower his voice because of the many people around.

Gu Ang was distracted and probably wore the wrong clothes. But whatever the reason, the very fact that he was wearing his clothes to class made him happy. Although it was true that everyone’s school uniform was the same, the mere thought of the fabric that was close to one’s skin, now enveloped that person’s body, made him itch.

Ye Fei sighed slightly, suddenly a little envious of his clothes. 

You could be with Gu Ang in public, skin to skin without worries. Unlike me, who could barely get close, except when I acted like a hooligan in the moonlight, sneakily biting him and giving him a mark.

The more he thought about it, the more mistreated he felt.

When they were together, they were about the same size and often swapped clothes.

When not wearing a military uniform, their closet was shared, and they would wear whatever they wanted. His subordinates were afraid of Ye Fei, they dared not talk about this in front of him, only dared to fight with Gu Ang occasionally.

Gu Ang could withstand the gossip, so he wasn’t annoyed, and would just raise a corner of his mouth in response.

Occasionally, he would also say, “You single dogs don’t know how to love.”

The entire military didn’t dare to joke with Gu Ang again.

This person was a show love demon, spreading dog food to abuse them.

And now… 

Gu Ang dropped his eyes to the cuff at the 002. The school uniform was customized according to the freshman competition ranking, and his was the one embroidered with a golden 001.

That was a little fucking confusing.

He remembered last night’s mind-boggling incident, and felt ashamed.

Why did he steal the other’s clothes in the middle of the night?!

He could sniff it to satisfy his craving, but also held them the entire time he slept! Quietly sleeping with it was okay, but wearing it in the morning was wrong! This person also had good eyesight and he was caught red-handed!

How could he explain it in order to look dignified and not lose his integrity?

Gu Ang pursed his lips in deep thought and didn’t say a word.

The students in the queue next to him started a little theater in their heads again:

The two expressions looked so fierce. Ye Fei was holding him back, was he jealous of the other’s strength?

This morning, they heard that Ye Fei had stayed at Bai SiNing’s house, so they were afraid the two had a battle last night… 

The two had been at odds since the freshman competition, so they were finally going to go at it?


As the students internally gossipped about Gu Ang, he was wearing an annoyed expression, still thinking about a valid excuse. How about… just feigning ignorance? He reached out to the cuffs and pulled and the whole piece of fabric embroidered with words was directly ripped off without any effort.

It was clean, quick and violent. Gu Ang thought to himself, It’s just a school uniform, I’ll just pay him back.

He put the ripped piece of fabric into his trouser pocket and resumed walking, “You saw it wrong.”

Ye Fei didn’t expect this kind of response, so his expression froze, “You…”

Gu Ang, after differentiating into an Omega, he wasn’t just powerful, but also violent.

How could he tear his clothes at the drop of a hat? He felt a heartfelt concern for his future.

Gu Ang was manic in his heart and awkwardly kept the surface calm enough to change the topic, “I’m going to the next test site.”

Ye Fei stared at his half torn jacket, revealing his light blue shirt inside, speechless. It was only after a long time that he quietly replied, “Go ahead.”

Gu Ang put his hands in his pockets and walked away with a breeze.

He looked calm, collected, without a trace of panic.

Well, the matter was over.

He now confirmed that in the current differentiated into the Omega hormone level chaos, his fighting power was still a unique grade, and his confidence began to swell a little again.

In the past it was 50-50 between him and Ye Fei who could push down who, but if he were to encounter his current self, even as an Omega, he could absolutely push him down to the ground.

Thinking of that, Gu Ang, who was still walking with weak legs, suddenly straightened his back. He turned refreshed and arrogant.

When he arrived at the test site on the other side of the ground, Gu Ang no longer pretended to be sick. The intention was to test whether there was progress in speed, not to mention that he knew that the reward for the Undifferentiated Combat Games was very generous.

In his last life, he was a lazy scumbag and couldn’t get the prize, but this time he could experience it properly. Walking to the speed test marker, Gu Ang confidently looked at the assistant coach holding the book in front of him and signaled the other party to hurry up and start.

The assistant coach looked at the visitor with no expression, pointed his finger to the track outside the venue and calmly said, “Gu Ang is here. Go to the starting point, one lap is exactly one kilometer.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the assistant coach took two steps seemingly without thinking, just between Gu Ang and the speed tester.

Gu Ang: “…”

Acting like that will hurt the students’ motivation, you know?

He wasn’t stupid, of course it was much easier to run in place.

Gu Ang pointed his finger at the treadmill-like instrument behind the assistant teacher and asked tentatively, “Teacher, I think I’m too fast. To get the speed value accurately, I may need a tester.”

Ding ding ding… There was an incoming call.

“Hold on a second, student Gu Ang.”

The assistant professor took out the communication device in his pocket and clicked on connect, turning it on speaker mode.

“Hey, Xiao Ding, that Gu Ang kid should be lined up for your speed test soon. I’m telling you, don’t let that kid use the speed tester, let him go and run some laps. Ahhhhh I just got another one messed up by that machine wrecking king, I really…”

Assistant Professor Ding ignored Wang Chuang’s incessant complaining and tapped the mute first, then looked at Gu Ang in front of him.

After deliberating for half a day, he finally sighed softly, “Give your Teacher Wang face, let him have a full wallet…”

“Okay, whatever, I’ll listen to you.” Gu Ang cocked his mouth and listened to the endless spitting at the other end of the communicator, angry and amused.

Feeling the old king in the middle of the phone with no dominance, he deeply understood that being an adult wasn’t easy.

“Then I will run a few more laps. I’m going to trouble Teacher to help me measure twice and then take an average.”

“No problem.”

The two talked it out, and Gu Ang turned around and walked towards the start of the track.

After canceling the mute mode, Assistant Professor Ding picked up the communicator and interrupted Wang Chuang who was still chattering, “Don’t worry, Teacher Wang, I’ve already discussed it with Gu Ang.”

“Just agree… Wait, when did you and Gu Ang discuss it?”

Wang Chuang on the other end of the communicator paused for a moment, feeling an air of ‘embarrassment’ coming through the signal of the communicator. “Well… Let’s see, about the time when your bonus was recently deducted, resulting in your wife punishing you at home by kneeling.”

Wang Chuang standing at the other end, “…”

Because of too much shame, he may have to go and voluntarily resign from his classroom teacher position.

Gu Ang didn’t hear the subsequent part, but once he thought about Wang Chuang’s miserable situation, he decided to control himself a little.

But now… 

His speed would show, and the old man still needed to see it. He didn’t even know how fast he could run when he went all out. Walking to the starting point, Gu Ang looked to Assistant Coach Ding and nodded his head in greeting.

Far away, Assistant Coach Ding pulled the trigger, Bang!

Like an arrow, Gu Ang turned into a black shadow that clung to the ground and started sprinting. The first lap was quickly finished.

“35 seconds…” Assistant Coach Ding, who was holding the stopwatch, felt dizzy and had some doubts about life. “This level is still a freshman student? I didn’t reach this level even after three years of staying in school as an outstanding student.”

Assistant Professor Ding, who had always maintained an unperturbed persona, looked at the numbers :00:35:346 on the stopwatch and felt his expression break for the first time.

A feeling of admiration for Teacher Wang Chuang was born. No wonder he was only an assistant teacher, but Teacher Wang Chuang was able to become the class teacher of the Class S.

The ability to endure this mentally wasn’t something he could do.


Gu Ang was still wholeheartedly in the middle of the test… 

Running full steam ahead, Gu Ang’s heart had an indescribable feeling of comfort as he ran on the track with reckless abandon.

For a warrior, for a high-minded five-star admiral, the improvement of his strength was definitely the most pleasant thing to feel.

No, it should be the second most pleasant.

The first enjoyable thing was still, pressing his dog ex-husband to the ground, mewling.

The second lap was quickly completed, and Gu Ang exhaled deeply, feeling as if he was becoming adept at harnessing the raging hormones.

This time, the stopwatch in Assistant Coach Ding’s hand read…


However, on the third lap, Gu Ang felt that something was wrong. His feet didn’t stop, his speed didn’t slow down, only that feeling of powerlessness returned to his body. He wrinkled his nose and smelled a pheromone of paint.

Nauseous, vomit inducing, and heavy.

As expected, the lap took a full 45 seconds.

Gu Ang looked at the results and was a little less than happy.

He seemed to understand that the only thing that restrained him were Alpha pheromones. He made up his mind that he would have to find someone to train in this area. Although it was widely accepted that Alphas were a natural restraint to Omegas, his nature was that he would never easily resign and give up.

In his last life, the last one who dared to bet on taking the first place in the whole year was Ye Fei. In this life, he would never give up on himself because he differentiated into an Omega.

He decided to find someone to practice with.

A long list crossed in his mind. Ah, Wei YangZe? Unpleasant rust, not easy to get him in heat. Better for training than his ex-husband’s charming alcoholic scent.

Gu Ang waved his hand, “I’m done.”

Looking at the departing Gu Ang, Assistant Coach Ding was in a more complicated mood.

Gu Ang, this kid, did he see that he was intimidated so he deliberately stopped? But as someone with a high grade and staying in school as an assistant coach, he could barely run a lap at full strength within 60 seconds. Was he letting off steam?

There was no class in the afternoon, so Gu Ang went to see Wei YangZe to start his training program. But decided to go back to his dorm and take a shower first. Just as he walked to the 404 door, he saw Ye Fei, who had returned from the test, punching in the code on the door.

“Aren’t you not coming back?” Gu Ang asked casually.

Ye Fei let out a sound and didn’t stop pressing the buttons, “I’ll take a change of clothes and leave.”

Gu Ang nodded, “Oh, that’s right, you’ll be staying away for a few days.”

Wait, a change of clothes… 

He had left in a hurry this morning, and Ye Fei’s pile of clothes was still in a mess on his bed!

Gu Ang stepped forward to ward off the man who was about to go inside, “Why don’t I send you the clothes later?”

Ye Fei frowned slightly, “No, I’m already at the door, it’s easier to take them now.”

Gu Ang stubbornly pushed against the door handle, “Ah, it’s no trouble, you can go back to Xiao Bai’s first.”

Ye Fei tsked, “What the hell are you up to?”

“You must’ve worked hard during the test, go back early and rest.” Gu Ang smiled awkwardly.

If Ye Fei found out about this kind of thing, he might as well immediately jump down from the fourth floor.

Ye Fei was too lazy to care about him and had to see if there was someone hiding in the room. He pushed his elbows with force, careful not to hurt Gu Ang, and pushed the door open with force to stride inside.

The small living room and the bed were completely open, so all the details were visible. He saw the covers scattered on the left side of the bed that Gu Ang hadn’t had time to clean up, while the right side… 

His shirt, jacket, and even robe were wrapped in a messy pile on the edge like a pillow.

The whole situation was quite incomprehensible.

Ye Fei felt that he might have been overly emotional lately. He squeezed his brow before asking calmly, “My clothes… why did they run to your bed?”


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